28 April 2007

Two sentences for Two Shows

Peeked at two shows to see what the rave is all about. I'll do my best to sum it up in two sentences:

Dresden Files

Two sentences comment:
It's Charmed, without the Chic Factor but the Cool Dude Factor.
It's Harry Potter for the 30 years old and above.
Dresden Files in detail

PS. Not recommending that you watch this alone. Some parts are creepy!!!

October Road

Two sentences comment:
Not a fan of Dawson's Creek, which is what this show is supposedly like.
Not impressed by the seemingly sharp, but pretentious, dialogues.
October Road in detail

PS. Tom Berenger IS old! I cannot believe how he's aged.

Cone Zone

Fans of Conan O' Brien ought to take note of this:

Tonight, he will be guesting on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. I think that it will be the first time for these two to appear together, so it's one for the books.

Next week, it's Conan's San Francisco special, with the following guests:

Monday: Dana Carvey, Arctic Monkeys
Tuesday: George Lucas, Will Arnett, Chris Isaak
Wednesday: Robin Williams
Thursday: Randy Jackson, Bob Weir & RatDog
Friday: Snoop Dogg, Tom Waits

Note: Philippine Viewers, we are a day ahead of these schedules, ok?

Tune to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with Conan O' Brien on ETC (Skycable), at 11:00 PM and 12:00 MN respectively.

Grey's Anatomy - Season 3 Episode 21 - Desire

How many doctors does it take to heal a penis? Apparently, about 6 and more:

I was not able to get Bailey into the picture, but she's also one of the doctors attending to a VIP patient, played by Xfiles' Mitch Pileggi. The VIP patient is the chairman of the hospital's board of directors, no wonder he is getting special treatment.

This week's Grey's Anatomy episode has once again disappointed me. What is happening to the most promising show of 2005? Eva, one of the patients, says it best:

a comic strip!

I know I've said that about the show some 10 episodes back.

Next week should be something to watch for though, it's the 2-part episode that will introduce the spinoff, Private Practice, starring Kate Walsh (Addison).

Grey's Anatomy
Season 3 Episodes 21 - Desire
Original Air Date: April 26, 2007
Network: ABC

26 April 2007

I interrupt the program for my VisualDNA

This one is really cool! Thanks to Jenny!

Get one for yourself, and let me know about it ha :)

24 April 2007

Gaaak, trouble in the homefront!!

...but not enough trouble to stop me from watching TV! I lost my stay out helper. Yada-yada-yada...move on. :P

For my sanity's sake, I'm taking a breather by blogging and doing TV rounds (haha, parang doctor!)

Got email alerts for TV shows I've been keeping tabs on, and the one TV show I've been waiting for since last year, is finally getting a green light! Whoohoo!

Traveler airs in May, yehey!

Here's my pre-air thoughts.

And here's a YouTube teaser:

The series airs May 30th on ABC.

Wonder which of the boys in this series will jump to Wentworth Miller -slash- resident hunk status.

21 April 2007

Painkiller Jane

Based on a comic book with the same name, Painkiller Jane stars Terminator's Kristanna Loken. I am not familiar with the comic book, nor the other productions before it (there was supposed to be a movie before this).

But I saw a lot of similarities of this TV show in:
  • X-files
  • Alias
  • Bionic Woman
  • Wolverine
  • Other shows that require characters to be "pre-conditioned" to think
and this, like Heroes:

my comic strip!

Mohinder 2.0 even talks like Mohinder. Hehehe!

Synopsis (c/o Wikipedia):

The series stars Loken as Jane Vasco, the titular character. She begins as a DEA agent, where in the course of her work she encounters Andre McBride, who is the leader of a team of agents working for an unspecified government agency. She is forced to join the team after she probes "too far" into their operations. It is then revealed that the team's mission is to identify and neutralize "neuros" — "neurological aberrants" — human mutants with supernormal mental powers.

During the pilot episode, Vasco discovers that she, too, has superhuman abilities — supernormal recuperative powers bordering on invulnerability. This is realized when she is pushed from a forty story window to her apparent death, only to later revive and then recover completely. However, she still feels the pain of her injuries before they heal. The team's doctor, Carpenter, identifies her abilities as not like those of the neuros they track, but "something else".
Jane (or Kristanna Loken) kicks butt.

The show on the other hand needs to, uhh, butt-flex or something, it doesn't have a tight story just yet. (Get it? Butt = tight. Tight butt. Kicks butt. Ah, forget it!)

Painkiller Jane
Season 1
Original Airing: April 13, 2007
Network: Sci-Fi Channel (on American Cable)

Brothers and Sisters Primer

I drafted this in my blog months ago... And since it will be on local TV soon, via Studio23. It's time to publish this.


In all honesty, I would’ve not expected I’d like Brothers and Sisters. Give me a ridiculously funny sitcom or ridiculously mysterious action series I can obsess about anytime, I’d bite it. But a sappy family story? Normally, I’d have to think twice. I rarely stick to a show that’s purely drama, not unless I’m fond of the actors in it or if it involves conspiracy theories or have doctor-characters named House.

But with every viewing of B & S, I discovered that the show keeps getting better and better and better and better. And that's no BS (bullshit).

Just when I call the last episode I’ve seen as “the best episode yet”, the one that will follow it the next week, would raise its bar even higher.

This is Quality TV, a reason why, for all its sappiness, it's one of the shows on my favorite list.

I’ve been raving about this Brothers & Sisters for quite sometime now and realized I haven’t done a very good introduction of what it’s all about. So, better late than never, here is a Brothers and Sisters primer.

What is it about?

Obviously, it is about brothers and sisters. It is about a family dealing with family issues.

What is it like?

It could be a lot like your family. Brothers and Sisters may strike something very familiar in all of us. Each one of us relates to a family member we either love or hate or both. The highs and lows the characters in this show represent real people we interact with daily.

How many episodes so far?

19 as of April 15. The season first aired in September 24, 2006. It has been confirmed to return a second season in September 2007.

Why would I watch it?

As Sally Field said in an interview:

Family - You love them, you hate them. You want to get away from them and then you're completely drawn back to them. They're where you go when anything is wrong. You really want to talk to them and, when they call on the phone, they're the last people on earth you want to talk to. All the other television shows are about, you know, the friends who come together and form a family. Or the coworkers who come together and form a family. But we haven't seen in a very long time a show that really is about how complicated family really is.

- When Brothers and Sisters first aired for a test audience in the summer of 2006, they didn’t like a lot of what the show was about. So a major overhaul was done… actors and storylines were changed. The change turned out for the better. While the show is not a constant favorite among viewers, it has however, a very loyal fanbase and has for the first time appeared in the Top 20, ratings-wise, last January 2007. It continues to be a consistent Top 40 rater. Not bad for a show that had its production problems.
- It is produced by people who’ve brought you Alias and Everwood.


Nora Walker
The Mother
(Played by Sally Field)

Nora is very opinionated and seems to be a meddler. In spite that, she is a very devoted wife and mother. She remains loyal to her (now deceased) husband even though she is aware of his indecencies.

The First Born
(Played by Rachel Griffiths)

Sarah, aside from the eldest of five, is also the Corporate Vice-President of the family business. She juggles handling her family’s corporate affairs with motherhood. She has a teenage stepson and a daughter who is sick (diabetes I think).

The Second Child
(Played by Calista Flockhart)

She was a former right-wing radio host turned TV host/political analyst; a favorite of her father who doesn't seem to get along with her mother before (they clash a lot of the times with their opinion on many things) but is building a good relationship with her now.

The Middle Child
(Played by Balthazar Getty)

He also works in the family business. He knows of his father's affairs even before the dad died. He and his wife are working on having a baby, they have been childless for so long.

The Fourth Child
(Played by Kevin Rhys)

Kevin is a lawyer and is openly gay. He is often the voice of reason for the family. He is also looking into the possibility of getting involved with a guy and finding love.

The Youngest
(Played by Dave Annable)

Justin, being the youngest, is treated as the baby. He is also the most problematic child. At the start of the show, we see Justin as an addict who seems to have no direction in life. But he once served his country in the war in Iraq and is ordered to go back to service, after drug rehabilitation.

The extended family:

The Uncle
(Played by Ron Rifkin)

Uncle Saul is their mother's brother. He is also part of the family business. He has been aware his brother-in-law had a mistress and it was hinted in the show that he also liked the mistress.

The Sister in Law
(Played by Sarah Jane Morris)

Tommy's wife. She's your typical in-law, an outsider who tries her best to deal with the crazy Walker family but isn't really so into the craziness.

The Brother-in-Law
(Played by John Pyper-Ferguson)

He is Sarah's husband. He has a son from another marriage whom Sarah is now taking care of. He is a musician. It is hinted that there is a problem with his marriage to Sarah, because he seems to have a wandering eye. In the last episode of April 15, it was also hinted that he kissed his wife's half-sister.

Senator McAllister
The Boss
(Played by Rob Lowe)

Rob was an addition to the cast. I'm not sure if he was originally part of the cast. He plays Kitty's boss and boyfriend.

Holly Harper
The Other Woman
(played by Patricia Wettig)

This is the reason why you don't see her on Prison Break. She plays the role perfectly. Kinda bitchy, but kind of in the right place, I know that's to hard to understand but I get her role. Holly has never told her daughter who her father is until only recently.

Rebecca Harper
The Illegitimate Daughter
(played by Emily Van Camp)

Rebecca, upon realizing she is a part of another family, wants to build a relationship with them, albeit uncomfortably. She has a very good relationship with the Walker's youngest - Justin. Her eldest sister Sarah is trying to reach out to her. Kitty though does not want a relationship with her. She is accepted with reservation in the Walker household, so to speak.

If this were Philippine TV, I'd describe it best as your telenovela, without the baduy factor (let's be honest) or the absurdities of an American daytime soap opera.

Other commentaries on B & S:

Entry 1
Entry 2
Entry 3
Entry 4
Entry 5

Brothers & Sisters
Season 1
Network: ABC

19 April 2007

I interrupt the program...for the funnies!


Tawa muna tayo...Good ol' Pinoy Humor...something inspired me to do this entry tonight.

Anyway, sometime last year when the hubby was still learning his way into photography, he decided to hop into our car and head to the outskirts of Antipolo with my son and I. Someone told him there was a beautiful landscape out there. And while that is true, we discovered something even more interesting.....

I think the Fab Five of the Future will come from this school.


And I just had to color the words Fab Five in fabulous furfle (purple) for emphasis, ano ha? I actually miss the Fab Five. I mean, I watch their show on ETC, but those episodes are still from 2005, I think.

Anyway, not very far from Cabading is this school:

Alright. If you can't hack it at Queer Academy, maybe you're more the tambay-sa-kanto type? Tagay na!

By the way, the Antipolo outskirts is actually so provincial --- no cellphone signal, no Meralco lamp post, no other cars on the road except ours, people live in nipa huts, merong palayan na may kalabaw. Yes, it will remind you too much of this: Colin & Christie on TAR (My Ox is broken!). And I was so in the "Magtanim ay di biro...." mode the whole trip. I actually liked the feeling. Simple living.


Yesterday, I was visiting a friend in Marikina and saw something that was really quite funny. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture it on my phone cam. [Tsk! Maybe next week.]

It was a campaign banner of Prospero Pichay, the guy running for senator, whose slogan is "Itanim sa Senado" (Pichay=petchay, the vegetable you plant =itamin). But that's not the funny part.

Beside Pichay's banner was another banner of a local boy running for Councilor. He goes by the name - Boy Bolok. Okay, you can laugh a little now. It's hilarious how someone is named this way! Tunog graduate ng Inuman Elementary School eh. Haha! But that is still not the funny part.

With their banners beside each other, it read like this:

Itanim sa Senado | Bolok

Now that's funny!


Speaking of political campaigns. You know what my favorite political ad is? I was hoping to get one on YouTube but it's not there yet. It's actually the ad for Tito Sotto and it's not that annoying taxi lady, but the one with Vic & Joey walking from the backstage to the front of the Studio, with Tito Sotto following them at the end.

It reminded me a lot of the directing style of TV director Tommy Schlamme, who is known for this "walk and talk":

[Schlamme] developed the “walk and talk” on Sports Night and then mastered it on The West Wing. The shot—which features two or more actors moving from one location to another on the set, often from one office to another via a hallway—has become a Schlamme signature.
Schlamme's signature style is also very, very, very evident on Studio 60. -> I miss this show!


And with this, I now close this entry with this cute smiley I found while looking for smiley's:

^ This little guy reminds me of Conan O'Brien:

Love it.

18 April 2007

Dharma & Mom

Look who came to see the Walkers in Brothers & Sisters!

It's Dharma! And Dharma's....err..mom-in law. :-/ Except that in this show, they play mother and daughter.

It's uncanny how B&S have casted these two former family members from the show Dharma and Greg :
  • Jenna Elfman: plays Lizzy, the Walker's childhood playmate, about Kitty's (Calista Flockheart) age, now pregnant with her 5th child (Kitty has 0 children) and is happily married to Ken, Kitty's former high school boyfriend. Haha!
  • Susan Sullivan: plays Miranda Jones, mother of Lizzy and 4 other kids (just like Norma Walker, mother of 5 children). On Dharma and Greg, by the way, Susan Sullivan's character was named Kitty!
And as their family name implies (Jones), the Walkers have to always "keep up with the Joneses"! That phrase was never so true in this episode of Brothers and Sisters, as they (Walkers) decide to hold Game Night, a tradition they shared with their neighbors back in the old days. A tradition which has turned into a serious competition, to prove who exactly is the better family.

This short recap from TWoP:
Tonight's A plot is, of course, Game Night. The Walkers have a Game Night rivalry -- and I mean a rivalry; both families have jerseys, and there's a trophy involved -- with the Jones family. The Jones family is, as one Walker puts it, "the bizarro Walkers," with five grown kids the same ages as the Walker siblings (the Kitty analog, Lizzie, is played quite hilariously by Jenna Elfman), and the competition is as fierce and passive-aggressive as you'd expect.

Catch Brothers & Sisters locally on Studio 23 - coming soon!
Search my blog for more anecdotes about this drama series.

Brothers & Sisters
Season 1 Episode 19 - Game Night
Original Airing: April 15, 2007
Network: ABC

15 April 2007


What do you get when you create a TV show that has the mysterious elements of Lost and the excitement of The Amazing Race? Except that in the case of this TV show, if and when a racer comes in last, the losing player would still receive a penalty in a form of elimination --- not his, but someone else's. The losing player would have to eliminate another player by killing him or doing something illegal.

Start your engines...it's time to watch Drive.

I know I know, it does sound preposterous and absurd. But with the kind of shows we are offered today, where absurdity is most likely one of the main ingredients, the concept of this show shouldn't be surprising. And especially not when this series is from Fox (the TV network to bring you some of the most absurd storylines ever --- e.g. 24 and Prison Break).

Here's the gist of Drive:
A group of contestants--some of them coerced--compete in an illegal, mysterious, cross-country road race for a $32 million prize.
How much is it like Lost? Well, here's one dialogue between two of the characters:

Mysterious Girl: I heard stories, rumors of how they actually coerced people into playing, never actually believed it.
Alex (Nathan Fillon): Who are THEY?
Mysterious Girl: No one knows, no one asks, they make it so you don't ask.

They were instructed not to tell the police and they were probably threatened with everything you can imagine. They really had no choice, it seems.

How much of it is like The Amazing Race? Well, aside from the fact that they do have to avoid coming in last, at the end of each race, someone greets them at the pit stop. And he's no Phil Koeghan.

He's like the corporate mascot or something. And there are plenty of "THEM" mingling with the racers, serving as the eyes and ears for the people behind this race.

Other interesting characters include:

The Half-Brothers (reminds me of Scofield and Linc, actually)

The gang from Clueless :)

Lindsay Lohan and Dad (haha!)

The Desperate Housewife, who had the unfortunate luck of coming in last in the first pitstop, so now she's tasked to kill someone (for $32Million, and the fact that THEY might threaten to take away her newborn).

Drive comes to TV as a replacement to Prison Break which just ended their 2nd Season. With two episodes already out for Drive, I'm sticking around for more. Give it a shot, Fox!

Season 1
Original Airing: April 15, 20007
Network: Fox

14 April 2007

It was so good, I was lost for words

So I was doing this: while watching this:

And I went like this: on some really emotional scenes.

When the show was over I was feeling like this: because...well, it's over. And there is no news of a Season 2 yet.

So if you're an FNL fan, head to this site and sign the petition for Season 2.

This show, this Peabody Awardee and one of American Film Institute's best new TV show of the season, greatly deserves a second year.

Friday Night Lights
Season 1 - Season Finale
Network: NBC
Original Airing: April 12, 2007

13 April 2007

House, were you channeling me??

I'm supposed to be working, but I had to take a break [sorry, boss! Just recharging! :D].

I went to get updates on some TV shows, as I've been skipping quite a lot. [Imagine, I've only watched a total of 3 TV shows this week!!! 2 American Idols and one episode of Jeopardy. Huhuhu!]

Anyway, I read on one site that ---------- HOUSE SPOKE TAGALOG!!! I haven't seen it yet, it was supposed to have happened in this week's episode. He supposedly said some random Tagalog stuff (that I will have to see later, tonight if possible) but just reading about it, haaaay..... whatever he was supposed to say, to me that already means, "Mindy mahal kita!" Wheeeeeeeeee! :)

I wanna do this to House (Hugh Laurie) --->

Tapos season ender pa ng Friday Night Lights this week, haaaay ulit!

Excited na ako manood!!!

Now, I can't get back to work mode! LOL!


An update (4-14-2007)

I've seen the episode and this is what House said:

Although, it wasn't so much that he was saying "delicious", which is the Tagalog word for what he (seemingly) said - "Sarap". In this scene, the word sarap (or what sounded like it) is used as a noun, not an adjective. It's the name of the dish he would like to eat on that flight. And I don't know what that dish is. :)

11 April 2007

Weeds on ETC 2nd Ave

This was the show I was talking about in one of my previous posts --- WEEDS. ETC 2nd Ave is bringing it on Pinoy Cable.

What's interesting about it? It's quirky. It's like Desperate Housewives, with pot. And really, there IS pot! The main character is a suburban mom, who sells weeds for a living. She has to, it pays all the bills so she can keep living in their nice house without her kids having to make sacrfices. She has guidelines for selling though, she sells only to those who can afford to pay and no kid clients.

I actually only saw Season 1 sometime 2005, when it first aired. But I haven't been able to follow up on Season 2. Season 3 begins this Summer in the States.

And to see just how quirky it is, here's the opening sequence of a Weeds episode:

09 April 2007

This is the best news ever!

Band of Brothers was one of TV's best mini-series (evaaah!). And because it was a mini series, it only had 10 episodes, and that was it. Bitin!

5 years after it aired on HBO, there's buzz of Spielberg and Tom Hanks (who did BoB) collaborating once again for another WWII inspired epic.

This news made my eyes light up!

Australia poised to score $150m deal for epic war series

April 8, 2007

THE multimillion dollar sequel to Steven Spielberg's acclaimed World War II series, Band Of Brothers, is bound for Australia. Production of the sequel, titled The Pacific, is expected to be confirmed this month. With a budget of more than $150 million, the 10-part series is the most expensive ever made in Australia.

While the producers - Home Box Office, Tom Hanks's Playtone and Spielberg's DreamWorks - have not made an official comment about The Pacific, they have set up a production office in Melbourne and commenced casting. The cameras are expected to start rolling in August, with locations to include Far North Queensland, Melbourne and the Northern Territory.

The sequel to Band Of Brothers focuses on the US involvement in the war in the Pacific and is anticipated to be based in Australia for close to a year.

It will employ about 280 Australian actors, including almost 20 male leads and at least 250 in supporting roles or as extras. Producers have chosen to base the series at Melbourne's Central City Studios over Sydney's Fox Studios or Warner Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast. AusFilm chief executive officer Mark Woods said a production as big as The Pacific would be a significant boost to the Australian film business.

"A production of the size and scale of The Pacific shooting in Australia would transform the local film industry," he said. "It is a huge production. If it does end up based here, it would be very exciting."

Australia has lobbied heavily for The Pacific to be based here.

I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! But I have no choice but to wait, LOL! What will be more interesting about this is, The Pacific will surely have a Philippine mention, because that's OUR story of the war.

In the meantime, here's a BoB clip I got off Youtube. Watch it please:

That intro gets me everytime. *sniff* Nakakadala ang music.

08 April 2007


I wish I had a phone with 3G, but this entry isn't about that. :D My 3Gs consist of literally, three G's --- Giving Up, Goodbye's & Getting to Know.

I've decided I will stop watching...
- Andy Barker, PI: I tried to like the show because this was Conan O'Brien's production. He was behind it and if you're a regular at this blog, you know that I love the Cone Zone. But, Andy Barker, sadly, I cannot love. The show is a bore-fest. Andy Barker is Funny's cousin, Not Funny (copyright Monica Chander, Friends).
- The Riches: Save for Eddie Izzard, who I think is someone who should be given other shows on TV, I couldn't also seem to love The Riches, after 3-4 viewings. Alright, the premise is interesting, in that really odd way. But it just got sooooo odd that it started losing me. I saw shades of Weeds in the show, and I would much rather watch Weeds instead of this.

- The Wedding Bells: The show will only last 6 episodes, Fox has decided to axe it. And that was bound to happen, the show did not exactly start in the right footing. What surprises me about it though was that, for all it's cliches, I was beginning to enjoy the show. LOL!
- The Sopranos: It's final season will begin in a couple of days. There will be 9 episodes for this and thereafter, the mob family will finally disappear with the fishes. I could say I'd be missing it, but I'm one of those who think this show should already end. In honor of one of the best shows on TV, later today, I will be watching my favorite Sopranos episode on DVD, Season 3's Pine Barrens.
- Friday Night Lights: For the time being at least, until they return for another season (and I don't think I've heard anything yet...did I miss the announcement?). This week will be their last episode for Season 1.

- Wonderfalls: It's an old TV Series from 2003, one that Star World even aired early last year. I was able to catch some episodes but didn't realize there were several episodes more I've missed.
- Drive: It starts in a week. I cannot wait!

07 April 2007

My Top 5 TV Girls

It's list time!

I have come to realize that unlike movies, challenging roles for women on TV are still limited. At least from the ones I've been watching. The women are usually characterized as the weaker sex or just the second fiddle to the leading man, with their neurosis and insecurities, and this insentient need to find the answers to what is wrong with them or with their life.

But, all the same, I've had the great pleasure of knowing some very interesting women of TV for this season. Women who, in some ways, I've found bits and pieces of myself in their characters.

Girl power, Top 5:

At #5
Jenna Fisher
as Pam Beesly
The Office
Can be seen via Star World or JackTV

Her Ganda Points: Sense of Humor. Quick-witted and smart. Very Pretty.

I like the character, Pam, because she's a very basic, the no-fuss type. And yet she commands the people around her, without them realizing it. She's nice but naughty. She's very confident in that non-threatening way.

I also enjoy the rapport between her and her Boss, wherein sometimes, she thinks better than her Boss.

I relate to the love story angle the show has given her character.

At #4
Amanda Peet
as Jordan McDeere
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Can be seen via ETC 2nd Ave.

Her Ganda Points: Sense of Humor. Brains. Beauty. Balls.

As the President of a TV Network, it's hard to be in Jordan McDeere's shoes. But she makes it look easy. In the process, Jordan has even gotten pregnant and has fallen in love.

Women executive types appeal to me because I have this thing for control (hehe!). Plus Amanda Peet characterizes her in a way that she's not the bitchy boss in the office, in fact, she's the boss-friend.

She also makes surprising decisions, which fortunately for her, always works. Like I said, the women has balls. I wish I had half that guts.

At #3
Sally Field
as Nora Walker
Brothers & Sisters
Can be seen soon via Studio23

Her Ganda Points: Very motherly. Very concerned. Very...all over the place. :D

What can I say about Nora Walker? She's such a crazy character, someone I imagine I would be when I turn 50. Mother of 5, devoted housewife, she tries to be friends with her kids but they still see her as mom. And sometimes she carries mothering too far and treats them like babies, even as they have their own problems to fix.

Nora is full of drama. Normally, I'd be miffed with people like that. But because I can relate to the drama of her life, being a dotting, meddling mom like her :D, I feel the things she goes through. I feel it when she cries or when she's happy.

Yup, that would be me. I'd be Nora Walker when I'm 50.

At #2
Connie Britton
as Tami Taylor
Friday Night Lights
Can be seen via ETC

Her Ganda Points: She's Nora Walker-lite. :) Has a sexy body. Has a sexy mind.

I like how Tami is such a strong character and yet not so strong that she overpowers her husband. I like that she can stand beside her husband, let him be the star and support him, while she does very wonderful things herself.

I like the way she reads people and as her character is a high school guidance counselor, I like the manner in which she imparts her advice to the kids. I like her understanding nature.

I envy her beautiful body! LOL! I have nothing like that body! And I like her thick southern drawl.

At #1
Kate Walsh
as Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery
Grey's Anatomy (and soon, Private Practice)
Can be seen via Star World and Studio23

Her Ganda Points: Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

I admit I have a crush on her. She's so stunning.

Her character is also something else. Well-bred, well-educated, well-rounded, but there's no arrogance about her.

What's interesting is she's also very flawed and makes no qualms about her flaws. This gives Addison's character some depth and room for improvement.

She's perfect in that not so perfect way, so very human.

Also see ---> My Top 5 TV McDreamy's

Peabody Awards Winners

The following were chosen by Peabody as this season's best TV shows:

  • Brotherhood, Showtime
    Uniformly splendid acting and a strong sense of place characterize this serial drama about two Providence, R.I. brothers, a rising politician and a smalltime gangster, and their morally compromised pursuits of the American dream.
  • Scrubs, NBC
    A sweet-and-pungent "Wizard of Oz" parody was just one testimonial to the continuing creative vigor, six seasons into its run, of Bill Lawrence`s hellzapoppin` comedy about the staff of a Los Angeles hospital.
  • Ugly Betty, ABC
    Inspired by an internationally popular telenovela, this Americanized version defies category. It`s part comedy, part drama, part soap opera, part fashion-industry satire – but is unmistakably graced with wry intelligence and heart.
  • Friday Night Lights, NBC
    No dramatic series, broadcast or cable, is more grounded in contemporary American reality than this clear eyed serial about the hopes, dreams, livelihoods and egos intertwined with the fate of high-school football in a Texas town.
  • The Office, NBC
    This American adaptation of the Peabody-winning British hit of the same title -- a comedy of workplace manners and politics presented in faux documentary form -- has firmly established its own precise voice and studied brilliance.

I only have one question to ask..... What?? No HOUSE?! >:(

06 April 2007


I just discovered I placed this on my profile:

I am 250 years old! Hahaha! No wonder my vision's kinda blurry. :D *edits done* There, it reflects my real age now. :)

Yes, that's how old I really am. 33. Old enough to know I cannot make excuses for sometimes acting and thinking stupid things. And yet I still do! LOL! Not so old enough to claim I know things. I just know a few things. I know I can speak about a few things.

Sucks to be 33. Jesus was 33 when he died. And coincidentally, that's today.



Saw House earlier. The episode was, as usual, great.... but I'm so distracted by this girlie crush I have on Hugh Laurie, *heart* *heart* Bwahaha! So leave me be and let me just daydream for awhile. And if I restore my brain function, I might just talk about the episode. :) But, really, I'd rather dream of Hugh..... *heart* *heart* ulit!

Watch the latest episode of The Shield, Season 6 - Finished half of it last night, hindi ko na kinaya, felt sleepy
Watch the first 3 episodes of Tudors
Watch the latest episode of Andy Barker PI
Watch the latest episode of FNL
Watch the latest episode of 30 Rock
Watch the latest episode of The Office
Watch the latest episode of In Case of Emergency

Watch the latest episode of The Riches
Catch up on :
- 6 Episodes of 24 Season 6
- 6 Episodes of Prison Break Season 2
- 6 Episodes of Lost, Season 3

Alright..... based on this list, I ought to be heading off to catch up on my TV Watching. I have this thing, this OC need for finishing tasks, even the unimportant ones. When I see a list, it has to be crossed off!

So off I go now!

04 April 2007

To be honest, I have not been watching a lot!

I have missed this blog! Mwah! Mwah! :D I'm still getting used to a completely new schedule. And to be honest, I have not been able to watch a lot, even if I wanted to. But I really can't complain.

Anyway, some TV stuff now...

Brothers & Sisters
All In The Family

This week's episode of Brothers & Sisters reminded me of the story of La Greta's daughter Dominique (indulge me for a bit of gossip for minute!). La Greta is Gretchen Barretto, a local celebrity. If we are to believe the story, Dominique's paternal grandmother was supposed to have pulled one strand from her hair so that grandma can test for paternity. Grandma was said to have been doubting that Dominque was her son's child and therefore, an heiress to an empire.

Anyway, in Brother's and Sisters, we find the male siblings doing a Grandma. A well-kept family secret, their long lost youngest sister, Rebecca, has resurfaced after 20 years and the boys wanted proof she was their father's daughter. So they sheepishly pulled a strand from her hair. . . sister caught it, questioned the motive, and everybody started blaming everybody.

You would think that Rebecca, who witnessed this crazy Walker family dynamics for the first time, would end up regretting the decision to finally meet her half-siblings. But she went home, and then told her mom (the mistress), who have sheltered her about her status all her life, that she was robbed of a family, of something just as crazy as the Walkers. *sniff*

I'm beginning to like the newest addition. Rebecca, played by the lovely Emily Van Camp, has given this series a better spin.

I wonder when Studio 23, or any cable channel for that matter, begins airing this.


Speaking of cable channels, we finally have ETC 2nd Ave. And the only show I've been currently watching there for the last three days was Jeopardy! because the ones they have are shows that I have either watched (so then I already know what it is about); or have wanted to watch from the beginning (but since I couldn't, under the circumstances, I had to forego it). Anyway, I saw previews of a new TV show, I just forgot what it was....

Over on ETC they premiered The Class this week, Monday 8 PM. I caught it by chance. Here's what I wrote about the show sometime July last year:

Why it will be hit: All signs point to it being not (a hit). On top of the annoying laugh track, the comedy is old school sitcom style, one that's alreadygetting outdated.

But I tell you what, seeing the premiere episode again made me change my mind. The show is, as I have said, not a hit, I still maintain that. But for some reason, the wind has changed and I quite enjoyed watching the pilot again the other day. I will now dutifully tune to ETC every week to watch it.

The Class is followed by another series (which I'm also giving a second chance), How I Met Your Mother .

ETC and ETC 2nd Ave affiliate, JackTV, has began Season 3 of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It's one of those underrated TV comedies that not a lot of people watch but should. It's good I caught the show tonight, while channel surfing. I thought they only had two seasons.



Hidden Palms will finally premiere this summer, May 30. Here's something I said about it months before:

Desperate Housewives meets OC meets Dawson's Creek. Three series I no longer watch or have never watched. Suprisingly, I found myself liking Hidden Palms.

And a look at an upcoming TV series, Private Practice, starring a favorite TV Heroine, Addison Montgomery:

Following her recent disastrous romantic misfortunes, Addison travels to Santa Monica, Calif., to seek advice from her old medical school pals, Naomi (Merrin Dungey) and Jackson (Taye Diggs) whom she believes have it all: a beautiful teenage daughter, a great marriage and a highly successful health cooperative.

Addison quickly learns that Jackson, also a successful TV health guru, has divorced Naomi. During the visit, Addison also meets the rest of the gang at the cooperative: a widowed alternative medicine doctor, a self-doubting therapist, and a male gynecologist who knows little about women, and realizes she is on familiar ground. Addison concludes that the personal lives of the people around her may be a mess, but professionally they stand out. (Sounds like those crazy interns, right?) So she decides to leave Seattle Grace behind and join the Oceanside Wellness Group team.

Other Cast: Chris Lowell ("Veronica Mars"), Amy Brenneman ("Judging Amy"), Tim Daly ("The Nine") and Paul Adelstein ("Prison Break")

Her show will pilot this April.


Watch the latest episode of The Shield, Season 6
Watch the current episode of House, Season 3
Watch the first 3 episodes of Tudors
Catch up on :
  • 6 Episodes of 24 Season 6
  • 6 Episodes of Prison Break Season 2
  • 6 Episodes of Lost, Season 3

01 April 2007

April Fools

Happy April Fools!

I took this quiz today and got this result:

Can You Spot the Fake TV Pilots?

Your results
Seasoned Executive
You know that sometimes the real pitches just sound made up.

Ahh, shucks! It helped that I did a lot of reading before I stumbled on this quiz. :)


I previously said that today, I will begin to draw positive energy and think good thoughts. I do actually feel a lot optimistic now. My Sunday began right. There was no cloud over my head. And when I wasn't looking nor expecting, it all just came pouring.

I am grateful...:)