26 August 2006

Various Blah's

I've had a bad headache the last 3 days. I think I cried too much the other day. I cried out for frustration...about things that continue to happen over the yearssssssss. Anyway, I'm just quietly observing. I know someone is having a hard time adjusting to a compromise. And now I sit here, smiling by my loneself... as I recall how much someone tried very hard to prevent another outburst yesterday, lest I snarl back...again. You really have to be wary of a goodie-goodie fighting back. Because once they send for the arsenal, it's an all out war, baby.

Anyway, I think I have to credit Big Brother USA All Stars for my recent episode. That show, no matter how toxic it is, empowered me for some reason (haha, BI!). I don't normally get my temper out of control. However, pity the person who witnessed my episode. If I had a camera on me that time, I would imagine that my eyes were throbbing with anger. There's crazy old lady again, and she hasn't been out in awhile.


These days, I've been keeping tabs with classmates from College, whom I last saw 12 years ago. And as we talk about the things we did back in college, it made me realize how much of it I have blocked from my memory. There are lots of things I cannot recall now that we are talking about it. I don't remember some names or situations or events. And I feel sad...the moment I decided to forget a past filled with memories of just one person (e.g. an ex :P), it did not occur to me that I would also be erasing some things that I should have treasured, like things I did with my college friends. Now I'm struggling with the recall. How I wish I can turn back the time.

Anyway, here's an entry one college bud of mine wrote recently (inspired by KC's blog entry hahaha):

Sure we have our own lives now.
Sure we are successful in our own right.
Sure we are happy with our family.
Sure we've gone a long way and gathered a lot of wisdom.
Sure we'd rather have a tranquil moment than go out to some gimik places.
Sure we have cats and dogs.

But no matter what we are now.
No matter where we are now.
No matter how rich we may be.

We cannot discount the fact that from 1990-1994 we we're together in CA class 94.

Some of us hated D, Some loved R, Some despised Sir Bajo, most of us loved Ma'am I and everybody made fun of Orky Baby.

We had moments of confusion that comes with puberty.

Maybe it is for the same reason that we had more memories of fun and laughter shared together.

We were young and full of dreams.
- To be a newscaster, a film maker, performer, writer......nobody ever
dreamed of becoming a priest.

Sure A B became a newscaster
Sure G G became a film maker
Sure J A and E M became performers
Sure L C became an Air Force pilot who writes speeches of the Generals
Absolutely sure, C became a priest.

Sure the rest of us still long to become what we wanted after college.
Sure we may want it so badly but our obligations call for otherwise.
But one thing is for sure, we still have the talents and the creativity that only us CA students possess....

One day, we will come together and celebrate the winds we've taken off...and it's not bad after all to write everyday a future memory in one's mind because a day will come that those memories will unfold. Those memories are the only bond that we have. Some may cry of nostalgia, some may laugh of fondness and some may get angry at whoever kept those embarassing memories. Sure, embarassing memories will be kept forever,H.

As we gather more wisdom, we will come to realize that those bad and bully classmates are so lovable after all. Classmates who create their own world and stories can be source of a writers' creative ideas.

Sure, classmates are classmates forever.
Sure we want to keep the bond forever and make it stronger.

So, no matter how busy we may be. If there is a chance to see classmates once in a while for catching up, sure we will do everything in our power to find time for that precious moment that will be added to our memory bank.

Sure, that moment together yesterday was priceless....Bo's coffee is

And in honor of this class, I shall be watching a couple of 90s movies this weekend. I think I need to put myself back in that decade again and remember.


On the TV front...

I have just finished 3 seasons of Deadwood. I thought I would hate but I did not. Although I would understand why it's not on anyone's 'TV shows to Watch' list. It's a "talky" series. Not much cowboy action. Think of it as Sopranos, with many of the talking and little of the gunfight. Watch this show when you've had 3 cups of coffee because all the talking will make you fall asleep. It has a very good storyline though, only made less interesting because really, there's just too much TALK!

Viewed the first episode of Prison Break Season 2 last night. I saw shades of The Fugitive and Silence of the Lambs. Veronica is now chopped to bite size pieces and won't definitely be coming back...and Sara is still alive (why didn't they make her awakening much more suspenseful?) Went in a yellow suit? Divine!

Upon a friend's recommendation, I'm watching 2 British TV shows too. 1) The IT Crowd - a situational comedy; and 2) Shameless - which I'm watching blindly, with no clue about what it is. Which is good, surprise me then.

And tomorrow, it's Australian Idol Season 4 time, one whole week! Top 24 group rounds, watch the previews:

22 August 2006

Keep in Mind

Is there some way to put this message on top all the time? Coz I might just forget! The new season is here! Just some of those I have to keep an eye for:

8/21/06 (MONDAY)

9/5/06 (TUESDAY)
8:00 PM - HOUSE (FOX)

9/12/06 (TUESDAY)
10:00 PM - MEN IN TREES (ABC) - might be worth checking out

9/14/06 (THURSDAY)
8:00 PM - SURVIVOR (CBS) - again?? might be worth checking out too

9/17/06 (SUNDAY)

9/18/06 (MONDAY)
10:00 PM - STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP (NBC)- must not miss!!!

9/20/06 (WEDNESDAY)

9/21/06 (THURSDAY)

9/24/06 (SUNDAY)

9/25/06 (MONDAY)
9:00 PM - HEROES (NBC)
9:00 PM - RUNAWAY (The CW)

10/1/06 (SUNDAY)

10/4/06 (WEDNESDAY)
9:00 PM - LOST (ABC)

11/15/06 (WEDNESDAY)

18 August 2006


Hooh boy.

August is turning out to be a roller coaster ride.

As I type this, my head is literally spinning. I don't know if it's from the lack of sleep or I'm already hungry or if my sugar is down. But... my.head.is.spinning!

What's with this month? Why is everything happening on this month? Really, is some force out there playing with my destiny, thinking maybe I need to stretch myself out more because I've not been doing enough (ha! what an understatement!). When it rains, it pours nga.

I know it is wrong for me to complain. Whatever it is that comes knocking on our door brings in the dough to send my boy to school, bring food on the table, pay the massive bills (ang mahal na ng lahat, dyoske!!) and spend for our addiction (m&TV dvds weeeh!); and I appreciate this and I know I should be grateful. But dear lordie, the bum in me's asking: when do I get to rest?

Just this morning, very early in the morning, my dad tells me that I get into real estate. I'm not exactly going to sell, ha! I'm so bad at that. I'm just going to tie up with this group and do their marketing stuff, with a bit of computer flair. I'm no tech goddess, but what they need, I think I can do naman, or they think I can do. Hahah. I don't know, my dad sold me to them.

So yep, even as I complain my butt's getting too much activity from all the things I have to do, and I'm literally spinning, I did not turn down the opportunity. Yes, stretching myself too thin, some more...Buti sana kung pumayat ako nito (wa epek pa rin!)

Then again, who knows nga naman, opportunity may not knock on my door again. Sayang yun, pambili rin ng DVDs ko yun!

DVDs I need to collect (from what I can remember), putris am so behind!:

Scrubs - The Complete Second Season
Scrubs - The Complete Third Season
Seinfeld - Season 5 and it's succeeding ones
Prison Break - Season One
Grey\'s Anatomy - Season Two

* sigh *

17 August 2006

My fave Idol show is back and some other musings...

Where have I been? I have actually forgotten my password to this blog because I've not been logging in as much.

Don't get me wrong, I still watch a lot of TV. In fact, the one thing I never fail to do is TV. I can forget paying bills or doing my chores, but TV? No siree, I will not. Even when I'm dead tired or whatever. Over the last few weeks, my husband and I took turns getting sick, felt like we've been cursed. I get better this week, he develops something then he gets sick; then when he's okay, I again get sick. But the one thing always constant? Yup, the TV!!!

On top of that, work has been piling up on top of each other. Suddenly, we're high on demand. This is one thing about being a jill (and a jack --- the hubby) of all trades: people say you own your own time when you're working for yourself, or freelancing. Whoever said that is crazy. We don't own our time. In fact, we can't control it when we have to work way beyond bedtime. :P

Anyway, work has been coming in here and there. I don't know where this is from. It's like there's an imaginary sign over us, an arrowing pointing down with a sign that says: give them loads of work! Some cosmic force, maybe?

So, with that and whatever hell is going on here, here I am working my schedule around TV shows that I shouldn't miss. Hee! It's a good thing we still get to deliver what the clients need.

As I've said, I can miss a project, miss paying bills, miss obligations here and there and make up all sorts of excuses, but even if hell breaks lose, I could never miss TV. It is that bad. So bad, I think I've seriously lost lots of IQ points already. Been recently catching up with my college buds, and I realize how much of a bum I've been compared to them! Haha. K's a rural bank president, G's doing commercials for the Brits, many of them earn regular double digit figures and what about me? I'm talking TV shows to them. Haha. What a role model I am for my son!

And yet, here I am, still mad about TV.

Anyway, the latest one I'm regularly tuning to is my favoritesssssst Idol show. In two weeks time, this show will be aired daily. So imagine what my schedule would be from then on. Plus Fall season is coming, new season premieres, whooohoooo! Ugh, obligations get in the way of my couch time!

Here's a sneak peek at Australian Idol 4's amazing crop of talents. This year seems to be the best among all four years of AI:

04 August 2006

Previews of Upcoming TV Shows (2006-2007), Part 3

I'll do this short and quick....or probably just quick. There's just too many pre-airs out there, I'm like this crazy dog salivating.

Anyway, some one week or so ago, was able to watch previews of these:

1. Angriest Man in Suburbia - he's not so angry to me. My husband can do the rule better. He's the grumpiest man over here. This comedy has potential though. Might tune to it, but will not be so bummed if I miss some episodes.

2. Our Thirties - this is a sitcom for audience in my age bracket. Unfortunately, it's bad. Pass!

3. Rules of Engagement - this sitcom is just as bad as #2. Pass!

4. Hidden Palms - Desperate Housewives meets OC meets Dawson's Creek. Three series I no longer watch or have never watched. Suprisingly, I found myself liking Hidden Palms. But like #1, not gonna be bummed missing a few episodes.

5.Still Life - good story. Very good story. Weak delivery however. Hope this one improves.

6. Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip - I love it because of Matthew Perry. I love it even more because, he's so good here. Must watch!

I have yet to see:
Angela's Eyes
Secrets of A Small Town

but I read that they're not especially good, so yep, my copies are just sitting there.....

Of the 3 previews, and about a dozen new shows, I can only say which shows I will tune to exactly:
Studio 60 on The Sunset Trip

All the rest I might watch when the season is over, or never watch it again.