21 October 2008

Catching up on British Programs: No Heroics & Secret Diary of A Call Girl

I have began watching UK's No Heroics, this superhero comedy I was talking about a few days back. It's not a whole lot of laugh, that I can honestly say. But it's different for TV.

There are plenty of superhero characters the show can do without. But since it's a comedy series, their being there and not making sense? It's still making sense. (Unlike that other superhero TV show...) For instance, they have a character named Light Killer. What does he do? He can turn off lights. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

The heroes on No Heroics have a lot of flaws, just like us regular people. Like, the world's third strongest woman is actually annoyingly needy and insecure. She is, so far, my least favorite character.

Patrick Ballad (who is more familiar to me as that guy who is the opposite of Ricky Gervais' Office character, David Brent) is also in this cast and he plays the most popular superhero of 'em all. Except his ego is also huuuuge. He thinks he is above everyone else, judging by the number of TV appearances they have (the superheroes keep scores).

The costumes are outrageous...I should mention that. All superheroes are required to don capes and tights except when they are off duty. Most of them do not look good wearing it.

The humor is incredibly British --- self-effacing and downright pathetic. The Brits are masters of finding what's funny in that, which is sometimes harder for some people to grasp.

If you remember that Ben Stiller movie, Mystery Men, this show is a lot like it. Except a bit off-center with the humor. I kinda like that it's this weird.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl's second season is almost over. But to be honest, I've been quiet disappointed by it, in that...well, I used to revere in the idea that this a really cleverly written story about a prostitute; and yet her life is devoid of any drama.

It was a fun and humorous look at being a call girl.

Season 2 is not at all like that. They allowed Belle/Hannah to fall in love and to have two men pining for her, too... As much as I like that they are there for eyecandy (coz the men are really hot!), Belle's personal relationships just complicated her situation... and then the drama started. Bleech.

Also, Billie Piper's pregnant body is really beginning to show. She only looks not pregnant via the face. Anything below it, Belle/Hannah is just huge. The actress is loving her pregnant body, but the camera and the show, where she plays a high class escort girl, aren't.

Will there be a third season and will they go back to being funny?