31 October 2008

The Office S5 E5 Employee Transfer

Where can I get an Anatomy Jane?

Meredith Grey played with this Anatomy Jane as a kid. It was this Barbie-like doll with removable innards. Dr. Bailey described it as a toy with the "24 removable organs and optional parts to simulate pregnancy".

I am pretty sure that after tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy, a lot of people will be surfing the internet for it. Heck, I want one! I'd want Anatomy Joe for my son, if they have it!

So where does one get Anatomy Jane?

Here's one that has all the parts but none of the pretty...outer skin: Visible Woman Model.

These are kinda gross. And so expensive. Definitely not toys, but learning tools.

But there isn't anything else like the one Meredith had. Although what are the odds this will eventually be a popular item? And just in time for Christmas too! In fact, someone's already bought the site AnatomyJaneDoll.Com ... ka-ching!

So, with no actual Anatomy Janes for sale yet...would you settle for sedated pigs instead?

Dr. Owen, yo' is badass! :D

Addison's Versace Dress

Private Practice's last two episodes were a disappointment. The conflict between Naomi and Sam? They'd have to drag it for what, three-four episodes? It's beginning to look really petty. If the episode from the other night is any indication the conflict's over, then thank god because Naomi and Sam are starting to annoy me.

I feel like I'm watching two shows --- the one where Addison is really doing great as a doctor, and the one with a bad ensemble of supporting cast.


Anyway, I started doing an entry of Fashion on TV last week, but wasn't up to it this week for many reasons, one which had to do with the fact that... this week's making me really lazy. :P But I couldn't pass this up --- Addison's pretty Versace Belted Sheath Dress.

Looks really good on a tall person such as Addie. She is one of the best dressed female characters on TV today, no?

TV Round Up - Presidents, Remakes, Guest Stars, New Shows

The best American Presidents on TV/Movies. David Palmer of 24 makes it on top of the list. Well, yeah...I'd vote him for President OF THE WORLD!

How this election is so much like The West Wing...a show I still haven't completely seen in full. Maybe before I die. Heh.

No More Ex-List. Aw. I was enjoying that one.

Prison Breakers robbed on the set by real criminals!

The Cleaner starring Benjamin Bratt gets a Season 2. I started watching this before but stopped for one reason or another. Maybe I'll go check it out again, huh?

What does Jennifer Esposito think of Andrea, her character on Samantha Who?

It's official. Melrose Place remake on for next year.

What's up with Brooke White?

30 Rock wants Jon Hamm of Mad Men for Liz.

Courtney Cox has a new sitcom! There's where she is best at --- making us laugh.

Love this woman guesting on Grey's Anatomy.

29 October 2008

Mighty Proud!

Don't have a lot of things to write about. I've reached my word per month quota, it seems. I am running out of things to say. And I don't even have an extensive vocabulary. :P

But anyway, I've been bawling my eyes out since this afternoon catching up on Drama TV. The best of which was from last week's episode of Friday Night Lights.

Dear Smash,

Mighty proud of what you have become and where you are heading. Good riddance.

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose!

Whee! Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

What did this kiss mean, House?

24: Redemption --- New Extended Trailer

Watching this new video of 24's trailer makes me wanna scream!!! It's so badass.

The series's 7th season won't premiere until January next year but as you should know, there will be a TV movie first and that is set to air this November 23rd. So, mark your calendars get ready for television's biggest thrill ride!

They're treating the TV movie like a block buster film. It's going to be awesome. Watch the new extended trailer:

Video from The Live Feed (THR)

27 October 2008

Kevin and Scott: My Couple Role Model

My favorite scene this week on Brothers and Sisters ---

Scott became made at Kevin because the latter was behaving badly at the family dinner they had for Scott's visiting parents. Kevin said some words and Scott's mother got offended and walked out. And it was only because Kevin had such a bad day at work earlier.

And then Kevin apologized to his better half with this ---
I didn't make partner. They gave it to someone else and I couldn't say anything at dinner because I was so humiliated. This is by no means an excuse but when I left work, all I could think of was getting to you because I knew once I'd see you, I'd feel okay. And when I got there, the only pair of eyes that I wanted to see was yours because all I wanted was a hug.
Aww... best gay relationship on TV ever! *w00t* They make me swoon so much. My heart weakened like jello at this scene. How does that song go? They give LOVE a GOOD name.

Scott and Kevin trumps even traditional relationships. They are so much better at being sensitive to each other's needs and feelings. I think that's real, true love, no?

And they're certainly so much better than the gay relationship Erica and Callie are having on Grey's Anatomy. :P Those women are behaving like sex-starved macho men.

These two, on the other hand, behave like emotionally connected women. Kinda confusing TV world we live in. I. love. it.

26 October 2008

You, my man, are so cool!

I got a kick out of this week's episode on Life.

Damien Lewis, you so rock my world! Wheee!

Other than seeing Michael Cudlitz on scene with his Band of Brothers co-star Damien Lewis again (memories, good Band of Brothers memories!!!), these photos below pumped me up. Heroic...and kinda cool, too.

2 3
4 Untitled-5
6 7
8 9

And that's how Charlie Cruise takes the bad guys out!

Also, this ---

Pencil stuck in the palm? Yoowza!

This kiss made me go "What?!" too, just like these two:

Dani and the new captain, really? Highly unlikely but...okay.

Don't forget, USA NBC viewers --- Life moves Wednesday nights from Fridays and switches with Lipstick Jungle beginning November 5th.

"These moves will play to the shows' mutual strengths and will help us to reinforce our lineup," said NBC co-chairs Ben Silverman and Marc Graboff.  "A Wednesday night with wall-to-wall satisfying mysteries and great dramas -- paced by the return of the original 'Law & Order' to its home on Wednesdays – will provide creative continuity that night.  Fridays will feature escapist drama with 'Lipstick Jungle' joining 'Crusoe.'  Additionally, this strategy for 'Momma's Boys' offers the show a more favorable launch platform."  --- NBC Press Release

Life will go head to head with Criminal Minds with this move. It's a competitive move and should do Life good if it's hoping to get a full season pick up in its sophomore year.

Aren't you watching The Starter Wife yet?

Switching from a mini-series to a full-fledged series seemed to do The Starter Wife a lot of good. It's slowly becoming one of the programs I look forward to watching every week. The casting changes (because they let go of the some of the original cast from the mini-series) isn't a bother at all. The writing remains sharp. And Molly (Debra Messing) is becoming more and more loose and zany and yet she still manages to stay classy. She's been a big shot Hollywood wife for years after all. It's so fun watching her.

This week Molly is working on a pitch. She's been approached by someone from the industry to write a movie... that eventually became a TV series...about an ex-Hollywood wife...who was a Private Investigator...but was re-characterized as a Bounty Hounter. Hah. Hey, it wasn't her original idea. She had something better but the "suits" wanted her to go differently.

Anyway, for this project, she had to interview a real private investigator at her house with her friend, Joan ---
PI: When people lie they look to the right. Never fails...
Molly: I had no idea (writes notes)...
Joan: Why did you become a PI anyway?
Molly: Joan, I told you you could come over if you let me do my work and that includes letting me ask the question.
Joan: Don't you wanna know why he became a PI?
Molly: Ye-esss --- (to the PI) Why did you become a PI?
PI: When I was a teenager, I came out of the theater and my parents were gunned down in front of me in cold blood and I vowed right then and there that I would hunt down the killer while helping others get justice at the same time...
Molly: That's horrible!
Joan: That's BATMAN!
PI: ... okay. Okay...I was a rouge cop...
Molly: (inaudible) You're eyes just shifted right!!!
PI: You're good!

Survivor Philippines Week 6

The girl who slept a lot has been voted off this week. Nikki's boot was unanimous, her tribe mates have already determined this before Tribal Council.

What was her strategy going into the game? She didn't seem to have one except sit back, lie down and try to get along with everyone.

She wasn't the strongest, she wasn't the smartest, she wasn't a leader, she wasn't even funny or interesting. She didn't contribute to the team at all. And she complained of homesickness.

You can blame all that on editing, but she was obviously picked for eye-candy.

She should have been out a long time ago, but the girl got lucky and has cruised through. Why her team kept her before Gigit or even Patani, I wouldn't know. And that says a lot about how stupid Jarakay's strategy is as a team...so now that it's a merge next week, they will be picked off one by one by the majority --- the other tribe.

25 October 2008

This Week in TV Fashion [10.25.08]


Not so much the head dress; but the tunic blouse Samantha wore in this week's episode is cute. This is Sam's African inspired outfit. I don't think the blouse will fit anybody just like that for it may look outlandish on some women.
chuck1 jenny-hs CHUCK

Love the earrings Jenny Burton (aka Sarah Walker) is wearing. Her high school image wasn't that bad, either. Jenny/Sarah was still cute as a button in 1998.

I am probably all earrings. It's my favorite piece of jewelry. Wendy Healy on Lipstick Jungle had these big dangling purple ones. (Amethyst?) I bought something similar recently, only smaller, and a lot less expensive I am pretty sure. :D

Megan was wearing similar cuts of blouses this week, but I liked this one in purple best.


Maggie's dress is a smart, stylish business attire. I think I saw Addison wore something similar on Private Practice (hers was purplish red), but I liked it better on Maggie. Like the color on her too.


Lucy Liu guest stars for a few episode in this family drama. What do you call her sleeves? Puff-sleeves? Not for women with big arms. Which means...not for me. Heh.

TV Ratings [10.23.08]

I have dropped two of Thursday's show on the list. I quit watching Survivor because as much as Gabon is really exciting, I've really grown tired of it. Since I'm watching Survivor Philippines, too, I'm getting an overdose so I have to give up one. I voted Gabon out.

I dropped Eleventh Hour figuring I'd catch it on cable sometime next year when it begins airing here.

So...Thursday nights are swift. That enabled me to catch up to DSM, Lipstick Jungle and whatever I haven't watch the previous nights and slipped an episode of No Heroics on as well. I've got my viewing schedule in order now. Yay, me!

And The Office ranked so low last night.

8.00 Block
Survivor CBS 13.40 M
World Series Fox 10.37 M
Ugly Betty ABC 8.66 M
My Name is Earl NBC 6.33 M
Kath & Kim NBC 4.97 M
Smallville The CW 4.22 M

9.00 Block
CSI CBS 19.17 M
Grey’s Anatomy ABC 14.21 M
World Series Fox 11.64 M
SNL: Weekend Update NBC 8.55 M
The Office NBC 7.74 M
Supernatural The CW 3.25 M

10.00 Block
Eleventh Hour CBS 12.16 M
E.R. NBC 8.69 M
Life On Mars ABC 8.06 M

Denny Returns on Grey's Anatomy...AGAIN!

You know what...they shouldn't have killed him instead if they keep bringing him back!

EW's Ausiello is reporting Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be back on Grey's Anatomy. His episode will be airing on November 6.

Ahhh...sweeps week. No wonder.

What brings Denny back this time? I could tell you, but then Shonda Rhimes would kill me and, well, you'd all be up scoop's creek. Instead, I'll leave you with this tantalizing clue: Something happens in the episode that could easily set the stage for a Heigl departure at season's end. I'm not saying it will; only that it could.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan also has a recurring role on Eli Stone in that he played Eli Stone's deceased father. And the guy only had to be on the show twice, I think, considering Eli can imagine unusual things. On Grey's Anatomy...no one's sick like that. But he's been back without rhyme nor reason.

24 October 2008

The Office S5 E4 Crime Aid

Australian Idol Top 7 - Sophie Patterson

Sophie Patterson was one of my favorites. She had this blues-y thing going on with the way she sings, that, in a way, she was the most unique of all the 12 who went on to compete in Australian Idol.

But the problem was, she was only good in that, and that one thing only. For every song she sang, it sounded the same. There weren't enough songs to suit her voice. She plateaued rather quickly.

She was booted this week, the Motown week.

I kinda liked watching Sophie perform because she wasn't only pretty, she had killer legs.

Watch her final performance. Frankly, it was excruciating. She wasn't comfortable, clearly. But she was dressed for success anyway.

TV Ratings [10.22.08]

I continue to be sad about the state Pushing Daisies is in. Last night was another great story few people saw. I have stopped asking what is going on and will instead just focus on the remaining episodes yet to air.

On the other hand, Gary Unmarried continues to surprise me. The characters aren't easily likeable but I keep finding something funny about it.

Also watched Private Practice. Third episode down, and the show has really been improving its stories.

New show Stylista premiered this week, don't really care for it.
Still haven't seen this week's Lipstick Jungle nor DSM since I picked up my backlogs' from Tuesday's line up with Eli Stone, Privileged and Greek (ABC Family, cable).

8.00 Block
World Series Fox 13.10 M
New Adventures Of Old Christine CBS 8.01 M
Gary Unmarried [8.30] CBS 7.85 M
Knight Rider NBC 7.23 M
Pushing Daisies ABC 5.67 M
America’s Next Top Model The CW 4.38 M

9.00 Block
Criminal Minds CBS 14.72 M
World Series Fox 13.64 M
Private Practice ABC 7.78 M
Deal Or No Deal NBC 7.60 M
Stylista The CW 2.46 M

10.00 Block
CSI: New-York CBS 14.24 M
Dirty Sexy Money ABC 5.86 M
Lipstick Jungle NBC 4.19M

TV Round Up --- HIMYM and other Casting News

Feeling a bit lazy today, so these are all I have...

First, next week is sweeps week!!! Just want you to know that.

Barney Stinson's Bro Code is really a book!

How I Met Your Mother's Lily is pregnant. In real life. I was wondering when that will happen. Both in real life and on the show.

Smash is gone? I have started watching Friday Nigh Light's 3rd season, but I still haven't gotten to this episode. Smash is gone?? :(

Uncle Saul, you've got taste. Lionel Luthor is a gruffy, hunky man for his age. Rawrr.

Private Practice gets a full season.

What has been going wrong with Heroes? EW finds the answers.

Veronica Mars' boyfriend and Meredith Grey's mom will be seen next in Washingtonienne, a comedy series for HBO.

Get to know the guy playing Ryan Lafferty-Walker in his first interview since being named a Walker.

I've posted the new Lost Promo Video for Season 5 in my Lost site yesterday. Here's an analysis from TV Squad.

30 Rock will premiere next Thursdays but online videos for the first episode is up. It's on the official site.

23 October 2008

Pushing Daisies S2 E4 Frescorts

Watching Pushing Daisies Tonight!

Please be a dear and watch Pushing Daisies tonight.

The episode will have David Arquette as guest star. He will be returning later in the season as a possible love interest for Olive.

Also tonight, we get to meet Emerson's white mama!

See, it's a really wonderful show and you will be missing a lot if you don't tune to it.

TV Ratings [10.21.06]

House had another slammin' episode this week with a little of that girl on girl action. It is also getting good scores with its key demo (which I don't put here). So...yay!

Saw Fringe last night...drifted for a few minutes, seriously. The science talk is tuning me out. I mean, it's interesting but I think I'd have to start watching this show at a different time, when my mind isn't functioning less. But oh...Walter Bishop --- I want to take him home!

Haven't check out this week's all important Eli Stone episode with Katie Holmes. Apparently, some 300,000 of you also do not think it's worth checking out. I've seen some of this episode's clips on Youtube and Katie singing and dancing? Wasn't impressive, sorry.

8.00 Block
NCIS CBS 17.06 M
House Fox 12.88 M
Dancing With The Stars Recap ABC 9.35 M
The Biggest Loser NBC 6.98 M
90210 (Repeat) The CW 1.35 M

9.00 Block
Dancing With The Stars Results ABC 16.02 M
The Mentalist CBS 15.29 M
Fringe Fox 9.11 M
The Biggest Loser NBC 7.70 M
Privileged The CW 1.47 M

10.00 Block
Without A Trace CBS 11.60 M
Law & Order: SVU NBC 9.35 M
Eli Stone ABC 8.51 M

This is for network TV only. I was hoping to put the ratings for cable TV, seeing that I've been watching Greek and it had been a good, solid two weeks for them too, story-wise...But cable's overrun with Presidential Debates and Season Games, it's hard to compete with that in the ratings.

Family Guy Season 6 DVD

There used to be a time when I'd watch Family Guy almost regularly when we still had it on cable. Now, I just follow it on DVD. Its Season 6 DVD has just been released the other day and it contains:
  • Animatic Episodes With Audio Commentary
  • Family Guy 100th Episode Special
  • Family Guy Live! - "Just For Laughs"
  • Peter Shin Draws Lois Featurette
  • The Making of the 100th Episode
  • Favorite Scenes
  • "I'm Huge (and The Babes Go Wild)" Music Video
  • Optional Censored Audio Track On Every Episode
  • Over 50 Deleted Scenes
  • Commentary On Every Episode By Creator Seth MacFarlane, Writers and Cast Members

22 October 2008

Australian Idol Top 8 - Thahn Bui

I frankly forgot about this guy because...ehh... he just didn't connect with me. He was booted last week, during Rock Week. Someone went again the other night, but I'll just put that in another entry after I finish watching this week's show.

Anyway, Thahn, who has Vietnamese roots, was part of an Asian boyband in the 90's. So, he already knows what it takes to sell records. He's been there, done it...and then lost it. When his group disbanded, he went back home in Australia and went solo, leading to the auditions in Australian Idol, to finally --- Top 8.

Thahn reminds me a lot of this local singer, Randy Santiago, who was quite big in our music scene back in the 80's. And that's where my problem with Thahn laid. His singing style was so outdated, so old, so cheesy. It just didn't feel right coming from someone who was under 30.

And, really....his falsetto's a mess. I don't know why no one has told him that when he sings his high notes, it doesn't sound good with the microphone on.

You be the judge and listen to his final song --- Shadow of the Day:

Kevin McKidd Returns on Grey's Anatomy

Oh boy, Kevin McKidd. I don't know what's happening... but you being on Grey's Anatomy has suddenly made you hooot!

Look at these recent photos of Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh on the set of Grey's Anatomy. Yep, the military man is back...and I still don't know what his official "Mc" code is! People keep calling him differently.

I just realized they look so good together, don't they not?

Photos from SpoilerTV

TV Ratings [10.20.08]

It is amazing how taking out Heroes on my Monday viewing list had made Monday less cluttered and so much more like a breeze. I was done watching everything by 9-ish. One darn show was making it all stressful for me?

Here in bold are the shows I now officially follow Mondays.

8.00 Block
Dancing With The Stars ABC 18.10 M
How I Met Your Mother CBS 9.36 M
The Bang Bang Theory CBS 9.23 M
Chuck NBC 6.70 M
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Fox 5.34 M
Gossip Girl The CW 3.03 M

9.00 Block
Dancing With The Stars ABC 19.47 M
Two And A Half Man CBS 14.55 M
Samantha Who? ABC 11.03 M
Worst Week CBS 9.90 M
Heroes NBC 8.46 M
Prison Break Fox 5.84 M
One Tree Hill The CW 3.65 M

10.00 Block
CSI: Miami CBS 13.25 M
Boston Legal ABC 8.96 M
My Own Worst Enemy NBC 5.72 M *on DVR

21 October 2008

Catching up on British Programs: No Heroics & Secret Diary of A Call Girl

I have began watching UK's No Heroics, this superhero comedy I was talking about a few days back. It's not a whole lot of laugh, that I can honestly say. But it's different for TV.

There are plenty of superhero characters the show can do without. But since it's a comedy series, their being there and not making sense? It's still making sense. (Unlike that other superhero TV show...) For instance, they have a character named Light Killer. What does he do? He can turn off lights. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

The heroes on No Heroics have a lot of flaws, just like us regular people. Like, the world's third strongest woman is actually annoyingly needy and insecure. She is, so far, my least favorite character.

Patrick Ballad (who is more familiar to me as that guy who is the opposite of Ricky Gervais' Office character, David Brent) is also in this cast and he plays the most popular superhero of 'em all. Except his ego is also huuuuge. He thinks he is above everyone else, judging by the number of TV appearances they have (the superheroes keep scores).

The costumes are outrageous...I should mention that. All superheroes are required to don capes and tights except when they are off duty. Most of them do not look good wearing it.

The humor is incredibly British --- self-effacing and downright pathetic. The Brits are masters of finding what's funny in that, which is sometimes harder for some people to grasp.

If you remember that Ben Stiller movie, Mystery Men, this show is a lot like it. Except a bit off-center with the humor. I kinda like that it's this weird.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl's second season is almost over. But to be honest, I've been quiet disappointed by it, in that...well, I used to revere in the idea that this a really cleverly written story about a prostitute; and yet her life is devoid of any drama.

It was a fun and humorous look at being a call girl.

Season 2 is not at all like that. They allowed Belle/Hannah to fall in love and to have two men pining for her, too... As much as I like that they are there for eyecandy (coz the men are really hot!), Belle's personal relationships just complicated her situation... and then the drama started. Bleech.

Also, Billie Piper's pregnant body is really beginning to show. She only looks not pregnant via the face. Anything below it, Belle/Hannah is just huge. The actress is loving her pregnant body, but the camera and the show, where she plays a high class escort girl, aren't.

Will there be a third season and will they go back to being funny?

How I Met Your Mother Wedding Spoiler

Dropping a big bomb on HIMYM fans --- TED AND STELLA DID NOT GET MARRIED!

So that means, Stella is officially off Ted's life. You could smell it coming. They made Stella so unlikable in previous episodes. It was a clear sign she was never going to be Mother.

But I did not expect it to end this way. Stella got back together with the father of her child. On the night of her wedding to Ted. Poor him.

Now, Ted can go back to the way his life was. Which may somehow complicate it --- does Robyn still have feelings for him? Then where does that put Barney into all this?

My mind is still trying to assess what had just happened.

TV Ratings [10.19.08]

I only care for two shows on Sundays on network television --- Brothers and Sisters and The Amazing Race. And so far, they are doing okay...

8.00 Block
60 Minutes CBS 14.37 M
60 Minutes / Amazing Race CBS 11.72 M
Extreme Makeover Home Edition ABC 10.78 M
Sunday Night Football NBC 8.72 M
The Simpsons Fox 8.09 M
Football Night In America NBC 7.84 M
King Of The Hill Fox 7.35 M
Valentine The CW 0.72 M

9.00 Block
Desperate Housewives ABC 15.25 M
Amazing Race CBS 10.69 M
Amazing Race / Cold Case CBS 10.27 M
Family Guy Fox 9.07 M
Sunday Night Football NBC 8.93 M
American Dad Fox 6.61 M
Easy Money The CW 0.72 M

10.00 Block
Cold Case CBS 10.89 M
Brothers & Sisters ABC 10.21 M
Cold Case / The Unit CBS 9.63 M
Sunday Night Football NBC 7.71 M

19 October 2008

Heroes as a Comedy Series? This I will watch!

After five episodes, I am officially jumping off ship.

I have quit watching Heroes...not watching it any longer.

Someone save the heroes, save that stupid show.

Now, in place of that...can someone tell me where I can watch this please?

No Heroics is a British comedy television series, which began on 18 September 2008. The series concerns the love lives and day-to-day trials of a group of friends who just happen to be off-duty superheroes.

More info here. Read it, it's funny!

18 October 2008

House S5 E4 Birthmark

And this episode worked because...

Wilson is back. Awww they do love each other.

The eulogy. This episode's story. Everything = worked.

House's daddy is James Bond.

The chemistry between Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard. How awesome are they together? AWESOME!

The original trio? Also back. Or at least Chase, Cameron and Foreman got back to doing differentials (which they haven't done in a loooong time...and is that what they call it? Differentials?)

Thirteen is Bubbles. Whihihi.

Mmmmbop ringtone. Thinking of getting one for my phone.

Paranoid Wilson. Or Boy Scout Wilson. However you wanna call it, Wilson's got a trunk fully prepared for an evacuation!

Glad I decided to watch this one last, before I go to bed tonight. I have a sweet, goofy smile on my face. This episode was perfect TV! Made my day.

Thank you, House writers, for making this show ever so wonderful.

Survivor Philippines Week 5

I missed two of the five episodes that ran this week. But I made sure to watch the Tribal Council last night, when John was voted off the island. His boot wasn't a shock. While he did his part during the challenges, John was in fact physically weak. He was the first castaway to be brought to the hospital for health reasons. His alliance and tribe mates saw this as a sign they have to take him out. The result? A unanimous vote. John was booted, 5 to 1.

It may look as if his alliance betrayed him. But does his alliance have a choice? In this game, the only person who's been really hurt by the decision is John. Because he lost his chance at winning.

He know he's no longer valuable. His muscles have grown stiff. He has a deficiency. Which can only be corrected if he gets to rest and gets back to eating three balanced meals a day.

Besides, if that happened to anyone of his alliances, he will most likely vote to keep them out too.

Even if they kept John, he is not going to last the individual challenges now that the merge is about to happen. Can you imagine John during an endurance challenge? He will be the first one shivering from the cold out there.

His alliance didn't betray him.

His best friend in the game (Jace) did not betray him.

His body did.

This Week in TV Fashion [10.18.08]

I'm going to start doing this every week, if I can. I'm going to start compiling screenshots of how characters dressed on TV I'm watching for that week.

Because I am a woman and that's what we notice. We check out what's cute and we pick fashion inspirations from these celebrities or their characters.

Well, TV land is like a whole runway, a fashion spread of what's hot and what's in. And lately, I've been noticing this a lot. So this week...here are my picks for the best of fashion on television:


Molly Kegan (Debra Messing). Greek-goddess inspired. She wore matching gold slippers (thongs), too. Is gold back in season? Here she is with a different outfit on (jeans) but was in lotsa jewelry like this ring.


Holly always wears nice jewelry. I loved two of her earrings this week.


Salmon is really Sarah's color.


Bella is a fashion MISS. Her boobs are too big for her bikini top. Or she had on a size smaller than her cup. Miiiiss.

TV Ratings [10.16.08]

I enjoyed Grey's Anatomy last night, surprisingly. There's that show I know and love! And it is apparently winning it's key demographic back.

I also tried to watch the second episode of Kath & Kim. "Tried" because I quit after a couple of minutes. I just can't stand Kim and the actress playing her. Sorry, Kath.

I've put off watching Eleventh Hour too. Not for anything else, but because this is the kind of series that I just follow on cable television here. Which means, I'd get to see the episodes in like, six to twelve months from now since cable airings here are quite delayed.

8.00 Block
Survivor CBS 12.88 M
Ugly Betty ABC 8.21 M
My Name Is Earl NBC 6.54 M
Kath & Kim NBC 6.01 M
Smallville The CW 4.15 M
Hole In The Wall Fox 3.62 M

9.00 Block
CSI CBS 18.84 M
Grey’s Anatomy ABC 14.57 M
SNL Weekend Update NBC 8.61 M
The Office NBC 8.07 M
Kitchen Nightmare (Repeat) Fox 3.45 M
Supernatural The CW 3.06 M

10.00 Block
Eleventh Hour CBS 12.04 M
E.R. NBC 8.81 M
Life On Mars ABC 8.47 M

The Office S5 E4 Baby Shower