11 October 2008

TV Ratings 10.09.08

See that below? The king of American TV is back. 22 Million viewers for CSI? Wow. And new shows Eleventh Hour and Life on Mars, both airing at the same time, almost equaled their rating. Why can't that happen with Pushing Daisies and Knight Rider on Wednesdays? .... I ask the silliest questions?!

8.00 Block
Survivor CBS 13.31 M
Ugly Betty ABC 8.48 M
Kath & Kim [8.30] NBC 7.46 M
My Name Is Earl NBC 7.09 M
MLB Playoff Fox 6.80 M
MLB Playoff Pregame Fox 5.26 M
Smallville The CW 4.08 M

9.00 Block
CSI CBS 22.98 M
Grey’s Anatomy ABC 14.54 M
The Office NBC 9.00 M
MLB Playoff Fox 6.80 M
Saturday Night Live Special NBC 10.59 M
Supernatural The CW 3.14 M

10.00 Block
Life On Mars ABC 11.60 M
Eleventh Hour CBS 11.59 M
E.R. NBC 9.34 M