30 June 2008

Futurama: Beast with the Billion Backs and Bender's Big Score

Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs Futurama - Bender\'s Big Score

Beast with a Billion Backs and Bender's Big Score are Futurama direct-to-video movie releases. It's two of the four movies the creators of Futurama has released two years after the show was canceled by Fox.

Beast with a Billion Backs was largely about Fry falling in love with the planet Yuvo. I mean, literally falling in love, like romantic partners.

Bender's Big Score was about time-traveling, it confused the hell out of me coz Fry (and Bender) was zapping to and from the future, he eventually met his other self. He turned out to be Leela's boyfriend/husband.

I don't remember Futurama ever having such twisted story lines. My son and I kept glancing at each other with the "Can you believe how silly this is?" look on our faces.

But it was silly in a good...fun...my-kind-of-twisted humor way. Futurama's team of writers are crazy-imaginative, it's wonderful.

29 June 2008

Sex and the City The Movie

I've finally seen the girls' movie...

Long, long movie.
Felt like four TV episodes.

Fun, if you're a fan.
I cried. I was touched.

Did not expect it to be a cinematic masterpiece.
But where were all those witty retorts? Writing was a bit dull.

The girls, except for one (Charlotte), changed a lot in four years...
...Miranda got angrier.
...Samantha didn't get any.
...Carrie acted 22.

Big is a bad man. Bad, bad man.
He deserved the bouquet beating.
(I've always been on Team Aidan.)

My mid-day felt so girlie, I think am gonna go and watch lots of Futurama now.

28 June 2008

My Boys Does Project Runway

Funny scene!

The boys from My Boys compete ala Project Runway, when they bet each other they couldn't make a decent shirt from scratch. The winner will get free booze for one month.

Look at their fabulous creations. Bwaha!

27 June 2008

Should I give Mad Men a second chance?

I've got a feeling Mad Men will sweep the Emmy's (but I'm rooting for Lost!). I've seen the first two-three episodes and I get why it's quality programming. But I've not been a fan.

Should I give Mad Men a second chance?

Emmy Race: The Official Top 10 List

I have been waiting for the release of this list since yesterday. When it came in my inbox a couple of minutes ago, my heart thumped irregularly --- something I think I'd only feel if I just won a million dollars or I received an astounding marriage proposal from Hugh Laurie. It officially seals it: I need to get a life outside of TV!

Anyway, here is why this Top 10 list is significant:
This weekend judging panels will convene at the academy's headquarters in North Hollywood plus the Beverly Hilton Hotel to screen sample episodes submitted by contenders as examples of their best work from the past TV season. Judges will rank the entries 1 (best) to 10, then accountants will combine their scores on an equal 50/50 basis with results of the orginal popular vote to determine the five nominees, which will be announced on July 17. | Via GoldDerby

Whatever TV show comes up on the Top 5 will be the official nominees for Emmy's 2008 (to be awarded in mid-Sept).

"Curb Your Enthusiasm"
"Family Guy"
"Flight of the Conchords"
"The Office"
"Pushing Daisies"
"30 Rock"
"Two and a Half Men"
"Ugly Betty"

"Boston Legal"
"Friday Night Lights"
"Grey’s Anatomy"
"Mad Men"
"The Tudors"
"The Wire"

Noticeable: No Heroes. Family Guy, animated series.

Tidbit: Lost submitted the episode "The Constant" bringing its chances of winning Best Drama WAY UP --- I'm literally getting goosebumps!.

26 June 2008

America does Takeshi's Castle

They're only discovering the wacky Japanese game(?) show format now, thanks to, I guess, clips from Youtube. Except they made it into their own and calls it Wipeout, which premiered the other day:

Us on the other hand? We still get to watch the original Takeshi's Castle every weekends noontime with Joey De Leon and a score of other celebrities doing the commentaries.

One thing though, people allowing themselves to look funny and silly on TV? Pathetically funny only in Japanese. In any other language or setting? It just doesn't work. This version of Takeshi's is C-O-R-N-Y!

Wipeout is an Endemol production. I hope the local channel, ABS CBN - which has a good relationship with Endemol, won't get any ideas and buys a franchise.

Stick with the Japanese original.

25 June 2008

How do you say Colbert?

Note to Maxxx on Skycable --- It's pronounced Stephen "Colberrrrr" in "The Colberrrrr Reporrrr". No, seriously. That's how he calls his show and that's how his name is uttered. Your female voice-over, the one doing the promos? She says "Col-BERT".

It's not entirely her mistake though. The first time I heard of him, I instantly thought the same, too. Stephen Colbert. As in Cole-Bert, it's simple phoenetics. No one would think it should sound French. And technically it IS Cole-bert. But the man prefers to drop the T. So, he's Stephen Colberrr.

And well, it really shouldn't be big deal except --- it's being promoted on Skycable's Maxxx channel a lot. And the lady voice-over says it more than three times: Stephen Coal-bert in The Coal-bert Report. Stephen Coal-bert in The Coal-bert Report. Stephen Coal-bert in The Coal-bert Report.

It's Beverly Hills Ninety-Two-Ten all over again. Remember this? In the late 80's/early 90's ABS CBN was airing this show and the voice promo for 90210 pronounced it as "ninety-two-ten".

To this day, that's how I call it. I see the numbers and immediately my mind reads it: "ninety-two-ten"; when actually, as everyone knows by now --- it's Nine-Oh-Two-One-Oh.

Promos do a lot for recall. At least get it right.

Pilot Watch: Leverage

Leverage leads with Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People, Nero Wolfe) and is executive-produced by Dean Devlin and John Rogers. It also stars Aldis Hodge, Beth Riesgraf, Christian Kane, Gina Bellman.

Heist show anyone?

Leverage is about a team of lawbreakers who were first brought together for a heist job where they successfully steal plans from an airline company.

When it turns out that the one who hired them, a corporate bureaucrat, didn't have plans of paying them, the team goes on the offensive and brings the bureaucrat and his company down.

Realizing they can make a lot of money off it, and in the process really pounce on the big fishes (such as those criminals in business suits), these freelancers, who're really used to working alone, have decide to work together and use their skills to go after the rich and powerful oppressors. (Why can't someone come up with the same idea and go after Meralco?)

The pilot episode is directed by Dean Devlin, a Filipino-American.

What I liked about it:
  • Heist jobs! The A-Team, Mission Impossible, Ocean's 11... Who doesn't find stories like this exciting?
  • The obvious stereotypes in the cast --- we've got a hacker (Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison), a professional thief (Beth Riesgraf as Parker) and a thug (Christian Spencer as Eliot Kane). It's a heist job, what should you expect?
  • Stories like this must be a mix of popcorn fun fare and a smart elaborately written set up. These elements have to marry together properly. Did it have any spark? Oh, yes. I think Leverage is electrifying.
  • Gina Bellman as the grifter/actress, Sophie. Gina Bellman! She finally breaking into American TV? Love her. Love her range as an actress.
What I don't like about it:
  • I'm still not warming up to two characters, it's the last two guys in the photo above --- the retriever specialist (also known as the bouncer, the thug) and the tech guy (the hacker who is giving me a Chris Tucker vibe). Might take a few episodes more before I can finally say I like 'em.
Watchin' it or ditchin' it? WATCHING IT! I have another show to look forward to from the crop of new series debuting this September.

Leverage will air on TNT (CableTV) in the US.

24 June 2008

You know what happens when you watch too much TV?



I woke up with a migraine. I'm going to sleep with a migraine for sure. It's been on and off the whole day. Stepped out of the house to see a bit of sunshine. The light? It hurt my eyes. My migraine escalated.

Sleeping early at 10 PM.

Will talk TV tomorrow.


23 June 2008

Currently Watching - West Wing, Fallen, Will and Grace, Starters Wife and a couple of Fall TV Previews

This doesn't exactly mean I've got a lot of time on my hands right now, because let me tell you --- I have my hands full with work, the household, overseeing my son's school work, yadda, yadda, yadda. But I suddenly find myself able to squeeze in watching TV shows I have not previously seen in full before. How did that happen? Why is my afternoon a lot less chaotic? That I can sit around and drool at the screen for hours? This isn't a complaint. I'm just wondering where all these free hours spring from?

Okay. Maybe... I've got my schedule down to pat and so everything is a breeze, like clockwork... and so I can work at giving a lot of time for myself; or I AM actually forgetting something important, something I should be doing but didn't. And the consequence of this shall fall down on me hard later; I might not be able to recover immediately.

The second one sounds scarier. But whatever. Pfft. All this TV watching? My tiny little TV fried brain doesn't wanna bother analyzing anymore.

I'm watching and I'm happy! I'm a satisfied junkie.

So, there.

I'm currently enjoying a dose of:
  • The West Wing - My first time to EVER take a peek at this show. This has been on my watch list since...forever. I followed Studio 60 last season (love!) and it always was referenced to West Wing. First impressions? I was dizzy from the camera work! That's all I can say so far, I've only seen a couple of it.
  • Fallen - I was rather curious about this mini-series because of ads that were running in our local channel Studio 23. Fallen angels --- that's always been an interesting mythology to me. The show is a lot like Smallville. I'm glad it's just a short 6 episode series.
  • Will and Grace - This was always on cable TV but truthfully? I think I've only seen less than 30 episodes out of a hundred plus plus. W & G was also on my watch list like forever...I'm finally going to know how this one ended. Well, I did Wiki(pedia) up and spoiled myself.
  • The Starter Wife - It was something I started watching last summer, I'm just picking up where I left off. And what good timing too since the show, originally just meant as a mini-series, has been renewed for a second season.
I had also just seen the previews for two upcoming Fall shows --- Pretty/Handsome and Raising The Bar. I did not bother writing separate entries for them. I can tell your right here --- I'll pass on these.

Pretty/Handsome stars brilliant actors like Joseph Fiennes and Carrie Ann Moss and is from the creator of Nip/Tuck, I believe. It's a story about a married man and father who is coming out of the closet. He's not just going gay, he's a transsexual. I think it has all the right elements to becoming a very compelling drama series. I wouldn't be surprised if it receives critical acclaim. But it's not my kind of show, so I'll pass.

Raising The Bar is a story about lawyers from Steven Bochco (NYPD Blue). I think it has a good story, but none of the actors, with the exception of Jane Kaczmarek, will make me want to watch some more of it.

Hookey. Time to go back and watch some more.

22 June 2008

Psych: Ebony and Ivory

Psych is a TV show I don't tune to regularly, but I do sit down and watch it whenever I catch it on cable TV.

Their new promo, with two leads singing to Ebony and Ivory, is now running everywhere.

In this otherwise very dreary and stormy Sunday morning here in Manila, watching this puts a big smile on my face. :)

Check it out:

21 June 2008

Pilot Watch: Do Not Disturb

Originally entitled, "The Inn", Do Not Disturb stars Brando Eaton ("Zoey 101"), Jesse Tyler Ferguson ("The Class") , Niecy Nash ("Reno: 911"), Jerry O'Connell (Carpoolers), Jolene Purdy ("Donnie Darko") and Molly Stanton ("Passions"). Jason Bateman is director.

I'm on board anything Jason Bateman does. So, when I read of news that he's going to go behind the scenes for the comedy, The Inn (now Do Not Disturb), I went "Whoo-hooo!"

Do Not Disturb revolves around hotel staff members working at The Inn. The hotel has been picked as one of New York's "10 Best Places to Stay".

Neal (Jerry O'Connel), is the ambitious, egotistical hotel manager who takes credit for why the hotel made it to the Top 10 list. He's responsible for its reputation as a sophisticated celebrity watering hole. Neal's standards are high; so much so that he only assigns high heeled mannequin looking personnels on the upper floor (front desk and lobby), while his fat and not-so-good looking staff members are all down at the basement.

In contrast, Rhonda (Niecy Nash) is the Human Resources head who has a different work ethic as Neil. She supports the staffers' over-all welfare and is a bit of a den mother to them.

The rest of the cast includes:
  • the aging model / front desk clerk who works starves herself to keep her figure (UPSTAIRS STAFF)
  • the young and naive bellboy who was hired to help guests because he's got a cute face and a nice body; and he doesn't like what he does (UPSTAIRS STAFF)
  • the eager reservations clerk who longs to be at the front desk so she can meet famous people and be discovered (DOWNSTAIRS STAFF)
  • the head of housekeeping who's gay and nosey. (DOWNSTAIRS STAFF)
What I like about it:
  • Strong actors, strong characters. I'm most familiar with Jerry O'Connel, who I last saw on last year's Carpoolers, so I know what to expect from him. I am a lot surprised with Niecy Nash --- she makes her character so likeable, I just want to be Rhonda's co-worker. With her --- why am I thinking Emmy Comedy award all of a sudden?
  • Some okay writing. On more than three occasions, I was laughing at the punchline. My favorite was ---- "I can't tell how old black people are..." when Jason the bellboy calls Rhonda "Miss Pete" and she tells him she's not old enough to be addressed as a "Miss".
  • The story's premise is established very well.
What I don't like about it:
  • Laugh tracks.
  • Cliches.
Watchin' it or ditchin' it? It's decent enough. Though, I suspect this won't be the funniest new comedy I will see this season, it is going on my Watch List.

For Jason Bateman's first directorial job? It's not so bad, really.

19 June 2008

Pilot Watch: Life on Mars (USA)

Originally a BBC series, The USA version of "Life on Mars" stars Jason O' Mara ("Men in Trees") as Sam Tyler, a 21st century detective who, after an accident, mysteriously wakes up in 1972.

Having previously seen some episodes of the British original, I have quite a biased view of this American adaptation.

As it is, the British version takes plots to unravel forever. The upside is, at least the character dialogues are smart and witty.

The American version is a lot slower...and droning. It's a waste of my time. What was on my mind the whole time I was watching this was --- "Journeyman. Journeyman was better. Why the heck did they cancel Journeyman!?"

Fortunately, the screener I saw isn't the final one.

Just this week, Life on Mars (US) is taking a HUGE change, a couple of months before it is expected to air. From the LA setting, Mars is moving to New York. Scripts are being rewritten and actors are being replaced (except for Irish actor Jason O' Mara). Even David E. Kelley, I read, is no longer the show runner.

If you ask me though, I think Jason O' Mara is the weakest link here. For one thing, he talks in one tone, how boring is that? I am not sure he is the right actor for Sam.

Will the changes make Mars a better show come September?

18 June 2008

Superfriends and F*R*I*E*N*D*S

What would happen if you cross Superfriends with FRIENDS? It would look something like this:

What is up with Chuck in Season 2?

Here's what I've read from spoiler sites so far...
  • Bryce (Matthew Boomer) will be back for at least one episode (yummy!). He will enlist the help of Chuck and Sarah.Chuck will be all green-eyed. And I am hoping there's another kick-ass fighting sequence with Sarah and Bryce, like last time!
  • Tony Hale (Arrested Development) is joining the cast; he will be Buy More's new assistant manager, Emmett. Yey for Tony Hale!
  • Sarah is getting a new job cover. She will also encounter an old high school classmate, where Chuck will discover, Sarah isn't really her real name.
  • Michael Clark Duncan (The Green Mile) will guest star as the baddie.

17 June 2008

The Middleman

Torchwood copycat! Oops my mistake, The Middleman is actually based on a comic book so if it isn't a copy of one thing, it's an adaptation of something else.

What is it about? How does the above photo strike you? Does it remind you of anything? Does it remind you of this? ------------->

Because it is, in a way, quite like Men In Black.

The Middleman (Matt Keesler) is that guy who's responsible for going after aliens, androids, monsters and creatures under our bed. The Middleman says they are real but thanks to The Middleman, we don't really encounter them.

Joining him is his sidekick, this Tina Fey look-a-like The Middleman recruits in this first episode.

Wendy Watson (Natalie Morales) is an office temp who has big dreams of becoming an artist. While working at a lab as a receptionist, an explosion ensues and Wendy is attacked by a monster blob. Wendy doesn't flinch at the sight of it, but instead stabs the blob with whatever office item she grabs hold of.

Enter The Middleman, ready to save the day. He operates rather quickly and tells Wendy she can never tell anyone he was there.

Later, he tries to recruit Wendy into whatever it is that The Middleman does. For according to him, Wendy has the eye for their kind of thing.

What I like about it: All the snark, all the campy-ness, all the sarcasm, all the repartee between The Middleman and Wendy.
Wendy: I gotta ask something...
The Middleman: Yeah?
Wendy: How can a former Navy Seal not cuss? I mean, you're all "darn" and "jeepers"... what's up with that?
The Middleman: Profanity cheapens the soul and weakens the line..
Wendy: But maybe....every once in a while you can let out a..."!@#$!" or "!@#%$#^"
The Middleman: You kiss your mother with that mouth? Huh, garbage mouth? Yes, you...
What I don't like about it: I'm not really sold on the comic-book sci-fi series genre, not quite. The show is fun to watch but with this type of story... my attention retention is a lot similar to that of a 3 year old.

Watchin' it or ditchin' it? If there's nothing good to watch, then this would be my first pick. If I want to watch TV just for the sake of "hanging out", without needing to analyze stories and plots, or cry too much or laugh too much, this would be one of my choices. If I happen to catch it on cable sometime, then I will watch it.

The Middleman began airing June 16 on ABC Family (USA). It will run for the whole summer of 2008.

Pilot Watch: A first look at True Blood

The above is the concept for True Blood's title sequence. It looks stunning doesn't it? Unfortunately, "stunning" stops right there; because half-way through this vampire series from HBO...I fell asleep.

What is it about? Written and directed by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under), True Blood is a TV series adaptation of the book by Charlaine Harris. I've never read the book (can't you figure it out by now? I'm a couch potato!) but the TV show did not hold my interest (I did mention I fell asleep, right?)

The series stars Anna Paquin as the telepathic Sookie Stackhouse. The setting is post-Katrina New Orleans and vampires are regarded by society as common people walking down the street. They have "come out of the coffin". They're still a mystery, they are still feared (especially when they show their fangs right back at ya), but they are regular Joes doing groceries or having a cup of something at a diner somewhere.

From what I saw, Sookie --- who is fascinated by vampires --- attempts to rescue one she meets for the first time from regular people draining the blood out of him (vampire blood is worth thousands, apparently).

I also saw a vampire having sex with a woman...and it's like watching Wile E. Cayote on overdrive, fast forward to 16X.

And then, as I'm mentioning this for the third time --- I fell asleep. In between watching the series, I just got really bored by the story. The characters look, act and sound so much a like, it was not easy to follow (and besides, the story is all over the place). Was it trying to be dark? Funny? Erotic?

Some fifteen minutes later, I got up from my catnap and stopped what was playing.

So, I don't really know how the pilot episode played out...and I don't wanna find out.

Watchin' it or ditchin it? Without even blinking, this one's for ditchin'.

True Blood will premiere in September on HBO. Along with Anna Paquin, the series also stars British actor Stephen Moyer, with Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell and Brook Kerr.

In the story, "TRU BLOOD" is synthetic blood developed by the Japanese and is sold as a "beer drink", allowing vampires to walk around town like regular people.

Who's adopted on Heroes?

...other than Claire, that is?

From E!
Claire is not the only character on the show who is adopted. And the next adoption twist is perhaps my favorite twist ever on this show. You know how sometimes those silly promo guys say things like "It will change everything?" Well this one actually will.

Peter Petrelli?

So that they can pull a Brothers and Sisters on this one and have Claire Bear and Peter fall in love? Like in real life? Isn't that bad writing or what?

Secret Diary of A Call Girl

Secret Diary of A Call Girl is a British Series that will begin airing on Showtime (USA) this week. It stars Billie Piper, who has a cult following among fans of the sci-fi series, Dr. Who.

Based on "The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl by Belle De Jour" who is a real person with a real blog about her escapades, the series achieved critical success in the UK.

Watchin' it or ditchin' it?

First off --- I have been watching it straight, I'm done with the first season. All eight thirty minute-episodes of it flew by so fast, I did not expect to finish the series in one sitting.

What is it about: Hannah Baxter's family and friends think she's a legal secretary in an international firm that lets her work crazy hours. The truth, and she narrates this on the first two minutes of the pilot, is that she is whore.

Going by the name Belle de Jour to her clients, Hannah is a highly priced London call girl who does what she does not because she is poor or has a sorry past she's trying to overcome. She does what she does because she loves sex and she loves money, plain and simple.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl is not a dark tale. It's not an exposé. It's not an inside look at a prostitute's psyche. There are no sexually transmitted diseases, no battery, no women murdered, no drugs and no policemen in this story. This is what Carrie Bradshaw's story would have been, had Carrie Bradshaw been an actual prostitute (or Samantha's more like it).

What I like about it:
  • It's a candid look at the oldest profession in the world. Light and humorous.
  • Billie Piper and her character- Belle/Hannah. She is both funny and sexy; smart and sassy. She shares the secrets to her trade while animatedly talking to the audience via the camera, she hooks you in.
  • The clients and the supporting cast in Belle's trade. They are normal, average people with quirks, making the series all the more funnier.
  • The montages, this being the story of a call girl, you will see plenty of it. You see privates here and there...The shots are provocative alright, bordering on soft porn. But, heck, they're part of the appeal of this show. It's still tasteful not trashy.
What I don't like about it: I did not notice the time while watching the first season, and that only means I was having fun the whole time so, what's not to like?

Good Reviews:
Entertainment Weekly
TV Guide

Bad Reviews:
Baltimore Sun
Philadelphia Inquirer

15 June 2008

Pilot Watch: A first look at Fringe

Fringe is the newest JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias) series that will premiere in September. It stars Australian import Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek), Lance Reddick (The Wire, Lost), John Noble (Lord of the Rings), Mark Valley (Boston Legal) and Kirk Acevedo (Band of Brothers).

Watchin' it or ditchin it?

When I first read of Fringe, instantly I thought of The X Files. But after watching the pilot screener, I can't say the same anymore.

What is it about? (SPOILER ALERT) An airplane full of passengers lands at the Logan Airport in Boston, but everyone is dead. The passengers have been fully exposed to what seems like a chemical. It ate up their skin, leaving their bodies to melt away.

FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) is asked to report to the scene to investigate. She has just come from a romantic getaway with secret boyfriend, Agent John Scott (Mark Valley), who has just confessed that he loves her. He is also eventually called to the crime scene.

Later, Agent Dunham is asked to check a lead with Agent Scott and while there, something bad happens to him. Desperate to help her boyfriend out, Agent Dunham sought the help of a genius scientist, Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble), who is housed in a mental institution. He seems to be the only one who knows the answers to what happened to the plane and what will cure her boyfriend. But in order to be able to talk to Dr. Bishop, Dunham has to have his next of kin with her; which meant she has to contact Peter (Joshua Jackson), his estranged son who has an IQ of 190 but is somewhat of a conman.

What follows is a story of pseudoscience, conspiracy, betrayal and suspense.The mythology of the series has been laid out from the very beginning, building a solid foundation to what I think will be this season's biggest new series.

What I like about it:
  • With a budget of 10 Million for the pilot episode alone, they sure didn't scrimp the on special effects. It's a big spectacle, this TV series.
  • Fringe may come off as a horror-thriller but surprisingly, it also has humor, mostly coming from Dr. Bishop.
  • Anna Torv radiates on the screen, the Cate Blanchett of TV. She is extremely likeable.
  • The chemistry between all the actors is noticeable. This appears to be an ensemble well put together.
What I don't like about it:
  • Some of the dialogues are pure cheese! I kinda expected a witty Sawyer-like one liner or a Hurley quip that will make me laugh out loud....they tried, but it did not quite get there.
  • The motivation for Agent Dunham was....to help her boyfriend out. What is up with that?
What it has been compared to: Initially, The X Files. But since it's a series from JJ Abrams, (Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman; directed by Alex Graves) it has been compared to Alias and Lost as well.

Verdict: Definitely watchin' and wanting more.

14 June 2008

The one with that reunion rumor...

Courtney, Courtney, Courtney... I miss your friends, too: Courteney Cox Wants to Star in a Movie Version of 'Friends'

But I am with David on this one: No Friends reunited for Ross

Why ruin a beautiful, tearful but perfect TV ending? Unless they do the movie documentary style? That might work. I would love that.

There's that 'S' word again....

After the three-month Writers' Strike last year, TV may be in for another one if a settlement isn't reached.

The actors are currently in negotiation with the studios (AMPTP). The deadline set is June 30th.

What's getting ugly is, if reports are to be believed, the actors' unions themselves (there's more than one, I learned) are fighting amongst each other, making it impossible for deals to be ironed out before the deadline.

However, this report could be another ploy by the other camp the actors are negotiating with... "to distract from core issues and attempt to sow dissension." (Deadline Hollywood)

Whatever the case, if there is no deal after June 30th, what's gonna happen?

THR outlines today the current scenario:
  • "24" -- the show most impacted by the writers strike as its seventh season was scrapped by Fox -- is the best prepared to weather a SAG strike. With 12 episodes already in the can and the two-hour prequel set to wrap production by month's end, "24" is certain to air a full season. --- YEY! STRIKE PROOF!
  • Multicamera sitcoms that were the first primetime series to go dark immediately after the beginning of the writers walkout are among the most strike-proof. Some of them, including Fox's " 'Til Death" and CBS' "Rules of Engagement" and "Project Gary,".... HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Flight of the Conchords," the CW's "Reaper" and CBS' "Harper's Island." --- YEY! STRIKE PROOF!
  • About two dozen broadcast series -- including "Heroes," "House," "Bones," "My Name Is Earl," "ER," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "CSI: NY," "Criminal Minds," "Brothers & Sisters," "Chuck," "Dirty Sexy Money" and "Life" -- will have episodes in the can by July 1 as some stayed in continuous production or resumed shooting quickly because of the fallout of the writers strike. --- YEY! SEMI STRIKE PROOF!
  • But there will be no finished product of such heavyweights as "Grey's Anatomy," "Desperate Housewives," "CSI: Miami" and "The Office," prompting speculation that networks might consider pushing the start of the 2008-09 season if there is a long SAG strike. --- BOO!!!!!
  • Most broadcast pilots, whose production was delayed until after the upfronts, are expected to wrap production by month's end. --- YEY! SEMI STRIKE PROOF!
It doesn't look so bad from a viewers' standpoint. Except I'm concerned for The Office.

And how long will the strike be, how many episodes are in the can?

What's your stand about this strike? I can sympathize with the writers. Coming up with a decent, entertaining, original idea for a television show is hard...so they do deserve to negotiate for better compensation harder.

Is it the same case for actors? They also do hard work, an acting job isn't easy. But the question is --- do actors really need to hardball for more money?

If they strike --- stars can still afford to live way beyond their means, right? But the writers and the production crew that they work with will render themselves jobless immediately and a second time around while the strike is ongoing.

It's not the same fight, I think.

13 June 2008

So, I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance...

... and the lady judge? Mary Murphy?

She actually makes sense; gives good comments, helpful comments. At least a notch helpful than Paula does on American Idol. But by golly, how she delivers them? She reminds me of Phoebe Buffay pretending to be Joey's Agent, Regina Filange. She sounds crazy but watching and listening to her is so entertaining!

This is my first season watching and it's been so fun so far. I ditched the audition rounds though.

I don't care for mistakes and missteps these dancers make --- I could not even tell the difference. They are all amazing and talented!

My favorite this week, Katee and Joshua dancing to "No Air":

Meet Jack Bauer's latest headache...

It's Angelina's Daddy!

Yep, Jon Voight is going to play villain in 24 Season 7. The show will have a 2hour prequel in November, but the series will run in 2009.

So watch your back, Jack!

12 June 2008

Yummy hotness...

...this guy is!

Burn Notice Season 2
Premieres Thursday, July 10 at 10/9c through Thursday, September 18.

And Tricia Helfer's joining, too! And she's one smokin' chick. Burn Notice Season 2 should be hawwt! Hot. Hot!

Photo courtesy of SpoilerTV.

Follow me on Twitter

After 337+++ days, my Twitter is back on my main blog.

337+++ days and 20 twits ago, I could not figure out its purpose and dismissed it as a useless tool, a nuisance.

So I stopped using it.

I stopped because (cue wah, wah, wah music) --- I don't have a lot of online friends to twitter with then, so who was I gonna be following and who was gonna follow me?

I also stopped because I'm wary of my privacy --- which explains why I have no online album nor a video scandal somewhere (bwaha!). It also explains why I've limited writing personal stuff to cryptic entries or entries that won't haunt me 2 years from now because I've blabbed too much.

If my life, as evident in my blog entries, seems to revolve around TV (and Hollywood) since those are mostly what I blog about, then now you know why.

It took my 10 year old boy to lecture me on sharing TFI (too much information) online. And back then, Twitter was TFI (it still is!).

But if that's how I feel about twittering, then why am I back on it? Why now, when Twitter's been doing badly (according to Mashable)?

Because, (still according to Mashable) Twitter, as a microblogging tool, is the best tool out there for bloggers like me. Twittering will help me with work --- like catching up on TV news using the right keywords; increasing viewership for those blogs I write that depend on big traffic; or following some of my favorite well-known TV critics/celebrities and learning news from them first and first-hand (feeling close, naks!).

And also, I'm loving Twitter now because I'm loving my really nifty browser, Flock. This one has made my online activities so much more efficient! I can search the bowels of the internet faster with it!

Here's a screen cap of my Twitter Friends on my browser (see left bar). There you are, Twitter Followers!:

I follow them with just one click. And they can follow me while I pimp my blog entries (haha! Ooops, of course I promise to use Twitter rightfully by not spamming!)

So, there.

If you are twittering, here's my profile and I will make sure to add yours.

Heavy pimpage...

If I haven't repeated myself enough or if this is your first time on this site... just so you know, I also keep another TV Blog over here.

11 June 2008

Oh, say can you see...

I love what this person wrote about singing the National Anthem before a sports event. And though he was speaking about their National Anthem, I feel the same for when our singers here butcher our Lupang Hinirang.
The National Anthem is not a five-minute blues number.

It is not a Mariah Carey overwrought teen power ballad complete with runs and riffs and “yeahs” inserted in the middle. Whitney did it. You will never top it. Don’t try.

The National Anthem is not a song that needs a “hook”. Or your own “personal signature”.

It is not a sultry torch song. Do not use it to impress the chicks. The Star Spangled Banner is not catnip for horny women.

Hear ye, hear ye.

This morning (night time if you're on the other side of the world), David Cook, American Idol, sang the National Anthem at the NBA. Cookie sounded really, really tired...but to his credit, he did not attempt any voice calisthenics and just sang it as it should be. He looked rather serious, even.

Maybe the guy who wrote that (a TV writer and producer) said the same thing to Cookie and he listened? :)

Movie: Kung Fu Panda

I'm gonna go and see this movie a second time! Originally written on my Multiply...which is turning out to be my movie blog.


How fun was this movie!? My 10 year old kept on laughing and laughing and I had a big grin on my face the whole time, my facial muscles are sore!

I love:
- that Jack Black dialed down the crazy. Hence he was effectively funnier as Po.
- the design, the animation: stunning! This rightfully falls on our BluRay wishlist, once it's released.
- the fighting sequence: awesome! I have been craving for a good action movie to watch. I did not expect this movie would be my answer. My son tells me, he read that this movie was inspired by Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle and I definitely saw that.
- that there was hardly any pop-culture reference. Sometime those jokes don't work. This movie did not need any of those to make it relevant and funny.

Some Taoist (?) elements that went unnoticeable:
- The townsfolk? I think my son asked me this three times in the middle of the movie ---- why is everyone else characterized as pigs, ducks and bunnies? But the heroes of the movie are all fierce creatures? I don't know the exact answer to that, but maybe that's the reason why they are warriors? The meek domesticated animals, regular town people (represented by cute bunnies, clueless pigs and daffy looking fowls) rely on them for protection?
- Po is motivated by food and had to be trained to think about food, which sends the wrong message to those watching the film, if you look at it. And I did not know this too...but a few days back my son related to me --- pandas do nothing but eat most of the time. (See, I am so not smarter than a 6th grader!). It's like, that's their talent. Po's motivation makes sense...in a way. You think?

Master Oogway said --- "One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it". And that is why .... there are no accidents.

The final battle scene reminded me of Tekken: Panda vs. King.

If you didn't stay long to watch the credits, here's what you missed:

10 June 2008

I can't make sense of this Heroes Season 3 spoiler!

It's bad enough I have to pick my brains out watching Lost. Now, I've got to do the same for Heroes!

Season 3 scoop:
...in the first three minutes one of the lead heroes is going to bust a cap off at one of the other lead heroes. And oh yeah, the guy she pulls the trigger on just might be the guy she's playing tonsil hockey with in real life.

She also tells him (on cam), "I always loved you." Whaaa?! Figured it out?

Oh, and even more shocking? We're gonna see Claire-bear with dark hair and this also involves a shift in time.

Unoriginal...but it had me at "going to bust a cap off, in the first three minutes". I do wanna watch some superhero action. Lots of it!

Via E!

09 June 2008

Guess who is getting her own music album? (And which Idol is dropping by NBA?)

Heroes Cheerleader ---- Hayden Panettiere!

Did you know she can sing? I didn't. So, I quickly Youtube-d her to find out if she's any good.

I found three clips of her singing their National Anthem on three different occasions, that I thought this is all she can sing!

Listen to her: Song 1 | Song 2 | Song 3

She sounds.......young.

Here's the accompanying article about her album's release. The company producing her record is going with an all-out campaign, the works --- "multimillion-dollar ad buy on cable and network TV, a print campaign and a music video." Wow. Her songs better be damn great.

Speaking of the Star-Spangled Banner --- DAVID COOK. SINGING IT. TUES NIGHT (Weds morning in the Phils). NBA. .... Yes, legions of women crying out his name --- I hear your screams!

Although, I've been watching the finals the last two games now, they don't show this part on TV. But one can always find it on you know where...

The Shield set to return Sept 2!

It's a long wait, but at least a date has been confirmed! The Shield's official site lists its final season's return on September 2nd. Whoo!

Can't take Swingtown

No matter how I like these two actors ^ (Jack Davenport and Molly Parker), I really, really cannot get into their new show, Swingtown. I've seen the pilot episode twice. Once last year and then again last week when the series premiered for Summer TV. It's good to know though that it unexpectedly did better than the other show it was up against - Fear Itself (which I didn't watch because it's a suspense series scarier than Supernatural).

Swingtown is about couples in the early 70's who share an open marriage --- that means, they swing from partner to partner with the consent of their spouses.

I'm sure this series is going to be compelling and intriguing. From the looks of the initial offering, it isn't actually badly written. I'm sure it's going to test boundaries of network television.

Jack Davenport and Molly Parker show undeniable chemistry. That should be reason enough for me to continue watching. But I can't. It's too grown up. (This, coming from someone who complains Addison on Private Practice is acting like a teenager!) The premise is just too messed-up for my taste.

But that's no reason for others to not enjoy it. Have a look at this sneak peek and see if the show is something you'd like to watch:

And here's a feature on how the show is making an impact:

School starts tomorrow...

... that means it's time to wake up before 5 AM to prepare my son's meal and baon.

On the other hand, I've long been complaining summer is giving me a reason to slack and work slow. This is the regular schedule I've been waiting for which should allow me to wake up really early to finish my work before 10 am. And then I can just watch and lie down in bed all day after that.


But the first day of school is always stressful. So, good luck to me!

07 June 2008

Long overdue but...

Get well, Kelsey Grammer!
Kelsey Grammer suffers a heart attack.

I finally finished watching the final episode of Back to You. Too bad, the last two episodes were actually of better quality than before...which meant that the show was on its way to improvement when the network decided to yank it off the air. :P

But Kelsey, post cancellation and post heart attack, will be back on TV (hopefully sooner) via the series I can't deny I'm quite eager to watch: Roman Empire. I love the story's idea and it sounds like the role fits Kelsey to a T.

Movie: Grace is Gone, Mongol


I chose to watch this for John Cusack, only my mega-super-ultra favorite movie actor ever.

Expectedly, the film would have to be a sad story. I know I was gonna end up crying since it's about of a father who learns that his (solider) wife has been killed in Iraq and doesn't know how to begin to tell their daughters about it.

I love the film for many reasons.

1. Cusack's great performance, probably the best of his career. For once he tackled the role with caution, restraint and perfect control. As a big fan, I've seen most of his work, even questionable films like Must Love Dog and Ice Harvest, and I could always pinpoint what is typically his acting style. In this film, however, that's all gone. He's so believable as a husband whose heart is aching inside for his daughters. Perhaps my favorite scene of his was him curling up in fetal position and crying himself to sleep.

2. The actresses who played the daughters (Shelan O'Keefe and Gracie Bednarczyk). They were so natural, I didn't think this one felt like work to them. The eldest daughter, Heidi, is 12 years old, wise beyond her years. Early on, she senses that there's something wrong, but doesn't pressure her dad about it. Heidi suffered insomnia ever since their mom was stationed in the war. But she doesn't tell her dad about how she walks the neighborhood at night, pondering the purpose of her mom fighting for their country. Dawn, the eight year old, provides the comic relief. She's cute, but not in that annoying way.

3. The story. It's sincere, so true to life and so moving. Grace is Gone is not just a film about losing someone you love. It's not just about what happens to families because of the war. It's also about parenting, acceptance, growing up and moving forward. Told very simply, with only three central characters for the most part of the film, it sends out a really compelling message each viewer can pick and draw lessons from.

4. The film score....which is a Clint Eastwood masterpiece. I didn't know old Dirty Harry was a musician until this film. He actually earned a Golden Globe nomination for this.

Grace is Gone is a quiet, honest, subtle film. You don't have to be political to understand what the film is. You just have to be human, capable of feeling the impact of losing a loved-one.


I'm not so sure if this is a factual account on the life of Genghis Khan.

Critics called it the Mongolian Braveheart. The Oscars thought it deserved an Academy nomination (Best Foreign Language Film). But to me, it felt like a Lito Lapid movie, only with aesthetically superior visual effects (SUPERIOR!) and great costumes.

Mongol is a freakin' love story, with minor battle scenes. Genghis Khan... lovesick? Who would've thought? Who he was and why he became famous started with his devotion for a woman!

I love a good battle scene, I love hearing blades clashing. The trailer made my mouth water for this. The trailer gave the impression that it was gonna be that awesome (see for yourselves, I have it embed). But upon watching the whole of the film, it felt short of my expectations. The plot felt quite uneven, too. It wasn't as riveting as one would expect; it's Genghis Khan without the wrath.

It's not entirely the production's fault though. In fairness, they did a good job with what material they can gather. I think part of why I found the film to be flawed can be due to time constraints. For how can you tell everything about an important historical figure's life in less than 2 hours?

06 June 2008

Favorite Friend, David Schwimmer directs Little Britain USA

Can I get some David Schwimmer love?

Former Friend, actor and director David Schwimmer is back on TV but is staying behind the scenes as director of Little Britain USA. The show is an adaptation of the BBC comedy sketch which will air on HBO.

Variety reports that the segments Schwimmer has directed had Rosie O'Donnel and Sting as guests.

To get an idea of what type of show Little Britain is, here's a video clip from the original. Although commended for its hilarity, it's the kind of show that's not for everyone's taste. So consider this my warning :) ---

The only nomination that matters to me...

...would have to be the one for the Emmy's. If you're fond of visiting entertainment sites online, you're probably gonna start seeing the banners and wonder what they're for.

TV Studios are rallying up their shows for Emmy voters, consisting of thousands of members working in the television industry, to stop and take notice...and cast their votes. Voting takes place the entire summer (I think) and the winners will be announced in mid-September, just before the new season starts.

In Hollywood --- it's all about how good your marketing machine is. If you're wondering why [name of show] didn't even get nominated when it's "one of the best shows" you know, then this could be part of the answer ---- the show wasn't campaigned hard enough. Even in the entertainment world, it's still about politics.

My favorite campaign would have to be this, a half page ad from Universal (click to see bigger photo):

You can check the campaign website here.

I told you this was serious politics.

Which brings me to this...my list of Top Picks.

But before that though, let me just say that 2007-2008 hasn't been a great year for television with seasons running shorter and very, very uneven. The worst part isn't over. Threats of an Actors Strike is still hanging in the balance. And the after effects? If you're a couch potato, you're still going to feel that spilling over in 2008-2009 since there are only a few noteworthy shows to get excited about --- NBC | ABC | CBS| FOX | CW

Alrght, Top Picks time...

I do have a lot of favorites (and I mean A LOT! I say "favorite" regularly on this blog!) and so I would tend to pick out every show and actor I've seen. But all things considered, this is the list of performances and shows that really made a strong, huge impact on me:

Drama: LOST
Drama Actor Lead: --- (I really wanna put Hugh Laurie but HOUSE hasn't been all good this season, as was he)
Drama Actress Lead: Sally Field, BROTHERS & SISTERS
Drama Actor Supporting: Michael Emerson, LOST
Drama Actress Supporting: --- (I want to say Connie Britton, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS but I really think she was better last season and so much more deserving to win it)

Comedy Actor Lead: Steve Carell, THE OFFICE
Comedy Actress Lead: ---
Comedy Actor Supporting: Chi McBride, PUSHING DAISIES
Comedy Actress Supporting: Kristen Chenoweth, PUSHING DAISIES

If any one of them makes it to the list of nominees and more importantly wins it --- I'd be one very, very happy TV fan!

05 June 2008

I hope we get this on our Cartoon Network channel!


In a nutshell --- it's a lot like Survivor in animation. Originally a Canadian production Cartoon Network (USA) will air this beginning June. It's not the first time this idea has been done though, I mean, doing a reality series parody in animation. About two or three years ago TV had Drawn Together, this wacky animated series from Comedy Central. And it was a parody of Big Brother and MTV's The Real World. I enjoyed its first season, but after that, it just got really kinky. I'm assuming Total Drama Island is a lot more kid-friendly.

Total Drama Island (as per Wiki):
This series is about twenty-two teens who sign up to star on a new reality show similar to Survivor called Total Drama Island. It takes place at a camp called Camp Wawanakwa, located on an island in an unspecified area in Muskoka, Ontario. They are divided into two teams, the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass. Every three days, the losing team would be called to the campfire at night, and the host would pass out marshmallows. Those who had the marshmallows would stay, while the one who did not get a marshmallow would be voted off the island, and have to walk down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, which would take them away. This continues on until one person remains on the island (besides the host of the show and the chef in the mess hall). The last contestant would win a $100,000 prize (which the host is certain the contestant would "blow in a week" as he put it).

04 June 2008

Returning Series: The Mole

Watchin' it or ditchin it'?

You can't call The Mole a new series exactly, since this show first aired a few years ago and was canceled. I never got to watch the first few seasons, with Anderson Cooper as host. This renewed series though has someone else hosting (Jon Kelley). Right off the bat I'd say he's not as gravitating on screen, but I could get used to it.

What I like about it: It's a new reality series I could get addicted to, especially since it's that kind of game which involves, for the most part, the mind --- putting pieces together, observing each other's behavior, deducting from this to form an opinion about that other person.

The mole has to keep his or her identity intact while the rest of them have to expose him or her as early as possible.

Every player is either innocent or the suspect.

So when there is a task that needs to be completed, players have to be on their toes, making sure that they don't act suspicious and be tagged as the mole. At the same time, they also have to keep an eye on the other players and determine who the mole is based on how they played the task.

What I don't like about it: What's up with the journal? And the quizzes? One of them said that the journal was important because they have to make notes about each other. With so many things going on, they could forget important details.

Alright...that sounds like a practical thing to have. Sherlock Holmes had a notebook, too...did he not? But it reminds me so much of high school.

But the quizzes? Boring! That whole 5-10 minutes of it was bland. Can they make it more interesting?

What I can compare it to: It's partly Survivor/Big Brother, minus being stranded on an island or being isolated inside a house. The contestants are whisked off Chile and may be in different locations from time to time.

Contestants "connive" ("alliance" if you're a Survivor viewer). In this series though, the term is "coalition" --- I laughed when I heard that one. I don't know why but it sounded funny to me.

Verdict: Watchin' it and see how the show develops. I have no clue who The Mole is yet and I'm gonna try and play this game and guess, too!

It's time I get into sports...

On the rare times that I tune to basketball on TV...on Friday (Thurs night in the US), I shall be waking up early for this.

After 2 decades, it's Lakers vs Celtics again!

03 June 2008

Pushing Daisies Season 2 Spoilers

Pamparampampam! Pushing Daisies spoilers!

It's just June, I know it's too early to get excited about the show's return. Although I'm sure you'll find this news (spoiler) intriguing --- Olive goes to the nunnery because of the secret she bears! What does that mean?


Or this?

Whohooa! There'd better be some singing!

To read Season 2's first and second episode synopsis, head to the Pushing Daisies site I take care of. It's all there, including the promo clip for the second season.

New Series: In Plain Sight

Watchin' it or ditchin it'?

What I like about it: everything about the character Mary Shannon (played by actress Mary McCormack).

As the main star of the show, she carries this one very well. She is this show's anchor. She's a tough smartass who's got a man for a best friend (actually, also an f--- buddy) but she's also a caring big sister and a compassionate person.

Her job is highly confidential. She's one of the Marshalls for the government's Witness Protection Program. Only her partner and her boss know what she's up to. She can't even talk about work to her family. Nor can she talk to other law enforcers about the status of her witnesses, even if it means cracking their cases.

What I did not like about it: Too many characters introduced in one big episode. The pilot aired for more than an hour. I got introduced, rather immediately, to ---
  • Mary's boss
  • Mary's partner
  • Mary's sister
  • Mary's mother
  • Mary's male best friend/boyfriend (?)
  • The police officer who may have a recurring role, judging by his interest towards Mary
  • A Ukrainian lass under the program
  • A mafia hitman and his family under the program
  • The suspects, about 3 of them
With the boss --- I can't tell in one episode if the boss is fond of Mary romantically or he's just looking for affirmation from her. But he does make an effort to please her.

With the partner --- He does the paperwork and the desk jobs most while Mary is out on the field; it's like their roles are reversed.

With the sister --- Early on the series shows she's a crack addict and will eventually become a big problem for Mary.

With Mary's Mom --- she spoils Mary's younger sister rotten. I believe she's also a drunkard.

What has it been compared to:
Burn Notice, its "brother" series:
  • Because they air on the same network (USA ~ Characters Welcome)
  • The lead stars narrate their stories
  • The lead characters have unorthodox manner in dealing with work

In Plain Sight" was in 5.3 million viewers' sights Sunday night.

The USA Network drama series got off to a good start in its 10-11:16 p.m. debut, becoming the channel's most-watched series premiere since "The 4400" in July 2004.

Compared with more recent USA series bows, "Sight" bested last summer's debut of "Burn Notice" by 32%. "Notice" averaged 4 million in its series premiere June 28, a Thursday. "Sight" also outperformed the Oct. 4 network debut of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (3.8 million) by 40%.

In the key demos, "Sight" averaged 2.3 million adults 18-49 and 2.6 million adults 25-54, according to Nielsen. That's an increase of 16% in 18-49 and 17% in 25-54 over "Notice's" premiere and an increase of 36% in 18-49 and 34% in 25-54 over "Criminal Intent."

USA said "Sight" marked the time period's best performance in the demos since the Season 2 premiere of "4400" in June 2005. In addition, the male/female skew among the key adult demos was nearly even. | THR

Verdict: Watchin' it. With regular season's lull? This seems like a good show to keep watching.

02 June 2008

No Sex

I'm probably the only girl in the block who has not seen this. And apparently it toppled down Indiana Jones in the number 1 spot at the box office! I would never have thought...Indy geeks lost to SATC chicks!

While girls/women were watching this last weekend, I had been watching Sister Act and Babe on DVD with kids who weren't born before these films came out. Sidelight: I was showing my son and nephews what kind of movies we enjoyed back then, starting with the 90's. We're going through 80's movies next. I was thinking of showing them Zapped and Weekend at Bernie's....but I don't wanna be the aunt who pollutes their minds, so I'm left with family movies. Any suggestions? We're going with Goonies and Never Ending Story first.

Back to SATC....so I haven't seen it. But I still had my fair share of SATC entertainment on the internet:

Not in a hurry to line-up for this one, really.

It took me years to get over Carrie and Aidan... meaning, I was pretty much stuck watching the show when Aidan broke up with her. I dreaded the 5th and 6th season. Took me awhile to finish the series. And by then, I was already very tired of Carrie's constant search for true love...and the show's obsession for material things. Ugh, that I really hated.

Glad I changed my mind about Reaper

Reaper CW TVHad started doing a marathon of the Reaper last week. I think I've said this before --- I was previously unimpressed with it. But now? I'm glad there isn't a devil hovering near me, not allowing me to have options. I'm glad I changed my mind. I'm glad for freewill! Haha.

The show is sick! Sick as in, its urban definition. Sick as in, "Yo, this show is crazy sick, man!"

It's about a guy whose soul is already the devil's property and he is stuck working for him for the rest of eternity. His job is to bring back to hell every other sinner that have escaped from it. Sounds like simple story, but it's not all that. You've got to watch it to enjoy it.

My marathon's not done yet but I'm having a great time already. I'm still on the pre-strike episodes and I know that major changes are to be expected halfway into the series. I've read some spoilers but it didn't ruin the excitement for me.

Maybe because Sock's lines are so funny. Maybe coz Sam's cute in that "aww shucks" manner --- and that always gets me. Maybe because they went all out with the effects. Maybe because this show's story is strong and solid.

Whatever it is, I'm enjoying Reaper a lot.

All Lost Finale All Week

Join me over here, as I attempt to tackle the epic that is the two hour finale of Lost, all week.

I hope my mind doesn't go "boom".