03 October 2008

Private Practice S2 E1 A Family Thing

Finally, we've got the old Addison back. Or a glimpse of it. Last night's season premiere showed that side of her we've been missing --- that confident, take charge woman. And we get to see her in action in neonatal surgery again.

It's was a bit encouraging to see. Even the way she handled Tim, who was looking into the prospects of dating her, was how the Addison we know and love would've handled it. She wasn't this neurotic pre-pubescent 40 yeard old woman the writers made her out last season.

Prior to the premiere, it's been reported that this show will get rehabilitated. I see that... there have been little changes. All the other characters seemed to have dialed down a bit. I am hopeful, even when, that punch this show needs is still missing.

I just am really glad for the old Addison coming back.