13 February 2018

'The Vampire Diaries' Reunion: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley Hung Out One Year After TVD Ended

The actors play the vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore in The CW series.

The Salvatore brothers from "The Vampire Diaries" had a reunion in Nashville last Feb. 10. Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) and Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) hung out together during a fan convention and posted a photo of their reunion on social media.

Somerhalder and Wesley were at "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals" Official Convention when they touched based and mingled with the participants. Those who couldn't make it to the convention, however, witnessed the TV brothers' reunion when Wesley shared their photo on his Instagram Story.

The image lit up social media as fans gawked and shared their reactions. After all, it's been one year since "The Vampire Diaries" folded up on The CW and fans have been missing the vampire brothers on the small screen.

There could be more of these cast reunions from "The Vampire Diaries" in the coming months, though. Creation Entertainment has schedules mapped out at different states until September.

Meanwhile, fans also learned another surprise when "The Vampire Diaries" showrunner Julie Plec confirmed that the beloved series has a connection to "Riverdale" apart from being both on The CW. The house that belonged to Cheryl and Penelope Blossom in the Archie Comics series adaptation used to be the Salvatore brother's house.

"I had seen Thistlehouse on camera but it hadn't registered with me," the showrunner told Bustle. "When we pulled up the driveway for the location scout to go see it, I was like, 'This is so familiar. I feel like I've been here before.'"

Plec detailed that when she got inside the house, she realized that they used the same property to film Damon and Stefan's place in the pilot episode of "The Vampire Diaries." Before the show moved to Atlanta for production, TVD had been filming in Vancouver, where "Riverdale" currently shoots. 

"The Vampire Diaries" aired for eight seasons from 2009 to 2017. Aside from Somerhalder and Wesley, Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) also made up the lead cast.

'Star Trek Discovery' Introduces Captain Pike and Spock; Who Will Play Them in Season 2?

Producers said that they planned on having these characters in the season 1 finale months ago.

Viewers of "Star Trek Discover" got a surprise when two familiar characters made their presence felt in the season finale. Captain Pike and Spock from the USS Enterprise sent out an emergency distress call that the Discovery intercepted.

The ending left open the question on every "Star Trek" fan's mind. Will "Star Trek Discover" feature Pike and Spock in season 2? If so, who will play the characters?

Showrunner and co-creator Alex Kurtzman clarified what the season 1 finale's ending meant in an interview with Variety. He made it clear that the show is still very much focused on Discovery and its characters in season 2, hence viewers might not necessarily have to see Pike or Spock in the flesh and in a current timeline.

Executive producer Aaron Haberts also told The Hollywood Reporter that they are not casting the roles for Pike and Spock as of this time. The EPs acknowledged that it will not be easy putting a new actor in the role of Spock, especially, given the impact of the previous actors who played the character -- Leonard Nimoy in the original series and films and Zachary Quinto in the rebooted movie franchise.

"Finding another actor that could even come close to what Leonard Nimoy did with the original portrayal, we'd never want to go down that road," Harbert said.

The producers, however, planned on introducing Pike and Spock at the end of season 1 months before filming the episode. They hinted that more than Spock, Pike's presence might be more significant in "Star Trek Discovery" season 2.

Captain Christopher Pike commandeered the USS Enterprise in the years 2254 to 2262. Actors Jeffrey Hunter and Sean Kenney played the character on television, while Bruce Greenwood portrayed him in the 2009 "Star Trek" film.

Nimoy, on the hand, made Spock, the human/Vulcan hybrid, an iconic and unforgettable "Star Trek" character. Lead "Star Trek Discovery" character Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is his adopted sister, which fans only learned while the series went into development on CBS All Access in 2017.

"Star Trek Discovery" season 1 remains streaming on CBS All Access and Netflix. Season 2 has been set for a 2019 premiere.  

12 January 2018

'Krypton' Air Date, Plot News: 7-to-8-Year Plan Mapped Out Ahead of Debut

The Syfy series will delve on the fall and rise of Superman’s family, the House of El, two generations before his birth.

The history of Superman's family is finally getting a TV treatment via "Krypton" and its producers apparently have a 7-to-8 year plan for the show.

"Krypton" will debut on Syfy on Wednesday, March 21. Showrunner Cameron Welsh confirmed that they have mapped out at least seven to eight seasons of the series long before the cable network announced its debut.

Producers David Goyer and Geoff Johns are confident that fans of the Superman's lore will patronize the show. Not a lot of people know Superman's family history, hence "Krypton" will spark curiosity.


"This is an untold story and time travel is involved," Goyer said. "History could be changed and what happens in this story can be very different from the backstory people know."

"Krypton" will open with time traveler Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) warning Seg-El (Cameron Cuff), Superman’s grandfather, that he has to redeem the ostracized House of El. He'll also have to make a big decision: stop Krypton's destruction and save his home planet, or let events take its course to usher his grandson's fate as a future savior.

The show takes place years before Superman or Kal-El's birth, with a young Seg-El struggling to find his place in the Krypton's social system. The series is also expected to play around with the original timeline in the DC Universe that comic book readers might know. Other DC characters, such as Green Lantern and Doomsday, might also appear on the show in future episodes.

Cuffe revealed in a panel that he's greatly aware of the responsibility of playing a role so closely associated to Superman. Producers told him what's expected of him not only as an actor but also as an ambassador.

"It's a cultural icon but also an international icon," Goyer said. “It’s important to take that into consideration...even the smallest decision is something you think about carefully,” he added.

"Krypton" begins its run on Syfy on Wednesday, March 21, at 10:00 p.m. EST. The show also stars Ann Ogbomo (Primus Alura Zod), Georgina Cambell (Lyta Zod), Ian McElhinney (Val El)), Blake Ritson (Brianiac), Wallis Day (Nyssa Vex) and Paula Malcomson (Charys).