09 October 2008

Wednesday Wonders

Alright, series premieres are halfway done. I'm supposed to trickle down my list and weed out the shows I will no longer be watching; because if I keep on watching even the crappy ones, then what does that make me? A loser with no social life and a TV for brain! So yeah, weeding out...weeding out...weeding out...

My own personal first casualty of the season is actually part of this, the Wednesday block. Guess what it is? It's Knight Rider! Yep, after three episodes I am deciding to give up on it now. I am aware there are others who've stopped watching the program long before I did. I stuck around for three episodes hoping it will improve. This week, Kitt became a submarine! And while that was cool...and kinda odd...the whole show was completely boring! The actors? Cardboard flat! So, goodbye Knight Rider. I will miss the opening credits but I can always watch that on Youtube. This show is now off my list.

I'm still undecided on Gary Unmarried. Last week's episode made me rethink about my first impression (where I actually thought it was good). But then, just as I was so sure I'd swear this program off this week, the episode they had was....again, actually good. So, I'm sticking with the unmarried guy for now. It's a yo-yo situation.

Private Practice is beginning to win back my love. It is slowly connecting to me again and it's been great. This week, they had a similar case with House ---- a brother and sister falling in love with each other, not realizing they were blood related. Also, this week, Cooper just got cuter! Heh.

Lipstick Jungle was very interesting. There's a new boss in town and he fired Wendy! Not the least bit interested with Victory's new love conquest yet. But I cannot wait to see what her new shop would look like. Nico played a bit of office politics and I think she's officially my favorite among the three.

I've got my Pushing Daisies recap in another site, the link should come up later.

Because of time constraints, I've yet to watch this week's Dirty Sexy Money.