31 October 2008

Addison's Versace Dress

Private Practice's last two episodes were a disappointment. The conflict between Naomi and Sam? They'd have to drag it for what, three-four episodes? It's beginning to look really petty. If the episode from the other night is any indication the conflict's over, then thank god because Naomi and Sam are starting to annoy me.

I feel like I'm watching two shows --- the one where Addison is really doing great as a doctor, and the one with a bad ensemble of supporting cast.


Anyway, I started doing an entry of Fashion on TV last week, but wasn't up to it this week for many reasons, one which had to do with the fact that... this week's making me really lazy. :P But I couldn't pass this up --- Addison's pretty Versace Belted Sheath Dress.

Looks really good on a tall person such as Addie. She is one of the best dressed female characters on TV today, no?