17 May 2013

[Vid] Philippines & Pinoys were Special Mentions in The Office Finale

I haven't completely processed the final episode of The Office. My eyes are still not dry. I've been nostalgic and teary-eyed since yesterday.

The finale? It wasn't the best send-off I've seen. Like many of the show's loyal viewers, I also believed that the The Office would've been better ending when Steve Carell left after Season 7. Yet, they pressed on for two years and since then, I've had a love-hate relationship with the show.

Howver, it didn't feel right to miss the series finale, despite how mad I was the previous episodes leading to it. In a way, that's how passionate I was for The Office. It has been one helluva trip.

Briefly, I wanna say...

  • Thank you for these 9 impressionable and remarkable seasons. Some of the best moments from television & pop culture are from this show. I'm thrilled to have witnessed it.
  • Thank you for Jim and Pam. And for Dwight & Angela.
  • Thank you for bringing Steve Carell back to close the show. Happiest. Fan. Moment. Ever. (And the guy has not lost his touch as Michael Scott!)
Lastly, thank you for this! I'd like to believe it's the show's way of reaching out to fans in the Philippines. It truly felt like The Office came full circle for me.

Goodbye, Dunder Mifflin.

I'm gonna miss this.

PS. Can someone name who these Filipinos are in the video?