22 October 2008

Australian Idol Top 8 - Thahn Bui

I frankly forgot about this guy because...ehh... he just didn't connect with me. He was booted last week, during Rock Week. Someone went again the other night, but I'll just put that in another entry after I finish watching this week's show.

Anyway, Thahn, who has Vietnamese roots, was part of an Asian boyband in the 90's. So, he already knows what it takes to sell records. He's been there, done it...and then lost it. When his group disbanded, he went back home in Australia and went solo, leading to the auditions in Australian Idol, to finally --- Top 8.

Thahn reminds me a lot of this local singer, Randy Santiago, who was quite big in our music scene back in the 80's. And that's where my problem with Thahn laid. His singing style was so outdated, so old, so cheesy. It just didn't feel right coming from someone who was under 30.

And, really....his falsetto's a mess. I don't know why no one has told him that when he sings his high notes, it doesn't sound good with the microphone on.

You be the judge and listen to his final song --- Shadow of the Day: