03 October 2008

What I'm watching on Tireless Thursdays

It's a good thing there's a presidential debate on today. Normally, I'd be disappointed because a few of my favorites are pre-empted. But I welcome that break. Especially since I haven't had the chance to finish most of Wednesday night's shows. I've been sidetrack by work and household chores.

Thursdays are usually all about The Office, then some Grey's Anatomy but instead we're getting politics tonight. But there are new episodes of Ugly Betty and (I think, not sure) Survivor Gabon. Now these, I can watch sometime during the weekend. And yes, I've gone back to watching Survivor, after giving up the last 8 seasons.

Next week though, three new shows will premiere --- the re-vamped Life on Mars, Kath and Kim and the Eleventh Hour. I'm curious about the last one.

And then of course, 30 Rock comes back at the end of the month. Wheee!