18 October 2008

This Week in TV Fashion [10.18.08]

I'm going to start doing this every week, if I can. I'm going to start compiling screenshots of how characters dressed on TV I'm watching for that week.

Because I am a woman and that's what we notice. We check out what's cute and we pick fashion inspirations from these celebrities or their characters.

Well, TV land is like a whole runway, a fashion spread of what's hot and what's in. And lately, I've been noticing this a lot. So this week...here are my picks for the best of fashion on television:


Molly Kegan (Debra Messing). Greek-goddess inspired. She wore matching gold slippers (thongs), too. Is gold back in season? Here she is with a different outfit on (jeans) but was in lotsa jewelry like this ring.


Holly always wears nice jewelry. I loved two of her earrings this week.


Salmon is really Sarah's color.


Bella is a fashion MISS. Her boobs are too big for her bikini top. Or she had on a size smaller than her cup. Miiiiss.