03 October 2008

TV Round Up: Have you trimmed down on your TV viewing yet?

I may have to do this after October, after I've seen all returning and new premieres. Because it is insanely wrecking up my schedule. It's a good thing my husband is away a lot for work and I only have one child to attend to (who doesn't need a lot of his hands-on controlling mom anymore). Otherwise, I will be picturing myself married to my TV. I do not love it that much.

I did not know October Road will be back. I thought they have canceled this.

Viewers like Privileged. But why isn't it rating well?

Robin, Batman's sidekick is coming to television via The CW. Since Smallville has reached its peak, this is the show that will replace it. It will be a series about Robin's family and youth.

You can watch Crash online before it airs on TV. This is based on that movie that won Best Picture at the Oscar's several years back. I did not like the movie...not sure If I will like the TV show.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles may be terminated real soon.

Tina Fey book deal? I'll read it!

Fringe gets a full season.

Uh-oh, actors strike!!! Grrrr...

Junior years (Season 3): Dexter is back on, doing great on cable TV. Friday Night Lights is also back on Direct TV...I am not sure if I can watch this one. :(

Valentine on CW. I didn't know what it was till I saw the press clips. I like the concept so I am going to watch it. But I'm not hopeful it's any good. I could be wrong.