25 October 2008

TV Ratings [10.23.08]

I have dropped two of Thursday's show on the list. I quit watching Survivor because as much as Gabon is really exciting, I've really grown tired of it. Since I'm watching Survivor Philippines, too, I'm getting an overdose so I have to give up one. I voted Gabon out.

I dropped Eleventh Hour figuring I'd catch it on cable sometime next year when it begins airing here.

So...Thursday nights are swift. That enabled me to catch up to DSM, Lipstick Jungle and whatever I haven't watch the previous nights and slipped an episode of No Heroics on as well. I've got my viewing schedule in order now. Yay, me!

And The Office ranked so low last night.

8.00 Block
Survivor CBS 13.40 M
World Series Fox 10.37 M
Ugly Betty ABC 8.66 M
My Name is Earl NBC 6.33 M
Kath & Kim NBC 4.97 M
Smallville The CW 4.22 M

9.00 Block
CSI CBS 19.17 M
Grey’s Anatomy ABC 14.21 M
World Series Fox 11.64 M
SNL: Weekend Update NBC 8.55 M
The Office NBC 7.74 M
Supernatural The CW 3.25 M

10.00 Block
Eleventh Hour CBS 12.16 M
E.R. NBC 8.69 M
Life On Mars ABC 8.06 M