27 October 2008

Kevin and Scott: My Couple Role Model

My favorite scene this week on Brothers and Sisters ---

Scott became made at Kevin because the latter was behaving badly at the family dinner they had for Scott's visiting parents. Kevin said some words and Scott's mother got offended and walked out. And it was only because Kevin had such a bad day at work earlier.

And then Kevin apologized to his better half with this ---
I didn't make partner. They gave it to someone else and I couldn't say anything at dinner because I was so humiliated. This is by no means an excuse but when I left work, all I could think of was getting to you because I knew once I'd see you, I'd feel okay. And when I got there, the only pair of eyes that I wanted to see was yours because all I wanted was a hug.
Aww... best gay relationship on TV ever! *w00t* They make me swoon so much. My heart weakened like jello at this scene. How does that song go? They give LOVE a GOOD name.

Scott and Kevin trumps even traditional relationships. They are so much better at being sensitive to each other's needs and feelings. I think that's real, true love, no?

And they're certainly so much better than the gay relationship Erica and Callie are having on Grey's Anatomy. :P Those women are behaving like sex-starved macho men.

These two, on the other hand, behave like emotionally connected women. Kinda confusing TV world we live in. I. love. it.