31 May 2006

The following took place...

I think in the whole of season 5, Jack Bauer's longest lines, his acting na acting moment, was during the final episode. In the previous hours, he would have little to say (and it was always the same line or context!). But what he had to say in the final scenes is probably the best moment for this season:

Note: MAJOR SPOILERS. You've been warned.

Astig, diba?

And that is why, for all it's impossibilities and incredible storyline, a scene like this makes me addicted to this show for the last five season.


Season 5 - Day 5: 6:00am-7:00am
Original Airing: May 22, 2006
Network: Fox

27 May 2006


Random Thoughts....

This scene is begging for:

1) an X-men appearance
2) Mulder & Scully

All this took place because Locke was too stubborn and all he can say was: "I was wrong...."

Me likey Henry NotHenry. He's vile but harmless looking. Just perfect.


What happens to Jin, Sun & Sayid, in a boat somewhere?
What happens to Desmond, Ecko & Locke, in the hatch and injured? Are they even alive?
What happens to Jack, Sawyer & Kate, now captured by The Others Theater Company? Where are they taking them?
What's that big foot doing there? And yeah, why only four toes?
Has Rousseau seen big foot in her 16 years in the island?
Has Rousseau seen Desmond's partner, who lies dead in an open space in the island?
So Michael and Walt --- written off the show?
Isn't Michael the biggest jerk than Sawyer?
So is all this just the result of the doomed love story between Penny and Desmond?
How much money does Penny have?
Why did Libby give her boat to a total stranger? Is she that crazy?


Had seen the episode twice. Hoping to find answers but who am I kidding? Second viewieng rendered useless. Void growing bigger.

It's not right to toy with viewer's mind!

Season 2 - Episode 24 Live Together, Die Alone
Original Airing: May 24, 2006
Network: ABC

21 May 2006

Close To Home


That one hits close to home.

And that is why I love, The Office...whether it's the USA adaptation or the original UK version. Tim/Dawn's (UK) or Jim/Pam's (USA, this video) story just hits close to home.

Okay, backstory...

Jim and Pam (or if you've been watching the UK version, it's Tim and Dawn, as seen in this picture to the left) are office buddies. They goof together a lot. They're each other's sidekick. When there's something hilarious going on in the office, trust that these two are behind it. They watch each other's back. Theirs is supposedly a platonic friendship. But, as Harry in When Harry Met Sally eloquently put it: men and women can never be "just friends".

Now the guy is hopelessly in love with the girl. But she happens to be engaged to someone who works in the basement (their office's warehouse). In the UK version, Tim only came to share his feelings for Dawn towards the end of the series (the finale). It is assumed that when that show closed, these fictional characters lived happily ever after --- together. In the USA version, and as seen in the video, Jim expressed his feelings at the close of Season 2. And so, there is still something to look forward to for Season 3. Will Pam break off her engagement? Will Jim fight for his love? Can't wait! Can't wait!

It's a classic story.

It's also realistic.

And, like I said, it hits close to home.


The Office (USA)
Season 2 Episode 22 - The Kiss
Original Airing: May 11, 2006
Network: NBC

13 May 2006

The Template

On one hand, I've got to say that it was better Chris Daughtry got voted off American Idol unexpectedly. One has to realize by now that Chris, the rockista dude, had he won....he would have to be molded into someone producers want to market into Pop (Oh, okay Pop-Rock). And that usually meant artists like him will have to compromise their type of music to fit into an Idol producer's template. More than that, Chris would have to tie himself down to a contract, which would somehow inhibit his growth as an artist.

So, I've got to believe that Chris was better off voted prematurely from the competition.

On the other hand, winning the title American Idol, gets one the "bragging rights". As one ex-idol judge once said --- some of these kids will leave Idol with possibly a recording contract or a music career tucked under their sleeves. Some may get luckier than others and win sweeter deals or get to stay in the business longer. But it is a fact: these kids will get all sorts of deals at some point in their music careers, otherwise not available, had they not been exposed to the competition. If you look at it this way, there really isn't any losing proposition; even when one gets to leave the competition earlier.

Yet, why is winning the "title" the ultimate goal? That ex-idol judge said it was simple --- it's a jumpstart, a fast track to one's career. A jumpstart, in this business...as every Tom, Dick, Harry, Kelly, Rueben, Fantasia and Carrie know --- does not come very often. Yes, an idol winner gets to jumpstart his/her career. A week after being voted the American Idol, the winner's single is released and sold to the public. Instant ROI.

Fortunately for Chris, he may soon get the break he needs, faster than you can say: "Mark Burnett's Rockstar!" Rumor has it that the band Fuel is interested in getting him as its lead singer. It may not be long before we see Chris with the band on MTV Awards or somewhere else. Besides, Chris the artist/rocker does seem to belong in a band than as a solo artist, right?

As for the fate of the other three --- Taylor, Elliot, Katharine, I would like to think that Elliot deserves the American Idol title more than anyone else. Among the contestants, Elliot's the one I saw improve before my eyes. The last few weeks, the once petrified-looking Elliot emerged with confidence, sang better and performed better. If I were the lone judge of this contest, I would have to say he would have already won this just by overcoming everything he once was. He may need a bit more work (say, compared to Katharine), but if I'm voting just for sheer determination and improvement, Elliot deserves it best.

But as things have it, I'm not the lone judge (I can't even vote!) and the closer this season comes to a close, the more I'm inclined to think that Katharine will emerge as the winner. Why her? Because she fits the mold. While she's not any better than Elliot and Taylor, Katharine is the template the producers have been pimping on our TV sets, whether we are aware of it or not. (May I be mistaken in what I've just written down. I still would like Elliot to win it no matter what).

As for Taylor....his is the same situation as Chris. Step into Taylor's shoes and think for a minute --- would you like to be boxed into the Idol template, or would you like to make your own music? As the force fueling Soul Patrol....what good is your "soul" if you've been compromised to follow the mold? Besides, Taylor need not have the Idol title to fast track his career. His career was already set in motion the minute he got on board Top 24. He's already won, I would like to believe so.

In two weeks, American Idol would have crowned their 5th winner. And there's no way of telling how this shall make or break someone else's career because the last four idols that came before Winner #5 (with the exception of Kelly, I should correct that) still have to prove something in the music biz, actually.

Sometimes, jumpstarts end up pretty raw and premature, too.

11 May 2006

Rounding up

Almost finished watching....
Grey's Anatomy Season 2
Scrubs Season 5
Prison Break Season 1
Lost Season 2
24 Season 5
The Amazing Race Season 9
American Idol Season 5

Will catch up on...
The Office Season 2
Veronica Mars Season 2
House Season 2
Thief Season 1
My Name is Earl Season 1
Sopranos Season 6
The Unit Season 1
Numb3rs Season 2

Will probably find time to watch...
How I Met Your Mother
Everybody Hates Chris

All done watching...
Commander in Chief Season 1 (shelved)
Heist Season 1 (cancelled)
Joey Season 2 (poooof!)

Will & Grace
Arrested Development (been saying goodbye to you for so long!)
7th Heaven

Off Season (Summer) Must-Watch...
BB USA (What is summer without BB, eh?)
Australian Idol Season 4

10 May 2006

Her "Good Girl"...

There's a reason why this show, Grey's Anatomy, is so good....it's because of clever lines and dialogues delivered like this:

Also on this episode, Derek implied Meredith slept around with every guy she meets, prompting Meredith to retort, "You have no right to call me a whore!"

McDreamy finally puts an "end" to them now? For crying out loud...they both make me angry. Just get over it already! :P

Grey's Anatomy
Season 2 Episode 24 - Damage Case
Original Airing: May 7, 2006
Network: ABC

01 May 2006

Too Little TV?

...make that too little updates.

I've been tuning mostly to Crime/Suspense and JackTV cable shows the last couple of weeks. I just discovered a wonderful sitcom called, That's 70's Show there (Jack TV). I am 8 seasons too late. That 70's Show is taking its last bow this May... and I just recently found myself tuning to JackTV for its first season run (8:00PM and 12NN daily).

I am about to watch Grey's Anatomy, Lost, CoC and Scrubs episodes in a few. All these shows are wrapping up this season. But that doesn't mean there's going to be less TV for me because Summer Season premieres? --- just around the corner! Several new shows to look forward to (whoohooo!)for June-July-August run. And best of all, Big Brother USA and Australian Idol come back for Season 7 and 4 respectively! Wheeeeee!

Closing this entry with this one: something that rarely happens on PinoyTV but once it does, expectedly, it gets a lot of buzz. Just check how many hosted videos this guy had on Youtube and you'll know what I mean: