10 October 2008

Kath & Kim S1 E1 Pilot

I have little idea how the Australian original of Kath and Kim played out, except that I've read it was that kind of show which may equal to Curb Your Enthusiasm or a gazillion Michael Scott (The Office) scenes. In other words, it's a show filled with awkward situations.

There were barely any of that in the US version. Maybe they were trying something different?

Kath and Kim is about a mother-daughter relationship.

Kath, the mom, is a single parent who's enjoying her independence with her grown-up daughter now married. She's dating, she's taking care of herself, she's enjoying her single life. She's also trapped in the 80's fashion era.

Kim, the daughter, is a spoiled little brat. She moves back to her mom's place all because she didn't come fully prepared to do her wifely duties...like "microwave food once in a while". Kim moving back to her mom's place kinda ruins her mom's social life. It's like Kath's going to be responsible for someone behaving like a nine year old again.

And that, in a nutshell, is what this comedy is all about.

Not a big fan of Selma Blair. Scratch that. Am not a fan of Selma Blair at all. So I knew before having ever seen Kath and Kim that she would be this show's weakest link. If her role as Kim demands that she be annoying, then it is working. I can't imagine how anyone would want to stay married to her character, but her husband is still so stupidly in love with her.

The gem of the series is Molly Shannon. As Kath, the tacky suburban mom, she is perfect. Her years of experience being one of SNL's regulars in the 80's and the 90's show through. And it's a shame because from the get go, this show's already pegged as one that will be canceled early.

I'm not even sure I'm sticking around for the second episode. Selma Blair's Kim is just. really. annoying!!!