31 January 2013

Daily TV News: The Americans, Ratings Rant & More

THE AMERICANS debuts today. The period drama about KGB spies stars Keri Russell (Felicity) and Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters). I am stoked about this show and can't contain my excitement about watching it later. I've been waiting for Keri Russell to do TV again. The premiere is 1 1/2 hours long. Besides, a lot of reviews say The American is solid, worth watching. I haven't read anything bad about it. All praises! The show is aired on FX (cable).

My list of TV renewals and cancellations is updated. Lots of cable show renewals the other day.

Have you forgotten about the Sheriff in ONCE UPON A TIME? I almost did. But, look...he's returning! | via TV Guide.

Finally! I've been waiting for this for him! Meet THE BIG BANG THEORY's Raj's girlfriend! | via The Hollywood Reporter. I have been feeling so sorry for Raj. Coz in four seasons, he's the only one who...hasn't gotten laid. HAHAHA!

Renewed for their FINAL season next year: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER | via Entertainment Weekly. Wrap it up! Wrap it up! Wrap it up!

Coolness! Christoph Waltz is hosting SNL! | via NBC's Press Page. I think Christoph Waltz is one of the best actors there is.

Top 10 American Idol earners. Not surprised w/#1, she is best among all winners; deserves title in its truest sense | via Forbes.

Not into web-series all that much. But this web show is slowly gaining a strong following, I'm starting to get curious. Lizzie Bennet Diaries is apparently a modern-day adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. I'm all the more curious to see it!

Wasn't a shocker on New Girl last night but the scene? Wow! That kiss was something else! "It Finally Happened! What's Next for Nick and Jess?" | via TV Guide.

ENTOURAGE is going to get a movie treatment. I can't even finish S1. Is it that good? | via Yahoo TV.

"Vampire Diaries' spinoff may use regular flashbacks" I KNEW IT!!! Baaaah!!! Too many shows doing flashbacks. WTH?! | via Entertainment Weekly.


I've been having my piece about ratings on Twitter, especially the ones on The CW with shows like THE CARRIE DIARIES not gaining traction or EMILY OWENS MD being unceremonously cancelled when it's just starting to get better. And I'm also starting to grow concern over new faves like GO ON & THE MINDY PROJECT, whose prospects for renewal for S2 is slowly diminishing. You can follow my Twitter here.

TV is a business, I get that. And the ones who have to run the networks and make sure that losses are cut quicker before any more damage crops up, have to make the decisions that may not make a TV fan like me happy.

It sucks. But that's the way the business works, yeah?

But maybe James Van Der Beek had the right attitude about this when he said on Twitter that he was grateful their show was even given a chance to run. This he said after his show, DON'T TRUST THE BITCH IN APT 23, was taken off the air and had shut down production permanently.

So alright... looking at it that way, I am indeed appreciative we get to watch something fun, engrossing, entertaining and well-done. Even for just a season.

On to the next one then...

29 January 2013

Daily TV News: Downton Abbey, Girls, Girl Meets World & More

TV trend: The chase is done and there are happily married TV couples. "TV Moves Past Its 'Ross and Rachel' Phase" | via Slate.

Got time to spare? This site has a THOROUGH rundown on theories of who Mother really is. Worth a read! Bookmark it because it is so detailed. | via Corina Writes.

"'X Factor' Australia hopeful dies at auditions" | via Digital Spy. This happened during the producer's shortlist and not in front of the judges.

Why American TV is in love with Downton Abbey | via Standard. Also, "How Downton Abbey’s Surprise Death Stunned England" |  via Vulture.  Have you gotten the Downton Abbey bug yet?

"Amy Poehler & Adam Scott At Sundance: What It's Like To Join The 'A.C.O.D.' Stars At Their Party Table" | via Huffington Post.

This was written before last night's episode of Girls: "In Defense of Marnie, the Most Hated Girl on Girls" | via Slate. So last night on Girls? The relationship between Marnie and Hannah? Toxic. These two shouldn't be friends with each other anymore. And for such a really pretty and intelligent girl, Marnie has a self-perception problem. That's not unlike a lot of women I know, but I have a problem seeing Marnie that way because I can't disassociate her with the actress playing her (who is brilliant!).

"A Farewell Salute to Ben & Kate" | via NPR.

Could George Clooney be what The Good Wife needs to boost ratings? | via Huffington Post. I was in denial about this show dropping in ratings. But the latest episode has hit another low and that shouldn't be the case. The Good Wife is...well, good!

"Joss Whedon still wants 'Firefly' to return" WE ALL DO! | via Zap2it.

World, meet the girl who will play Cory and Topanga's daughter in the spinoff. She looks spunky. Love her face already! | via Entertainment Weekly.

Rowan Blancard, Girl Meets World

26 January 2013

Daily TV News: Parenthood, The Office, Game of Thrones & More!

"Why it's time to binge-watch Parenthood" | via Grantland. I got into Parenthood after binge-watching at the end of last year and now get why people are raving about it on Twitter. The only gripe I have about this show is how things quickly progress into a full-blown drama, when the issues that crop up are sometimes non-issues. (Me screaming on the TV: "Problema ba yun?!!!" Translated: Is that even a problem?) It's kinda stressful to watch and at the same time, it's catharsis. There were also two things they left out from the finale: 1) that Haddie's character wasn't acknowledge (she's off to college), and 2) we don't really know if Laura's aware that her teenage boy went through a serious choice with his girlfriend who got their baby aborted.

"It was love at first audition for Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski." | via People Magazine. This coupling is really a match made in heaven, professionally and on the small screen. But it broke my heart to watch The Office yesterday. Jim & Pam's fight got very real that I think most couples could relate to what happened. And those two actors were soooo good at it, I'm so grateful they made Jim & Pam so relatable.

From Kicking Television.

I ended up crying for a good 10 minutes after watching this episode of The Office. God, I love this show!!!

"'American Idol' Might Be Slapped With Massive Racism Lawsuit" | via Indiewire. Huh. This show has every kind of publicity ever hatched.

"Spartacus final season arrives tonight: Your guide to the new characters" | via HuffPost TV.  Really excited for this one! And yes I am watching this later today!

Not ready to binge on American Horror Story S2 yet but this article says it's a richer, better show than S1: "Seitz on the End of American Horror Story’s Second Season: From Campy to Compassionate" | via Vulture.

Feast on this: "Game of Thrones' Offers First Look at Season 3 With 23 New Images (Photos)" | via The Hollywood Reporter.

Ellis is returning on Smash! | via TV Line. Is the actor playing him ready for the another round of hate-calls on Twitter?

Secret Circle/Life Unexpected star has a new show | via TV Line. I think its time this actress plays more mature roles. To be typecasted as a high schooler doesn't seem to work. She's too sexy to be 16...that's what I think is the problem. Well, among other things.

Sarah Chalke Scrubs In on Grey's Anatomy | via TV Line. I am gonna be watching this episode! I love Sarah Chalke!

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25 January 2013

Daily TV News: Cancellations, The Office, Pilot Watch & More!


"ABC quietly pulled the next all-new episode of Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23" | via Sitcoms Online.

"Fox yanks Ben and Kate" saying it will air remaining episodes "sometime" | via Entertainment Weekly.

"TBS Cancels 'Wedding Band' After One Season" | via The Hollywood Reporter.

I wasn't able to do the Daily TV News list for a couple of days coz these cancellation news have upset me so. I really enjoyed these shows so much and to learn that they're not moving forward for another year is a huge bummer. 

It's been said that Apartment 23 wasn't the right fit for the network and would've gained better exposure on Fox or cable TV.

Ben & Kate wasn't really rating well and it's a pity because I'm really liking the Kate character a lot more than Jess from New Girl and the actress playing BJ always deliver.

I'm not really sure why Wedding Band was cancelled because ratings isn't a primary concern for cable TV. But I read something about TBS changing its programming and identity and like Apartment 23, the show doesn't fit with its new ideas.

The Office Updates

"Steve Carell Explains Decision Not To Return For The Office Series Finale"  | via Access Hollywood.

"Get ready to meet The Office documentary crew ... this week!" | via Huffington Post.

A lot of people think that when Steve Carrell left, the show was as good as done. I would really love to see him in the finale though. I feel that the show owes that to us, the viewers. But then again, this is just me feeling too entitled because I sat through this show through the good and bad. (Well, alright... I gave up watching the last few episode from last year!)

Pilot Season

What 2013 -2014 is shaping up to be like: "Pilot Season Trends: Thirty-Somethings, Dysfunction and Adaptations" | via The Hollywood Reporter.

"'S.H.I.E.L.D' photos: Get your first glimpse from the set of the Joss Whedon pilot" | via Zap2it.

So there's a show called "REVENGE", then there's "DECEPTION" and coming up: "BETRAYAL" | via TV Line.

Also coming up: SLEEPY HOLLOW, the TV series | via Entertainment Weekly.

Pilot news! That one always excites me coz  it's like anticipating New Year's! I haven't really gone over the list thoroughly but there have been some interesting concepts popping up my news feed that I'm so eager for the new season to start.


This show doesn't get on the news enough, but the ratings? "NCIS topped 25 million viewers for the first time ever" | via TV By The Numbers. I now personally know 2 of the 25 million people who follow this. Haha.

"TV Ratings: Fox's 'The Following' Gets a Strong Start" via The Hollywood Reporter. Yes, this was a promising start to what hopefully would be a really good series.. The show had this movie treatment. Did you watch?

Endings and Beginnings (or Returns, for that matter):

"The cast of PrivatePractice says farewell" |  via TV Guide.

“I’m hopeful that we'll get a Season 5” --- Parenthood showrunner Jason Katims | via TV Guide.

Mad Men Season 6 returns April 7th | via Entertainment Weekly.

23 January 2013

What Shows Are Renewed/Cancelled? The Complete List 2012-2013

Normally, I have this list up in May. But something odd is happening on television this season. Changes in programming are no longer easy to predict because TV bigwigs can decide either way. An underperforming or badly produced show could still be kept on air longer than expected, while promising shows that need more time to shine can unexpectedly be yanked.

This list will follow programming changes --- the renewals and cancellations --- for the rest of the 2012-2013 season. A lot of things can still happen, which is why I have this list up early to keep track!

Bear in mind that some of the shows slated for this season have yet to premiere. (There's a show called "Red Widow" beginning in March on ABC, d'you know that??) And there's the sweeps (during February & May on network TV) that's expected to help some shows boost their status.

Thus, this list is not final and will be updated regularly until the season closes in May.

Also, unlike previous lists, I have included cable shows this time, knowing a lot of viewers do follow cable TV programming. I'm not too confident this section is precise, nor will I aim to be precise since cable programming is different. (Where is that show "Bullet In The Face" airing?? There's a show like that??)

But as I see fit, corrections will be done to the entries coz...I'm quite obsessive about lists right now, and I'm gonna go through each of these shows when I have fewer workload, to check on their status.


(1st season shows)
666 Park Avenue
Animal Practice
Ben & Kate
Emily Owens, MD
Last Resort
Made in Jersey
Mob Doctor
Do No Harm
The Job
Zero Hour
1600 Penn
Up All Night
Guys With Kids
Go On
Golden Boy
Body of Proof
Happy Endings
Red Widow
The New Normal
Family Tools
How To Live With Your Parents
Malibu County

(2nd season & up)
Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23
CSI New York
Rules of Engagement

30 Rock
Gossip Girl
Private Practice
The Office

(for 2013-2014 Season)
America's Next Top Model
Big Bang Theory
The Voice
The X Factor
How I Met Your Mother
The Vampire Diaries
New Girl
The Mindy Project
Raising Hope
The Following
Chicago Fire
Law & Order: SVU
Beauty and the Beast
Hart of Dixie
Two and a Half Men
Parks and Recreation
Criminal Minds
Blue Bloods
Mike & Molly
Person of Interest
2 Broke Girls
The Good Wife
The Mentalist
The Middle
The Neighbors
Hawaii Five-0
Grey’s Anatomy
American Idol
Dancing with the Stars
Hell’s Kitchen
Last Man Standing
Modern Family
Once Upon a Time
Person of Interest
The Amazing Race
The Carrie Diaries

(Status unconfirmed as of press time)

Goodwin Games
Kitchen Nightmares
Save Me
The Cleveland Show
The Celebrity Apprentice
The Simpsons
The Bachelor


Being Human
Breakout Kings
Common Law
Fairly Legal
In Plain Sight
Jane by Design
Political Animals
Wedding Band
The Hour

Breaking Bad
Secret Life of the American Teenager
The Big C
The Closer
Burn Notice

American Horror Story
Anger Management
Baby Daddy
Bates Motel
Boardwalk Empire
Covert Affairs
Cougar Town
Drop Dead Diva
Eastbound & Down
Game of Thrones
Game, The
Glades, The
Hell On Wheels
House of Lies
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Lying Game, The
Mad Men
Magic City
Major Crimes
Melissa & Joey
Pretty Little Liars
Ripper Street
Rizzoli & Isles
Royal Pains
Sons Of Anarchy
Switched At Birth
The Killing
The Walking Dead
True Blood
Web Therapy
White Collar
The Borgias
The Americans
Army Wives
Nurse Jackie
Da Vinci's Demons

(Status unconfirmed as of press time, as shows will still air latest run)
Bullet in the Face
Client List, The
Curb Your Enthusiam
Doctor Who
Exes, The
Falling Skies
Franklin & Bash
Happily Divorced
Hot In Cleveland
League, The
Lost Girl
Men At Work
Necessary Roughness
Retired At 35
Single Ladies
Soul Man, The
South Park
Strike Back
Sullivan & Son
Teen Wolf
The Inbetweeners
Todd Margaret

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22 January 2013

Daily TV News: The Following, Vikings, Cult, Pilot season & More!

Correct Episode Order of "Don't Trust The Bitch on Apartment 23" | I posted this early today. Please spread the word. This is an injustice to the show and I am not exaggerating!

The Following premieres today. Promos have been relentless, leading me to go wary if this show will deliver. Early reviews? Not too good. I am gonna watch it in a few. Someone joked about The Following being a show about following people on social media sites.

Teaser watch: History Channel's very 1st scripted show, created by Michael Hirst.  The teaser doesn't reveal something concrete. But I'm counting on this shwo to blow me away! Will you be watching this?
VIKINGS will start on March 3.

"The Office cubemates reminisce. Cast gathers to recall favorite moments over show's nine seasons" | via Variety.

A Fringe retrospective from TV Critics | via Huffington Post. I'm still on my binge & learned last night who Peter really is. Mind. Blown. That Fringe ended right, giving proper closures to everything that went on, is the best thing showrunners can do for its viewers. *applause*

Missing Alaric on TVD? Check him out in the CULT, his new show on The CW. It also stars Prison Break's T-Bag. Whooooo.

What I got from this article from Deadline regarding shows coming next season:

  • 1) Robin Williams 2) On CBS 3) Doing a single-cam sitcom 4) Under David E. Kelley. Do you think this'll get a go next season? 
  • That Michael J. Fox comedy for NBC has been picked up. Sure deal next season. 
  • "Damages star Rose Byrne who has emerged as the hottest commodity this pilot casting season, attracting virtually every female lead offer."

"We'll Probably End Our Season Minus a Cast Member or Two" - The Walking Dead | via The Hollywood Reporter. Who do you think will die?

Correct Episode Order of "Don't Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23"

For several weeks now, ABC has been showing episodes of Don't Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23 in the wrong sequence and it has messed up what should follow in June's storyline. One episode she's working at the coffee house, then in the next episode she's working at a financial firm, before it's back to the coffee house all over again. Even James Van Der Beek's Dancing With The Stars "journey" on the show is totally out of order.

I've been trying to make sense of it for the last three or four episodes, yet it has taken me awhile to pin this down because... while I love the June character, I get a little bit distracted by Chloe's antics and that's the one that sticks!

If these girls existed in real life,  you can bet Chloe's partly responsible for this mess. But in truth, ABC has been calling all the shots. And if their decision is an indication of how much they appreciate this comedy, then obviously, they have little regard for it. They did the same for Happy Endings (correct episode order here), only Apartment 23's case is so much worse.

"Hey June! D'you know our show's broadcast has made Mindy so anal crazy, she's actually making the right list?"

The order of episodes is so messed up, there are several stories from Season 1 that ABC decided to air in Season 2. I'm tempted to rewatch the series from the beginning and follow its correct sequence, as stated below:

Aired on TV as...
  • S01E01 Pilot 
  • S01E02 Daddy's Girl - Correct Order: S01E01 (Was this supposed to be the pilot?)
  • S01E03 The Parent Trap - Correct Order: S01E09 
  • S01E04 The Wedding 
  • S01E05 Making Rent - Correct Order: S01E03 
  • S01E06 It's Just Sex - Correct Order: S01E07 
  • S01E07 Shitagi Nash - Correct Order: S01E10

Aired on TV as...
  • S02E01 A Reunion 
  • S02E02 Love & Monsters - Correct order: S02E03 
  • S02E03 Sexy People - Correct order: S02E04 
  • S02E04 It's a Miracle - Correct Order: S02E02 
  • S02E05 Whatever It Takes - Correct Order: S01E06 
  • S02E06 Bar Lies - Correct Order: S01E11 
  • S02E07 A Weekend in the Hamptons - Correct Order: S01E12 
  • S02E08 Paris - Correct Order: S02E05 
  • S02E09 The Scarlet Neighbor - Correct Order: S01E05 
  • S02E10 Mean Girls - Correct Order: S01E02 
  • S02E11 Dating Games - Correct Order: S02E08 

Not yet aired so far: 
The Leak - Correct Order: S01E08
Teddy Trouble -  Correct Order: S02E06
Monday June - Correct Order: S02E07
The D -  Correct Order: S02E09
The Seven Year Bitch - Correct Order: S02E10
Using People - Correct Order: S02E11
Ocupado - Correct Order: S02E12
Original Bitch - Correct Order: S02E13

To make it easier for you, here's how this one on top ^  actually goes. I kept the original airing/broadcast date before the title, because if you're downloading the show (and let's face it, you are!), that will be your point of reference:
  1. S01E01 Pilot 
  2. S01E02 Daddy's Girl 
  3. S02E10 Mean Girls 
  4. S01E05 Making Rent 
  5. S01E04 The Wedding 
  6. S02E09 The Scarlet Neighbor 
  7. S02E05 Whatever It Takes 
  8. S01E06 It's Just Sex 
  9. UNAIRED The Leak 
  10. S01E03 The Parent Trap
  11. S01E07 Shitagi Nash 
  12. S02E06 Bar Lies
  13. S02E07 A Weekend in the Hamptons 
  14. S02E01 A Reunion 
  15. S02E04 It's a Miracle 
  16. S02E02 Love & Monsters 
  17. S02E03 Sexy People 
  18. S02E08 Paris 
  19. UNAIRED Teddy Trouble
  20. UNAIRED Monday June 
  21. UNAIRED Dating Games  
  22. UNAIRED The D 
  23. UNAIRED The Seven Year Bitch 
  24. UNAIRED Using People 
  25. UNAIRED Ocupado
  26. UNAIRED Original Bitch 
* UNAIRED, as of this posting. The show is still on broadcast and has, so far, remained on the current line-up for ABC. I will be updating this post weekly then.

So there you go...

I've been putting up this list since 5:30 AM today, I'm so pissed at ABC right now. Why do they have to do this?!!!

Update as of 8PM - More reason to be pissed: "ABC quietly pulled the next all-new episode of Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23" | via SitcomOnline.

21 January 2013

Daily TV News: Fringe, Wedding Band, Horror TV and more!

"So now we know what Fringe was really about, all this time" | via io9. Fringe bowed out of TV last week. I am currently getting caught up in between doing the daily grind and my routines. I've forgotten how much I really loved the Walter Bishop character.

"The Encore: Talking with 'Wedding Band' Star Peter Cambor" | via Starpulse. Wedding Band Season 1 ended last night. Solid show, overall and we're all waiting for news of its renewal.

"Beware — serial killers loose on broadcast TV" | via LA Times. Serial killers as lead characters were once dominant on cable only.

If serial killers are on the lose, it's also setting up the rise of Horror TV: "Helpful Hints for Household Horror" | via NY Times. Horror/suspense...my least favorite genre, but it's drawing lots of viewers and the most I can tolerate (and actually love!) is Grimm. I also love The Walking Dead but I tend to cover my eyes or look away when there are zombies on the screen.

This one's for those who remember these two networks: "The Nine Forgotten Gems of the WB and UPN" | via Vulture.

"10 of the Greatest Pop Culture Homage TV Episodes" | via Flavorwire. I think I've seen 7 out of 10 of these.

"Home Design Tips from NBC's Parenthood Set" | via Homesessive. There are more videos about Parenthood and the set design on this site.

19 January 2013

Daily TV News: Tina & Amy, Hanks & Spielberg, TV Pilots & More!

I went through my GetGlue profile and discovered that I've been watching 8 to 10 TV shows daily. It's amazing how my world stops when I'm watching TV.  Someone kindly and privately asked, perhaps with a hint of concern, cluelessness or judgement, if I do anything else other than sit all day and watch. Hah. I won't dignify that with a reply.  

Anyway, the news...

I really love this feature: The Tale of Tina & Amy: They didn't just destroy at the Globes they're 2 of the most important comedians working today | via Grantland.
"The biggest laugh on Sunday came when Lena Dunham, in a ham-handed attempt to pay tribute to the accomplished ladies she'd just bested, thanked Fey and Poehler for "getting [her] through middle school." In response, the fortysomething co-hosts emerged from backstage with drinks in hand, snarkily toasting their faded youth. Dunham intended no slight, but she actually was on to something: Fey and Poehler are indeed the mothers of her style. Thanks to their unshowy toil, network TV comedy is now a female-fronted enterprise, from the adorkable New Girl to the untrustworthy B in Apt. 23..."
Tina Fey & Amy Poehler, TV's Wonder Girls

In the spirit of Band of Brothers: "HBO Developing Third WWII Miniseries with Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg (Exclusive)" | via The Hollywood Reporter. Time and again I've said on this blog that Band of Brothers is one of my favorite TV mini-series. The follow-up, The Pacific, wasn't as good, but I hope that this new series they're hatching is going to have the same calibre as Band of Brothers.

For the curious, next season's lineup: "TV Pilots 2013: The complete guide to what's been ordered and who's attached" | via The Hollywood Reporter. I am bookmarking this page, like I did last season's. Seeing a couple of noteworthy shows to look out for, such as that one with Joss Whedon's name attached to the project. That has been getting buzz since middle of last year.

Via Vulture | This teaser for Gossip Girl Acapulco had me giggling. I dunno why. Watch it:

This one promises no more aliens: "American Horror Story: Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters Returning for S3" | via The Hollywood Reporter. More AHS: "Ryan Murphy teases 'American Horror Story' Season 3: Here's what you need to know" | via Zap2it.

Via Pajiba | New Girl gag reel. Fun!

Zombieland movie becoming a TV show? | Via io9. Coz zombie's all the rage now, this has to happen?

Someone familiar is paying Ben & Kate a visit. He's doing comedy this time. Good for him! via TV Guide.

Homeland reduces Mike's status. The actor will have less appearance in S3. | via HuffPost TV.

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18 January 2013

Daily TV News: American Idol Ratings, Scandals, The Office & More!

Before anything else...I didn't realize that this site was experiencing a glitch (for about two days) until this morning. A gadget has been  messing up the way the blog should be viewed but I did a little tweaking and I hope that that's all fixed now. Thanks for bearing with me!

On with the news...

American Idol S12 premiere has experienced 19% drop in ratings compared to last year | via TV Guide. It still remains on top place for the night though.

Premiere of Body of Proof S3, which has undergone cast changes, will be pushed back 2 weeks | via Deadline. I didn't really like that they changed cast members, but let's see how that goes when it returns.

Matt Bomer launches his own clothing line, inspired by White Collar | via Just Jared. This is intended for charity.

"United States of Tara’s Toni Collette stars in CBS conspiracy drama Hostages" | via TV Guide. On ABC, this show was called MISSING.

Scandals is a rising hit for ABC | via NY Times. I'm gonna give it another try this week and see if it can change my mind. I didn't really enjoy the first season of Scandals.

Look who's appearing on Raising Hope. As a Tree! | via People Magazine.

Heather Locklear is joining TNT's 'Franklin & Bash' | via The Hollywood Reporter. The show will return this summer for its 3rd season.

TNT Orders Unscripted Drama From Jerry Bruckheimer | via The Hollywood Reporter. It also ordered an bounty hunter drama starring Geena Davis | via TwoCents.

The Office confirms who's returning for the series finale | via TV Guide. I would be ten times more excited if they will be able to get Michael and Holly back, too.

More details to The Vampire Diaries spinoff starring the Originals | via Entertainment Weekly. There's a certain rhyme and rhythm to how the people behind the scenes create their shows (The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle). It's so formulaic that frankly, I hope they don't adapt the same system with this planned spinoff.

Could Drop Dead Diva be saved? | via Cinema Blend. The show has been announced cancelled the other day. I don't think the story has anywhere else to go but it could use proper closure.

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17 January 2013

Daily TV News: Baldacci series a go, The Following Review, Jessica Simpson sitcom and more!

The David Baldacci series starring Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romijn has been given a 10-episode order on TNT | via TV Guide. I am so excited for this mainly because of Jon Tenney!

This British actor isn't a fan of Downton Abbey: via Washington Post.
“Downton,” he (Jeremy Irons) said, warming to his theme, is like the Ford Fiesta of drama. “A Ford Fiesta will get you there and give you a good time. But an Aston Martin. . .” he said, though he did not get to finish his thought as the crowd erupted in laughter.
"Twin Towers missing from NYC skyline in CW's retro 'Carrie Diaries'" | via Fox News. The show is set during the 80's. Kids of my generation know the music and fashion on this show all too well. I read a review that says, watching this show makes someone feel young and old at the same time. Young because Carrie Diaries is a high school drama; and old because for someone who grow up in the 80's, this really is nostalgic. Anyway, in reply to the Twin Towers issue (this is an issue??) "'Carrie Diaries' producer defends leaving twin towers out of show" | via LA Times.

‘Mr Selfridge’ Is Not ‘Downton’ But They’ll Take Its Success, says its Producers | via Deadline. I'm liking Mr. Selfridge a lot. And mostly because, it's set in a department store. Department store = my happy place!

This review says The Following is "extremely well done" | via Variety. I am forming no expectations for this, to avoid disappointments.

Jessica Simpson, to star in her own sitcom | via Vulture. Don't laugh. She can be funny. Have you watched her realityTV from before? She was entertaining. Quite goofy, but clueless. Not saying this is a good thing, but it can be a good call for NBC.

So many TV actors were in the movie Zero Dark Thirty, including Tony Soprano and Coach Taylor. Here's a rundown | via Vulture. Love this feature!

"Why Vote for the Worst was just like American Idol" | via Reality Blurred. VFTW, the website, is shutting down.

No more ALPHAS. The show is done after 2 seasons. | via Zap2it. I gave up watching this show halfway through last season. It just wasn't working for me. You?

About this daily TV news tally, originally posted Jan 15th:
I've been constantly finding ways to put regular updates on this blog without giving away the fact that I've actually been lazy. (Can't you tell? :P) So, beginning today, I thought I should do the summary of daily TV news rundowns that you can also read on my Twitter and Facebook feeds (but going round the clock). I used to do this back when social media was still an inception and organic blogging was the only way to go. I'm gonna try and bring additional inputs to this summary, if only to keep me motivated with writing about TV. Let's see how long I can keep this up! *fingers crossed*

16 January 2013

Daily TV News: Carrie Diaries, Hawaii Five-0 Alternate Ending Videos, Gay Actor Out and more!

Premiere of THE CARRIE DIARIES fails, rating only at 1.6M. But CW says "Monday dramas are its most DVR’ed shows". Read the full story on Entertainment Weekly. Maybe their target audience is tired of these white girls and all their drama? But it's still the first episode and things could still improve. CW could use new shows anyway.  For what its worth, I really enjoyed how the pilot went down. I thought it was executed seamlessly. And I loved the 80's soundtrack!
The Carrie Diaries, CW’s much-talked about prequel to Sex and the City, debuted at 8 on Monday but not quite so many Carrie Bradshaw lovers opted to check out the younger version: The hour-long drama only averaged 1.6 million viewers and actually lost some eyeballs from the first to second half-hour (1.7 million to 1.4 million), according to early Nielsen data. It repeated an hour later. The CW points out that its Monday dramas are typically the most DVR’ed shows on its lineup (Gossip Girl averaged a 58% jump in women 18-34, for example). So maybe the news will improve next week for our young Carrie. Stay tuned.
The Carrie Diaries' Candace Bushnell, who wrote the book the TV show has adapted, talks about doing the TV series on Huffington Post. She is actually Executive Producing this one.

Maggie Smith is returning to Downton Abbey's Season 4. Yay!  Read the full report on TV Line. Some of the best lines from this show are from this actress. And she delivers it with perfect timing. Which is why that Golden Globe win for Best Supporting Actress is so well-deserved.

"The Walking Dead Has Found Its New Showrunner"- Details are on Vulture.  More details on The Hollywood Reporter. For the record, the new showrunner is the 3rd person to run the series. AMC fired Frank Darabont, the person mainly responsible for bringing this comic book adaptation on TV, at the start of show's second season. And the second showrunner, Glenn Mazzara's "shortcomings in running the series became "abundantly clear … especially for the second half of the season," with production shut down several times because of a lack of material."

Your favorite FRIENDS episode, with the trivia, turns 15 years old today!  Popping the DVD to watch and celebrate? Or you can watch here.

Still watching Revenge? Still confused? This should help! "A Handy Guide to Untangling the show's Tangled Webs" - Read it on Zap2It. Unfortunately, even if I read this, I personally have quit the show.

Charlie Sheen has expressed through David Letterman, that he wants to return to the series finale of Two and A Half Men. Watch the interview here.  I would like to say, "How can he, they killed him off in the show?!" But I remembered, anything can happen on TV.

The limited series on the life of Alexander the Great is being produced by Germany’s Beta Film, ZDF Enterprises and Gruppe 5. Read the full story on The Hollywood Reporter. Another show to look forward to!

"How 'Pretty Little Liars' Reinvented the Slasher" - Read this story on The Atlantic.  As much as I dislike the show for going nowhere with its plots, Pretty Little Liars has the strongest social media following and presence. It will be around for awhile. Boooo.

Victor Garber, Alias' Sydney Bristow's dad, is gay. The story here. Not a surprise for some. So...not really an "outing".

Is American Idol still relevant in Season 12? Well... yes and no | via TVguide. The show returns tomorrow.

It is definitely weird how they're choosing to end Drop Dead Diva! Show is cancelled after 4 Seasons, according to Deadline. No proper send-off? No resolutions? Coz I remember that the last season ended with a man trapped in Jane's body.

"'Suits' Exclusive Interview: Patrick J. Adams on Mike's Despair and Hope For a Relationship With Rachel." Read on BuddyTV. The show returns Jan. 17th (USA).

"Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 No Longer Airing on Sunday" | via Vulture.

Hawaii Five-0's choose your own ending? BALONEY!!! Read how it went down here.
“Endings,” however, was an exaggeration. The entire difference among the three alternate story lines was contained in a two-minute stretch at about the 51-minute mark, and even there the shots and editing were virtually the same except for a few seconds of the winning villain running through the jungle brandishing a rifle. All of the fuss amounted to about 75 words of alternate dialogue, shot in identical setups or dubbed. If you took a bathroom break just after 10:50 p.m., you missed the whole thing.

This is the ending East Coast viewers chose: 

This is the ending West Coast viewers chose:

This is the 3rd alternate ending that was not shown on TV:

About this daily TV news tally, originally posted Jan 15th:
I've been constantly finding ways to put regular updates on this blog without giving away the fact that I've actually been lazy. (Can't you tell? :P) So, beginning today, I thought I should do the summary of daily TV news rundowns that you can also read on my Twitter and Facebook feeds (but going round the clock). I used to do this back when social media was still an inception and organic blogging was the only way to go. I'm gonna try and bring additional inputs to this summary, if only to keep me motivated with writing about TV. Let's see how long I can keep this up! *fingers crossed*

15 January 2013

Daily TV News: Golden Globes, Showtime, Hawaii Five-O, The Following & The Carrie Diaries

I've been constantly finding ways to put regular updates on this blog without giving away the fact that I've actually been lazy. (Can't you tell? :P) So, beginning today, I thought I should do the summary of daily TV news rundowns that you can also read on my Twitter and Facebook feeds (but going round the clock). I used to do this back when social media was still an inception and organic blogging was the only way to go. 

I'm gonna try and bring additional inputs to this summary, if only to keep me motivated with writing about TV. Let's see how long I can keep this up! *fingers crossed* 

Here goes...

Golden Globes ratings way up. Hasn't been like this since 2007. Read the story on Deadline.

"Getting Bill Clinton to the Golden Globes" Read the story on Huffington Post. A lot of people in that room that night were surprised to see the former President, weren't they?

"Why Did Lena Dunham Thank Chad Lowe in Her Globes Acceptance Speech?" Read the story on TV Guide. People wondered about this too. Did they do a project together? Turns out, the reason behind it started as a Twitter pact.

Speaking of Lena Dunham...her winning a Best Actress plum? I wasn't keen on it the same way Tina Fey won hers for the first time during the early seasons of 30 Rock. To me, thet weren't brilliant actors (actress), but brilliant creators and writers of their shows (Although Fey proved to be a delightful actress much, much later). Only, the Globes doesn't honor specific writing or producing categories.

Showtime is happy! Golden Globes wins plus this: ‘House Of Lies’, ‘Californication’ & ‘Shameless’ All Return Strong - Read the report here. I've only seen the second season premiere of House of Lies last night and I love what is happening to Kristen Bell's character. I don't follow Californication, but I'm going to watch Shameless later this week. William H. Macy apparently shaved his head for the show this season. Not as surprising as the way Anne Hathaway did it for her movie, though.

HAWAII FIVE O is going to do a first on crime procedural TV. Viewers get to choose the ending in real time w/c means outcome can differ between East & West coast. "Three different endings were filmed for this Monday’s Hawaii Five-0, each featuring the reveal of a different killer. During the live broadcasts (both East Coast and West Coast), viewers will be encouraged to vote for whodunit via Twitter or the official CBS site — the winning ending for each broadcast will be aired in real-time. This could, at least in theory, lead to CBS airing a different ending in New York than in Los Angeles." Read the analysis on why the show is betting on the wrong audience here.

Tonight is the season premiere of THE CARRIE DIARIES with AnnaSophia Robb. I've read the script, seen the teaser, and have gone through one or two reviews and I don't know about you, but I've been anticipating this one since last year:

Upcoming series THE FOLLOWING is "risky, gutsy, dark and sick & scary show" says a TV critic. It's being compared to DEXTER & THE MENTALIST. I got this from TV Guide's Matt Roush who does his weekly TV Q & A. Here's the whole gist (click image for larger view):

The teaser to the following:

08 January 2013

I think it's time. I've started hating you so...bye, REVENGE!

Hate-watching has become the biggest thing to hit TV in the year that passed. It's a not a new lifestyle habit. People watch TV shows, and choose to remain watching, only to stress about its characters and storylines all the time.

But now, there's a term for it: hate-watching.

I didn't really want to start 2013 by blogging with the word "hate" in it. But I think I may have to acknowledge that I've gotten aboard the hate wagon when watching 43 minutes of Revenge seemed to stretch to eternity.

I was glued to Emily and the Hampton's richest from start to finish the other night. I distinctively remember deconstructing Emily's weird wired red dress. But for the life of me, I didn't really know what was going on with the story.

Emily's wired red dress

I could've stopped and turned the TV off. I could've chosen to watch something else. But I went on and on, trying to understand what was happening, all the while noticing Nolan's quirks or confirming, once again, how much I really dislike the Jack, Declan and fakeAmanda characters. I did this while going back and forth the red dress in my mind, wondering if the wires felt cold against Emily's skin. The red dress had more impact on me than what was going on with the show!

For the most part, I spent watching this season consumed with noticing all the things that's wrong about Revenge, which is, essentially, the bane of hate-watching. What has this show done to me? But more importantly, what have they done to this show?

I didn't really want to start 2013 blogging about bidding goodbye to a series I've loved so well during its first season. But in trying to convince myself why I should still watch, I was more convinced that this show's bringing no more substance to my viewing pleasure.

I should've taken the cue five episodes ago. But I thought I would miss out something, so I stuck with it.

Now I know better.

Hate-watching Revenge? Not good for my sanity.

So, goodbye Hamptons and your fashionable power-hungry freaks!

I've just crossed-out Revenge off my list, Emily Thorne style.

P.S. Incidentally, new show Deception, which premiered today on NBC, has been receiving a lot of Revenge comparisons. Salon.Com thinks it's actually better. I've seen the pilot before the holidays and I would agree that it is like it. But to say it could be better? Too early to conclude.