26 October 2008

You, my man, are so cool!

I got a kick out of this week's episode on Life.

Damien Lewis, you so rock my world! Wheee!

Other than seeing Michael Cudlitz on scene with his Band of Brothers co-star Damien Lewis again (memories, good Band of Brothers memories!!!), these photos below pumped me up. Heroic...and kinda cool, too.

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And that's how Charlie Cruise takes the bad guys out!

Also, this ---

Pencil stuck in the palm? Yoowza!

This kiss made me go "What?!" too, just like these two:

Dani and the new captain, really? Highly unlikely but...okay.

Don't forget, USA NBC viewers --- Life moves Wednesday nights from Fridays and switches with Lipstick Jungle beginning November 5th.

"These moves will play to the shows' mutual strengths and will help us to reinforce our lineup," said NBC co-chairs Ben Silverman and Marc Graboff.  "A Wednesday night with wall-to-wall satisfying mysteries and great dramas -- paced by the return of the original 'Law & Order' to its home on Wednesdays – will provide creative continuity that night.  Fridays will feature escapist drama with 'Lipstick Jungle' joining 'Crusoe.'  Additionally, this strategy for 'Momma's Boys' offers the show a more favorable launch platform."  --- NBC Press Release

Life will go head to head with Criminal Minds with this move. It's a competitive move and should do Life good if it's hoping to get a full season pick up in its sophomore year.