18 October 2008

TV Ratings [10.16.08]

I enjoyed Grey's Anatomy last night, surprisingly. There's that show I know and love! And it is apparently winning it's key demographic back.

I also tried to watch the second episode of Kath & Kim. "Tried" because I quit after a couple of minutes. I just can't stand Kim and the actress playing her. Sorry, Kath.

I've put off watching Eleventh Hour too. Not for anything else, but because this is the kind of series that I just follow on cable television here. Which means, I'd get to see the episodes in like, six to twelve months from now since cable airings here are quite delayed.

8.00 Block
Survivor CBS 12.88 M
Ugly Betty ABC 8.21 M
My Name Is Earl NBC 6.54 M
Kath & Kim NBC 6.01 M
Smallville The CW 4.15 M
Hole In The Wall Fox 3.62 M

9.00 Block
CSI CBS 18.84 M
Grey’s Anatomy ABC 14.57 M
SNL Weekend Update NBC 8.61 M
The Office NBC 8.07 M
Kitchen Nightmare (Repeat) Fox 3.45 M
Supernatural The CW 3.06 M

10.00 Block
Eleventh Hour CBS 12.04 M
E.R. NBC 8.81 M
Life On Mars ABC 8.47 M