02 October 2008

What I'm watching on Wacky Wednesdays

Yesterday's list of TV I'm watching left me with one backlog - The Mentalist. I'm not sure if I can squeeze that in tonight. It's a matter of priorities, I guess.

Wednesdays bring back one of my best-loved TV series, Pushing Daisies. Like everyone else, I have been hungry for new stories from this show and based on the teasers, I know it's going to be a great year.

Also returning for their second seasons are Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money. I did not enjoy Private Practice last year, so hope the retooling will do wonders. And DSM is quite the underrated TV show...looking forward to this one, as well.

I am not missing Lipstick Jungle episodes, no way. I've started to really love this show.

I'll give Gary Unmarried another try. It may be a nice break from all the drama I'm supposed to be watching tonight.

I am not sure if I should give up on Knight Rider just yet. Should I?

Sons of Anarchy I have this on the pile but have not taken a peek yet. I'm waiting for the full season to run before watching anything.