17 October 2008

TV Round Up: Matthew Perry, David Kelly, Robert de Niro on TV!

I can't wait for Matthew Perry's new TV series!

I missed this one while watching the show the other night, but do we have How I Met Your Mother clues? The way things are changing with Ted, it's safe to say he's unsure of his relationship with Stella. Alarm bells are going off. There could be a wedding (as they've filmed an episode of it), but I suppose there will be no union. It's going to end badly.

Script orders for Knight Rider. Bleeccch.

Fringe is getting a full season order, too. Yey!

Valentine and Easy Money shut down.

How lame is this year's season for sophomore series? Very.

ABC has more Eli Stone.

David E. Kelley's new law drama on NBC.

Jason Priestly guest stars as Brandon...on My Name is Earl. I've dropped this show from my viewing list, but I'm going to tune to this episode.

Robert De Niro is developing a TV series. Holy !@#$! I want! I want!

David Cook. His album launch is near.