11 October 2008

Survivor Philippines Week 4

Three girls left their camp this week. The first one was Patani, who had to go the same time as the last elimation in the Jarakay tribe, by virtue of the double Tribal Council. Only her elimination was aired after the weekend. So in our TV timeline, she went home this week. Patani's good to go though. She's gained more off the island rather than on it. With exposure (exfowsyur, as she'd say it) as the main reason why she joined, Patani is quite visible on Channel 7 these days. She got what she wanted. I bet she already feels like a winner.

Next to go was Nina, the working mom. Because she broke her foot in the last reward challenge, Nina couldn't play anymore. She walked back to her tribe, with her feet in a cast and told them she had to leave because the doctors explained to her it would be impossible for her to play. Her only consolation was she left without being voted out. But I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. As competitive as she is (and she's one of the intelligent ones in this group of 18), it's a pity she will go down on record as the person who got defeated by an injury.

And then finally, last night's tribal council, Vevh was the latest castaway voted off. Poor, naive Vevh.... she also had her foot injured and was already limping. Before tribal council, she already knew she was leaving because some of her tribe mates are in an alliance and she isn't part of it. She resented that fact; cried over it. Says she went into the game trying to play fairly and to win good friends, not traitors. What the hell was this girl thinking joining Survivor?! If it was the way she thought, then voting her was a good call. I like Vevh as a person, she also sounds sensible like Nina. But as a player, she is so wrong for this game. Her final words --- she hoped her tribe mates aren't as "deceiving" as they are in real life. What is that?? Someone doesn't understand how this game is played.

This week also had new twistsssss....several new twists, that I don't think having more twists will be good for this show. It's too much to take for someone who is already familiar with the program, how much more for someone who isn't?