18 October 2008

House S5 E4 Birthmark

And this episode worked because...

Wilson is back. Awww they do love each other.

The eulogy. This episode's story. Everything = worked.

House's daddy is James Bond.

The chemistry between Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard. How awesome are they together? AWESOME!

The original trio? Also back. Or at least Chase, Cameron and Foreman got back to doing differentials (which they haven't done in a loooong time...and is that what they call it? Differentials?)

Thirteen is Bubbles. Whihihi.

Mmmmbop ringtone. Thinking of getting one for my phone.

Paranoid Wilson. Or Boy Scout Wilson. However you wanna call it, Wilson's got a trunk fully prepared for an evacuation!

Glad I decided to watch this one last, before I go to bed tonight. I have a sweet, goofy smile on my face. This episode was perfect TV! Made my day.

Thank you, House writers, for making this show ever so wonderful.