30 June 2007

Farewell, Studio 60

This print ad supposedly came out of a daily. It was from Studio60 fans. The show ended the other night, after 1 Season and 22 Episodes.

What can I say? What kind of a show has Studio60 been? Preachy? You betcha. Brilliant? Towards the end...not really. But it definitely wasn't a crap fest either. It is significantly good, reliable TV still...

And they all lived happily ever after....
  • Jordan and Danny are gonna be parents to Becky Tripp
  • Matt and Harriet are dating again...and they will probably break up again, Matt's words haha
  • Tom's brother is rescued....the show will be rescued. Come fictional Studio 60 Monday, they will all work harder to pull the show's ratings up. Good sign. At least their show within the show lives.
I wasn't satisfied with the way it ended, granted they've wrapped up the stories and gave the characters closure. But for Studio60, this last episode is not going to be memorable. Not their fault, I guess. When a show is forced to wrap up, you give what you can and you take what you can get.

I fell in love with this show the first time it aired.

Now I will miss it.

Spoiler Alert: Private Practice cast revamp

DISCLAIMER: I'm not an official source, just passing what I read from all over.

Addison's best friend on Private Practice?

Not her:

Nope. Not her. But yes, we saw her initially in the spin-off feature they did on Grey's Anatomy. But her role is re-cast. Since test audience thought she and our girl Addie weren't believable as Best Friends.

And the new actress playing Naomi is her:

Full report here.


29 June 2007

The Sanjaya Effect

I'm sure you've heard of Sanjaya. If you haven't, then you, my friend, need to start watching crap TV. :D

Well, what we have now on local TV is known as the Sanjaya effect. And this is not a story about the weather. What I'm talking about is the latest controversy surrounding Pinoy Big Brother in that --- Wendy gets to stay. She gets a 4 in 1 shot at the grand prize. I hear lots of people cursing. But can't say I'm surprised by the result. Won't even be surprised if Wendy wins it this Saturday.

Why did Wendy stay?
  • Because she has loyal followers. Unfortunately. While they don't necessarily seem to be a big group...what they lack in numbers, they made it up for passion and devotion. Maybe they are stupid but you can’t fault them for their loyalty. Oh, yes they come to the Eviction Hall in full force. Booing at those who boo Wendy back. Shouting for Wendy if and when her face is flashed on TV. For someone like Wendy, who in a matter of one month, managed to become the most hated person on television, those are the kind of followers you need.
  • Because the rest of us who are vocal about hating Wendy, are only just that --- vocal. We say we are appalled by her behavior. We hear many others agreeing with us. And they are plenty. But what we say does not actually convert to votes for those who are still inside the house, does it? While we remain disgusted with seeing her on TV and we tell people about it, Wendy's followers in the meantime are busy texting points for Wendy. Sly diba? Matinik. Wais. Admit it, did you honestly pick up your cellphones and texted BB Mickey, Bea, Gee-Ann or Bodie? I didn't.

Did she even deserve it?

Her spot at the Big 4? Yes, she did. People voted for her, didn't they? She may even deserve the grand prize. Everybody deserves the grand prize...because it's a contest. And she, per se, didn't cheat to earn the votes. She just showed her true colors. But by doing that, she did not deserve to earn the respect of many people, perhaps millions of people. Which one should matter, really? When all of these is over? In the history of RealityTV, not ALL who won, DESERVED to win. We are just learning that now with Season 2.

Why did I not vote?

Because I'm not stupid to buy into this gimmick. It is that simple. It's the honest truth. The total amount I have spent for any reality TV show comes to less than P200.00 I suppose. And I still feel I've wasted my money. I. Still. Wasted. Money. And perhaps, ever since Big Brother thought it was good to bring back evicted housemates into the house, the rest of you stopped caring to vote as well, no? Can't blame you. At least you've wisen up and realized it isn't worth buying into this gimmick.

You do realize now it’s all a gimmick, no?

Where’s the credibility?

Boys and girls, credibility is for the news department. It’s not something you find in a RealityTV show.

On Big Brother, you look for entertainment, not credibility. You watch this show because it feeds your inner chismoso, admit it. And because you like to peek into the life of another person and find pleasure in discovering that he or she is just pathetic as you are. That doesn’t sound like a credible activity, does it?

The producers, on the other hand, do not aim for credibility in a RealityTV show. If they did, they ought to be fired right away because a moralist and a do-gooder have no place in RealityTV programming. In fact, I think some amount of crafty-ness or deviousness should flow into the veins of a RealityTV producer to survive it. Hence, I am *this close [ ] * to bowing to PBB director, Dyogi.

RealityTV programming aims for what sells…even if that means bringing back ex-housemates into the house. That isn’t illegal. That’s producing a TV "spectacle". Note that I did not just say TV show. I said "spectacle", which sounds grander than a TV "show".

There are three formulas to a successful RealityTV, none of it involves credibility:
  • Shock factor. Sex cannot happen on Philippine TV, so we leave that out. Where do we tap for the shock factor? On controversy. On all that drama for your mama. On the fact that people cannot stop talking about it.
  • Surrealism factor. Or the fact that something unreal is happening to someone you watch on TV. And if it’s bad you say to yourself --- "Thank god it’s not happening to me!" And if it’s good you say to yourself --- "I wish that can happen to me". You wonder why so many are suckered into auditioning for Big Brother even at all costs?
  • Show Me The Money factor. Ahhh, the biggest mitigating factor --- the what-happens-after-the-show-is-over. In most cases, RealityTV contestants end up having a career change, did you notice? Busboys become media personalities. Boring office staffers become media personalities. They make movies, TV shows, albums, endorsements. 15 minutes of fame well spent.

RealityTV is born from game shows. But these days nobody is contented with a game show that’s purely question and answer or something patterned after Kwarta o Kahon. And even if was patterned after Kwarta o Kahon, look at the amount of production they have to do to make you sit up and take notice: they have sexy dancers or family members in the background having a nervous breakdown just because you didn’t choose kwarta or kahon…those kinds of things.

These days, shows have to have spice, character and drama. And sometimes to do all that, people behind the show have to do a little tweaking in the production. I’m not saying things are scripted or manipulated because I have no way of knowing that myself.

I’m just saying that for the sake of entertainment --- this is what you get.

If you are smart enough to see through the cracks, then you will just sit back and watch, without buying into the gimmick.

But if you are smarter and you realize you are not liking it anymore? Hell, don’t go complaining…it’s not worth the wrinkles. It's not worth your time. Just change the damn channel.

Additional read, if you are interested: The Dangers of RealityTV: Ideology, Capitalism, Competition, Style and Education

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28 June 2007


Tagged by Abbie. Yey, fun! :)

A - Age: 33 and 9 months. Pero utak 16.

B - Band Listening To Right Now: No band. Listening to Australian Idol MP3s.

C - Career: Meddling Mom; cook; maid; full-time couch potato; part time police something; freelance writer; self-appointed creative director/PR man for my husband hehe.

D - Drink or Smoke: Is drinking too much powdered juice bad?

E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: The TV (Haha, kakalungkot!); This group of people I belong to. Can't say who they are...it's a superhero oath; my best friend in Australia, Z.

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Bears....no wait, worms....bears....worms. Either.

H - Have a Boyfriend: Yes. Pick one: Hugh Laurie. Zack Braff. Matthew Perry......

I - In love: Guess so.

J - Junk Food You Like: Clover Chips. Yung medyo makunat.

K - Kids: 2 --- an actual kid, age 9 and one more, age 35, who acts like a kid.

L - Longest Ride Ever: This trip to Cavite. Because we got lost looking for this office, where I supposedly had to go to claim my prize (camera). Only thing I've ever won in my life, really. So I thought the trip was worth it. Took us the whole day to find the office.

N - Names For Your Future Kids: see this entry

O - One Wish You Have Now: Just to get through the rest of the year fine.

P - Phobias: Critters.

Q - Favorite Quote:
  • "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer" - When I'm in Jack Bauer mode.
  • "With great power comes great responsibility." - When I need to do something right, superhero mode.
  • "Society teaches us that, having feelings and crying is bad and wrong. Well, that's baloney, because grief isn't wrong. There's such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown."- From the genius known as Michael Scott.
R - Reasons To Smile: My boys. The TV. Funny things I read.

S - Sleeping Hours: Between 1-4 am...sometimes 5 am.

T - Time You Woke Up: 4:45 am

U - Unknown Fact About You: I appeared on TV as a child.

V - Vegetable You Hate: Okra!!!!

W - Worst Habit: Nitpicking worrywart

X - X-rays You've Had: Just recently - chest.

Y - Yummy Foods: Steak, Kaldereta, Tinola, Junk, matatamis

Z - Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I am Monica Geller: obsessive, likes things clean, likes to do things in order, usually ends up organizing for the group, motherly, not as competitive though...that's the one thing I am not.

2. I am Phoebe Buffay: kinda loopy, kinda babaw, does not care what people will think or what they will say, loves pets

3. I am Chandler Bing: I'd like to think I have wit *question mark* LOL!

4. I am Rachel Green: merong kikay moments, daddy's girl

5. I am Joey Tribbiani: kid at heart, good friend

6. I am Ross Geller: sometimes geeky or feeling geeky, sometimes dorky.

7. With all these personalities... I am my own entourage.

I am tagging: Sheila, Lelila, Leeny-la, Gita, Didi, Dyan, Lyn.

27 June 2007

What would I say if Lost was my boyfriend...

After choosing not to watch the latest episodes of Lost Season 3 since it's return early this year, I did my marathon of the series in the last two days and was very, very, very pleased this show is back on it's feet.


Dear Lost,

I was ready to give up. In fact, you somehow lost me last year. I tried to stay away. I even found a diversion. I found a bunch of people with extraordinary abilities to do that, in fact. I felt I needed help from this obsession, this need for figuring you out. Because I had grown sluggish with us. And it did not help that you did not give the answers.

But blame it on history, something which you and I had for the last two years or so, I gave you another chance just this week. I kept hearing how you turned things around when you got back last January.

You're complicated, a lot of people know that. No really ever gets how you are. A lot of people try; they pick you out, every part of you, to understand what's there.

But maybe that's why you still have me. I realize now, figuring you out is good for me. And the truth is --- it took me this long to see it --- I was never really bored with you. On hindsight, perhaps some of this may have been my fault, too. If only I had been more patient.

What I saw yesterday still did not give me all the answers I had been wanting to know. But that is okay because what I saw gave me something else. Something even better ---- satisfaction, hope, a deeper connection.

Now I see that what we have works because with you it's a journey, an experience that makes me richer. Where that journey leads to is not something that should concern me for now.

I just know that this time, I don't wanna miss the ride anymore.


Now what I really want to say about Lost Season 3: Fan-freaking-tastic!

26 June 2007


Local TV tidbit....

Hey, if you see any Lastikman promo photos around, the billboards especially... some of it were taken by the hubby...who was part of the group Channel 2 hired to do the photoshoot for the new TV series.

By arrangement, they are not supposed to release the photos on their personal galleries yet. At least not when the series has began airing (which is sometime in the next two months). So I can't also post some of it here.

But there are some really goofy photos of Archie (the guy from Wazzup! Wazzup! on Studio 23) and the hubby says he's really fun and so game.

Gloria Romero
's in the cast and it felt like shooting royalty according to the hubby...no fuss too, despite wearing heavy make-up and costume. There's a real legend, an icon.

Dawn Zulueta's part of the cast also and she knows exactly what she wants and what her best angels are. I suppose that's why she is Dawn Zulueta.

When it's time to release it, photos can be viewed here. Come back in two months. :)

25 June 2007

Spoiler Alert & Other News

DISCLAIMER: I'm not an official source, just passing what I read from all over.

- Foreman, Cameron & Chase will be back definitely but not as House's students
- Instead House will have four new doctors training under him
- There's a possibility that the attraction between Hourse and Cuddy will develop
- Expect a different Season 4 with these changes

Grey's Anatomy:
- Yep, they are exploring involving Derek and a new intern.
- One of Derek's sisters might drop in Seattle Grace and it's not the one from last Season. *Rumor* has it it's Tiffany Amber Theissen. Emphasis on rumor. You may recall her as the replacement of Brenda in 90210.

- There might be a female president this time around. If only Sherry Palmer was alive.

Prison Break:
- New character named Betty Crocker will serve as Lincoln's love interest. She will not look like this Betty Crocker, who most Americans associate with baking:

Instead PB's Bretty Crocker looks like this, and she plays a cunning government agent:

She will be played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe.

- New prison bad-ass...this guy, played by British actor Chris Vance:

He will be Michael's prison buddy in that new prison Michael is holed out. He will assist him in the plan to break out. Yet again.

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23 June 2007

I interrupt the program for this proud mom alert

When he's not watching TV with me or by himself, my 9year old son spends a loooooooooot of time drawing on paper or the computer. He has saved a number of files over the years.

He mostly likes doing graphic-art, partly influenced by the video games he plays or the cartoons he sees on TV. Browsing through some of his work, I've noticed that he has greatly improved with mixing colors. Some of his abstracts are impressive...and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mother. LOL!

He enjoys browsing DeviantArt a lot and I have encouraged him to open an account there so he can start posting his work; and also since I have failed to bring him up to speed with blogging (he abandoned his blog already). But my son is still quite the private person and refuses to have an internet identity (hence the abadoning of the blog). Instead, I asked permission to upload some of this work on Slide.com so I can share it with my friends and family. (Coz, heck...am a proud mom!)

This is what he calls the Catastrophe Series, his interpretation of disasters striking the earth.

22 June 2007


On with my British TV viewing...

Checked out Jekyll. It was interesting at first. Until the alter ego, the character of Hyde, appeared. Perhaps because I didn't like the way the bad guy was portrayed, it just got corny and it ruined it for me. Evil characters like Hyde can be portrayed in an enigmatic, sinister, evil way, me thinks. But for this one, he came off as a has-been gigolo reeking of bad perfume smell or something. Watch this video to see what I'm talking about:

This is not my favorite scene from the episode, but it's the only clip on Youtube.

I am also not familiar with the actor, James Nesbitt. I don't even know if Jekyll/Hyde is portrayed by two guys. Coz the Hyde character has a clef chin, the other one doesn't. Can you tell if they are one and the same?

Anyway, as a whole though, the series is pretty okay. It's right above mediocre....miles from being "great". Writing isn't top-notch...yet. Because I felt that some parts of the first episode was fuzzy. But I have faith in the writer Steven Moffat, whose work I've followed and loved on Coupling (the British FRIENDS).

Perhaps it will get better in the next 5 episodes. Coz that's how long it is, just 6 episodes to watch and it's done for the season. British TV shows are short. Wonder why that is. Hmm. I found my answer on this page. (Yey for Google!)

More of Jekyll here.

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21 June 2007


Great stuff, this Meadowlands.

It is surrounded in mystery, on the strange... as if there is not enough of that on TV these days. I don't know though why this show has pulled me in. Because I kinda liked it. Maybe it is the accents. Meadowlands is a British show.

I didn't realize what it was all about right away. I only got a clue towards the last few minutes of the first episode....when the leading man said it so. (Haha, hina ng pick-up!)

There are all hiding away from something, someone. And Meadowlands is a place where people are brought to safety, as part of a Witness Protection Program.

A voice in my head kept asking "Why?" as I watched the first episode. I tell you, not since Lost Season 1 has my mind been that stimulated or curious. But unlike Lost, Meadowlands does not carry a complicated intertwining back story. It is not even a fresh idea as many who have seen this have likened this to Twin Peaks.

But I am hooked. Especially after seeing previews of the next episode where someone was able to penetrate Meadowlands and is after one witness. *curiosity heightened!*

For more of the show, click this. Or watch below:

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20 June 2007


Saw: Zack Braff's The Ex. I didn't know it was originally entitled Fast Track as seen in this photo. Or maybe I grabbed a photoshopped jpeg of this movie's poster. Anyhoooo...didn't like the story too much. It felt...fast tracked. Yeah, that's it exactly.

But I liked that some of my favorite people are on this movie together --- Zach, Amanda, Jason.

Paul Rudd (Mike Hannigan) was in one scene; He was Zach's ass of a boss. Amy Poehler (SNL) was in another scene and I could not understand what her scene was about, it was very insignificant to the film.

Zack said the movie didn't do well, but for other reasons. He wrote on his blog:

"For those of you that went to see the EX, thank you. It didn't do as well as any of us hoped, and I'm not quite sure why. Obviously the reviews weren't great and it was only on 1000 screens (that's half the number of the other new movies.) Many of you have written me saying you couldn't find it near you. And there were lots of Huge movies out. But I have to be honest, I didn't think we'd get beaten by Delta Farce! That stings. The Ex is by no means a perfect movie, but I think it's a pretty funny one if you like silly, goofy, physical comedy. I do. But whatever, if you can find it, please check it out. I promise you will laugh."

There's one thing I noticed about me watching Zack Braff movies lately....if there are no goofy segues (as with Scrubs), it just won't do for me. I think I have boxed him as JD in my mind now.

Saw: Happily N'Ever After. Meh. It's Cinderella's story with a twist. The people who did Shrek was behind this movie, as well. But it is not as funny. Not funny at all.


Will be checking out Meadowlands and Jekyll later today.

Meadowlands is a family drama aired on Showtime. It's supposedly quirky and different but we'll see. I just trashed another family drama last week --- John From Cincinnati? Could not get into the show even with Luke Perry in it.

Jekyll is a British TV Series about a doctor who needs to keep his dark side in check. Sounds like Dexter's premise, huh?


Ever since high school, I've always loved to pick girl baby names and make my list. I think that if I have kept it all, I'd have made my own baby name book. All I remember from my old list now is Kay Erin. Which is what I was supposed to name my daughter, except that I had a boy instead.

Anyway, lately I'm inspired by the name Dominica. And I see her as a sweet and carefree girl with curly locks. Ahhhh! All these baby prepartions must be getting to me. My sis-in-law is bringing my niece into this world in three weeks time and I've been labelling stuff for my soon-to-born niece which relatives from the province sent over.


My son is actually in bed now, sick with fever. And I'm not supposed to be spending time in the computer today (sssshhhh...) So, I'll keep this short and retire from the internet early.


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18 June 2007

Philippine Cable Schedule

Was channel surfing last night and realized that a lot of shows are starting new seasons this month via cableTV. If you aren't watching it on torrents or downloads, then mark this dates on your calendar, in case you wanna follow some of these shows:

Thurs 10-11 --- America's Next Top Model Season 7. This is the season with the twin wanna-be models.

Thursdays 10-12 --- Lost Season 3 (back to back!)

Darn it, conflicting! >:(

Sunday 10-11 --- Last Comic Standing Season 4
Sunday 11-1130 --- Comedy Central (New Season)
Sunday 1130-12 --- Premium Blend (New Season)

Monday 9-10 --- Heroes Season 1
Friday 10-11 --- Shark Season 1 (It's like House, but Shark is a lawyer)


Wednesday 8-9 --- Eureka Season 1
Wednesday 9-10 --- Commander in Chief Complete Season
Wednesday 10-11 --- Angela's Eyes Season 1

These are pretty heavy stuff to watch on a Wednesday night!

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Last Comic Standing

I love stand up comedy.

Especially thrilled Last Comic Standing is back for Season 5. This time, with new sets of judges (the contestants from Season 3) and with a bigger audition scope (they will fly to London & Aussie for the auditions!)

This guy, so far, made me laugh the loudest:

Season 5 is currently airing in the US. But local viewers, you can catch Season 4 on Philippine Cable via Jack TV, Sundays at around 10-ish. It started just last night.

17 June 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Today is father's day. My family and I celebrated it with my father by having an intimate lunch party. Which turned out to be my treat, or rather mine and hubby's treat. I didn't expect to be spending big for it. You know how small parties become. Especially with today's text messaging frenzy.

So now, the Scrooge in me is feeling the pain in my pocket. And before you think of me as an ungrateful daughter, I have to say, I do not mind spending something for my dad. It's just that a few days before, we had to make big budget cuts in our household because our water bill shot up to eleven freaking thousand. Yes, that's 11,000. And that's a whole story altogether.

Anyway, so....my dad days ago, shocked as he was about learning of our waterbill, said that we didn't have to spend for his birthday, which is also father's day incidentally. But of course, it's typically Pinoy of us, we still celebrated despite little resources. My mother offered to pitch in, thankfully. We had my brother and his pregnant wife over. A few cousins and friends. Intimate lunch and so forth.

All the while I....I was already doing mental accounting of how we're gonna survive the week scrimping. But hey, we've done this lots of times before, so it's not supposed to be a big deal, really. That's just me being me, the worrywart that I am.

But you know what, that wasn't the highpoint (or lowpoint) of my day. Read on...

They say: behind every dark cloud is a silver lining. Well, my dad did the silliest but very endearing thing today that proved that. And I think I will not forget this gesture for a very long time.....

Because I'm still having the toughest luck (I hate 2007! Hate it! Hate it!), trouble and problems seems to be springing from one to the other. Today of all days, and for the third time this year, our exhaust fan for our computer station exploded while we were having lunch. At first I thought it was the computer itself because the explosion was loud. Some of us even jolted from our seats. But none were more so shocked than I was ---- my face may have been a give-away. I think my epression spelled out: "Oh no, gastos na naman!" But as my husband assessed, it will only cost us P600.00 to replace it. P600.00 is minimal by today's living standards. But for this week, when at least one month's worth of a person's salary has dented our budget with our water bill and this party, even spending 100.00 would be greatly felt.

Well, my dad, perhaps sensing I was doing mental accounting again, suddenly took out his wallet and then gave me P600.00 right then and there. And then he said --- "Nak, sa exhaust fan lang kita matutulungan, ha? Hindi ko kaya yung sa tubig eh. Hehe." For the record, he did say "hehe". Parang nahiya pa sa inabot! But boy, that made me laugh. My father, I realize, still wants to take care of me after all these years. He still provides. And that made me feel I was his little girl again. And that was all it took for me to say --- to hell with bills and spending. They happen. Shit happens. But priceless moments like this, it's a goldmine. I feel richer already.

Oh, about the water bill. No, we don't have a pool at home. We also do not have a water theme park. We don't have an elephant to give baths to. We had a leak that we detected a little too late. So our usual bill of 700.00 shot up to 11,000. Sad no? The leak has been fixed, sort of. I had made arrangements with our homeowner's association (running a household is tough, man!)...and for now, it's all good.

Anyway, this one is for the daddies out there. Many of you go unappreciated because, let's face it, mother's get more recognition than fathers. But be that as it may, you still deserve one day a year to celebrate fatherhood. Fathers are good guys too, as this movie will show. This is The Martian Child, starring John Cusack, a guy who I originally wanted to be my kid's daddy, ever since I was 15. *mwah* Hahaha!

Trailer pa lang, I was already crying. Movie opens in October.

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16 June 2007

This was it...The Sopranos Season Finale

Many people didn't like how The Sopranos ended. Because the show just literally dropped off the airwaves, as if your TV had malfunctioned. If you're curious, this is how it went, and take note of the last 30 seconds:

My first thoughts were --- Somebody fucked up in the control room or the writers probably could not think of a decent ending and just said, "To hell with it".

It left everyone watching it feeling uncertain. What was gonna happen next, dammit?

And in truth, that is perhaps what the ending was trying to say --- that living the life of a mafia poses a lot of uncertainties. You never know if your time is up, or if the people around you are safe, or if one of them is out to whack you.

David Chase, the show's creator, gave the viewers a feel of what it was like.


My husband and I did a marathon of the show this week. Some of the stories and characters came full circle and in a way, it satisfied this Sopranos fan.

What I was thinking the whole time while I was watching Episodes 13-21 though is how much of a contrast the Sopranos were to the Taylors (Friday Night Lights) in the way they handle their family crisis. Granted the Taylors didn't live stressful lives like the mob family, their problems are no different from each other, especially when it comes to parenting or dealing with their children.

I've always maintained that FNL offered a realistic take of how life is...but I just realized that so were the Sopranos. Yes, they can be extremely dysfunctional and emotionally/physically violent towards each other at times, but then there are families like that in real life as well.

Haaay...another good TV show ended.

I miss Uncle Junior already.

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14 June 2007

It's cute but....

.... I did not quite get it. (Me got the dumb!)

Creature Comforts trivia from Wikipedia:
Creature Comforts was originally a 1989 animated short film made in Britain about how animals feel about living in a zoo, and later became a series of commercials for Heat Electric. In 2003 a television series in the same style was released. The original Creature Comforts was conceived and directed by Nick Park, and produced by Aardman Animations featuring the voice acting of the Great British public. In February 2006, it was announced that CBS has commissioned seven episodes of an American version of the show, to feature members of the American public.

Humour pervades all aspects of the series, for example:
- A highly philosophical speech, ironically given by an amoeba.
- An alligator praising her neighbourhood, the sewer.
- Animals being scared of their own terrain (hydrophobic sharks and walruses, birds afraid of heights, etc.)

The series gently mocks the constructed performance sometimes given by members of the general public when being interviewed for television vox-pops and documentaries. This includes the attempts to present a cogent but simple conclusive answer to a general question — a sound bite — and the attempts to present a cheery spin on a complex issue while the subject attempts to hide their personal issues and problems with the issue.

Ohhhhhhh, now I get it. LOL.


The sound bites are actually funny. It reminds me of those types of people Jay Leno interviews for Jaywalking.

I enjoyed those birds, they're the funniest ones. Here's a couple more with them:

But to run for 30 minutes? That's stretching it a bit too much, yah? I could easily tune out if that's the case. There are clips of the British version in Youtube. This formula works better with the accent me thinks.

Creature Comforts
Season 1 Episode 1 - Animal Magnetism / Secrets & Lies / Pets at the Vet
Original Airing: June 4, 2007
Network: CBS

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12 June 2007

On queue

I've decided to ditch my Lost d/l and just tune to it on AXN Cable. They air back to back episodes of Season 3 on Thursdays at 10-12 PM. Also tuning in to cable for the latest seasons of My Name is Earl & Everybody Hates Chris (both airing on our local Jack TV). I couldn't get around to watching the files I have, so now I just catch it on TV... whenever.

John from Cincinnati premiered the other night on HBO and I'll try to watch the episode later today. I had no idea what it's about until I checked torrents today. I have a feeling I wouldn't like it and my reason may actually border on ridiculous -- I just don't particularly like that it's set in the beach, with the surfer dudes...when it looks a lot like Twin Peaks. Speaking of surfer dudes, Luke Perry is in the cast.

And on to another HBO series --- I've queued The Wire for d/l-ing finally. Have decided to actually check it out now, after reading BJ Novak's blog... who must have received tons of recommendations and got tired of it. In truth, The Wire is a critic's favorite. Now I'd like to find out why. Sometime in the next few days, if I suddenly have this violent tone in my posts....you know I'm already watching this show.

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11 June 2007

Conan's First & Soprano's Last

Ever wondered how Conan O'Brien's very first talk show episode went? I haven't seen this one myself, so I'm quite thrilled at having found this on the net. Look at this dork! Hehe!

Video is about 42 minutes long, may take awhile to load.

In another news....The Sopranos will have their final episode tonight. That's it for the show, their 6 Season run is done. Was pretty much spoiler free for this last season, I have yet to watch it. But come tomorrow, I'm sure it will be all that I'll read in the entertainment section of the news.

Even as I think that the end is just fitting, I'm really gonna miss this show.

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09 June 2007

Life & Journeyman Teasers

Make way for more European invasion...I guess it's because Hugh Laurie is such a hit playing an American doctor, two more non-American actors will lead in their own series this coming September.

"Meet Detective Charlie Crews. Behind him sit tough years of hard prison time for a crime he didn’t commit. Ahead of him lie the challenges of a world that’s moved on without him. Now it’s time to walk through the painful cobwebs of his past and re-enter the scorn-filled halls of a job he loves. It’s no easy task, especially when his reluctant new partner is as jaded as Dani Reese. Charlie’s appreciation for life’s details not only offers up unique insights into each crime, it reminds us of all the little things we take for granted"

I am not exactly optimistic about this show. And I am a fan of Damien Lewis for his work in Band of Brothers. I am not so sure about this one. I'm confused about the teasers...did they attempt to make this one funny? Not buying it.


"Dan Vasser thought he had it all: a loving wife, a great son and a steady job. But life suddenly throws him a curve ball. Dan finds himself traveling into the past with a purpose – impacting people's lives for the better – and sometimes the worse. While doing so, Dan reconnects with Livia Beale, his ex-fiancĂ©e, whom he lost in a mysterious plane crash. Now armed with the knowledge of the present, will he be able to save her? What would that mean to his own future? And how would it change a man who thought he had it all?"

Kevin McKidd was the central character in the HBO series Rome. This time he plays an average American family man. The scene from this teaser looks intense. It felt Soprano-ish for some reason. Hmmm...

These shows will be airing on NBC in September.

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08 June 2007

What made me smile today

With her indulgence, I'd like to borrow Jenny's blog's concept for this particular entry.

When my son arrived from school today, he handed me pieces of paper with these words scribbled on it:
  • Jolly
  • cheerful
  • cute noisy cute
  • creative
  • chobby (which should have been chubby, hehe)
  • makes people laugh
  • reader
  • funny
  • friendly funny
  • smart funny
  • playful
  • funny
  • a generous/comedian person
  • a great person
Turns out they had this activity in school where each pupil would have to anonymously write what they think of their classmates. And apparently, my son's classmates think he's a comedian.

I know my son has a great sense of humor . I just didn't think there would be others who will see what I see; or that my son is already coming to his own, his personality now showing.

And it makes me kinda proud, in a way. I feel I've done part of my mission as his mother. Because I personally love my men funny. And I have tried very much to instill humor in him. (Thank you Friends, Scrubs, Frasier, HIMYM and of course, Spongebob!) Because I believe that a happy person is a stronger person. (Except and unless that person is ridiculously happy... then that person probably 1) had too much sugar 2) has gone mental. Bwaha.)

His dad's reaction though was like this:
My son's the class clown??


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Season Finale - House & Scrubs

Oooh, two Doctor series.

Was able to finish House and Scrubs last week... but wasn't able to write about it... that I now forgot what I wanted to say. Dang it. My mind is blank. I'm trying to recall how their seasons ended. Oohh, wait. Lemme see....

House --- ahhh, the kids are all grown up. Chase was fired. Cameron quit. And Foreman, he resigned three or four episodes back. To be honest, I fell asleep the last 15 minutes of the Season Finale. I had to watch some parts again in the morning but my mind doesn't seem to wanna understand what I saw (which explains why I couldn't remember it). The mood of the episode was different for some reason. House looked contented, even while everywhere around him -- friction. With the three now out of his care (or free from his torment, I suppose), next season he'll have three new doctors to train and we'll have new cast members to love or hate I guess. Best moments for me were the scenes with Wilson, who kept lecturing House about how he handles the other three. You know, really... if Wilson was a woman, she would have to be House's nagging wife.

Scrubs --- Had to do a marathon for this because I missed out at least 6 episodes. So, JD is going to be a father. And it's not quite clear if he loves Kim. It isn't also quite clear if Elliot and him are hooking up. I wasn't quite pleased with the way it ended. Cliffhanger BS. Why does a show always have to end on a bad note? It's true what Carla and Turk said --- JD and Elliot's relationship is becoming similar to Ross & Rachel's. Who's tired of this? *me raising my hand* Well, fortunately for Scrubs, the comedy is still good.

Season 3 Episode 24 - Human Error
Original Airing: May 29, 2007
Network: Fox

Season 6 Episode 22 - My Point of No Return
Original Airing: May 17, 2007
Network: NBC

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07 June 2007


...I was gone and unable to connect to the internet for over a day. And let me tell you how slow "over a day" passes. It was looooooooooooong. I spent the day watching brainless movies because for some reason, there was nothing on TV that interested me. And I felt my IQ dropped way below, below 0 after Mr. Bean's Holiday, Norbit (alright, aminin... yes that was fun!) and the disappointment that is The Contract (Johnny Cusack, baby...why?? Why did you star in that movie?).

Last June 1st, I did say that the second half of this year was gonna be a new leaf for me, a new chapter, a new beginning. I am bent on making the rest of 2007 work for me. Because I'm tired of whining and fretting and sulking. I did say I received good news. And I got another one when I opened my mails yesterday.

So now, I invite you to please join me in another blogsite which I will be tasked to provide updates regularly. It's great to be doing something I really, really enjoy. And if you regularly drop by there, too (read, comment, just don't make fun of me! LOL!)... it would make the task so much easier for me.

TCA Awards 2007

Look it! TV Critics have released their list for Best TV Shows from the recently concluded TV season (2006-2007):


“American Idol” (Fox)
“Friday Night Lights” (NBC)
“Heroes” (NBC)
“Planet Earth” (Discovery)
“The Wire” (HBO)
“When the Levees Broke” (HBO)


“30 Rock” (NBC)
“The Daily Show” (Comedy Central)
“Entourage” (HBO)
“The Office” (NBC)
“Ugly Betty” (ABC)


“Friday Night Lights” (NBC)
“Heroes” (NBC)
“Lost” (ABC)
“The Sopranos” (HBO)
“The Wire” (HBO)


“30 Rock” (NBC)
“Dexter” (Showtime)
“Friday Night Lights” (NBC)
“Heroes” (NBC)
“Ugly Betty” (ABC)

Winners will be announced in July. I am very happy that Friday Night Lights is in almost every category...well, except comedy of course. But I don't see Brothers & Sisters. No love from the critics, eh?

03 June 2007

Pushing Daisies Teaser

Pushing Daisies. They've been calling this show as the one to watch for. It has given crime-solving a new twist, in that it's partly quirky and maybe even romantic.

As its teaser says: it's a forensic fairy tale.

Watch, watch, watch the teaser! I promise, you will like it!

The show will start airing Sept 2007.

In Memoriam 2007

I planned on doing a chronicle of all TV characters who died the past season (2006-2007), but with all the things I had to do outside of my TV bumming (dammit! I miss bumming around!) I scrapped the idea.

Anyway, someone else youtubed a similar idea...except that it wasn't about TV characters per se, but TV shows in general.

Here it is...can you spot all the TV shows you will be missing next season?

In order of appearance:

1. The Black Donnellys
2. Vanished
3. The OC
4. Drive
5. King of Queens
6. Justice
7. Jericho
8. Studio 60
(this hurts me!)
9. Gilmore Girls
10. Smith
(first death)
11. Crossing Jordan
12. [don't recognize it]
13. Close To Home
14. [don't recognize it]
15. Kidnapped
16. [don't recognize it]
17. The Class
18. [don't recognize it]
19. 3 lbs
20. Standoff
21. Knights of Prosperity
22. The Wedding Bells
23. Travelers
24. Runaway
25. Daybreak
26. [don't recognize it]
27. In Case of Emergency
28. The War at Home
29. George Lopez Show
(or something like that)
30. [don't recognize it]
31. [don't recognize it]
32. Seventh Heaven
33. Andy Richter PI
34. The Sopranos
35. [don't recognize it]
36. Rome
(Huhuhu rin!)
37. [forgot the title, don't care]
38. [don't recognize it]
39. Veronica Mars

Back to "Me"

Yesterday, my son and I set off to finish our Friends Marathon. I've seen this show many, many times and I still feel very sad about the ending. Coz of that, I got depressed again . LOL! I plan on doing a Will & Grace marathon next. I have not been able to watch this show from start to finish, so some episodes will be very fresh and very new to me...so very excited for that.
[Emotion meter: SAD and then EXCITED. Roller coaster of emotions here ]


Also saw Traveler's latest episode yesterday. That got me sad, too. (I really should stay away from stuff that bring me down!!) Because as it turns out, the show which I thought would be one big hit, is becoming another Prison Break story. And I've grown tired of premises like that.

[Emotion meter: SAD & BORED. Less of the chase, more of the action please.]


What really made my day was this, from Studio 60:

Which is funny because...for something that supposedly made my day, this one actually made me teary-eyed at the end of the episode. Hehe, sorry....hormones' all crazy.

Anyway, a lot went on in this 3-minute sequence ---> 1) Tom finding out his brother is being held hostage in Iraq; 2) Danny worrying about Jordan's baby, whom she has not felt kick in the last 24 hours; 3) Danny finding out and giving Matt advice on how to stop depending on drugs.

Now, I ask again for the nth time --- why don't a lot of people get the heart of this show?
[Emotion Meter: RIVETED. Me applauding. In front of TV. Looking like Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber]


And on On the Lot, these were my top 3 favorites from last week's challenge: direct a 1-minute comedy clip:

Danger Zone - Zack

Replication Theory - Sam

Getta Rhoom - Jason
[Emotion Meter: Love it. Love it]

01 June 2007

New beginnings

It's June 1. The second half of the year begins and I think mine started fine. I made peace with myself. I received great news. I am now getting myself back together.

Today I will be watching a looooooooooooot of TV and the next days after that.

I'm hopefully back in my groove.

I feel blessed.