31 May 2008

Finale Watch: Lost


I called it the first time I read about that "spectacular kiss" we're supposed to expect in the season finale. I said it would have to be Desmond and Penny's reunion.

I knew it! I loved it! My chest hurts from all the crying.

I've got to get some sleep, but, gaaad, how I love this show!

I'll be posting more on Watching Lost after the weekend is over. Am taking time off with visiting relatives.

29 May 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Someone is pregnant!

One of these, uh...kissers, is actually pregnant, that's according to a spoiler report from TV Guide.
Question: Grey's scoop, please!— Nierah
Ausiello: I hear someone may be preggers — and that someone shared a red-hot smooch in the finale!

First, is the pregnancy a result of the kiss or did it happen before all these kisses happened? Second, who do you think it is? My money is on Callie, fathered by Sloan. And third...jumping the shark, definite definitely!

Ah, Grey's Anatomy --- why can't I quit you?!

28 May 2008

Slowing down...

I wrote about my "going blind" at Multiply, so I had to take a little break from using the computer or watching TV. Had to cut back. Just a little bit. Like 10%. Hah. So, the only show I saw today was David Cook on Ellen and HBO's Recount. There's nothing good on anyway.

DAVID COOK ON ELLEN: Cookie, he was wonderful. Loved the song he sang. Not quite a good interview though. I sense there's no energy there, nothing clicking between the interviewer and the interviewee. Maybe they were both tired and sleepy? If you missed it, there's always YouTube, see:

And someone should tell him --- he's committing career suicide #1!

RECOUNT: Recount was booooooooooooooooring. I don't know what I was expecting. I was being silly thinking it would be as exciting as 24. The trailer looked like it was something to watch for, but it wasn't. Or maybe real-life politics just really bore me. But for my sake, I wanted to watch it so I'll learn something. I ended up keeping the program on, in the background, with me doing something else. Like giving myself a pedicure.

Hey, it's LOST SEASON FINALE!!! Thursday (US) and I just really have to shout that out because I know it's going to be THE. BEST. EVAHHH! I'm actually punching my keyboard so hard from all the excitement.

26 May 2008

I need a good laugh!

Last Comic Standing is back for a sixth season! The judges are tougher this time. And there's not just three in the panel; they've got several comedians judging on rotation --- like the cast of The Office, Janitor from Scrubs, and other seasoned stand-up comics. Getting through the next rounds look pretty tough.

The ones that did qualify in the first episode weren't all that funny, if I base this from the previous seasons. I was only able to pick two favorites: Dan Naturman (who almost made it to the finals before) and Louis Ramey.

Last Comic Standing is a contest that's done like American Idol, where viewers get to vote who is the best. But unlike American Idol (in some ways), the show isn't after raw, undiscovered talent. In fact most of those who join the contest are quite popular in the comedy circuit and have appeared on TV before:

Take a look at my favorites so far...Dan and Louis:

I'm rooting for them to get through the finals. I'd love to see a showdown that's going to leave me "rolling on the floor, laughing."

And while I'm on the subject of something funny... have you seen this? I think I've played this video a dozen times today, it never fails!

24 May 2008

Finale Watch: Grey's Anatomy

When the writers said, "It all ends with a kiss", I should've taken that in its literal sense. Grey's Anatomy's season ender had plenty of those kisses and more.

Chief and Adele (wife), Callie & Hahn, Alex and Izzy, George and Lexie, MerDer

I guess, really, for this show? It can never have too many kisses. I think that if they would be able to find a story for Bailey and Sloane, they would kiss, too!

There is no question, this whole season didn't favor TV shows too well (with the exception of the fantastic Lost series!) and Grey's Anatomy had already been struggling since Season 3. But given the factors, the finale nicely wrapped up each character's story:

Meredith has a breakthrough professionally and personally. She finally saved a critical patient's life after 12 deaths, with Derek's help. And she discovers what needs to be fixed in her life. Mer grows up. Her shrink is good and she looks a lot like Mer's mother, no?

Christina gets her bite back. She's not only going to become the best resident, she's working at becoming a better teacher to the interns.

Alex and Izzie, they share a desperate kiss. And yeah, at one point he called her a bitch. Alex is going through something that reminded him of his traumatic childhood. It gave his character depth. It gave Alex and Izzie a chance to reunite again, albeit an unlikely circumstance. Alex needs to book sessions with Mer's shrink. Seriously.

Izzie is going to head the clinic. Bailey is giving it up and giving more time to her family and surgery.

Callie realizes she likes her friend, Erica. I'm not jumping on the ship for this one yet. Not for anything --- I just don't see that kind of chemistry for these two.

George did not pass his internship by one point. And he whines to the Chief. I don't like George at all. His kiss with Lexie was innocent and it looks like something will happen to them next season. I should not be wondering how quick these characters fall in and out of love.

Sloan....just stood there. :P

The ending looked optimistic. It had none of that shock and awe the show loves to deliver. MerDer are finally going to try being together again. But at the same time, it leaves me with some doubts something will happen to Derrick at the start of Season 5 based on the final scene.

This one's at least right on track. Slow and steady next season, please.

Finale Watch: Ugly Betty

I was enjoying Ugly Betty's second season up until it was cut short by the strike. When it returned, suddenly it wasn't as fun anymore. When they decided to give more attention to Betty's storyline, my least favorite actually, it lost it's mojo. Back from the strike, I saw less and less of Marc and Amanda together. I saw less of Christina and the rest. Of course they would have to go with Betty, the show is about her in the first place.

Still, some things are working for me. Like Claire Mead. Like Hilda's New Romance. Like Gio.

- Like Claire Mead. Love her. Loved her last scene at the end of this season...a look of disapproval that also says "I know I'm sometimes not sober. But mothers know best and you're making a big mistake" to her daughter, Alexis, who was celebrating a Mode victory with Wilhelmina and the staff. Yep, I got all that from this look:

- Like Hilda's new romance. Actually, everything about Hilda, I like. Hers is probably the story that touched me more than Betty's. Can she have her own show?

- Like Gio. The one thing bearable about watching what's going to happen to Betty next is Gio. Eeepp! Boyfriend Material!

On that note, here's what I think about this Gio-Betty-Henry triangle ---- I'm hoping she picks no one. I'm hoping Betty doesn't choose to go to Rome with Gio (though keep him on the show) or choose to move to Tulsa and marry Henry (they can lose this guy, it won't matter). This short season has truncated story developments like all the rest of the shows that have aired, the timing of it all isn't right.

Let Betty build a career (wasn't this the season premiere's story?), have her interact more with people at work like Marc, Mandy, Willie and even Daniel, the show works best when everyone's there. Don't turn this one into a sappy love story, yet...but yes, string Gio along for eyecandy.

Sneak Peek: The Ex List, Harper's Island, Project Gary

More shows to check out this fall:


THE EX LIST is a comedic drama about Bella Bloom (Elizabeth Reaser, "Grey's Anatomy") - a single, 30-something, successful business owner who is surprised to learn from a psychic that she's already dated her future husband AND there's a catch: if she doesn't find him in the next year, she'll remain alone forever.


The new drama, HARPER'S ISLAND, is a murder mystery that unfolds as friends and family attend week-long festivities at a destination wedding on a secluded and picturesque island off the coast of Seattle, infamous for a homicidal maniac's rampage seven years ago.


Project Gary stars Jay Mohr ("Ghost Whisperer") and Paula Marshall ("Nip/Tuck") in a comedy about Gary Barnes, a recently single painting contractor, and his controlling ex-wife, Allison, who face post-divorce mayhem after 15 years of marriage as they each embark on new relationships. He's the fun parent and she's the strict one.

23 May 2008

Quick shorts....

- I will be watching So You Think You Can Dance for the first time ever. Is this show somewhere on cable TV? I'm going to begin with the latest season, the fourth one? What have I got to expect?
- We are going to have a Reaper marathon soon. Tried watching this one a few times at the start of the season. Not much impressed. Dropped it from my list. Caught an episode I didn't see on S23. Huh. Kinda liked it. Now getting back on board upon the hubby's insistence.
- Tuning in for the TV special, Recount. This one, I can't wait to see.
- Also anticipating? In Plain Sight. Girl kicks ass. Whoo.
In Plain Sight - an hour-long drama that revolves around Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack), a tough, sexy US Marshal who works for the Federal Witness Protection Program. While many of the witnesses under her care are high-maintenance career criminals, some are just innocent people who had the misfortune of witnessing a crime or falling victim to one

I didn't think I'd have something interesting to watch this time of the year. Now, bring on the Summer Shows, I'm ready!!!

- Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty finale watch entries tomorrow.
- Lost's final 2 hours next week ---- it's a TV epic!

22 May 2008

The Idol is a Cook!

Yahoo! And for the record, I love, love the 2nd photo. :)

21 May 2008

In this boxing match, who really won? The David vs David Analysis

In the left corner: David Cook
  • will dub him as the American Idol "alternative contestant", an idol maverick if you will; because no one was like him on the show, for the first time ever. His style wasn't molded from joining singing contests.
  • risk-taker, bordered on "obscure performances" so judges called him "original"
  • rock-star cool demeanor, but super sensitive inside ...women so dig that.
  • has an interesting past as a high school musical type...who would've thought the "rocker" was into this?
  • singing strategy: sultry; pulling the notes for a big build up at the end...women dig that, too.
  • was known to have said this contest was about "progressing" and he did show progress --- see: style and fashion sense
  • appears to not have compromised his musical style for Idol celebrity stardom.
In the right corner: David Archuleta
  • was considered the front-runner early on; early favorite pick
  • oozing with natural talent and crystal clear vocal quality
  • a singing contest veteran who already knows what works or not
  • can move young girls and their grandma to tears with his song rendition
  • innocent-looking and cute, Paula wants to put him in her pocket; so do many girls.
  • singing strategy: slow ballads showcasing his technically perfect range
  • so young and naive, record producers will have a ball molding him to whatever they want him to be; and because he's an eager learner he'll let 'em.
Based on tonight's performance? It was Archuleta who fought hard enough to deserve the title. Based on the whole season? David Cook should win it.

Based on voice quality? Archie. Based on stage presence and performance? Cookie.

Technically sound? Archie. Consistency? Cookie.

Which of the two was the most relaxed performing tonight? Cookie. Archie looked like he was minutes away from breaking down on stage, the poor kid.

And what is up with those time-traveling judges? Paula a few weeks ago saw the future. Randy tonight said it was 2007. Randy was clearly sipping from Paula's bottle. Seacrest too. His pupils look dilated. And Simon was so playing his corporate puppy card. Of course he wants people to vote and vote like crazy. So he disses the person he actually thought would win. He's no corporate executive, music mogul, reality show producer for nothing.

But who is actually winning?


Who else could be winning?

Record producers.

Two great singers each. Two different fan base. One who makes young kids swoon, another for hormonal thirty-somethings like me.

They've got all age bracket covered. Who cares about the final crown?

Tomorrow I'm just going to enjoy the show immensely, whoever's the David who wins it.

Finale Watch: House, MD

Confession: everytime House's theme song comes up...I get misty-eyed. That's how emotionally connected I am to the show. I bring this up because, as you've probably read or heard by now, House's season ender left a lot of us shell-shocked and in tears.

Was I expecting Amber to die? In a way, yes. What I wasn't expecting were those moments that took place before she died...

Some quarters are saying this is an Emmy moment. I'm suddenly happy for Anne Dudek. (Here's another trivia for you --- she was Precious, Mike Hannigan's girlfriend after Phoebe, on Friends!)

I'm not going to speculate on what is going to happen between Wilson and House next season. But I'm certain repairing their friendship will be rough. He was the cause of Wilson's girlfriend's death, that's not something easy to get over. For House's part --- that guilt is not easy to carry.

And for my sake, I've got to read about what Amantadine does to the body!

Next season, House comes back with a new cast member. Read all about it here.

Finale Watch: How I Met Your Mother

The good news is, How I Met Your Mother has been renewed for another season (fourth). The not so good news? We're left hanging for a while, as the show ends its third year run this week.

Will Stella say yes to Ted's marriage proposal? Is she really Mother? Is Sarah Chalke going to be a permanent part of the cast and juggle between the last season of Scrubs and this? The show's creators have actually prepared two solutions to the cliffhanger, and they still do not know which one they're using come season 4's premiere.

Ted gets into a minor accident, his life is flashing before him and suddenly he see where he wants to be. In a separate incident and actually as a consequence of Ted's accident, Barney gets hit by a bus and he too, realizes who he wants to be with. Things are going to change for these two in the next season. And yes, even for Robin (although she has no idea yet). Which leaves Lily and Marshall...with no exciting storyline to look forward to.

No thanks to the strike, HIMYM's season ender felt a bit crammed with too little plot development. It also wasn't a funny episode...the show hadn't been for a while. I would've wanted more stories in order to invest into the romance between Ted and Stella. As a fan of the show, I'm still not convinced this relationship will last, and yes...the marriage proposal is premature. But then, I have no reason to complain since it is coming back next season, Stella or no Stella.

19 May 2008

HIMYM Scoop!

I've been watching How I Met Your Mother since season 1 and did not know that Robin's co-anchor at work as a news reporter, is the real-life husband of Allyson Hannigan (Lily) and that they've been together for years!

There's a bit of trivia for you, too. Did you know?

Anyway, How I Met Your Mother's season finale is this week. Here's the dish from Korbi on what's up with the last episode for this season:

At the end of the episode in which Ted finds out about Robin and Barney's hook up, there was a great little cliffhanger moment where the narrator says, oh wait, Aunt Robin wasn’t living in my apartment on my 30th birthday, that was the year after. Can you shed any more light on this tease?
That was playing around with the fact that this is a guy who is telling the story so many years in the future, and he jumbles it up in his memory a little bit. He can be an unreliable narrator. I can say that [that tease] is exactly what it sounds like. Robin and Ted will live together at some point in the future. He’s misremembering the chronology of the story, but it’s pretty explicitly stated there. That was sort of a sneak peek. I don’t want to say how or why or under what circumstances it happens, but we like the idea that our show can do things like that, have this [narrator] kind of get the chronology wrong and accidentally tease forward to new dynamics that we plan to get to in the future. We’re happy to have a season four to be able to execute all these plans.

Will we learn more about Ted and Robin living together in the finale?
That specific thing, you’ll have to watch next season to learn more about. People will enjoy the finale in terms of the Barney and Ted and the Barney and Robin stuff. That’s the main focus and a lot of events shift around in their lives quite a bit. I’m very glad we have a pickup because we’re going to be weaving a lot of interesting questions into the finale and it would have really sucked to not be able to pick up on that.

So it’s cliffhanger-ish?
Yeah. It’s probably our cliffhangeriest episode ever.

We must chat about Sarah Chalke, because she’s been so awesome as Ted's new girlfriend, Stella. I know she’s back for the finale, but will we definitely see her next year?
We don’t have anything in writing, but we’re working on it right now. We have a few different thoughts in mind moving forward, depending on her availability and logistics. Our plan and our desire is to see quite a bit more of her. We thought she was fantastic on the show and definitely part of why our back nine sort of elevated the whole season.

17 May 2008

Finale Watch: The Office

The Office Season 4 underwent big changes this season which is why the finale had too much going on and too many cliffhangers... Click to read more.

Ellen de Generes is getting hitched!

She has announced it on her TV show, which I missed. Her bride to be(?), the lovely Portia de Rossi, is in the audience, misty-eyed (?).

I don't know about you but seconds after her announcement, I see a different glow in Ellen's face. I must just be imagining it....granted I didn't get enough sleep. :P

Anyway, congratulations to the happy couple.

16 May 2008

Sneak Peek: Dollhouse and Fringe

Two new TV shows I'm eagerly waiting for are Joss Whedon's Dollhouse and JJ Abrams' Fringe, both shows will be airing on Fox next season.

ECHO (Dushku) is an "Active," a member of a highly illegal and underground group who have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with any number of new personas. Confined to a secret facility known as the "Dollhouse".

· Dichen Lachman as Sierra
· Eliza Dushku as Echo
· Enver Gjokaj as Victor
· Fran Kranz as Topher Brink
· Harry Lennix as Boyd Langton
· Olivia Williams as Adelle DeWitt
· Tahmoh Penikett as Paul Smith

When an international flight lands at Boston's Logan Airport and the passengers and crew have all died grisly deaths, FBI Special Agent OLIVIA DUNHAM (newcomer Anna Torv) is called in to investigate. After her partner, Special Agent JOHN SCOTT (Mark Valley, "Boston Legal"), is nearly killed during the investigation, a desperate Olivia searches frantically for someone to help, leading her to DR. WALTER BISHOP (John Noble, "Lord of the Rings"), our generation's Einstein. There's only one catch: he's been institutionalized for the last 20 years, and the only way to question him requires pulling his estranged son PETER (Joshua Jackson, "Dawson's Creek") in to help.

· Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham
· Blair Brown as Nina Sharp
· Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth
· John Noble as Walter Bishop
· Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop
· Kirk Acevedo as Charlie Francis
· Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles
· Mark Valley as John Scott

Are you excited or what? Fringe has all this science talk, I'm sure my tiny TV brain will end up getting very confused again.

Sneak Peek: Life on Mars

Coming to ABC this fall is this David E. Kelley series which was adapted from a British Original in which a detective from the present time encounters an accident and gets transported back to 1973 (incidentally, my birth year).

I've come across the Brit production a few times (it aired on cable - Hallmark Channel). It's an engaging series, kinda surreal in some aspects. No computer or techie gags, no pop culture references either (at least the current ones). It's purely old school.

Here's the clip from ABC:

And this is the British original version, from the first episode when the lead is still trying to figure out where he is:

Based on the trailer, the US version appears a bit goofy. The UK version has a slightly darker tone, despite the witty dialogs. But we'll see.

Life on Mars (US) will air Thursdays right after Grey's Anatomy. It should be noted that the British version was a huge hit but it ended after two seasons (Brits always keep their shows under minimum).

American Idol Top 3 - Syesha Mercado

Really, would I even bother? Guess I'd have to, I ran down the last nine cast-offs. But I was really expecting I'd be doing this for her a lot earlier (see my boot order below).

What can I say about Syesha has been said for me by EW:

A classic try-er. Would you wanna be forever remembered as a classic try-er? Were they mocking her?

Boot order predictions:
12 to 7 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)
- BOOT: MARCH 26th
Kristy Lee - BOOT: APRIL 18th
Syesha - BOOT: MAY14th
Amanda - BOOT: MARCH 18th
Jason. - BOOT: May 7th

6 to 1 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)
Carly S. - BOOT: April 23rd
David H. - BOOT: MARCH 12th
Brooke. - BOOT: MAY 1st
Michael - BOOT: APRIL 10th
David C.
David A.

15 May 2008

Scrubs New Chief: Jen Garner or John Cusack?

I can't choose coz I like Jen Garner, I think she makes a great comedian. And John Cusack is my obsession.

Although, there's little possibility in John doing TV. He's never done it, has he? I've been hearing of him appearing on Scrubs since Season 3 as he is cozy and buddies with John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) but it has never happened.

Jennifer, on the other hand...Scrubs and the Felicity cast? Some connection. They had Scott Foley before (playing Elliot's boyfriend), Keri Russell (playing Elliot's sorority sister) and of course, Donald Faison (Turk).

So, who would you pick to take Dr. Kelso's place?

Bubba: Will Dr. Kelso be returning to Sacred Heart Hospital next year when Scrubs moves to ABC?

Word on the street is that Kelso will be appearing now and again while on his retirement at home, but that they will bring in a new chief to run the Scrubs hospital

Source 1 | Source 2

Sneak Peek: Worst Week

Alright, funny!

WORST WEEK is a comedy about Sam Briggs, an entertainment magazine editor who will do anything to please his girlfriend's parents ... but instead becomes a one-man wrecking crew whenever he's around them.

Sam (Kyle Bornheimer, "Jericho") and his girlfriend, Melanie Clayton (Erinn Hayes, "Kitchen Confidential"), have only one hurdle left to clear as they start their life together: breaking the news to Mel's conservative parents that they have a wedding in the works and a baby on the way. Dick (Kurtwood Smith, "That '70s Show"), a stern Judge, and his wife Angela (Nancy Lenehan, "My Name is Earl"), are protective of their daughter, and are really trying to let go of the anger they feel toward Sam ... after all, disaster follows whenever he visits their house.

But despite his best efforts, every time Sam takes one positive step forward in winning over his future in-laws, he inevitably takes two crushing steps back. But with support and love from Melanie who stands up for him despite his knack for making himself look bad, Sam will hopefully charm his way into her family.

Worst Week comes Mondays 9:30 CBS.

Sneak Peek: Eleventh Hour

I kinda got a feeling Eleventh Hour is a Jerry Bruckheimer production, even without looking at its synopsis. And I was right. It has that CSI-sh feel to it.

ELEVENTH HOUR from acclaimed producer Jerry Bruckheimer follows Dr. Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell, "The Illusionist"), a brilliant biophysicist and special science advisor to the government, as he investigates scientific crises and oddities. His jurisdiction is absolute and Hood is dogged in his pursuit of those who would abuse and misuse scientific discoveries and breakthroughs for their own gain. His passion and crusade is to protect the substance of science from those with nefarious motives. He is called in at the eleventh hour and he represents the last line of defense.

Based on the British miniseries by acclaimed science-fiction writer Stephen Gallagher, the series is executive produced by Bruckheimer ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Pirates of the Caribbean"), Jonathan Littman ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Cold Case"), Danny Cannon ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "CSI: Miami"), Cyrus Voris ("Bulletproof Monk"), Ethan Reiff ("Sleeper Cell"), Mick Davis ("Wake of Death"), and Paul Buccieri ("Fashion House") for Jerry Bruckheimer Television in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Eleventh Hour comes to CBS in the fall, Thursdays 10/11, taking over Without A Trace's slot (which moves Tuesdays).

Sneak Peek: The Mentalist

The Mentalist is a new TV show coming this fall on CBS. It's one of 'em crime solving shows. And this preview? It reminds me way too much of Criminal Minds for some reason.

THE MENTALIST stars Golden Globe Award nominee Simon Baker ("The Devil Wears Prada") as Patrick Jane, a detective and independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), who has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his razor sharp skills of observation. Within the Bureau, Jane is notorious for his blatant lack of protocol and his semi-celebrity past as a psychic medium, whose paranormal abilities he now admits he feigned. Jane's role in cracking a series of tough high-profile cases is greatly valued by his fellow agents.

However, no-nonsense Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney, "Prison Break") openly resists having Jane in her unit and alternates between reluctantly acknowledging Jane's usefulness and blasting him for his theatrics, narcissism and dangerous lack of boundaries.

Lisbon's team includes agents Kimball Cho (Tim Kang, "Rambo"), Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman, "The Nine"), and rookie member Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti, "The O.C."), who all think Jane's a loose cannon but admire his charm and knack for clearing cases. Bruno Heller (creator of "Rome") is creator/executive producer, and Emmy Award winner David Nutter ("Band of Brothers") is the executive producer for Warner Bros. Television.

The Mentalist is scheduled Tuesdays 9/10 on CBS this fall.

More Men for Samantha Who?

According to Korbi:

A Man for Sam: Todd Who? Samantha will soon have several new male specimens to mull over. Word is three dudes with romance potential -- a doctor, a suit and a slacker -- will join the show next season.

By the way, DVD is coming out, September 23:

Samantha Who: The Complete First Season
Samantha Who: The Complete First Season

14 May 2008

House's Head Videos

I was hoping to write about House's finale next week, when its 2nd part is aired (Episode Title: Wilson's Heart). So, I'm just going to post the videos of the 1st part (Episode Title: House's Head) I got off Youtube.

It's Cuddy's strip tease dream sequence (sexy, hot, weird, awkward) and the bus accident where House was one of the passengers and he was with someone very important (whoa!)...SPOILER ALERT.

Finale Watch: Samantha Who?

It did not feel like a season finale because there was less fun fare; yet it did not fail to make me chuckle, even for just a tiny bit. This cute comedy, with its cutesy characters, nicely wrapped up and closed their first season. It ended with Sam surpassing her first year after the amnesia (which is why on her birthday cake, you'd find "1" instead of her actual age) and then hints of truly starting over. She has no job, so she will probably get a new one in Season 2. She and Todd are going back to getting to know each other, so it's just like falling in love the first time.

What I hope to see in Season 2 --- more of Samantha, Andrea and Deanna together because they bring the funniest scenes.

I'll miss this one and will be looking forward to its return in September.

Upfront Updates

Friday Night Lights UpfrontsThe upfronts are underway. Today is the third day, if I'm not mistaken.

NBC had it's early upfronts three weeks ago, so their schedule has been set quite awhile, along with a few surprises.

ABC had theirs yesterday and their schedule pretty much kept all current shows where they are. There's little to do when things are working very well for you. If ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

CW also had theirs and announced 1) the cancellation of Aliens in America, 2) renewal for Reaper and 3) pick up for Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off.

Gossip Girl Cast UpfrontsThe upfronts is ongoing (CBS and Fox up next). Here's a list of sites where you can keep track of what shows are gone or what show is staying. And what you should watch for next season:

LA Times Showtracker - STAYING
LA Times Showtracker - GONE - Going, going, gone! Some shows on the list included --- Miss Guided (noo!), Women's Murder Club, Moonlight, Shark, Back To You, Cashmere Mafia (mwahahah!) etcetera...
The Futon Critic
Zap2It Fall TV Preview

Conan mocks the upfront. FUNNY!

12 May 2008

Finale Watch: Brothers and Sisters

Rebecca: First I found out that I have this family that I never even knew existed and then suddenly, I don't. But then, it turns out that I do. Because by some miracle, you're all still willing to accept me. And I can't help but wonder...what if, in all of this insanity...it was all just a way to meet...you.

I had a huge smile on my face at the end of Brothers and Sisters (Season 2). Suddenly, it did not feel icky anymore. I think I'm ready to accept it. I know she will be a legitimate Walker by end of Season 3. I hear wedding bells for these two.

The bonding ritual/commitment ceremony was promoted as the very first same-sex American union on network television. It was beautiful and very real, like the actors were themselves nervous about it too.

Uncle Saul, moved by the ceremony he just witnessed, comes out to his nephew and nieces. Got the shock of their life. Justin exclaims --- "My God. This is like the gayest week of my life". The look on their faces? Priceless.

With Rebecca de-Walker-ed, it appears there is less family friction. But the show leaves us with a cliffhanger about another Walker sibling...a guy named Ryan; which we'll learn more in Season 3. The cast and crew are currently shooting this, but no information on who will play the newly discovered brother has been released. I hope he's trouble. I hope he drives the Walkers crazy.

Season 3 will not air until September. But SpoilerTV already has the episode titles for it:
  • S3 E1 - Glass Houses
  • S3 E2 - Book Burning
  • S3 E3 - Tug of War

President TV Addict

This future President of the Free World is a TV addict. He enjoys The Office, Lost and Tudors. Haha.

11 May 2008

Heroes Season 3 Teaser Promo


You know what, I already forgot how it ended. I'll have to watch Season 2's last episode again.

Anyway, casting news:

- Bruce Boxleitner --- who I last saw as a TV series regular in Scarecrow and Mrs. King in the 80's. No, really. I know he's had other TV appearances after that. But as a regular cast member? That's where I remember him from.
Bruce Boxleitner has snagged a top-secret recurring role that was originally going to be modeled after Sen. John McCain. The character has since been reconceived, and now all I know for sure is that he'll be sharing scenes with a female series regular | SPoilerFix

- Brea Grant --- who I last saw on Friday Night Lights last year
She's not just fast. She's very fast. Meet Daphne, the speedy new character on NBC's Heroes, who plans to give the show's superhumans - especially time traveler Hiro and his sidekick, Ando - a run for their money when she debuts on the popular NBC series' upcoming third season, which went back into production last week. "I'm stealing a secret that's been kept in Hiro's family for a long time that he's just now found," Brea Grant told The Associated Press during a break in filming on location in a high-rise building in downtown Los Angeles. "He stops time right as I grab it, but in that second it took him to grab it, I almost make it out of the office." Grant doesn't know much about her mysterious new character. Daphne's superpower allows her to operate at three speeds and leave a supersonic wake in her path when Hiro stops time. Grant's not sure where Daphne is from, but she does know the Speedster - that's what she calls herself - has been on her own for a long time. "Her character is supposed to be Hiro's Joker," said Masi Oka, who plays Hiro. "Batman has The Joker. Hiro has Daphne. This is the season where Hiro finally finds his arch nemesis, and it happens to be this Speedster. | SpoilerFix

Expect more cast announcements in the months to come. September is still a long wait and the cast list may still get longer.

Ten TV Mom Characters To Love - TV Season 2007-2008

Nora Walker
Brothers and Sisters
- She's always there. Even when her kids don't want her to be. And she's always right. That's why her kids are glad she's always there.
  • “What you don’t remember is when you had the chicken pox, Sarah had the chicken pox, and Tommy had the chicken pox, and Kevin had the chicken pox, and I had a very bad cold, your dad was out of town on business. Sweetheart, I’m saying this to you with as much love as I possibly can: Sometimes motherhood means sucking it up. Kitty, go suck it up.”
Sarah Walker
Brothers and Sisters
- The company president who's recently been divorced. She's a superwoman.
  • "I’m a good mother. I know that. I may not be able to drop them off at school every day, but I am their mother, every day. You can’t punish me for trying to parent and work. I want my kids to know the joy that I get from my work, but it’s nothing compared to the joy that I get from being their mother, every day. And they know that. Please.”
Holly Harper
Brothers and Sister
- Well sure she is the other woman, but does that make her less of a mother?
  • “Nora had a husband and a family and money. I scraped together everything for us. I took care of you every single day of your life. Do you know I wasn’t much older than you when I got pregnant? Can you imagine that? Being here by yourself and trying to support a child? But I did it. And if I had to give up some of my dreams, so be it. Because from then on, I put you first." | Video
Hilda Suarez
Ugly Betty
- Young single mother to a gay teenager? Not easy! Hilda makes it look easy and treats her son like her best gal pal.

Tami Taylor
Friday Night Lights
- The coolest mom on TV today --- supportive, understanding, often acts as a surrogate mom to a high school body (she works as a guidance counselor). And she looks really hot, too. My Best Mom Moment of her, when her 15 year old daughter decides she will be having sex:

Sarah Connor
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
- How do you prepare and protect your son for his destiny as the future savior of the world? There is much pressure in being Sarah Connor. But for her son, she is willing to sacrifice everything, even her life.

Marjorie Bouvier Simpson
The Simpsons
- Forgiving, accepting, encouraging, patient and tolerant to a degree.

Regina Newly
Samantha Who?
- A mom who sometimes needs to be disciplined herself but she's the kind of mom you'd want to have if you want someone to defend you or your honor.

Nikki Sanders
- It's hard to keep it together when you have your own issues to deal with. But Nikki Sanders, the superhuman schizophrenic, really tries her best to put her son, Micah, ahead of her needs.
  • Micah Sanders: I'm just working on my computer. The logic board was bad. So I had to build a new one.
  • Niki Sanders: A new one. Did anyone ever tell you you're the smartest little man on the planet?
  • Micah Sanders: You do. All the time.
Kate Austen
Adoptive mom to Claire's Aaron. She's only beginning to show her mother's instinct but you can already see how much she's willing to protect the toddler like her own child. Kate in the future, off the island, a recap.

Finale Watch: 30 Rock

I wasn't really paying full attention to 30 Rock's season finale (working and watching TV at the same time is hard!). But all I really wanted to know from this episode --- whether or not Liz Lemmons is pregnant ---- was answered. She isn't. Whew. I did not want her pregnant because it would change the dynamics of the show (jump? shark?). Although, she did hint that her almost-pregnancy made her want to adopt a baby. Is that going to happen next season?

Anyway, the finale recap and review.

Finale Watch: Scrubs

I wouldn't exactly call it the worst finale ever. In spite of some things --- like Dr. Kelso still working as Chief when, just last week, he opted to retire from his job and Dr. Cox has replaced him; or Keith briefly appearing this episode after his bitter break-up with Elliot. I swear, I did stop midway through and thought I was watching an episode from last season.

But whatever was wrong with the sequencing and continuity didn't matter to me because despite what you may have read about this being the worst finale ever, elsewhere --- I loved it. My son loved it. And I would consider this as a classic, definitely. If anything, the episode was very Scrub-esque (c'mon....fantasy? princess, knights on horses, magic potions?).

Directed by Zach Braff, the final episode was narrated by Dr. Cox as a fairy tale story he was telling his son, Jack but with the real story running parallel to the fantasy.

In "My Princess", the Village Idiot, JD, is trying to help the princess, Elliot, thwart an evil monster (which looked like that black smoke from Lost) that had affected her maiden/patient. Dr. Cox played the knight, Percival, who guides the two.

The rest of the cast didn't have a lot to do with the main story but their fairy tale alter egos were purely entertaining. Couples Carla and Turk played one person --- a two-headed sorcerer/res named Turla. The janitor was Giant Janitor and Dr. Kelso was the evil Lord Oslek, with a devil's outfit to match. Even Ted the lawyer had a fairy tale character counterpart in Toadie, Lord Oslek's servant.

This show has seen its last episode on NBC. Zach Braff has confirmed they're shooting Season 8 already, but this will be aired on ABC this fall.

Here's the final two minutes of the season finale:

10 May 2008


Make sure to check this blog or any of my other TV blogs (above) this week. It's the upfronts! This is the week when broadcast networks make announcements and confirmations of programs airing in the coming Fall Season....for the benefit of advertisers really, more than anything.

The schedule:
  • Day 1, May 12 - NBC Announcements
  • Day 2, May 13 - ABC Announcements (AM), The CW Announcements (PM)
  • Day 3, May 14 - CBS Announcements
  • Day 4, May 15 - FOX Announcements
* USA time.

What show is staying? What show is moving? What show is not coming back? And what new shows are we expected to tune to by September?

We'll know it this coming week.

Wheee for TV.

Although, this is a downer. I pray to the TV gods an Actors Strike doesn't happen!

09 May 2008


I don't talk enough about TV, don't I? :P I'm blogging about it over here, too and just started today.

American Idol Top 4 - Jason Castro

You know who Jason reminds me of?

But I don't mean that as an insult. I think Goofy is adorable....ergo...

I'll keep this short and simple (swamped, ugh!) --- Top 4 spot ain't so bad. And he's not exactly without talent. The laid-back attitude is refreshing to see (given my state right now, really). It's his kind of music I'd bring to the beach or when I'm de-stressing on a lazy afternoon.

In fact, I need to go be Jason myself.... and kick back and relax. Now let me find myself some of his songs to play in the background while I work...

Boot order predictions:
12 to 7 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)
- BOOT: MARCH 26th
Kristy Lee - BOOT: APRIL 168th
- BOOT: MARCH 18th
Jason. - BOOT: May 7th

6 to 1 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)
Carly S. - BOOT: April 23rd
David H. - BOOT: MARCH 12th
Brooke. - BOOT: MAY 1st
Michael - BOOT: APRIL 10th
David C.
David A.

08 May 2008

My dear Watson! A House Spin-Off?!

Can they get Damian Lewis for this?

Ausiello says:
Fox, in collaboration with producer NBC Universal, is quietly developing a House spin-off for next season. As I understand it, producers are introducing a new male character for a multi-episode arc and, assuming the actor they find really pops in the role, he may be spun off into his own show. But there's a twist, and it's a big one: Per multiple sources, this newbie is not a doctor, but rather a private investigator!

House, M.D. - Season Three

Addison finds love in Season 2 of Private Practice

David Sutcliffe is best known for his role as Rory's daddy on Gilmore Girls (never saw this show completely, I know I should...one day I will!). But Private Practice viewers should recall he also appeared on the Grey's Anatomy spin-off as guest.

He tried to date Addie and nothing happened. But he will be back to woo Addie in Private Practice Season 2.

11 episode guest stint, The Hollywood Reporter says:

David Sutcliffe will return to ABC's "Private Practice." Sutcliffe, who guest starred on the medical drama in the fall, will appear in 11 episodes next season, reprising his role as Officer Kevin Nelson, a new love interest for Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh). He is repped by WMA and Robert Stein Management.
I remember David Sutcliffe on Friends. He dated Phoebe, while his ex-wife dated Ross.

I also remember him in this old series from 2003 called I'm With Her. It had that Notting Hill vibe to it and was based on Brooke Shield's life (ordinary guy meets a superstar). Too bad it only ran for one season.

Now, this is something to look forward to on Private Practice. Wasn't so excited then. I am now. Addie finds a new love!

Another look at the Greeks

Greek - Chapter One

I don't think I've talked about Greek all that much, do I? It's this series about sorority and fraternity life on ABC Family. It's one of my guilty pleasures because at almost 35, I'm not supposed to be proud of the fact that I watch a teen series; my friends would look at me funny. (Although, look at me --- I enjoy Grey's Anatomy and the characters there act as pubescent as they come!)

But that's just it --- Greek is nothing like a typical teen show to me. I expected characters to be superficial, me-centric and overly dramatic. And well, they are. But that's what makes the show so...cute. Their flaws are exposed. Kids don't pretend to be righteous adults here. Although one character does (Dale) and he's supposed to be annoying. The actor plays him perfectly!

Learn more about this series via this video:

07 May 2008

A stressful Wednesday and yesterday's comedies...

Heyi-ho! I hate to open this entry with a rant, but here I go... I don't think I've ever said this but I hate Wednesdays. Oh, wait...maybe I did. The way I rant and complain about the littlest things? I probably did already say I hate Wednesdays.

I work tons of jobs, plus I work at home, without a maid. So I keep two hats on. Sometimes three, sometimes four.

The most important of my work is this fambiz (family business) I have to oversee one-two days a week. And Wednesdays happen to be the most important day for it --- paperwork, phone calls, follow-ups, yadda yadda. All on Wednesdays.

Which means, I would have little time to do other things. Like my other jobs or like watching my shows.

It's a good thing I've only got American Idol to tune to on a Wednesday. Imagine if this were a regular TV season.

Today has been especially stressful and I won't have to bore you with the details but let's just say I hope it's Thursday already. Or Friday. Or the weekend. I just hate Wednesdays!

Anyway, yesterday was Comedy Monday (Tuesday, really.... since we're a day ahead than the States). I tuned to Two and A Half Men out of curiosity. They did a CSI Crossover. I'm not a regular viewer of the show. No need to wonder why ---- it sucks! And I'm gonna watch CSI this week (when I don't really follow this show that well anymore) just to satisfy my curiosity.

The Big Bang Theory this week featured Sheldon's gorgeous fraternal Twin Sister. Who would've thought they'd come from the same egg? And the boys treated her like a goddess, they made a fool of themselves.

Samantha Who? was a riot. She rounded up her gal pals and stalked her mom, who she suspected was having an affair, which wasn't the case. On the other hand, Sam is actually having an affair with her ex-boyfriend. Ooooh. Bad, Sammy!

Sarah Chalke was back on How I Met Your Mother. She really has grown as an actress over the years, (I'm currently re-watching her other show, Scrubs Season 2, as well). Her comedic timing is flawless. Barney, meanwhile, is looking for a new wingman since he and Ted had a falling out. His new wingman is that guy from SNL and he's brilliant. Watch:

House abducted his favorite daytime soap opera star upon suspicion he's sick and probably dying. House of course is right and they save his life. I love the fact that House is so addicted to his TV shows. Just like me.

So, okay...that's it for now.

It's still a Wednesday, the day's not done. I've still got work to finish. Ugh.

Oh, wait --- if you're on Multiply, please add me up.

06 May 2008

Lady Luck was out to lunch

I did not realize there's comedy gold on a game show like the Price Is Right!

The first try was her mistake. The second was the host's fault, which makes it even funnier.

That day, luck was not with her. Twice.

05 May 2008

Brothers and Sisters S2 E15 Moral Hazard

I know squat about money matters, especially the one that besiege the Walker clan. So that part of the drama in tonight's episode or Brothers and Sisters whizzed by me. I did not understand nor am I planning to understand how the company suddenly owes the bank money and how callous Tommy or Holly can get, or if they are indeed that, or if they're only good business people. Which is why, I can never be a good business woman.

But I am a devoted mother and a dutiful daughter who, in my youth, made a big mistake and caused big disappointments for both me and my mom. She was disappointed at me as I was at her. That was the point I realized --- we are equally grown-ups now, with grown-up problems.

I also said things to her which I regretted saying. And that's why I relate to this (video clip below). Unlike the storyline, I'm not adopted nor anyone's bastard child (that I know haha). I just relate to the mother-daughter conflict. :) This one's an early Mother's Day remembrance, for every kind of mother there is ---

Everyone I know watching Brothers and Sisters regularly would want to be adopted into this family. Is it sad we want to be part of this family's dysfunction or is it human nature?

Elsewhere on Brothers and Sisters ---
  • Saul comes out of the closet.
  • Kevin proposes to his boyfriend Scott for real.
  • Justin confesses to his brother, Kevin, that he has romantic feelings for his half-sister, Rebecca.
  • Kevin freaks and shrieks. He's so cute.
  • Then Rebecca confesses to Justin she isn't really their sister.
  • Justin gets angry.
  • There was little of Kitty and Robert tonight. She's ovulating, they try to make a baby. She's "marinating" for 30 minutes --- which means doing this below for the egg and sperm to fertilize:

That's a nice image, Calista.

03 May 2008

One Crazy TV Summer

Summer TV season is almost here. Don't know what to watch? Follow this guide !

02 May 2008

Recaps: Lost S4 E 10 & The Office S4 E12

Click on the links to follow my recaps in the other blogs I write for:

I did NOT enjoy last night's Lost
Hmph!!! Where was Ben? Time-traveling?

And I saw a different side to Michael Scott for once.
He's still pathetic, but there's a little hint of growth and maturity there.