26 October 2008

Survivor Philippines Week 6

The girl who slept a lot has been voted off this week. Nikki's boot was unanimous, her tribe mates have already determined this before Tribal Council.

What was her strategy going into the game? She didn't seem to have one except sit back, lie down and try to get along with everyone.

She wasn't the strongest, she wasn't the smartest, she wasn't a leader, she wasn't even funny or interesting. She didn't contribute to the team at all. And she complained of homesickness.

You can blame all that on editing, but she was obviously picked for eye-candy.

She should have been out a long time ago, but the girl got lucky and has cruised through. Why her team kept her before Gigit or even Patani, I wouldn't know. And that says a lot about how stupid Jarakay's strategy is as a team...so now that it's a merge next week, they will be picked off one by one by the majority --- the other tribe.