13 October 2008

Musings from watching The Starter Wife's Season 2 Premiere

When did The Starter Wife become Gossip Girl? Why is every show about the rich and the famous turning to this one now? By "this one" I mean, turning to gossip blogs. Gossip Girl was the first to do it on television. 90210 also has their own character writing her own gossip blog site. Privileged made allusions to the fact that someone from Sage & Rose's school keeps a hot gossip website. I don't watch The Secret Life of An American Teenager, but I guess it's safe to say, there's someone like that on that show, too (is there?).

Catching up on The Starter Wife, which premiered its second season last Friday, I find this:

One of the story lines they went with was have Molly's journal stolen; her secret thoughts now revealed online via a gossip site. Molly is played by Debra Messing (who is slowly earning my respect as an actress, she is so great here!) and she works as a writer who planned to pitch her handwritten journal's entries as a humor book to a publisher. It contained her thoughts on the Hollywood circle --- wives, girlfriends, relationships between Hollywood's rich and privileged. But the deal didn't push through and someone steals her notebook from her. Then she discovers it all online.

I'm not complaining. I actually like the episode and I have yet to continue watching Part 2 of the season premiere.

I'm just pausing to reflect on something --- in the way our social circles flow today. We do live in different times, don't we? We're so gossip-blog driven. Rumors travel a hundred times faster and nothing confirms this fact even more than to have not one, but at least four TV shows put this in their storylines! Art imitates life.

Technology's basic idea was to create for a simpler, more streamlined lifestyle.

But stuff like this? Knowing at any moment, you might find crap written about you on someone's blog?

The wonders of technology makes life seem so much more complicated.

Alright, musing done.

Will get back to watching TV now. :)