31 October 2008

TV Round Up - Presidents, Remakes, Guest Stars, New Shows

The best American Presidents on TV/Movies. David Palmer of 24 makes it on top of the list. Well, yeah...I'd vote him for President OF THE WORLD!

How this election is so much like The West Wing...a show I still haven't completely seen in full. Maybe before I die. Heh.

No More Ex-List. Aw. I was enjoying that one.

Prison Breakers robbed on the set by real criminals!

The Cleaner starring Benjamin Bratt gets a Season 2. I started watching this before but stopped for one reason or another. Maybe I'll go check it out again, huh?

What does Jennifer Esposito think of Andrea, her character on Samantha Who?

It's official. Melrose Place remake on for next year.

What's up with Brooke White?

30 Rock wants Jon Hamm of Mad Men for Liz.

Courtney Cox has a new sitcom! There's where she is best at --- making us laugh.

Love this woman guesting on Grey's Anatomy.