29 September 2007

The Office S4 E1: Fun Run

Episode 1 Summary: A freak accident causes Michael to feel the office is cursed. He explores the religious beliefs of his employees before deciding to hold a charity 5K fun run. Meanwhile, further developments in the romances of Pam and Jim, and Dwight and Angela are explored.

*If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM USA Eastern Time*

Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 1 - A Change Is Gonna Come

By the end of the season premiere's episode, Meredith said: The more things change, the more they remain the same.

That's exactly how the episode played out. Even with Addie or Burke gone, things still felt the same. And here I was expecting a show that reflected it's earlier season. You could say I was a wee bit disappointed. The deer scenes with Izzie killed my excitement. Or I really had been reading too many spoilers. :P

The highlights? Pretend you are George and I'll let Christina fill you in:

Christina to George: Severed arm...plus Meredith's half-sister is my intern, Izzie is playing Doctor Doolittle...Oh, and Alex hates your wife.

Derek tells Christina Burke left the hospital two weeks ago. Christina tells him she's fine, that Mer and her are "fine people". But she takes her emotions out on her patient, a dying man who has a wife and kids.

Christina to an unconscious man, she sees as Burke: You cannot leave the people you love and need you....Or just remember that you love them.

I felt for her. A little bit.

Because she has been overlooked for Chief Resident, The Nazi isn't speaking to her boss. She's being a bitch, which I love. She's also not in good terms with the new Chief Resident, Callie, who can't seem to command the respect of her subordinates.

Alex: I'm over Callie's head to Bailey
Christina: Uh, Callie is over Bailey's head (coz she is shorter)
Meredith: Spiritually, Bailey's over everyone's head

Chief tells Bailey, she needs to be in the OR doing surgeries because that's what she does best, rather than bouncing papers and ordering the interns around, which is what Callie's job is.

Meredith and Derek? They broke up. They talked to each other and said they were broken up. Then five seconds after that....they had the break-up kiss and the break-up sex. Have they really broken up?

Also, George finally confesses to Izzie he loves her.

What else has changed then?

And finally, Lexie Grey? She's "some kind of awesome", George tells her. She's the opposite of her dark and twisty half-sister, you can't help but like her character.

For a more detailed recap, this site is one of my favorite reads for that.

My Name is Earl S3 E1 and E2 - My Name is Inmate 28301-016 Part 1 and 2

What prisoners are doing after lights out:

My Name is Earl's prison scenes are much more interesting and so much more realistic than Prison Break these days. And they're doing parodies at that. :P

Ugly Betty S2 E1 - How Betty Gets Her Grieve Back

It was a swirl of plots and sub-plots...but this I expected of a series with these many very interesting characters. And the one thing that really tugged and stayed with me after the episode was done was this:

In spite knowing where Santos (the actor) is heading (watch his other TV series, Shark), it still had me bawling. So, this seals it. Hilda is my favorite Betty character. And I've just become an Ana Ortiz fan.

In other stories...
  • Like her sister, Betty lets go of Henry, who she haven't heard from in the last three weeks. Turns out Henry sent her flowers eons ago, but Amanda never gave those to her.
  • Amanda and her expanding booty confirms she is Faye's daughter from her weird parents. She is now obsessing about getting Bradford Mead's DNA because he is most likely her father. Which means that she may have had sex with her actual half-brother, Daniel. Lots of times.
  • Wilhelmina and Claire gets into a confrontation. Claire punches her eyes and Wilhelmina will have to get protection. (Enter ex-hubby? Rick Fox in the next episode).
  • Mark cross-dresses as Wilhelmina. S/He's cute.
  • Justine knows his/her Coco Channel philosophy.
  • Ignacio is still in Mexico.
  • Daniel is distraught over the accident.
  • Alexis forgets he's a she.
  • Henry is back in NY.

I did mention it was a swirl of plots and sub-plots!

Thursday's ratings (Sept 27)

Thursdays are tough nights to compete at, if you just happen to be part of a TV show. The ratings results:
  • Survivor China (#4) beats Ugly Betty (#6)
  • CSI (#1) beats Grey's Anatomy (#2)
  • Without A Trace was #3
  • New comer Big Shots was in #5
  • Even if they didn't beat the competing shows in their time-slots, The Office (#9) had its most-watched episode and My Name Is Earl did well at #11.
  • Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader ties with Smallville at #12. Although Smallville's viewership dropped by 13% compared to last year's season premiere.

* Some 30-minute shows had hour long episodes this week.

28 September 2007

The ratings so far...

So, how did the season premieres go? We'll tackle Mondays through Wednesdays first and reserve crucial Thursday Night and the rest of the week for another post.

Monday night:
  • Heroes season premiere went up by 10%, compared to last year's first season premiere. It's no surprise, the show is followed by a solid fan base.
  • New comer Chuck did pretty okay.
  • Journeyman has struggled, even more so than when Studio 60 first premiered.
  • How I Met Your Mother fell short. As did Prison Break.
Tuesday night:
  • House drew very big numbers, as expected. This show has been consistently on Top 20 last season.
  • New comer Reaper struggled on CW.
Wednesday night:
  • Private Practice, which takes Lost's original time slot, was down 32% compared to Lost. But it still had solid, decent ratings.
  • Equally decent were the ratings of Bionic Woman and Life. Guess most people had been watching TV Wednesday night.
  • But Bionic beats Practice by a slight margin.

Source: The Futon Critic

27 September 2007

Fall Season Episode Reviews

It's mid-week of fall season's kick-off. I've skipped watching the other episode premieres, since it's been pre-viewed before. Just to recap:
, , , ,

House Season 4 Episode 1 - Alone

Ayayayayay... what just happened? My reaction to House's first episode is surprisingly lukewarm. Was it me or was it House? I am receptive of the changes I've seen. But am not delighted about it. Fortunately, this is just a temporary set up.

In the season opener, House solves a medical case by himself (hence, the episode title --- Alone). Well, alright, not completely by himself. He had help from Dr. Buffer..mwehehe. And I won't say who he really is, it will spoil the surprise. But I've got screen capture:

Anyway....for the most part, House and Wilson, to a great extent, did make the show still worth it.

House: What is El Fuego de l'Amore and why do you need ten of them?
Wilson: It's a...it's a telenovela. I'm learning Spanish.
House: Say "Adios". [deletes TiVo record]
Wilson: Are you erasing my TiVo? House, not the season finale!
House: I don't negotiate with terrorist.
The "terrorist" did this:

Because House was too stubborn to take interviewees in to replace the three ducklings who left last season.

Meantime, they did have a medical case to solve. It's similar to this one. And yes, House successfully figured it all out. And yes, all by himself.... no thanks to Dr. Buffer.

But wouldn't you know it, I may actually miss not having CamForeChase around!

26 September 2007

How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode 1 - Wait For It

How I Met Your Mother's first episode of Season 3 is so going into my blog! Oh, I had a great time. I had been laughing and laughing from start to finish.

When we last saw the group, Ted and Robin had just broken up and Ted was telling Barney how it happened. Barney was excited at the prospect of the both of them becoming each other's wingman again. Until Robin returns from South America with new boyfriend in tow:

Gael: [pronouncing his name to the group] Gael....
Ted: Sorry, Gayle?
Gael: Gael...
Barney: Kyle?
Gael: Gael!
Marshall: Girl?
Robin: It's pronounced --- Guy-El

What went on, in a nutshell....so it's not totally ruined for you.
  • Ted is pissed Robin is "winning the break up".
  • Barney is just so excited at the prospect of Ted and him getting laid again.
  • Lily loves Gael's South American charms.
  • Marshall feels its his obligation to dislike Gael for Ted's benefit but eventually, like Lilly, he also "falls in love" with him.

  • Ted, meantime, meets a baaaaad girl named Amy (Mandy Moore) and Barney doesn't really like her all that much.

  • Ted impulsively hooks up with her and does something he would regret the rest of his life.

As with many HIMYM episodes, there are flashbacks and time shifts. And even hints of "mother" under that yellow umbrella.

So very happy this show is back! And the first episode is really well worth the wait (for it).

"Let's say you could create the perfect sitcom. Start with the chummy New Yorkers of Friends, but have them hang out in the bar from Cheers. Try the experimental structure of The Office, but add the comfort of a laugh track. You'd want the pop culture references of Gilmore Girls, the random in-jokes of Arrested Development, the sweetness of The Wonder Years. Definitely the overstuffed pace of Seinfeld or The Simpsons. Hell, maybe even give it a mystery, for the Lost fans. Impossible, right? Not so fast. This show actually exists. It's called How I Met Your Mother. And it is, to borrow a phrase, awesome. "
- from EW.Com

Heroes Season 2 Episode 1 - Four Months Later

Let's get something out of the way first...

Yes, Peter is alive. And shirtless. Sluuuurp! LOL!

And that's the only thing I can show you...I gave too much away already. :)

Four months later, the Heroes carry on with their lives.

  • Nathan is also alive but not looking very happy. He also needs to get reoriented with a product called Gillette.
  • The Bennetts are now relocated to California and living a new life under a new name. Horned Rimmed Glasses is still working at a "paper company". And Claire is befriended by a cutie in her new high school. The cutie just happens to know how to fly.
  • Hiro's father, together with Ando, who is looking quite dapper in a suit, (Was he ever this cute before?) waits for Hiro to reappear at the place where we last saw all of them.
  • Hiro, as we all know from last season's finale, is transported in the 1600's and meets Kensai, who is not what Hiro was expecting.
  • Parkman is divorced. He and Mohinder live together and has Molly with them. They will eventually have a spin-off called My Two Dads. Haha! (My Two Dad reference). Molly is haunted in her dreams. They stole a line from LOTR: I seeee yoooooouuuuu.
  • Dunno where Micah and his parents are. Dunno where Sylar is. (Previews show them appear in the following episode).
  • But Maya, the first hero introduced this season (among a handful), goes on a killing spree.
I remember reading somewhere that Season 2 will explore their roots and origins, so that means the parents (such as Hiro's dad and Mama Petrelli) will come into play. We see a little bit of that on the first episode.

I'm so apprehensive of that sophomoric slump. But the start shows promise that I could not help applauding in the end.


Australian Idol Top 10 - Disco Night

Eeep. Following last week's disappointing performances, one would think the idols would be stepping it up this week, disco night. But nay, no way, not. It's piss week yet again. On the bright side though, the first touchdown has been scored (see last performance below by Matt Corby).

But I'm still not loving Matt Corby's pants. Ditto his hair. Is there a shortage of combs and brushes in that part of Australia?

Tarisai Vuche — "Hot Stuff" (Donna Summer)

Ben McKenzie — "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" (Michael Jackson)

Mark Da Costa — "Nutbush City Limits" (Tina Turner)

Lana Krost — "Sing It Back" (Moloko) - ELIMINATED

Jacob Butler — "Canned Heat" (Jamiroquai) *No media available but you can watch his disco number on YouTube*

Marty Simpson — "You Sexy Thing" (Hot Chocolate)

Daniel Mifsud — "Miss You" (Rolling Stones)

Carl Riseley — "September" (Earth, Wind And Fire)

Matt Corby — "Got To Get You Into My Life" (Earth, Wind And Fire)

Media Source: Idol Fanatic

24 September 2007

Burn Notice Season Finale, Part 1

My summer TV viewing has officially ended with the finale of Burn Notice. Although, its season run isn't really over. 13 more episodes to this show will be aired next Summer, to complete one full season. (So what do you call a "finale" in the middle of its season run??).

Those who wish to follow this show locally, you can catch it on cable very soon, as Solar Entertainment has listed Burn Notice as one of their new shows next year. Crime/Suspense will probably carry this.

Anyway, I apologize beforehand since I've gotten lazy of writing about a decent recap for Burn Notice's finale. :( But you can read a full episode recap here. It's pretty detailed. ;)

What I really want to talk about is this --- After 12 episodes, I now see who Jeffrey Donovan reminds me of and why he so appeals to me --- Michael Rosenbaum!

Don't agree? Listen to the sound of their voices, the drawl and enunciation:

Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen in Burn Notice:

Michael Rosenbaum in an interview for Smallville:

Plus, they both have similar lips.

Sluuuuuurrrp. :D

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OMG, I'll go crazy!

What I'm watching this week?

PREMIERE WEEK: [date applies to USA viewers]

How I Met Your Mother S3
Chuck S1
Heroes S2
Journeyman S1

Projection: I think I will drop one to two of these after Episode 3

House S4
Reaper S1

Projection: House is a keeper. Reaper looks like it too, but we'll see.

Private Practice S1
Bionic Woman S1
Back To You S1 Episode 2
Life S1

Projection: I've seen Back To You's first episode and it's a keeper. I am behind Pushing Daisies all the way and I have to do more than watching it. The rest of the line-up? Might save episodes for one marathon later but again, we'll see...

The Office S4
Ugly Betty S2
Grey's Anatomy S4
Big Shots S1
My Name is Earl S3
Scrubs S7
30 Rock S2

Projection: Aaaaccck! A heavy week. The Office is a weekly must-watch.


Projection: I dunno yet... but I'm glad FNL isn't until next week. I have time to map out my schedule and take time getting used to it.

Nothing I like is premiering or showing on this night, I can catch up!

Brothers & Sisters S2

Projection: I don't even think about missing this!

- because I just want to watch these shows again or it's the only chance I can catch up

Firefly on C/S 8 PM *highly recommended*
Brothers and Sisters S1 Studio 23 9:30 PM
Nightly talk shows

Australian Idol episodes for the week
The X Factor episodes for the week
Nightly talk shows

WORK for the most part of the day. Random viewing, catching up....
Nightly talk shows

America's Next Top Model S8 on ETC 10 PM
Nightly talk shows

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader on QTV 8:30 PM
Nightly talk shows

Celebrity Duets on GMA 7 6:30 PM
Nightly talk shows

Catch up on what I've missed this week


I missed this one!


Was supposed to go. But I'm running with a herd all week (read: my family's in town). Where one went moo, the others supposedly follow and must not stray (if you have a big family, you must know). Mall tour was part of the agenda, but plans changed as quickly as I changed clothes in a day this week because of several "family events" our herd went to...which reminds me, laundry is piling up. Ugh.

I still have next weekend....E's here for one more week. In the meantime, I've been contented listening to E on the radio.


Playing tag again = Free Desktop View

Read the following like you're out of breath :

TV Premiere week... plenty of new episodes... watching... everything... working on my blogs... stricter criteria for it... challenging to do... relatives in the house... mess...everywhere... driving me crazy... schedule... tight... work and pleasure combined... mind racing... heart racing... body aching... getting tagged... tag, I'm it... whew, slowing down... slowing down...


Note: Tag Starts Here!

My Desktop Free View Instruction:

A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by:
[1] Going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).

[2] Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).

[3] If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.
B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of Icons, things like that.

I wish I had something fancy to show, but my desktop has that "minimalist look" LOL! It's the same for all PC's and laptops in the house and there's only one reason behind this ---- having too many icons on your desktop slows your computer down.

C. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.

I'm tagging:

D. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participants.

iRonnie - I Set No Corner
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and Ems @ Just Let Go and Pieces of Me
Mindy - Too Much TV

22 September 2007

Kid Nation Season 1 Episode 1

Conversations with my 9-year old...

Me: Son, when you're done with homework, I want you to come to our room cause we're watching a show that will help you grasp what responsibility means.

My son: What is it about?

Me: 40 Kids, left alone to be build their own city, with no adults. It's kinda like Survivor or like Big Brother.

My son: Mommy, that's crap. I don't like Reality TV.

Me: Don't think of it as Reality TV first. I want you to observe what the kids are made to do, maybe you'll pick something up.

20 minutes into the show...

My son: Two kids already cried!

Me: How are you liking it so far?

My son: It's okay, I guess.

45 minutes into the show....the kids are asked to compete in four teams.

My son: Ang galing! I love it.

- The first team to finish the task would receive $1 each as their "wage" and will be regarded as the council members, sort of the upper-class. They can pitch in whatever work they would like to do.
- The second team would receive a quarter each and would be the merchants who will have to take care of the stocks and inventory (The kids have a mini-Willie Wonka store to tend to!!! My son's eyes lit up!).
- The third placing team would receive $.10 each and would be the cooks slaving in the kitchen. - The last placers would receive a nickel and they' will be assigned to clean up the rest rooms, the bunks and the kitchen.

I think I got my figures wrong, but you get the idea.

In addition, for finishing the game in less than an hour, the kids are made to choose between 8 additional toilets (since they only have one, shared by 40 kids) or a television set. The kids are made to decide collectively....which is part of the test.

One kid reasons they need the TV since they will need something to do at the end of the day, after the work they have to put into running their little society. Another kid reasons the TV is a distraction and they might not be able to do work...in the meantime, their toilet situation is pretty bad because they all share just one seat. In the end, they went for the toilet, which was the best choice to make.

Me: What would you have chosen?

My son: The TV, of course!


We then watched the council meeting...where one kid is rewarded by the leaders the golden star (worth $20,000) for showing exceptional work in the last week. We also witnessed one kid quitting, an 8 year old who cried earlier because life this place was harder than he had expected saying ---"I'm not old for this ----" [corrects himself] "I wish I was old for this."

After the show...

Me: Did you like it?

My son: Yes!

Me: Did you think it was wrong to leave those kids out there, without the adults?

My son: Nope, they have the cameramen. And Jonathan (the host).

Me: Did you think it was wrong they had to work for themselves, like wash their clothes, prepare breakfast?

My son: Eh, that's what you make me do at home!!!

Me: Would you like to be part of something like that?

My son: Nope

Me: Why, I thought you liked it?

My son: Just the candies and the rewards. Mommy, I read one kid burned himself and two kids accidentally ate something they were not supposed to. That would happen to me! I also don't want to be away from home and my bed. I will be forced to work there so I can eat. Here, you give me a break with the chores.

That reasoning is precisely why I wanted my son to watch the show. Because lately, as echoed by his teachers, he has really been slacking a loooooooooot.

For this parent, Kid Nation, this "social experiment", is something I would've allowed my son to experience. Why? Because sometimes parental persuasion, guidance and influence only go so far. If you're already a parent, you will understand what I'm talking about. There are things your own child needs to learn from other factors other than yourself. If they falter, get hurt or make mistakes because of this, the experience would have taught them valuable lessons that would make them better and stronger people.

Granted Kid Nation is a manufactured situation particularly built to raise TV ratings, as most Reality TV shows are, the bigger picture is --- you cannot take away that experience from the kids. They must've learned something about themselves in those 40 days, something they can hopefully bring when they are a lot older and faced with more decisions.

The only thing that bothers me about this show was the amount of crying some of the younger kids did. Surely, they were feeling so stressed out, faced with something they're not used to. If only that can be dispensed with, because I personally do not want to see a kid stressed out....but then how are the kids going to learn how to tough themselves up, right?

It goes without saying that, along with my 9 year old, I did enjoy this show. It's not the best on TV, far from it. But it's not as bad as what has been said in the press a few weeks back.

Watch for the premiere of Kid Nation on local TV, Studio 23 this October. The show will run for about 3 episodes only, I think.

20 September 2007

Back To You Season Episode 1 - Pilot

There is a god. And he watches sitcoms! Or he could be Kelsey Grammer.

Merely a minute and a half into my viewing of Back To You,I was already laughing at something he said.

Chuck Darling (Kelsey Grammer) and Kelly Carr (Patricia Heaton, Everybody Loves Raymond) play news anchors who are reunited after 10 years. Chuck, who tried his luck in LA but was eventually fired for blowing his top on air (as documented on YouTube), returns to his old news team only to feel slightly unwelcomed by his former partner, Kelly. The reason? It turns out he fathered Kelly's beautiful daughter (who used to be on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, by the way) ten years ago and did not know about it.

If that sounds soap opera-ish to you, well, it's not. And alright, the premise may sound a little ridiculous and tired but Kelsey Grammer and to some extent, Patrica Heaton (both award-winning sitcom veterans) have made the show really, really funny! If it weren't for them, I do think the show will not be worth watching.

And as with any pilot episode --- there are some bumps and it isn't flawless, but I do think there is still plenty of room for improvement for this sitcom in terms of 1) its weak writing and 2) a weak supporting cast (I've seen the same bunch of misfits before). Although in fairness, I thought the supporting cast was fairly okay. But working alongside Kelsey and Patricia, they really need to step up because they pale in comparison... and it shows.

But as its initial offering? It's fairly better than I expected. Decently better. I made the right call when I said I was going to be watching this show this season. The first episode of this series isn't a Murphy Brown, nor News Radio, not even Frasier on radio...but I have a feeling it will be in the same league as these other series.

Verdict: Yay for multi-camera sitcom! Back To You may just have revived it.

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I got an Emmy!

I really did! ...an EMMYrose "You Make Me Smile" award!

What can I say but --- I'm deeply honored. :) I have yet to meet Emmy in real life, but so much of what she has posted on her blog is inspiring. Ems, you really are not blogging for nothing. And you do make a lot of people smile! So that award is well-deserved.

I don't know how I've made you smile, but I am grateful for this. *hug* <=O=> *hug*

Many of the bloggers I encounter on this site make me really happy. I like reading their comments or posts on the shoutbox I have set-up. But I'm particularly bestowing the same award to the following blog-mates:

Didi - Coz I know she's cute. Hehe! And she sounds cute, a real sweetheart.

Gita - visiting her blog not only makes me smile, it makes me hungry! I enjoy her entries because I feel like I have gone on the same adventure as her by just looking at her photos.

Maying - haaaay, for all the help and tips she gives to me, she really makes me smile.

Leeney and her brother, Eric - Coz they're both cool. Leeney, for her wacky personality and her brother, Eric, for the sentimental person he is, inspiring us to be better parents.

Lelila - she has impressed me so much... very, very capable.

Sheilang nagbabakasyon ngayon pero pabalik na ulit sa Dubai - she knows she always makes me smile. She never fails to make me laugh. Lakas ng topak, mare.

Pay it forward!

Big Brother Season 8 Finale

So, I stuck it out and saw Big Brother 8's season completely. Last year, with barely two weeks to finish, I gave up on it and instead read recaps.

Anyhow, by end of last week, everyone watching the show already know the finale was not gonna be a shocking event. In a very interesting development, estranged father and daughter --- Danielle and Dick --- emerged as the last two standing...with Dick ending up winning the grand prize.

But what I was really interested about was the big reveal of America's Player and how did his fellow house guests react when they discovered who he has been playing for all along. Here's the video:

For becoming America's Player and successfully completing most of the task assigned to him by America, Eric has won about $40,000. But the best thing is? We're probably gonna see the first Big Brother romance to ever really turn into something real outside the house. Eric has fallen in love with Jessica. And I hope I am not mistaken, but I really saw something there.

Well done!

Prison Break, K-Ville & Gossip Girl Season Premieres

Do I have more time to slow down? It's not even that ultimate premiere week and already, I'm having a hard time catching up with the shows that 1) have already aired their first episodes, 2) are into their summer season finales.

Let's see if I can draw up a mini-review of three shows that have started their run the other day, as I am still in need of sleep, very, very badly:

Season 3 Episode 1 - Orientación

Have the production been watching Oz - The Complete Seasons 1-6? Because the mood inside the prison sure felt like it... although it looks a little bit forced. Spoilers have indeed left me spoiled out of the excitement I'm supposed to feel over Prison Break. I'm still finding the reasons why I have appreciated this show in Season 1.

The first episode premiered to very low ratings, even lower than Season 2's.
The season premiere of "Prison Break" (households: 4.9/8, #7, half-hour: 6.00%; adults 18-49: 3.3, #2, half-hour: 8.82%). Compared with last year's opener (households: 5.8/10; adults 18-49: 3.8 on 8/21/06), "Break" was down 13.16% in adults 18-49. Source: Futon Critic
The problem could be attributed to the fact that the show never really evolved as many viewers already concluded. The main character, Michael, who used to be this compelling and magnetic fixture for the show, has remained the same all throughout three seasons. In fact, all of them did. And even while SONA seems a much more dangerous place than Fox River, it doesn't give off this same tension viewers felt in Season 1. The inmates and even the guards on Fox River look more threatening.

Verdict: Because I had read a rundown of what went on in the first episode, there was no reason to expect the unexpected. Note to self: Stop reading spoilers! If the mood still feels the same after the third episode, I am resigned to just tuning to this show on cable.

Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot

Following Prison Break is K-Ville, which surprisingly did better in ratings than the first show. I was never initially interested on K-Ville but decided to check it out for Anthony Anderson, who is I feel is an underrated actor (he can do good guys, bad guys and comedy, how great is that?).

K-Ville follows the story of local New Orleans police officers two years after Katrina. It has your typical and familiar good cop-bad cop angle, interlaced with the story of a hopeless town trying to rebuild itself. The two male leads have potentially strong characterization. But sadly, of the two dozen or so new shows premiering this season, K-Ville will not be on the "most watchable show" list. There's little to be interested about....unless you're from New Orleans, perhaps.

Verdict: Stick with first gut: never initially interested.

Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot

I watched the pilot episode for Kristen Bell who is doing the voice-over as Gossip Girl and I have no clue of the book version. So to me, this feels like JustJared having his/her own TV series.

Gossip Girl
has been called the East Coast's The OC, a show I have yet to come around watching...so I know how my viewing of this show will end up.

Blake Lively, who plays Serena, a girl who comes back to town after having gone away under mysterious circumstances, did pretty okay as lead character. And except for two actors, who unfortunately happen to be the parents (therefore supporting cast only), I do not recognize the rest of them. I'm pretty sure chick fan sites will have (if they haven't already!) their "Who do you love better Serena or Blair?" polls up. But this slightly old hag in me is wondering if we really need another show where teens or "young adults" live off their parents wealth, partying, screwing around, bitching about each other.

So what's the mystery behind Serena? The first episode teases with a flashback of what went on between Serena and a guy named Nate. And if having sex with your best friend's boyfriend is the reason why Serena had to leave, only to come back a year later, then that would be the lamest plot ever.

This was the last show I saw last night so my energy has been pretty drained.

Verdict: Watch some, miss some...doesn't matter.

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19 September 2007

How do you spell "BRIGHT"?

I grabbed this off a friend's blog.

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Watching Pushing Daisies

You know what's one of the best thing on TV this coming season? It's this ---

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18 September 2007

Australian Idol Top 11- Rock Night

Australian Idol just made history --- it had its WORST. WEEK. EVER!!!

This week, the rock gods cried (visions of tough looking leather - clad - men - with - the - five o'clock - shadow crying is not nice to imagine!). In four years since I've followed this series, this was the only time I had to skip four or five performances and grew restless watching the rest. It was just absolutely awful.

The best part of the show was hearing the judges' comments. Watch how they give their critiques, you'll find that Simon Cowell is a nicer guy than they are. The host said at one point, it was a bloodbath. One of the judges even told the contestant to resign from the show. And I can't be pissed at them for being "rude" towards the Idols. Most of the time, these judges do know what they are talking about:

And while Mark Da Costa, who I've been rooting for since the Semi-Finals, did show he's got what it takes to be an Idol Rocker, my favorite performance of the night was Carl's Bossa Nova-ish take on Coldplay's Clocks. The judges didn't like it and I admit it's not a popular choice but it was what I enjoyed best from Rock Week.

Matt Corby — "Immigrant Song" (Led Zeppelin)

Carl Riseley — "Clocks" (Coldplay)

Brianna Carpenter — "The Logical Song" (Supertramp) - ELIMINATED

Marty Simpson — "Jenny Don't Be Hasty" (Paolo Nutini)

Lana Krost — "Come On, Come On" (Little Birdy)

Jacob Butler — "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" (Oasis)

Tarisai Vushe — "Hard To Handle" (The Black Crowes)

Ben McKenzie — "Bodies" (Little Birdy)

Daniel Mifsud — "Fire" (Jimi Hendrix)

Natalie Gauci — "Sweet Child O' Mine" (Guns N' Roses)

Mark Da Costa — "High Voltage" (AC/DC)

Glad this theme is over and done with. Whew...

Media Source: Idol Fanatic

17 September 2007

Love your own...

I rarely, rarely tune to any of the telenovelas and fantaseryes in the local channels since those aren't really my cup of tea. From what little I saw of it, I think that they show promise but plenty are honestly influenced by other materials, it's hard for me to not to compare it from other productions.

Although this week, from Sept 17-24 on ABS-CBN Primetime, they're doing a preview of Lastikman (The Making, Behind The Scenes and whatnots). And I am obliged to tune to Channel 2, even as this early, I'm already sensing Lastikman is sort of "inspired" from Star Wars. I am gonna be glued to the channel sometime during Kokey (a show my son watches everyday). Bakit kamo? The Lastikman feature, which will run all week this week, for 15 minutes at least, will have the hubby on it. The teasers they ran the other night on TV showed behind the scenes from the photo shoot and that's what he and a few other photographers did for this show. The billboard of Lastikman that you will hopefully be in the streets soon (Edsa or Marcos Highway, I think?) are from his work. It will be another feather on his cap, borne out of this enthusiasm for his hobby (photography).

Not the actual photo release. Just stole this from the hubby's file, sssh! :D

Behind the scenes with one of the directors and two of the cast members.

Production people setting-up, retouching Vhong Navarro's make-up, for the photo shoot.

The two stars Archie Alemania and Vhong Navarro in a playful moment.

The photographers with Archie, who hubby attest is so much fun to be with.

Lastikman airs on ABS-CBN Channel 2 beginning next week. And I'm told this will be the very first TV show in the Philippines that will air on HD or High Definition.


Emmy 2007 Thoughts

The Emmy went on at 8 AM here. It was a good thing I was already flipping channels since I thought the show will come on at 9:30 AM and would have missed most of it had I not turned the TV on early.


- loved the circular set
- Ryan's an okay host
- liked Ray Romano going in first and doing a little stand-up. Miss him on TV.
- bummed for Rainn and Jenna, losing in their respective categories.
- Seriously, Izzie? She won? Over Rachel Griffiths?
- very happy for Conan's writing team winning. Conan's face is all wrinkled up, wth?!
- cried on The Soprano tribute. :(
- Steve Carell made me laugh. Twice!
- hearing Hugh Laurie's actual speaking voice is a huge turn on! Wheeeee
- yey for Sally Field! I knew she'd win it!
- So off I went to the net to get the list....Awwww, no Hugh Laurie win, no awesome thank you speech! :(

The complete list of Winners:

Drama Series: "The Sopranos," HBO. - FITTING!
Comedy Series: "30 Rock," NBC. - ALRIGHT!
Miniseries: "Broken Trail," AMC.
Variety, Music or Comedy Series: "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," Comedy Central.
Variety, Music or Comedy Special: "Tony Bennett: An American Classic," NBC.
Made-for-TV Movie: "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee," HBO.
Reality-Competition Program: "The Amazing Race," CBS. - YEY!
Actor, Drama Series: James Spader, "Boston Legal," ABC.
Actor, Comedy Series: Ricky Gervaiz, "Extras," HBO - ALRIGHT!
Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Robert Duvall, "Broken Trail," AMC.
Actress, Drama Series: Sally Field, "Brothers & Sisters," ABC. - YEY!
Actress, Comedy Series: America Ferrera, "Ugly Betty," ABC. - ALRIGHT!
Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Helen Mirren, "Prime Suspect: The Final Act (Masterpiece Theatre)," PBS.
Supporting Actor, Drama Series: Terry O'Quinn, "Lost," ABC. - OKAY!
Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Jeremy Piven, "Entourage," HBO. - ALRIGHT!
Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Thomas Haden Church, "Broken Trail," AMC.
Supporting Actress, Drama Series: Katherine Heigl, "Grey's Anatomy," ABC. - HUH?
Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: Jaime Pressly, "My Name Is Earl," NBC. - OKAY!
Supporting Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Judy Davis, "The Starter Wife," USA.
Individual Performance, Variety or Music Program: Tony Bennett, "Tony Bennett: An American Classic," NBC.
Directing, Drama Series: "The Sopranos: Kennedy and Heidi," HBO.
Directing, Comedy Series: "Ugly Betty: Pilot," ABC.
Directing, Miniseries, Movie or Dramatic Special: "Prime Suspect: The Final Act (Masterpiece Theatre)," PBS.
Directing, Variety, Music or Comedy Program: "Tony Bennett: An American Classic," NBC.
Writing for a Drama Series: "The Sopranos: Made in America," HBO.
Writing, Comedy Series: "The Office: Gay Witch Hunt," NBC.
Writing, Miniseries, Movie or Dramatic Special: "Prime Suspect: The Final Act," PBS.
Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program: Late Night With Conan O'Brien," NBC. - YEY!

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16 September 2007

Preview: Private Practice Season 1 Episode 1

I just watched the first episode of Private Practice in its entirety and my initial reaction still remains ---- I'm not happy. But let ye judge not the first episode....the show is experiencing birth pains, I recognize that. The bright spot is, I hear the second episode is so much better.

Still, if I had been happy, I can probably write a much better entry for this. And since I'm not (happy), I'll just present some screen caps using old spoiler entries from Spoilerfix. Note that spoilers aren't always accurate, but Spoilerfix got nearly everything right.

In Which We Meet Addison, A Nice Girl From Somewhere Else

The cops are called to a supermarket when a woman, Jenny Banks, sits on the floor and keeps repeating the same sentence over and over again. One of her neighbor is also called in. The manager wants the crazy woman out now but the neighbor wants to take his time to calm her down.

A woman named Leslie is at the hospital watching doctors try to resuscitate her soon-to-be fiancé. A woman named Maria goes to a courthouse so that another woman her now dead husband wanted to marry doesn't get his money.

A father gets mad when he doesn't know the doctor who is about to remove his 17-year-old daughter's appendix. The father is also angry at his daughter for having eloped without telling him. Note: This is the only spoiler that wasn't clear and accurate. The father in this story did get mad. His daughter told him too late that she was pregnant.

As seen in the sneak peeks, the group initially question Addie's arrival at Oceanside. I don't remember them not liking the idea of Addie working with them in the pre-pilot (from Grey's Anatomy last season), but this time they were pretty adamant of their dislike...or I just did not get that. :P

Anyway, Addie gives a speech at the end of episode 1, addressing her new colleagues:

ADDISON: I have been working here less than 24-hours, and in that time I discovered that I am not welcomed here...I learned that I am a one-man gyn-ie show...and I performed crazy MacGyver surgery. Plus, Sam saw my booty! So, this has not been a great day for me. The day kinda sucked. But you know what? I had one patient, one patient the entire day. And I loved it. So you want me gone? Too bad, I'm in! See, I'm putting my foot down. Foot down. I'm not going anywhere. So.....yeah. I thought I had a big finish but...maybe I don't. So...I'm done.

What I liked?
- the replacement actress for Naomi
- KaDee Strickland's character, the blonde doctor, which was an addition to the show.

What I did not like?
- Writing.

What will make me continue watching?
- Addison (Kate Walsh)
- Cooper (Paul Adelstein)
- Charlotte (KaDee Strickland)

Private Practice premieres on ABC, Sept 26 at 9 PM.

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