03 October 2008

Lipstick Jungle's Nico Reilly: Fashion Icon

Am not exactly big on fashion now. But I was... as much as the next girl back when I was still young and single. I am that kind of person who loses my fashion sense trying to raise a family. Now and then, though, it comes back. And by IT, I mean...the urge to check out the latest trend, update the wardrobe and shop like there's no tomorrow.

I don't exactly have a TV fashion icon (yet). But it looks like I'm growing to appreciate Lipstick Jungle's stylist, Daniel Lawson. He's the one responsible for dressing up the three leading ladies of the show.

This week's episode (Chapter 9: Help!), I saw three clothes Nico Reilly wore that I thought were fabulous-o!

Daniel dresses up this character in classic elegance (think Jackie O) mixed with something fun and trendy. It creates a nice balance which speaks too much of her kind of lifestyle --- Nico is a strong, intelligent, independent woman working as an editor-in-chief of a top lifestyle magazine; and then she's also boinking (did I just say boinking!?) and finding love renewed (they weren't just boinking!) with a hottie who is twice younger than her.

Nico isn't exactly what I'd consider beautiful. Her physical features are far from perfect. But the clothes do make her look smashing and gorgeous.

Chic, no?