31 October 2008

Where can I get an Anatomy Jane?

Meredith Grey played with this Anatomy Jane as a kid. It was this Barbie-like doll with removable innards. Dr. Bailey described it as a toy with the "24 removable organs and optional parts to simulate pregnancy".

I am pretty sure that after tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy, a lot of people will be surfing the internet for it. Heck, I want one! I'd want Anatomy Joe for my son, if they have it!

So where does one get Anatomy Jane?

Here's one that has all the parts but none of the pretty...outer skin: Visible Woman Model.

These are kinda gross. And so expensive. Definitely not toys, but learning tools.

But there isn't anything else like the one Meredith had. Although what are the odds this will eventually be a popular item? And just in time for Christmas too! In fact, someone's already bought the site AnatomyJaneDoll.Com ... ka-ching!

So, with no actual Anatomy Janes for sale yet...would you settle for sedated pigs instead?

Dr. Owen, yo' is badass! :D