17 April 2006

Four Minus One Equals A Sad Season Ender

Shane, you coward.

For some strange reason, watching The Shield's 5th season made me uncomfortable. I guess it's the mood. Everyone felt dirty or was doing something dirty and watching it felt likeI was a witness to it and it was something I didn't wanna be part of. In fact, I didn't like the way the story was going. I couldn't stand it (and yet I was able to finish watching it ha-ha!). I felt the story was getting weak.

But for all it's worth, it's the only season where I got so deeply affected by the outcome --- the loss of someone vital to the story, that I could only stare at the monitor when the credits ended.

Utter shock.

Shane, you're a bastard. How could you?

Anyway, I thought I could come up with another primer, like what I've done for Grey's Anatomy. The Shield is an underrated show and deserves to be highlighted. But it is already five seasons long, so I'll try and blog a short reference to probably one of the best cop shows to hit TV in the 2000s.

The Shield's future isn't certain. Reports say that Shawn Ryan, the show's creator, might not continue with another season after the last. (Season 5 is cut into two parts. The first half ended March 2006, the second part will be aired in 2007).

Anyway, here is a short, short primer:

What is it about?

It is a cop show that portrays cops, not as heroes, but as corrupted law-breaking law enforcers.

What's it like?

It is packed with action. Too much action at times. But what makes it interesting is the characters are very much "human" or they clearly portray human weaknesses. Bad things happen to bad people, as they say. With or without a badge.

Why would I watch it?

  • Because it is intense.
  • Because the dialogues are very smart
  • Because it has a very compelling story

    Who are the primary characters?

    The Strike Team
    They use force and violent means to extort information or a confession from the bad guys, so that peace is maintained in the streets. Their forte: gang-busting, robbery and drug control.

    They are a tight knit group, with four members. Any attempt to include a fifth man is usually foiled. Why? Because the fifth man is the outsider. He must not witness the fact that the Strike Team is not your garden variety type of hero-cops. They go deep...underground. They launder money for their own agenda. Whichever gang can protect their interest the best, they give protection against authorities.

    They get dirty to play dirty.

    They are probably your worst kinds of criminals.

    Detective Vic Mackey is the head of the Strike Team. He is married (divorced in Season 2) and has three kids. Two of his kids are autistic and have to go to a special school, which can cost quite a lot. On a cop's salary, he won't be able to afford the fees. So he uses a lot of his kickback for his kids' tuition. Vic is also romantically involved with one woman cop, Danni, who in the last season, bore a son but didn't say who the father is.

    Detective Shane Vendrell is the right hand man. He and Vic are tight. In Season three, we see a weaker side of Shane. The dark side is much more stronger in his case. The Money Train Heist which was the highlight of this season, caused his friendship with the other members of the Strike Team to disintegrate in the following season. Shane is married to Mara, who is a real estate agent. Shane's darker side comes into play again for this last season. He did something that even the leader, Vic, is not aware of.

    Detective Ronnie Gardocki is the third member. He's their tech guy. Ronnie has very little participation but is an important part of the team, still. He does gadgets and logistics.

    Detective Curtis "Lem" Lemansky, the last man on the team is the one with the conscience. Back in the Money Train heist, Lem decided everything they went through was not worth it (as it was about to be foiled by their superiors), he burned all of the money they took from that heist (millions!). In season 5, Lem was busted and sent to jail for another crime he committed in Season 4 (he took a pack of drugs from evidence, this upon instruction of Vic).

    For more of The Shield check Wikipedia for tons of information from Season 1-5

    The Shield
    Season 5 Episode 11 - Post Partum
    Original airdate: March 21, 2006
    Network: F/X
  • 13 April 2006

    Big Brother USA All Stars

    One of the shows I look forward to in July - BB USA. This year, they are doing the first ever ALL STARS Big Brother, of any other franchise. That means, housemates from past seasons get to come back inside the house and compete for $500,000. For Big Brother USA All Stars, the audience gets to vote for which former housemate from season's 1 to 6 gets to comeback. However, only 20 Housemates supposedly signed up for this. Of the 20, only 12 or 14 get to go back inside the house, based on votes. The list should be out in a couple of weeks.

    If I get to vote, I would like to put back....let's see...I've forgotten the other HMs but I will give this a try:

    Danielle - Season 3 - conniving mother bitch who did it all under the table, no one actually saw it until the final days
    Josh - Season 3 - messed up the votation and veto process. I like that he got away a lot. If cats had nine lives, then Josh is a Tom Cat.
    Marcellas - Season 3 - because someone opinionated can cause a lot of friction.
    Allison - Season 4 - because she's also a conniving bitch. Can you tell where my list is going? Also, because she might strip again and for my sake, maybe my husband will let me keep the episodes that pile up on the PC as long as I have something to offer. The boobies are the incentives. Wehehe!
    Will - Season 5 - because him + Marcellas = probable friction!
    Jase & Holly - Season 5 - because they both got personalities very interesting for TV. One's dumb, the other's a dumb blonde. And together they are dumb and dumber.
    Kaysar - Season 6 - someone smart has got to be on the cast.

    BB USA All Stars airs July 9, 2006.

    I hope the wait is worth it.


    Edit: On another Big Brother note, BB UK Celebrity edition just ended a couple of weeks ago. Who won? A Non-Celebrity! Well, she passed the test... and passed it very well!

    [Read My Previous Celeb BB Entry]
    [Read News on Chantelle's win]

    Big Brother USA
    Season 7 All Stars
    Network: CBS

    Celebrity Big Brother
    Season 4
    Network: Channel 4 UK

    12 April 2006

    American Idol Top 8 Thoughts

    This week, they featured the music of Queen. I have no score card, yet again. I could not multi-task today. My time was spent listening to the TV and looking at something else. But I did get to glance at them once in a while. Although, I shouldn't have glanced while Kellie sang. Creepers! I was already not liking the way she sang, she was too...gnarly? When I got a good look at her, whoa....freaked me out. Anyhow, in fairness to her she wasn't as bad as I would've expected. I've heard chicks singing Bohemian Rhapsody and maybe if she didn't gnarl or grrrr so much, I would like her rendition. And you can tell from tonight's performance, she is such a go-getter and is very determined to win this one.

    In tonight's performance, I actually enjoyed Taylor's the best. Never mind if the song he sang had several versions including something by Alvin and The Chipmunks (maybe that's why I enjoyed it... I love them!), I enjoyed watching him move on stage. Never mind too if he failed to kick the mic stand on first try, that was part of his charm to me.

    Elliot had the best vocals, no doubt about it. But I wasn't touched by his delivery. The song he chose, Somebody To Love, should be a song about longing and pain and while Elliot did well vocally, there was no heart to his number.

    Chris was a disappointment. Because this would've been his time to shine the way rockstars should. I did not enjoy what I saw on TV.

    As for the rest. I would mention them if I remembered what they've performed. But like I said, I was only glancing at the TV and the other three, Katharine, Paris and most especially, Bucky, didn't leave an impact.

    Queen week again was awful.

    The idols must really be getting physically tired from all these.

    09 April 2006

    Heist - Gone in 3 Episodes (No actually, 6)

    Just when I was starting to like this small-time TV version (read: somewhat contrived, pilit, corny and you won't be wow-ed when you sit watching it for the first time) of Ocean's Eleven, I read over the weekend that Heist is already cancelled. This, after three airings. The show's creator, Mark Cullen (the other half being his brother, Bob), has confirmed the cancellation on this site. They are supposed to actually air 3 more before they're given the final shove. So, Heist becomes one of the casualties of new shows that premiered mid-season 2006. In fact, I think it's the only casualty... so far (ya never know!).

    Anyway, I was supposed to watch this show sometime after all the episodes have aired (supposedly in June, I think) so I could watch them in one sitting. But because of this news, curiousity got the better of me, and I decided to check the first three episodes out. I'm curious to find out how bad this show was, for the network to call its cancellation this early.

    But I later found out it wasn't so bad. It wasn't great either. But there are worst shows out there that still air season after season, no matter how much badly you want it gone on TV.

    I thought that Heist had a fighting chance. But then again, my thoughts don't matter, it's not gonna help bring the show back.

    There are indications that it would not last. But there are no indications it would be this short-lived.

    As I've said earlier, the premise is a lot like Ocean's Eleven. Except that the lead actor (the leader of the team) doesn't have the charisma of George Clooney. And the second in command isn't as gorgeous as Brad Pitt. Also, the show doesn't have a lot of grit to it, it's really like a poor man's version of Ocean's 11 (if there was ever any!).

    It also didn't help that it was up against Lost or that another TV show with the same theme (Thief on FX - currently queued for my viewing pleasure later) divided the choice it offered viewers.

    Heist does, however, have a potentially good script. A few little tweaks here and there and they should have had enough to go by, something that what I thought could go a full season (but obviously it didn't).

    Here is a scene from the first episode. Their first "heist" as a team.

    Backstory: They needed funding for a bigger heist (they intend to rob Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills, of all its jewels). To do that, they had to go small time first and rob banks for cash. But while they were planning it, an Amerinian mob hit their bank of choice first and intended to hit other banks as well. So, the team planned to foil that, screw the mob and then screw the police in the process --- winner take all, so to speak.

    Synopsis from TV.Com

    Professional thief, Mickey O’Neil decides to create an expert team of career criminals to attempt one of the biggest heists in history. Their goal is to rob three of the most renowned jewelry stores on Beverly Hills’ famed Rodeo Drive during Academy Awards week, at the same time.

    In the meantime, Amy Sykes, who is the lead detective for LAPD’s Robbery/Homicide division, leads the task force that has to investigate a series of thefts pulled off by this new crew. Under incredible pressure from her superiors, she has to figure out not only who is behind the crimes but also what their motives are and what big job this could all be leading up to.

    Unfortunately, for Sykes and her bosses, she ends up falling for mastermind O'Neil.

    Season 1
    Original Airing: March 22, 2006 (for cancellation after 6 episodes)
    Network: NBC

    07 April 2006

    The "Unwatchables"

    An old friend asked me once if there were TV shows I do not get to watch. She must've pictured me glued to the idiot box all day long because I have admittedly been babbling TV to her all the time, she must've gone deaf (sorry na nga! ) or she may have thought of me as an idiot detached from reality (I relate everything to TV, it's sickening once you get to know me better).

    I do get to turn the tube off, at least four or five hours in a day (coz sometimes I just turn it on for the "ambience"). And I don't get to watch everything. I say this with deep regret because I want to be able to watch everything! Too much TV is not enough. If I a genie granted me three wishes I'd wish for a big TV, lots of time on my hands and all the shows I can watch! --- I envy a few people I've come across who can spend a lot on original TV-DVD boxsets, and still eat three times a day.

    Anyway, going back ... to answer the question, "Is there anything I do not watch?"

    I would have to say --- just about the same amount of those that I do watch and maybe even more...of course even more. (Ano ako robot, zombie? I need to sleep and eat and socialize too...although, okay, not when my favorite shows are on!)

    And here are just some of those I do not/did not/never did/have stopped watch(ing):

    1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Series (Seasons 1-7)Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar) - I could never understand why there is a niche for this TV show. I tried watching once but I could not get pass the high school setting. People have been telling me the script and the dialogues are witty (an element I look for in a TV show) but I just couldn't finish the first season. So, while every cool person I know (cool, at least in my world, the TV geek's [kuno] world hehe) was into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I wasn't. And when they begin talking Buffy and I could not relate, at times I felt like the high school outcast no one wanted to be friends with. For the record: I did love Joss Whedon's (Buffy creator) Firefly (so very much!).

    2. Smallville - The Complete First Four SeasonsSmallville (Tom Welling and that pretty girl that was once on everyone's avatar in some forum I often visited before)- Okay, once again the high school setting turned me off... Slthough I would have to say, I wasn't turned off by Veronica Mars' high school environment and yes, they tell me VM is like Buffy... in fact VM is the new Buffy (Why I can sit through VM and not BVS, I don't know... but they're supposedly a lot of similarities, as I'm told). Anyway, Smallville was a show my 37-40 year old friends loved to watch. They do tune to it like crazed teenagers. I once again got to watch the first few episodes at the time it premiered but it just didn't stick with me. So come four or five seasons (?) after, I still do not have any idea what the show is about, except I know that Tom Welling is Superman and that's just about it.

    3. Survivor All-Stars - The Complete SeasonSurvivor (Jeff Probst) - I've religiously watched this one like it was my faith. No one could disturb me during live feeds and I would get all pissed when they do. It was the very first reality show I got myself addicted to. Survivor led me to discover a TV niche on the internet. There were all sorts of TV addicts out there and I was part of the Survivor group (that gradually grew to other groups). Until after the All Stars show (Season 8), and then I just got tired. Today, my TV group is still there, in fact, they've grown in number. And I, I just got tired.

    4. Desperate Housewives - The Complete First SeasonDesperate Housewives - I just got tired of it, too. After one season. It just got..... tiring. It's even too tiring to write my reasons why. As much as I love Felicity Huffman, her presence is not enough to keep me interested with DH long enough to see how Season 2 ends. I quit midway.

    5. One Tree Hill - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2The O.C. - The Complete First Two SeasonsThe OC and One Tree Hill - I've never gotten the chance to take so much as a 5 minute peek at these shows. Even as I'm told The OC's okay, as it is the 90210 of this decade (90210 --- I did watch a lot of back then). You can throw in Dawson's Creek here, too. These are the types of show I pass on.

    So, there... just some of my unwatchables. Lovingly dedicated to you who asked if I put down my remote at all.

    One of these days I'll come up with a list of TV shows in another category: Those that I would like to watch but never got around to doing it.

    06 April 2006

    No Score Card - American Idol Top 9 Thoughts Only

    Hookey... I've purposely tried to omit putting my score card up for AI Country week. I had one but the scores rounded up average, I didn't feel like putting it up. Felt like a teacher putting grades for students who didn't do too well, I was disappointed at them. For the record, most of them got 7s in my book this week. And I was being considerate at that.

    I do not like country (is James Taylor country? Because I love him...He is? Okay then, so I love a little country!) But the whole country, cowboy, horsies, boots and stuff isn't my....uh, "element". I just don't like it. I cannot even be convinced to watch movies like Wyatt Earp nor Tombstone nor Brokeback Mountain, nor HBOs' Deadwood, no matter how much someone convinces me.

    Hence, I didn't like last night's American Idol show. In fact, I felt like skipping a top 9 blog for this week. But here it is, and here I am.

    Paris was going for Blues-y not country, and she failed... really bad. Bucky and Kellie were probably good, but I wouldn't know, I am not on their love train, err, wagon (to go with the country theme, I'm gonna say -- wagon). Katharine was in heat, she's oozing sex, I hate it. Ace is just average, except that he looks so good on stage. (You know what would be good though, if Katharine gets all naked on stage, and Ace stands there just staring at her. They do that for the whole hour the show is on and whoever folds first wins American Idol --- Idoooool!)

    But I did, however, like Taylor. Bloody Simon could not appreciate it when to me (am trying to sound like Simon when I say that mwehe), that was a joyful number! My boy Elliot had the best vocals, as usual. But he wasn't in his "element." So out was he on this "element" everyone's been saying, that he again looked terrified on stage. Chris was enthralling. He could sing crap and well, I would sit up and listen if he delivered it the way he did last night. I was mesmerized by his rendition.

    And finally, country was the end for a strong contender like Mandisa. It just wasn't right for her, so it was time to go. Yup, La Toya London Part Deux or Trois or Quatre (coz it seems there was always someone going La Toya's way every season after her!)... Okay that blouse Mandisa wore last night didn't do anything for her either. Didn't they say if you're big, don't wear vertical stripes? And they hire stylists for this show?

    Anyway...so much for my intent to skip this week's American Idol blog. I had to much to say for something I wasn't so thrilled about!


    American Idol
    Season 5 - Country Week
    Original Airing: April 5, 2006
    Network: Fox

    02 April 2006

    A Grey's Anatomy Primer

    Grey's Anatomy airs on Star World beginning April 5, Wednesday at 9 PM (After American Idol). Air time is one hour. Studio 23 should also air this at a later April date. Here's a primer I've prepared, for those wondering what this show is about:

    What is it about?

    - Five interns from the surgical ward of Seattle Grace Hospital.

    What's it like?

    - Comedy mixed with drama

    How many episodes so far?

    Season 1 - 9 episodes (Original DVD already out, 2 disc)
    Season 2 - 20+ epsiodes and still running

    Why would I watch it?

    - Good storyline
    - Excellent character development
    - Excellent script/dialogues

    Who are the characters?

    The Interns

    Meredith Gray
    - Played by: Ellen Pompeo
    Triva - Ellen Pompeo appears on Friends Season 10, as Missy, the college girl college-Chandler and college-Ross had a crush on. She appears on Friends in the episode where Ross and Chan went to their college Reunion.

  • Meredith narrates the show.
  • Her mom is a famous surgeon but is battling Alzheimer's disease
  • Meredith wants to be a great surgeon, without the influences of her mother's credentials.
  • Very introspective, over-achiever, girl next door type
  • In later episodes, she will not comb her hair

    George O Malley

    - Played by T.R. Knight

  • Adorable, smart but has zero confidence, a bit of a push-over. Even girls tend to boss him around
  • Comes from a family where he is the odd-man out. He's the only one who graduated college and isn't holding a blue collar job. All his brothers are rough Irish-Americans
  • Nurses a huge crush on Grey
  • Once had a girlfriend in Season 1, and for the purpose of not spoiling it, I will not tell what happened...it was quite an interesting story

    Izzy Stevens
    - Played by Katherine Heig
    Trivia: She was the daughter in the movie, "My Father, The Hero"

  • Izzie grew up in a trailer park town and worked as an underwear model so she can become a surgeon
  • People at the hospital think she's only pretty and hot but she has proven herself to be very capable and one surgeon (Dr. Addison Shepherd) in fact wants to train her to specialize in one field
  • Very domesticated, very sensitive, very nice to patients...so involved even that it affects her work
  • Has a big revelation in Season 2, which explains a lot about her character (won't spoil it)

    Alex Karev
    - Played by Justine chambers
    Trivia: He was the Italian groom in The Wedding Planner

  • Arrogant and overconfident, Alex is a ladies' man.
  • He also has to struggle to prove he is a capable surgeon (read: He has not passed the boards or something...an MD test)
  • interesting storyline between him and Izzie develops in mid-season 2, which will show that behind Alex's cool exterior is someone with a good heart

    Cristina Yang
    - Played by Golden Globe Winner for her role as Cristina Yang, Sandra Oh
    Trivia: You might recall her as the principal in The Princess Diaries but more than that, Sandra Oh proved she can act in the Oscar Nominated movie, Sideways.

  • Cristina is a Very competitive, very determined, cut-throat, no-nonsense, intelligent surgical intern. That is why she has the potential to be the best.
  • She is also very guarded, that is why her social/romantic relationships don't progress normally.

    The Attending and Residents

    Miranda Bailey
    - Played by Chandra Wilson

  • AKA The Nazi
  • The Nazi is the immediate boss of the five interns
  • Hard-ass, tough and no one really knows about her personal life (one surgeon was quite surprised in later episodes that she was married)
  • Even the chief of surgery bows down to her toughness.

    Derek Shepherd
    - Played by 80's hearthrob Patrick Dempsey

  • AKA McDreamy
  • Neusurgeon, everything brain related, he's the best
  • Grey's love interest
  • Friends with the chief of Surgery, that is why he was brought to Seattle Grace
  • The Nazi works under him

    Preston Burke
    - Played by Isaiah Washington
    Trivia: Appeared on dozens of films, sometimes a bad guy (Romeo Must Die with Aliyah and Jet Li) and sometimes a good guy (that Clint Eastwood film, True something....)

  • The surgeon with the golden hands
  • Goes by the book
  • Like a typical surgeon, he is methodical, neat and orderly....kinda OC.
  • Feels McDreamy is a threat to his career (both are candidates for Chief Of Surgery)
  • Cristina's love interest
  • The Nazi works under him

    Dr. Richard Webber
    - played by legendary James Pickens Jr.

  • The Chief of Surgery, the boss of all surgeons
  • A contemporary of Grey's mom
  • Season 2 develops a back story that Grey's mom and the chief had an adulterous affair back when they were younger

    Addison Shepherd
    - played by Kate Walsh

  • best neonatal surgeon in New York (for babies and pregnant women)
  • Was asked by the Chief to visit Seattle Grace for a consult, only to stay awhile longer in Season 2 (in truth, her character was just a guest appearance but people apparently loved the love triangle angle, they let her stay a full season)
  • Also intends to get her husband back (they are not divorced yet, just separated...whose fault? It will be revelead in Season 2 episodes but if you've seen Bridget Jones Diary, it's pretty much the same plot....)
  • Good friends with the chief, just like her husband, Derek
  • First appears on the last episode of Season 1, to a surprised Meredith Grey when she introduced herself as Grey's boyfriend's wife.
  • She wears Salmon Scrubs and looks very good in it!

    The Love Stories...

    Grey's Anatomy opens with our two leads, Derek and Meredith, waking up in Meredith's house. They only met at the bar the night before and didn't even know each others name. Later on, Meredith comes to the hospital, her first day at work, meets the other interns and then meets her boss' boss....Derek. And this becomes a step-yes, step-no love affair (affairs between interns and senior surgeons are frowned upon, supposedly) that eventually develops into an almost serious relationship....until the wife appears at the end of Season 1.

    Meanwhile, Cristina also develops a relationship with the other surgeon, Dr. Burke. This was sparked, believe it or not, by a surgical situation where both saw that they needed each other's comfort...so they slept together! The relationship wasn't serious but something happened to Cristina (won't spoil it) which turned the relationship around in season 2. They are a complete opposite and they're both discovering something new about their relationship that should tell whether they're in this for the long haul or not.

    George, everyone's best friend, has had a crush on Grey since the first day. It never really panned out, because between McDreamy and George's non-attempt to profess her feelings for Grey, a lot has happened to Grey in both Seasons 1 and 2. George only made progress towards the end of Season 2....but even then, it never really got anywhere. Season 2 should end with the two friends/housemates (they live in Grey's mother's huge house --- Grey, Izzie & George) not speaking to each other.

    Izzie and Alex started off fighting like little kids in Season 1. Alex thinks Izzie is hot but belittles her as a surgeon. He thinks of her only as an object. Izzie hates Alex for thinking that way. They bicker and fight some of the time. Yet in Season 2, they realize that there's a strong physical attraction between them. But like George's and Meredith's love angle, this also took awhile to develop. But unlike George's and Meredith's love angle, Izzie's and Alex's seems to be heading the right direction.

    ...and other angles

    Of course, this being a hospital show, we got lots (lots! lots!) of hospital dramas and scenarios, among them are:

    The patient who swallowed doll heads...
    The mother who gives birth to 5 babies..
    The Asian women who had to be treated asap but her asian customs prohibited her from doing so...
    The man who surprised everyone because he was pregnant...
    The chief of surgery who underwent brain surgery in the hands of his staff...
    The drama involving George's solo flight (open heart surgery)...
    And course, the two part episode Code Black (a bomb scare inside the hospital) which should be the best episode for this show so far.

    Meredith Grey's story

    Being a surgical intern is, by itself, already tough. But being a surgical intern with a history between one of the attendings (Dr. Shepherd) is tougher. People talk behind her back. It also doesn't help that she has to train under her ex-boyfriend's wife's guidance (Addison), since she (the wife) became one of their bosses there, too. In addition to that, Grey has her sick mother (Alzheimer's) to contend with. Sometimes her mother isn't herself (Alzheimer's) and treats Meredith like a five year old. And the latest blow is, as season 2 ends ... she just learned her mom and the chief (the big boss) were ex-lovers.

    How do you combine work, love and life....when all the elements that bring trouble happen in just one place?
    Sounds like an interesting story?
    You bet. ;)
  • 01 April 2006

    Final Thoughts on PBB CE

    After two months inside the Big Brother House, celebrity housemates end their stay inside the house tonight. A grand celebration is to take place in Manila later. Unfortunately, PBBCE ends with little bang and hoopla, compared to when this show started less than six months ago with the first season. It just wasn't that interesting, at least from where I sit. And yet I still watch it on TV .... but I've stopped watching my live feeds, even as I am subscribed till the season ends

    Comparing this edition vs. the first one, here is what I have observed:

    PBB 1: brought out the best in ordinary people
    PBB Celeb: brought out the worst in celebrities

    PBB 1: They had more to gain
    PBB Celeb: They had a lot to lose because of a change in perception of image

    PBB 1: They didn't know the concept of this whole thing, but ended up learning plenty from it.
    PBB Celeb: They had various concepts of this whole thing and ended up challenging what they have learned.

    Anyway, I think this is how they will rank tonight

    4 - Bianca
    3 - Zanjoe
    2 - John
    1 - Keanna

    My Top Three Moments inside the PBB CE House:

    TOP 1 - Rustom's Outing -

    I am gay. Gusto kong malaman ng lahat na hindi ako masamang tao.
    Whether this was his plan from the very beginning (to use the show as his stage to out himself), it cannot be denied that this made Pinoy TV history. The timing was just perfect. Nothing will top that in a long while.

    TOP 2 - Last night's final episode, the final tests. After all attempts to defeat the ninjas and to whether the harsh conditions in the house, it was Kuya's last words to the housemates that made it all clear and the impact more meaningful than ever. Those were very beautiful words he said to Big 4.

    To Keanna he said:

    Alam ko na ikaw ay isang huwaran pero siguro'y kelangan mo na ring buksan ang puso na manalig at magtiwala.
    As an escort girl, Keanna has had many traumatic experiences in the past. She has been lied to and violated many times. These experiences made her stronger, true...but it also made her less trusting of people, and Big Brother was teaching her to trust again.

    To John he said:

    John, di habang buhay ay may mga nakakatandang gagabay sa iyo, may mga pagkakataon na ikaw lang ang magdedesiyunan, walang pagtatanungan kung ano ang paniniwalaan mo.
    John, the former child star and admittedly a mama's boy, has had someone taking care of him all his life. But the experiences he had in the house ought to teach him to be able to decide for himself and take responsibility for his future.

    To Bianca and Zanjoe he said:

    Zanjo may bago kang buhay na haharapin paglabas mo, sana kahit papaano ay tumibay ka sa pamamahay ko. You’ve always been quiet at nirerespeto ko yun. It’s a totally different world marami kang haharapin at kelangang harapin….. tibayan mo ang loob mo at manalig ka na mga taong tutulong sayo. People will question your friendship and you should be prepared for that. May mga masasaktan and in the end, what’s important is what’s right for you, Bianca
    Because this two have forged a relationship that is questionable in the eyes of other people (Bianca has a boyfriend), once they get out, it is expected that the press will be hounding them to get the scoop. And it could get ugly, for sure. Big Brother sort of prepared them for what they should experience once they get out of the house.

    TOP 3 - Keanna's outburst - When she said "KFC ka kasi!" to Mich, when she meant KSP (Kulang sa Pansin). The Keanna had a major outburts; it was tough to be fighting with her at that time, but when she said KFC instead of KSP, that broke the tension. Spontaneously funny!


    The next Big Brother installment comes sometime April (?) and this time it's Teens who shall occupy the house for the summer. I think I will have to pass the live feeds for this, and if I don't catch the episodes on TV, I will not lose sleep over it. Teen angst --- I can't relate to this anymore. So I'll leave it to the 16, 17, 18 & 19 years old to analyze and draw their own lessons and conclusions.

    Till the next real edition!