31 October 2007

Brothers & Sisters S2 E5: Domestic Issues

Kitty is pregnant!

And look who's ecstatic and starts coming up with baby names:

  • Tommy talks to Lena and tells her they should keep it professional. Lena is pretty blunt by saying she wished things were different. Holly talks to Lena, too but something else was about to happen. Bad, bad girl that Lena!
  • Joe is a scumbag! He demands primary custody of Paige and Cooper in his divorce from Sarah. Kevin lawyers up for his sister. But Kevin isn't confident of his abilities but he still advices Sarah what to do. In the end, Joe won custody and Sarah is crushed. Joe picks up the kids while Nora's there, and momma dearest gives him the treatment he deserves. Whoo!
  • Justin overhears his mom and Kitty....and gossips about it to the family.
  • Kitty and Robert get into an argument about what this pregnancy would mean to the campaign. Kitty takes her stand, as always.
Ah, these Walkers, how tough they all are. Uhm, except for Tommy....he's tempted by a manipulative woman. :P

Samantha Who S1 E3: The Wedding

While listening to countless angry messages left on her machine, Samantha ponders about one truthful fact: "Everyone hated me, except for one friend from high school and, for some reason, my boyfriend." Until she receives her bridesmaid dress for a wedding she cannot remember, on account of her recovering from amnesia.

Samantha attends the wedding to know who actually liked her enough to make her bridesmaid. But before the ceremony even started, she meets the bride at the hallway and she wasn't too pleased Sam was there. Turns out, Sam had started a wedding pool to bet on how long the marriage will last and in the process, she got herself uninvited from the wedding. Only of course, she couldn't remember all those details.

So Sam tries to make peace with the bride, who happens to be moneyed and influential. While trying to be back in her circle, she inadvertently ditches her high school chum, Dena, for them. In the end, Sam realizes (via a flashback she conveniently remembers) these "friends" of hers are horrible people and tries to woo back the only friend who actually likes her (Dena).

Also present at the wedding was Sam's boyfriend, who she broke up with after her accident/amnesia, after realizing she wasn't treating him right. Boyfriend Todd is played by Barry Watson (Seventh Heaven), and it looks like he is starting to see the changes in Samantha. Will they get back together?

Samantha Who? is probably the surprise hit of the season. And other than Christina Applegate's perfect comedic timing, also equally delightful to watch is Jean Smarts, who plays her mother and Jennifer Esposito, who plays her other friend.

October 29 - Monday's Ratings

1. “Dancing with the Stars” (8-9:30) (ABC) 21.57m
2. “Samantha Who?” (ABC) 15.36m
3. “CSI: Miami” (CBS) 15.19m
4. “Two and a Half Men” (CBS) 14.12m
5. “Rules of Engagement” (CBS) 11.24m
6. “The Bachelor” (ABC) 10.59m
7. “Heroes” (NBC) 10.45m
8. “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) 8.92m
9. “How I Met Your Mother” (CBS) 8.55m
10. “Chuck” (NBC) 7.03m
11. “Journeyman” (NBC) 5.93m

12. “House” (Repeats) (FOX) 5.82m
13. “K-Ville” (Repeats) (FOX) 4.00m
14. “Everybody Hates Chris” (CW) 2.50m
15. “The Game” (CW) 2.40m
16. “Girlfriends” (CW) 2.24m
17. “Aliens in America” (CW) 2.11m

Heroes continues to lose its audience, affecting the show following it (Journeyman). Now that one doesn't only lose audience week after week like Heroes, it couldn't even retain the audience from its lead-in. It continues to lose 35% of those who tune to Heroes. Not a good combination. Journeyman should be given a chance because it's a good one. A better time slot should work wonders.

30 October 2007

Wounded Up

It's amazing how much I pressure myself when in a tight fix. It's like watching the Energizer Bunny. On sugar rush, yet. But it's actually these things I enjoy best. I tend to cram everything and stress myself out. When I'm doing that, it makes me feel very controlled and useful. That's the Virgo in me talking.

Just yesterday, I managed to:
  • write my income-producing blogs
  • cook a pasta dish
  • prep the living and dining room
  • throw a lunch party with my extended families
  • take a nap in the middle of that
  • gush at my baby niece who I just want to pinch all day
  • subscribe to live feeds on Big Brother
  • did transcripts of that for a few minutes, for my GirlTalkin' sisters
  • watch my TV backlogs
  • visit a friend in nearby Pasig
  • had an incident at a gas station which took at least an hour to be done
  • watch regular TV
  • read a book
  • sleep for more than my usual four hours
Anyway, catching up on TV

Heroes S2 E5 - Fight or Flight: This was the episode Kristen Bell makes her appearance and for obvious reasons, I could not shake Veronica Mars off her. Especially when she questioned the Irish guy on Peter Petrelli's whereabouts --- that's usually what VM does.

Bionic Woman: Ah...I purposely did not watch last week's episode. I am considering dropping it now. I've wasted enough time.

Chuck S1 E5 - Chuck vs The Sizzling Shrimp: The episode felt like Rush Hour or some Hong Kong movie. What's with the freeze framing on the fight scenes, though? There are attempts at showing Chuck's personal life and relationship with his sister, perhaps to give this show some heart. But it was slightly creepy. In the premiere episode, it took me awhile to get into the idea that they are siblings. And it's still the same after five episodes.

Dirty Sexy Money S1 E5 - The Bridge: This show is my Brother & Sisters for this year, in terms of watchability... and alright, maybe in similar ways, it's a lot like B&S because of the family element to it. DSM just keeps getting better and better. It's fun watching how they live, with the kind of lifestyle they have. It's also interesting to see how they fix their mess. Or how Nick fixes it for them.
  • The twins are bratty millionaires but I'm still hoping they get their act together and come out winners.
  • Brian, the pastor, is evil and ill-tempered in many ways but I love the fact that, more than God, he's afraid of his wife. Bwahaha.
  • Karen is the manipulative sweetheart, hence her character is likeable.
  • The only Darling sibling I don't warm up to is Patrick. Politicians just suck.
Friday Night Lights S2 E4 - Backfire: Julie realizes the young guy she's got her eyes on isn't exactly prince charming material. Thank god she saw that very early. And hooray for the coach! He returns to Dillon Panthers! Although, I know this is just a set-up for what should happen next. Lawsuits may be involved, as the fired coach accuses Coach Taylor of backdooring him so that he gets his job back.

Journeyman S1 E5 - The Legend of Dylan McCleen: I hated the fact that Dan's ability (time traveling) is starting to affect even his son. But, what can he do? He still doesn't know how to control it well. Traveling back to the 70's and talking to his father at work was interesting to watch. Journeyman is an underrated show that deserves more attention.

Life S1 E5 - The Fallen Woman: It's difficult to watch a procedural drama when I have guests in the house. But what I have managed to gather from this episode is that a diabolical character plays nemesis to Charlie Crews. Cool. Potential recurring character.

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October 28 - Sunday's Ratings

1. “World Series Game 4” (8:30-11) (FOX) 19.72m
2. “Desperate Housewives” (ABC) 18.10m
3. “World Series Game 4 Pre-Game” (FOX) 16.58m
4. “NFL Football Overrun” (FOX) 15.42m
5. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (ABC) 14.07m
6. “60 Minutes” (CBS) 13.02m
7. “Brothers & Sisters” (ABC) 12.75m
8. “The OT” (FOX) 12.21m
9. “Cold Case” (CBS) 11.69m
10. “Shark” (CBS) 10.27m
11. “CSI” (R) (CBS) 9.41m
12. “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (ABC) 9.16m
13. “Movie: The Bourne Supremacy” (8-10:30) (NBC) 5.88m
14. “Dateline” (NBC) 3.59m
15. “Football Night in America” (NBC) 3.58m
16. “America’s Next Top Model” (CW) 1.42m
17. “Life is Wild” (CW) 1.10m
18. “Aliens in America” (R) (CW) 0.75m
19. “CW Now” (CW) 0.74m

28 October 2007

October 26 - Friday's Ratings

1. “Deal or No Deal” (NBC) 10.50m
2. “Ghost Whisperer” (CBS) 9.87m
3. “Numb3rs” (CBS) 9.68m
4. “Women’s Murder Club” (ABC) 8.90m
5. “Moonlight” (CBS) 8.56m
6. “Las Vegas” (NBC) 8.18m
7. “Men in Trees” (ABC) 6.51m
8. “Friday Night Lights” (NBC) 5.88m
9. “Friday Night Smackdown!” (8-10) (CW) 4.61m
10. “Grey’s Anatomy” (Repeat) (ABC) 4.31m
11. “The Next Great American Band” (8-10) (FOX) 2.87m

Ugh. With so much to do this week, I was not been able to watch a quarter of shows on my list. And November Sweeps is starting. I don't think I can catch up.

On the brighter side, this week's long holiday is a time for family bonding. Slowing down on TV watching affords me to spend time with my big extended family, on both sides.
  • Extended in-laws from abroad are visiting.
  • My cousins and their kids are coming over. Since school is out, the kids have more time to play. Or fight. Whatever comes first.
  • Our baby niece is learning how to react to people now. Watching her, talking to her --- it takes all the tiredness I feel away.
  • My son and his elder half-sister are catching up on each other and that's great.
I've got my own family drama or sitcom to watch this week. And you know what? It's the best show yet.

Ugly Betty S2 E5: Hot Dates

  • Betty goes out on a real date with a guy she meets online. She wasn't what he expected. And Betty thought they were having a good time. She ends up kissing Henry, though.
  • Mode is in big trouble. Advertisers started pulling out. They need money to run the magazine, so siblings Daniel and Alex meet with their dad to ask for a loan. But Alex suddenly remembers the real stand of her relationship with Bradford Mead. And how she actually planned to kill her father.
  • Justin has skipped school, has driven his mother's car towards a tree, has gotten arrested by the police. Hilda talks to Justin. They both miss Santos very badly.
  • And the cliffhanger of this episode: Christina, who is also looking to date somebody online, does meet someone in the chatroom. But, it turns out --- he's her husband.

27 October 2007

Scrubs S7 E1: My Own Worst Enemy

Hey, sports fans...I smell something awful. And it isn't Turk (who embarrassingly admitted he smelled like eggs when he sweats!)

In last night's episode...JD realizes he doesn't love the woman who is pregnant with his baby; Elliot realizes she doesn't love Keith enough to want to marry him. So, are the writers setting up how this show finally ends? With JD and Elliot actually getting together? Are we going back there again? And why am I getting a Garden State-ish feeling about JD in this episode?

I still have lots to love about the premiere though:
  • Dame Judy Dorian tells Tony Shalhoub to suck on it. (Zach Braff was nominated and lost to Tony Shalhoub for Best Actor in a Comedy at the Emmys in 2005. Putting that in as a joke was clever.)
  • The short squeaky intern
  • Janitor's lady friend named Lady
JD: "Who's named Lady?"
Janitor: "She is! She has a brother named Him. So what?"

This would be Scrub's final year. Will you be missing it or do you think it's finally the right time to bow out?

Grey's Anatomy S4 E5: Haunt You Everyday

This would have been another episode with quality for Grey's Anatomy, but the Gizzie story line has thrown me off once again. Callie out Izzie in? They are actually together now? Tell me, when did that happen between episode 4 and 5?

Equally surprising (but totally loving the idea!) is the return of Dr. Hahn. Or Dr. Hahn's red scrubs (lovin' it!). Or her confirmation as the new head of cardiothoracic surgery. Or her bitchin' at Christina. Something more is coming from this story line and that's what I want to see!

Meredith washes her mother's ashes in the sink just outside the OR. She's been haunting Mer in her dreams and Mer believes this is where her mother wants to spend forever and ever. Mer's also been trick and treating around the hospital. A little boy is in need of new ears, and she is helping him get that. Mer is in her whimsically dark place....we let her be. Meantime, Derek, who was barely in this episode, realizes he needs to start dating again. Wha? Didn't he just say last week he wants to marry Meredith? Again, tell me what I missed between this week and last?

Ava/Rebecca returns. And leaves... with only her bra? After spending time with Alex in the on-call room (e.g. they had sex), she leaves her blouse on top of the pillow, for Alex to smell. ????

Bailey's marriage is in trouble. It would have been the first night her son gets to experience Halloween and she missed it. While agonizing over that, George apologizes to her with his adultery, and for becoming a disappointment. And Bailey said something that should actually make sense. Except that I got lost in it. What was it about again?

This episode has got me very confused.

But there's one thing I know now ---- Don't get married if you're interning at Seattle Grace. Because all marriages turn really, really bad here.

Oct 24 and Oct 25 - Weds and Thurs Ratings

Oct. 24

1. “World Series Game 1” (FOX) 16.87m
2. “Criminal Minds” (CBS) 14.93m
3. “CSI: NY” (CBS) 13.64m
4. “Private Practice” (ABC) 11.77m
5. “Pushing Daisies” (ABC) 9.45m
6. “Dirty Sexy Money” (ABC) 8.56m
7. “Phenomenon” (Series Debut) (NBC) 8.35m
8. “Kid Nation” (CBS) 8.03m
9. “Bionic Woman” (NBC) 7.78m
10. “Life” (NBC) 6.85m
11. “America’s Next Top Model” (CW) 4.72m
12. “Gossip Girl” (CW) 2.55m

Oct. 25

1. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) 17.95m
2. “World Series Game 2” (FOX) 15.64m
3. “CSI” (R) (CBS) 14.76m
4. “Survivor: China” (CBS) 14.16m
5. “Without a Trace” (CBS) 12.75m
6. “Ugly Betty” (ABC) 9.84m
7. “ER” (NBC) 9.12m
8. “The Office” (NBC) 8.98m
9. “My Name is Earl” (NBC) 8.23m
10. “Big Shots” (ABC) 8.08m
11. “Scrubs” (Season Premiere) (NBC) 7.03m
12. “30 Rock” (NBC) 6.53m
13. “Smallville” (CW) 4.50m
14. “Supernatural” (CW) 3.27m

Surprised for Bionic Woman rating very low against debuting show Phenomenon when the latter wasn't even worth watching.

26 October 2007

The Office S4 E5 Local Ad:

Episode Summary: When the Scranton branch is asked to participate in a Dunder Mifflin ad, Michael seizes his chance to exhibit his creativity. Meanwhile, Dwight explores the online world of Second Life.

*If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM USA Eastern Time*

24 Season 7 Preview: In Which Jack Bauer does Die Hard

Alright, except for the fact that this awfully feels like a Die Hard movie, I think the preview kicked ass. Hence, my face went like this:

Tony is back from the dead...and appears to be the bad guy. But I highly doubt that's the case. Please, let this season be as good as this trailer shows!

Watch here.

Private Practice S1 E5: In Which Addison Finds A Showerhead

This week on Private Practice, I learned that:

1) Addison does not masturbate. And I'm guessing if you had a McDreamy and a McSteamy, you wouldn't need to.

2) She constantly dreams of Pete passionately kissing her.....the effects of a McDiet!

3) The girls, Violet and Naomi, encourage self-gratification....and Naomi needs to get some real soon. The other week it was cakes and now this?

4) Naomi and Sam handle their daughter like grown-ups this time around.

5) Violet handles work as a therapist as efficient and professional as possible, despite going through some emotional issues with her Ex-husband. Allen, shooo!

6) Cooper is a sweetie. I learned that before, so I'm just stressing the fact.

7) Addison shows why she's a board-certified neo....something. When advising boy nurse Dell on what to do before going down on Lady Town (i.e. papsmear), Addison exuded credibility. There's that the doctor I learned to love on Grey's Anatomy!

8) This I learned not from the show, but from googling --- Pete, or the actor who plays him, Tim Daly, is 51 years old!!!

Friday Cuteness

I interrupt the program for.... teh cuteness!!!

Chris Pirillo is this geek whose techie videos my husband subscribes to; and he posted something really cute a few days ago.

Look at how well-behaved these two puppies are. They don't move an inch as their human daddy points the video cam at them. What could be going through their minds, I wonder?

From Chris' description of this video:
This year, our two puppies are getting dresed up as Princess Leia and Darth Vader. My wife, Ponzi, came up with the idea.

One minute after I recorded the video, Pixie peed in place and Wicket bit my left hand.


25 October 2007

Pushing Daisies S1 E4: Pigeon

Episode Summary: A plane crash into an apartment building leaves the trio with a case - did the pilot commit suicide? - while Chuck finds herself drawn to the man who appears to be the sole survivor (guest star Dash Mihok), much to Ned’s distress. Meanwhile, Olive takes a wounded messenger pigeon to the Aunts for help.

*If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM USA Eastern Time*


This is one of those days when I sometimes wish I had another body to do all that I want to do. I took a break from TV yesterday and saw a couple of movies and caught up with reading (a book, yes! NKKBSPA-ko! LOL!).

A friend of mine lent us the Dark Materials series to read before we go and watch The Golden Compass (showing in December). Incidentally, if you visit their official website, there's a quiz there that tells you what your Daemon is. A Daemon in The Golden Compass is like a pet you have with you all the time. Except that, that pet is your "soul". If it dies, you also die.

Daemons are supposedly a reflection of your personality traits. So, the hubby, my son and I took the quiz to find out what creature best represents who we are.

Hubby had a really interesting result, his Daemon was like this magnificent bird or whats-it-called, I forgot. My son's Daemon was a Jaguar or Panther, I forgot too but it was something beastly.

And guess what mine was? A little lady bug (ladybird in the UK)!!!! It's the tamest, safest Daemon you can get. And that could only mean one thing --- I was boring.

Hubby: Kapamilya ng ipis yan, eh! Ipis! Ipis!
Me: Aahhhh! Ang corny ko talaga! Hindi ako ipis! Ang baduy ko! Bakit kayo ang gaganda ng creatures niyo?

My son was laughing at my results and got teased endlessly. :P

Anyway, so.... my TV viewing list is piling up. I'll better hurry up and catch some of it later today. But not without leaving these news first, check it!
  • Tomorrow, the trailer for 24 Season 7 will be up at 24Trailer. The show will begin in January 2008.
  • Prison Break spin-off, Cherry Hill, in the works!
  • Amazing Race Season 12 premieres on Nov. 4! This was originally planned for airing in February 2008 but Viva Laughlin has been canceled and that time slot is now ready for another show to occupy.
  • CSI and Without A Trace is doing a cross-over. Mother of All Crime Dramas, that's just WOW! The episode will air on November 8. I plan to watch that as soon as it airs.
Be back later. I remember, I've got to work on the Pushing Daisies recaps! That takes me three hours or so...man, the things I do for the love of TV. Haaaackkk!

October 23 -Tuesday's Ratings

1. “House” (FOX) 17.87m
2. “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC) 17.82m
3. “NCIS” (CBS) 17.09m
4. “Law & Order: SVU” (NBC) 12.17m
5. “20/20 Special” (ABC) 10.92m
6. “The Unit” (CBS) 10.86m
7. “Bones” (FOX) 8.82m
8. “Cane” (CBS) 7.98m
9. “The Biggest Loser” (8:30-10) (NBC) 7.17m
10. “Carpoolers” (ABC) 7.13m
11. “The Singing Bee” (NBC) 6.82m
12. “Cavemen” (ABC) 6.55m
13. “Beauty and the Geek” (CW) 3.20m
14. “Reaper” (CW) 2.57m

Wonderful episode from House this week. He sent one more fellow packing, mimicking The Bachelor's way of booting a contestant. And now they are down to six aspirants. Next week, Foreman is back at the hospital, working as...House's boss it seems.

24 October 2007

October 22 - Monday's Ratings

1. “Dancing with the Stars” (8-9:30) (ABC) 19.96m
2. “CSI: Miami” (CBS) 15.48m
3. “Samantha Who?” (ABC) 14.35m
4. “Two and a Half Men” (CBS) 13.74m
5. “Rules of Engagement” (CBS) 10.82m
6. “Heroes” (NBC) 10.70m
7. “The Bachelor” (ABC) 9.20m
8. “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) 8.72m
9. “How I Met Your Mother” (CBS) 8.60m
10. “Prison Break” (FOX) 7.45m
11. “Chuck” (NBC) 7.14m
12. “Journeyman” (NBC) 6.28m
13. “K-Ville” (FOX) 6.12m
14. “The Game” (CW) 2.54m
15. “Everybody Hates Chris” (CW) 2.53m
16. “Aliens in America” (CW) 2.35m
17. “Girlfriends” (CW) 2.14m

The Monday line-up seems to be my busiest. I am not actually able to watch everything at once, some of these, I skip to watch on weekends. Like last night, I got to watch only two from the line-up: Aliens in America and Samantha Who?

But I backtracked a little and watched the first episode of The Big Bang Theory. Yes, that is back on my list! Evidently, from what I've read, it's the best new sitcom around and I'd like to find out if it really is. I had seen the pre-air last July and found the laugh track very, very, very annoying. I still feel the same after one episode. But I'm supposed to watch the show develop to fully appreciate it. 1 episode down, 4 more to go...

And speaking of Samantha Who? --- ABC Television has found another hit in this one. Look at the ratings. It remains steady with 14+ Million for this week and previously. And you know what? The show ain't so bad either. I'm enjoying it immensely! Samantha Who? stars Christina Applegate (see first photo above) and is a comedy about a woman who wakes up from a coma to discover that before her accident, she was this ultra-bitch who didn't have any good relationships. Realizing that it's not the life she wants to have, Samantha tries to change for the better, while struggling with the fact that she couldn't stand how her former self behaved and treated people.

How I Met Your Mother earned its season high this week, with the funniest episode to date, How I Met Everyone Else. Have yet to watch it but this the first one I'm gonna do later today, when I'm done with real life (e.g. work, family, etcetera...) Speaking of those other distractions, I'm close to sulking in depression again. It's back at the bottom for me, in this roller coaster we all call life. UGH. I refuse to get dragged down by it. Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! Things will fall in its proper place, I know.

Kristen Bell appears on Heroes this week. And she supposedly delivered and saved the show from becoming a one season wonder. How bad is Heroes' free falling?

09/24/07 16,970M 7.3
10/01/07 11,960M 5.5
10/08/07 10,910M 5.1
10/15/07 11,410M 5.2
10/22/07 10,700M 4.9

Those numbers on the far right are crucial. I'm pretty sure Heroes will have another season after this one, but it will continue to lose viewers.

Journeyman --- now that's a show to watch. Never mind the sorry ratings it is getting.

Also on this list is the show Rules of Engagement. It's not part of my regular viewing list but I've gone through Season 1 earlier...and did not enjoy it. :( It's about 30-something couples, people my age, dealing with problems people my age deal with. So, I'm supposedly its audience but I hated this show. Studio 23 is bringing this to local free TV, why????

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23 October 2007

October 21 - Sunday's Ratings

1. “NFL Football Overrun” (FOX) 20.91m
2. “MLB ALCS Game 7” (FOX) 18.09m
3. “Desperate Housewives” (ABC) 17.78m
4. “The OT” (FOX) 13.74m
5. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (ABC) 13.56m
6. “Brothers & Sisters” (ABC) 11.92m
7. “Sunday Night Football: Pittsburgh at Denver” (NBC) 11.82m
8. “Cold Case” (CBS) 11.44m
9. “60 Minutes” (CBS) 11.14m
10. “Shark” (CBS) 10.93m
11. “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (ABC) 8.36m
12. “Viva Laughlin” (CBS) 6.77m
13. “Football Night in America” (NBC) 6.28m
14. “America’s Next Top Model” (R) (CW) 1.61m
15. “Life is Wild” (CW) 1.58m
16. “Aliens in America” (R) (CW) 1.28m
17. “CW Now” (CW) 0.89m

Viva Laughlin is toast. Putting it before Cold Case has slightly affected the ratings of Cold Case.

Desperate Housewives, for the curious, is experiencing a "very creative year", critics say. They've been bringing up the ante, delivering a better show, episode after episode after episode.

Brothers & Sisters 2.4 - State of The Union

Last night on Brothers & Sisters... (SPOILER ALERT)

- Bangs, they're back?

- Justin is an addict to pain killers. Again. He's also addicted to the TV show, The Hills. Note to self: Check that one out!

- Predictable, but ugh! Tommy and Lena...I'm so nervous they'll be having an affair. And Holly's the (angry) voice of reason for Tommy, his father's mistress. Unlikely!

- Saul denies to Kevin he is gay. Still hiding in the closet....

- Too much shouting from Calista...her throat must be hurting.

- Nora needs a new project. She's driving her kids crazy. She's driving me crazy, even if I know how she's feeling!

I love you. You're my children. When you're in trouble, I'm in trouble. I'm sorry I don't know how to say, "Oh ladida, I think I'll go play golf..." You're everything I've ever done with my life. Believe me, I lay awake at night praying you guys would get your lives together so I can get some sleep.

Nothing Compares To Your Umbrella...ella...ella....

Caught up with talent shows last night, and heard two songs sang in two different contests. Which one do you think did the cover better?

NOTHING COMPARES 2U (Prince/Sinead O'Connor)

Natalie's done the Prince version and she did a nice job, vocally. She was supposedly experiencing something like it, having broken up with her boyfriend 7 hours and 13 days ago (as the song goes), but it didn't connect with me.

Niki did the Sinead version and she showed vulnerability and emotion. It's the exact copy of the original but her delivery was flawless. I like hers better.

Natalie Gauci
Australian Idol Top 6 Part 1
Judge's Pick
Media from Idol Fanatic

The X-Factor Top 12
Representing: Over 25's
Mentor: Louie Walsh

UMBRELLA (Rihanna)

I'm so tired of hearing Umbrella, so I've got no favorite.

Natalie did her own version sans the "Ella...Ella..." and it didn't feel right to me.

The group, Hope, turned theirs into a Pussycat Doll performance. Guys probably went, "Wow!" but I got bored.

Other people have done better with this song, if you search YouTube for "Umbrella cover version".

Natalie Gauci
Australian Idol Top 6 Part 2
Pick Your Own Song

The X Factor UK
Representing: Groups
Mentor: Simon Cowell


21 October 2007

Friday Night Lights S2 E3: Are You Ready For Friday Night?

This episode of Friday Night Lights deserved a standing ovation...from me at least (and I did give it one!). The writers and producers got it right this time. It's gone back to its first season quality --- raw, gripping, sympathetic and real.
  • The Dillon Panther and its new coach are not getting along.
  • Jason, the former player and now the assistant coach, isn't being given the chance by the new coach to do what he can.
  • Riggins is back on an alcoholic binge.
  • Saracen (former captain) and Mash (new captain) are at odds.
  • Julie has broken up with Saracen and she is now with someone else, someone who's bad news.
Plus this:

With Coach Taylor working far away and is only home every weekend or so, Tami, who has just given birth, is left to hold the family together. It's tough taking care of the baby, much less taking care of it all by yourself. And it's tougher if you also have a teenage daughter to watch over, especially if she is in this rebellious phase.

In this scene, Tami confronts her 15-year old daughter because she hasn't been behaving herself...watch:

Julie so deserved that slap. I cheered for that. Yeah, Mrs. Taylor!

I feel for Tami. :(


Oh, I'm going to embark on a crazy week beginning tomorrow. And I still haven't catch up on the previous episodes!

Anyway, so, one month after the season premieres...which new TV show do you think is bowing out? Based on the poll I ran for 6 weeks, visitors of my blog think Cavemen will be the first one canceled, with 17 votes or 28%.

Well, the show is hanging in there but yes, it isn't doing very well. But officially, Nashville is this season's the first casualty...although it wasn't included in my poll selection.

On Sept. 25, TV Week reports:
Looks like Fox isn’t going let “Nashville” coast after all. After two episodes, the network is pulling the Friday night docu-soap reality show in favor of “K-Ville” repeats for at least two weeks. The show debuted to a 1.0 rating among adults 18 to 49, then dropped to a 0.8 last week.
As for the rest of the series?
  • Gossip Girl is officially the first new show picked up for a full season.
  • The Big Bang Theory is officially the first new sitcom to get a full season order.
  • Additional scripts were ordered for the following series: Journeyman, Cane, Chuck, Bionic Woman, and Life
  • Private Practice is leading the pack of new shows in terms of ratings. Update: It has gotten a full season order. Dirty Sexy Money is also fairing better.
But it's not all good. There is still some uncertainty for all of the shows we're watching this season because of the looming Writers' Strike, which sources say, could take effect anytime this week.

October 19 - Friday's Ratings

1. “Numb3rs” (CBS) 9.72m
2. “Women’s Murder Club” (ABC) 9.67m
3. “Deal or No Deal” (NBC) 9.32m
4. “Ghost Whisperer” (CBS) 8.92m
5. “Moonlight” (CBS) 7.78m
6. “Las Vegas” (NBC) 7.51m
7. “20/20” (ABC) 6.75m
8. “Men in Trees” (ABC) 6.42m
9. “Friday Night Lights” (NBC) 5.48m
10. “Friday Night Smackdown” (CW) 4.66m
11. “The Next Great American Band” (Series Premiere) (8-10) (FOX) 3.57m

Liking lots: Women's Murder Club. Yeah.

20 October 2007

I have Phoebe!

P as in Phoebe.
H as in Heebee
O as in Oebee.
E as in Eebee.
B as in Beebee.
E as in 'Elo there, mate!

Who is Phoebe?

She looks something like this.

So named after a favorite FRIENDS character by her previous dad. And we've adopted her. My son is now asking we get an Ursula for him next. Nyak.

I'm getting to know Phoebe now. I love her already.

Threesome with Me, Conan O'Brien and John Cusack

It's something I've longed wished to happen --- this late night threesome with me and two men I've long admired: John Cusack and Conan O'Brien. That is, me watching Conan interview John on TV. (Why, what were you thinking? Mwehe.)

I had no intention of watching Conan late last night since I wanted to retire to bed early (Man, those Office recaps wear me out!). But it's a good thing the TV was tuned on ETC, or else I would have completely missed this moment. And apparently, based on the interview, John's been on Conan a few times and I wasn't able to see those! :(

  • Conan was his usual goofy self, very gabby and animated ... which is what I love about him.
  • John was very uncomfortable and hardly supplies anything personal about himself (as with most interviews) and keeps a certain polite but charming appeal... which is what I love about him.
These are two men I've been crushing on since I've learned to recognize my taste in the opposite sex. We've got the the dorky class clown and the anti-social (those are my types?? LOL!) --- someone who makes me laugh and someone so private and distant, I'm so challenged to pick into his brain and his emotions to discover who he is.

And with that, my night was complete. :)


October 18 - Thursday's Ratings

1. “CSI” (CBS) 20.80m
2. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) 17.67m
3. “Survivor: China” (CBS) 13.92m
4. “ALCS Game 5” (FOX) (8:30-11) 12.81m
5. “ER” (NBC) 10.01m
6. “Ugly Betty” (ABC) 9.67m
7. “Viva Laughlin” (Series Premiere) (CBS) 8.83m
8. “The Office” (NBC) 8.50m
9. “Big Shots” (ABC) 8.34m
10. “My Name is Earl” (NBC) 7.26m
11. “30 Rock” (NBC) 6.27m
12. “Smallville” (CW) 5.06m
13. “Supernatural” (CW) 3.06m

I'm only checking out Viva Laughlin this week. Reviews for this show's premiere are very, very bad so I have very low expectations.

My Name is Earl had the oddest episode ever. It had animation, a mascot, some singing and dancing...odd, odd, odd. Odd in a way that my son and I enjoyed very much. But also odd in a way that others hated it, too.

I still have to watch the rest of Thursday's line up sometime this weekend.

19 October 2007

The Office S4 E4: Money

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Episode Summary: As Jan renovates the condo, Michael confronts his growing debt every way he can, which includes pressuring his employees for a loan. Pam and Jim spend a night out on Dwight’s family farm, now a bed and breakfast.

*If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM USA Eastern Time*

October 17 - Wednesday's Ratings

1. “Criminal Minds” (CBS) 14.87m
2. “CSI: NY” (CBS) 13.86m
3. “Deal or No Deal” (NBC) 12.29m
4. “Private Practice” (ABC) 11.81m
5. “Pushing Daisies” (ABC) 9.75m
6. “Dirty Sexy Money” (ABC) 8.83m
7. “Bionic Woman” (NBC) 8.52m
8. “Life” (NBC) 7.66m
9. “Kid Nation” (CBS) 7.41m
10. “Til Death” (FOX) 6.98m
11. “Back to You” (FOX) 6.91m
12. “Kitchen Nightmares” (FOX) 6.88m
13. “America’s Next Top Model” (CW) 4.97m
14. “Gossip Girl” (CW) 2.42m

Ayayay. It upsets me to see Pushing Daisies losing viewers week after week (Week 1 - 12M, Week 2 - 10M, This week - 9M). While the over-all numbers remain in good standing, the drop isn't.

Private Practice, while experiencing a slight drop, still leads in its key demographics (target audience) every time, with this week being its best one yet. The episode I saw sure was better. WTG, Addie!

Bionic Woman has lost a total of 35% of its audience after 3 episodes.

Freshmen shows started out promising, but surprisingly, this week, their ratings are disappointing.

“Dirty Sexy Money” (ABC) -0.34%
“Deal or No Deal” (NBC) -1.60%
“Private Practice” (ABC) -2.80%
“Pushing Daisies” (ABC) -3.18%
“Life” (NBC) -5.90%
“America’s Next Top Model” (CW) -6.05%
“Bionic Woman” (NBC) -15.64%
“Gossip Girl” (CW) -15.68%

By the way, Kid Nation has began airing on Studio 23 (Sundays 730 PM). I'm now going to follow it on that channel with my 10year old. The show has about 10 episodes so far and guess what? It's getting positive feedbacks. Damn be the moralist critics!

18 October 2007

Pushing Daisies S1 E3: The Fun In The Funeral

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Episode 3 Summary: Another strange death at the Schatz Funeral Home leads Ned back to the scene where he brought Chuck back to life. Meanwhile, Olive unwittingly becomes the messenger in Chuck’s plan to bring a little sunshine into the lives of Aunts Lily and Vivian via some anti-depressant laced pies, on Pushing Daisies.

*If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM USA Eastern Time*

October 16 - Tuesday's Ratings

1. “NCIS” (CBS) 17.40m
2. “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC) 17.03m
3. “Law & Order: SVU” (NBC) 12.54m
4. “The Unit” (CBS) 12.27m
5. “ALCS Baseball” (FOX) 11.71m
6. “Boston Legal” (ABC) 10.22m
7. “Cane” (CBS) 8.50m
8. “Carpoolers” (ABC) 6.96m
9. “Cavemen” (ABC) 6.92m
10. “The Biggest Loser” (NBC) 6.90m
11. “Dateline: Matt Lauer Presents” (NBC) 5.73m
12. “Beauty and the Geek” (CW) 3.55m
13. “Reaper” (CW) 3.25m

With no episode for House this week (it's baseball season!), I only had Carpoolers to watch on a Tuesday (Wednesday here) and now I feel so dumb still sticking to this show. LOL! I think I'm dropping it anytime now.

Last week's overall standings? I got this one from mrpayroll of the DVD Talk forum:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

17 October 2007

The Other Sarah Walker

Those following Brothers and Sisters should be familiar with Sarah Walker or Sarah Walker-Whedon (soon to be back to Sarah Walker....ooops sorry that's a spoiler!). Anyway, watching Chuck the other night, I just learned there's another Sarah Walker on TV. This one below:

It's only now that I learned of the character's full name (or full fake name).

This Sarah is played by Australian native Yvonne Strzechowski and in Chuck, she is this really hot ass-kicking CIA agent. When I was first watching this series, I thought her character was a bit like Elle Woods but that's not the case now. She's a tough chick. And she's one of the reasons why I'm liking Chuck more and more.


Say What's In My Heart

I interrupt TV viewing for the meantime to bring you this song....

I finally found it! I've been looking for this for sooooo long now. Ten years ago, I first heard this being performed on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show and I instantly fell in love with its lyrics and melody.

Today, the story behind the song is ten times more meaningful to me than when I first heard it. Because this time, I know exactly what it is about.

Say What's In My Heart
Aaron Neville/Babyface/Dianne Warren

My eyes can't lie to you
My kiss my kiss can only tell you true now
You say you have your doubts
But I say I don't know what that talks about now

My world, I have given you
I never gave myself the way I gave myself to you
What have I gotta do to make you believe I love you
What have I gotta say to make you believe you're the one for me

Didn't you hold me last night
Didn't you look in my eyes
Didn't I, didn't I say what's in my heart
Didn't my heart tell you true, that I could only love you
Didn't I, didn't I say what's in my heart
When I say I love you, I say what's in my heart

There is no other love
I know that God knows you're the only one so
Why can't you believe when I tell you there ain't nobody
There ain't nobody but you in my heart

Long as we've been together
You should know by now the love I feel, I feel forever
What have I gotta do to make you believe I love you
What have I gotta say to make you believe you're the one for me.

Didn't you hold me last night
Didn't you look in my eyes
Didn't I, Didn't I say what's in my heart
Didn't my heart tell you true, that I could only love you
Didn't I, Didn't I say what's in my heart
When I say I love you I say what's in my heart

I'll never walk away, I'll never leave your side,
I'll never break your heart looking in someone else's eyes
You're everythingI need, the air that I breathe
I won't live one day without you, believe me

Didn't you hold me last night,
Didn't you look in my eyes,
Didn't I, Didn't I say what's in my heart,
Didn't my heart tell you true, that I could only love you
Didn't I, didn't I say what's in my heart
When I say I love you I say what's in my heart

Didn't you hold me last night
Didn't you look in my eyes
Didn't I, didn't I say what's in my heart
Didn't my heart tell you true
That I could only love you
Didn't I, didn't I say what's in my heart
When I say I love you I say what's in my heart
Didn't you hold me last night
Didn't you look in my eyes
Didn't I, didn't I say what's in my heart
Didn't my heart tell you true that
I could only love you
Didn't I, didn't I say what's in my heart
Didn't you hold me last night
Didn't you look in my eyes
Didn't I, didn't I say what's in my heart

Australian Idol Top 7 - Songs From The Year You Were Born

Australian Idol reached a whole new L O W.

That's all I have to say about that. :P

Ben McKenzie — "Higher Ground" (Stevie Wonder) - ELIMINATED
Marty Simpson — "Now We're Getting Somewhere" (Crowded House)
Natalie Gauci — "Endless Love" (Diana Ross/Lionel Richie)
Carl Riseley — "Turn Your Love Around" (George Benson)
Matt Corby — "Another Day In Paradise" (Phil Collins)
Tarisai Vushe — "I Knew You Were Waiting" (Aretha Franklin/George Michael)
Daniel Mifsud — "Billie Jean" (Michael Jackson)

You can watch vids here, though...if you're curious.

October 15 - Monday's Ratings

1. “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC) 19.19m
2. “CSI: Miami” (CBS) 15.40m
3. “Samantha Who?” (Series Premiere) (ABC) 14.92m
4. “Two and a Half Men” (CBS) 13.78m
5. “Heroes” (NBC) 11.26m
6. “Rules of Engagement” (CBS) 11.02m
7. “The Bachelor” (ABC) 9.30m
8. “ALCS Game 3” (FOX) 9.18m
9. “Chuck” (NBC) 8.23m
10. “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) 8.15m
11. “How I Met Your Mother” (CBS) 7.96m
12. “Journeyman” (NBC) 7.00m
13. “The Game” (CW) 2.64m
14. “Everybody Hates Chris” (CW) 2.57m
15. “Girlfriends” (CW) 2.42m
16. “Aliens in America” (CW) 2.23m

For the fourth week in a row, HIMYM's rating is lower than its lead-in, Big Bang Theory. How on earth is the latter more favored than HIMYM?!

Samantha Who draws 14M viewers for its pilot episode. Hooray!

Chuck actually does better in its key demographics and it could be because Prison Break is on hiatus this week.

Heroes' ratings improved, increasing 4% of its viewership from last week.

Journeyman is trapped in a bad time slot. Too bad, since it's one of the better series this season.

I would have wanted to continue watching Everybody Hates Chris, but my plate is kinda full. So I'll just catch that on cable....wait a minute, it's on Jack TV! The channel would have been gone from our line-up by January... :(

16 October 2007

Comedy Trio

How I Met Your Mother 3.4 - Little Boys - Robin dates a guy with a six year old boy. Little boy and Robin hit it off but the chemistry between Robin and the dad isn't working. So she has to break up with daddy. When she learns from Lily that the boy has grown quite attached to his "new mother", Robin feels bad about it. So, she to has to break-up with the boy, too. But then she receives a different response from the six year old.

Meanwhile Ted and Barney competes for the affection/attention of a girl, claiming one has better style for wooing women than the other. I won't say who wins between them, but his style is definitely far more superior.

The whole episode was okay, average. The opening scene, though, was cute and funny....

Robin: Hey, what's my "but"? You know, I'm really nice...but????
Ted: [thinking...] But she's afraid of commitment
Lily: [thinking...] But she's a gun nut.
Barney: [thinking...] But she's Canadian!
Marshall: [thinking...] But she didn't like "Field of Dreams"...
And they all tell Robin, they can't think of any.

Oh, yes...as of today, there are 35 days left till the slap counter rounds up to 00:00:00!

Aliens in America 1.3 - Rocket Club - Perhaps Raja hasn't heard of House when he said, "Everybody lies".... The boy is one perfect kid. He does his school work diligently, behaves like the perfect son/model citizen and tries to make friends with every one else. There's really nothing vile about him. Except for one thing: his ethnicity. When Raja tries to cover up for his best friend Justin and blabbers on about this fake Rocket Club (they supposedly are members of) to Justin's parents, it eventually leads to the police inspecting their home computers for fear that Raja might be planning a terrorist attack.

This episode was so far the funniest, I made the right choice of sticking with it. The Raha character is growing on me and the actor playing him (Adhir Kalyan) is such natural.

"And I just kept going hoping I would find the one lie that made sense of all the others!"

Samantha Who 1.1 - Pilot - I have one other reason to look forward to Mondays (Tuesdays here) and it's this show starring Christina Applegate (who you might recognize as Rachel Green's sister). She plays Sam, who is suffering from amnesia, after being in a coma for 8 days.

Sam wakes up to discover that:
- she and her parents are actually estranged
- she is cheating on her boyfriend (played by Barry Watson, 7th Heaven) with a married man who seems full of himself
- she is in AA
- she has no other friends except bar-hopping party girl Andrea (played by Jennifer Esposito).

In other words, Sam used to be a horrible person. But the coma/amnesia doesn't change her overnight, although she nows sees her life from a different perspective.

I rather liked the pilot episode, it's worth checking. Plus points for having a cast I love seeing on TV --- Jean Smarts (her mom), Barry, Jennifer and of course, Christina.

, ,

October 14 - Sunday's Ratings

1. “Football Overrun” / “60 Minutes” (7-8) (CBS) 26.45m
2. “Desperate Housewives” (ABC) 18.55m
3. “60 Minutes” (8-9) (CBS) 17.45m
4. “60 Minutes” / “Cold Case” (9-10) (CBS) 14.75m
5. “Brothers & Sisters” (ABC) 12.71m
6. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (ABC) 12.18m
7. “Cold Case” / “Shark” (10-11) (CBS) 12.00m
8. “Sunday Night Football” (8-11) (NBC) 9.28m
9. “The Simpsons” (8-8:30) (FOX) 8.83m
10. “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (ABC) 7.71m
11. “King of the Hill” (8:30-9) (FOX) 7.43m
12. “Family Guy” (R) (FOX) 7.09m
13. “American Dad” (FOX) 6.26m
14. “Football Night in America” (NBC) 5.04m
15. “The Simpsons” (R) (7:30-8) (FOX) 5.00m
16. “King of the Hill” (R) (7-7:30) (FOX) 3.51m
17. “America’s Next Top Model” (R) (CW) 1.68m
18. “Life is Wild” (CW) 1.04m
19. “CW Now” (CW) 0.66m
20. “Online Nation” (CW) 0.59m

Brothers & Sisters S2 E3 - History Repeating

What I learned from Nora Walker last night: "...when life does something horrible to you, there are no rules as to how to get over it, you just have to do whatever you can, anything you can, to make it better."

That summed it all up in last night's episode of Brothers & Sisters.

Justin refuses to take pain medication for his injured knee, fearing he might be pushed to addiction again. But every doctor Nora has spoken with advised taking pain meds, to help Justin recover better. Convincing a former drug addict to take drugs (which can be highly addictive, it's not just plain Ibuprofen), is too much for a mother to handle. But it has to be done.

Kevin's old boyfriend is back in his life. He takes Scott's DUI case and helps hims dismiss the case against him. Scott returns the favor by cooking a five-star hotel meal for Kevin, and eventually tries to make a pass at him. Kevin rejects the kiss, saying he is in a long-distance relationship with someone else and instead offers friendship. Sometimes, it is hard for former lovers to remain friends. But it has to be done.

Tommy is devastated. It seems his family is falling apart. Julia decides to go back to her parents in Arizona, bringing baby Lizzie with her. Julia says she needs time away from Tommy to get perspective. The more she stays with Tommy, the more she will resent him for the death of their other baby. It isn't always a good solution for couples to stay together in times of trials. Sometimes, one has to get away from it all. It's hard, but it has to be done.

But of course, each of the choices these people make will have consequences...
- Will Justin go back to being an addict?
- Will Kevin break his promise to a boyfriend far away?
- Will the marriage of Tommy and Julia survive the temporary separation?

Things just got a lot more complicated in the Walker household.


We began viewing the very first season of Supernatural last night. I don't particularly enjoy subjecting myself to a chill-fest and I can't understand the appeal of horror and suspense. The hubby is a big fan of the genre, though. He's a big influence on the variety of TV shows I watch for if not for him, I'd probably be sticking with the mushy chick stuff.

It's a great thing the show has two very likeable characters, at least I have something or someone to root for. Brothers Dean (the reckless one) and Sam (the calculated one), make it their life-mission to explore America's unknown....and eventually find where their father has gone. Save for the creepy storytelling on Supernatural (as in me, covering my eyes, or hiding behind the hubby's back, or looking away from the TV monitor most of the time), I have to say that I'm quite invested on the story now. Its hardcore Hardy Boys freak hunting. But Hardy boys I love. Freak hunting, not so much.

14 October 2007

TV Score Card

So, two-three episodes down the line...I'm finally getting my schedule in order. That is, I now more or less know what TV shows I should be watching or watching as soon as possible and what time I'm supposed to work my work schedule around it.

Two-three episodes down the line and here's the scorecard:


Aliens In America - A better show than the rest, keeping on list.
Back To you - Not great but keeping on list.
Big Shots - Anticipating I'll tire of it, but it is surprisingly hooking me in.
Bionic Woman - Am on the fence.
Carpoolers - My current guilty pleasure and I'm not recommending this unless you're really easy to please.
Chuck - Hopes it does better, keeping on the list.
Dirty Sexy Money - Liking it much.
Journeyman - So liking it much.
Life - So liking it much, too.
Pushing Daisies - A big, big fave!
Private Practice - Not great but keeping on list.
Women's Murder Club - New show I checked out merely a few hours ago. So far, yes, liking it.
Samantha Who - to premiere this week, checking it out.
Viva Laughlin - to premiere this week, checking it out.
Big Bang Theory - Never bothered with it.
Cane - Never bothered with it.
Cavemen - Never bothered with it.
Gossip Girl - Am not its audience.
K-Ville - Never bothered with it.
Life Is Wild - Haven't even heard of this.
Reaper - Did not get the appeal.

21 shows in all.
12 on my list.
2 for checking later.
7 dropped.

These returning shows are keeping me dull but very busy. How have they been so far?

Brothers and Sisters - I've been crying less, but I'm not saying the show is losing its heart. I am just now able to control my emotions better.
Heroes - Slumping. Hoooboy, slumping really hard.
How I Met Your Mother - Still enjoying it like the first time I saw it.
House - Weak season opening, but has managed to get back on track immediately. Which means its still a genius of a show.
The Office - I love this one but please get back to the 30 minutes show.
30 Rock - Much improved. Ratings though, hasn't.
My Name is Earl - My filler show, when I need something to keep me happy.
Grey's Anatomy - Well, alright, the last episode was a notch better. Hope it keeps up.
Ugly Betty - Perhaps the most improved returning show of the season. It just delivers one great episode after another.
Friday Night Lights - Something has to be done fast, to keep its realism and quality.
Scrubs - to premiere in Oct 25
Prison Break - I've given it up.

12 shows in all
10 on my list.
1 waiting to premiere.
1 dropped.

If the above aren't enough, I still have my hands full with these shows whose new season has started or is about to start or is already half-way done:
Robin Hood 2
America's Next Top Model S8
Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2
Australian Idol 5
The XFactor UK 4

And apparently, anytime in the next two weeks, the hubby is going to start watching Supernatural. Which means, because I'd be in the same room with him... I've got to watch it with him, too. Not too big on shows with this premise. But I said the same thing for XFiles and I loved that. So, we'll see where that goes.

These are what will keep me cooped inside the four corners of my bedroom till December. Or until I find the need to know if people outside still wear shoes. :P

12 October 2007

Gone for the weekend

I'd be gone all weekend to play Monopoly. Seriously. That's what I'm doing.

My son's turning 10 on Monday and someone has gifted him in advance with the board game. Seeing that I'm just about the only playmate he has at the moment, (till the cousins arrive on the next long weekend by the end of October... where the real party is going to happen) I'm not allowed to have any choice. And well, I do love this game anyway. :)

So tah-tah, y'all.

No TV, recaps or news for the meantime.

The Office S4 E3: Launch Party

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Episode 3 Summary: The Dunder Mifflin Infinity website is launching and Michael is excited about going to the big launch party in New York while Angela plans a satellite party for the Scranton branch. Meanwhile, Dwight competes against the website to see who can sell the most paper in one day.

*If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM USA Eastern Time*

October 10 - Wednesday's Ratings

In color = shows that I actually tune to weekly

1. “Criminal Minds” (CBS) 14.47m
2. “CSI: NY” (CBS) 13.31m
3. “Deal or No Deal” (NBC) 12.49m
4. “Private Practice” (ABC) 12.21m
5. “Bionic Woman” (NBC) 10.10m
6. “Pushing Daisies” (ABC) 10.07m
7. “Dirty Sexy Money” (ABC) 8.86m
8. “Life” (NBC) 8.14m

9. “Kid Nation” (CBS) 7.01m
10. “Back to You” (FOX) 6.55m
11. “Til Death” (FOX) 6.48m
12. “Kitchen Nightmares” (FOX) 6.45m
13. “America’s Next Top Model” (CW) 5.29m
14. “Gossip Girl” (CW) 2.87m

Whoowee....The shows I tune to follow each other in the ratings. But I'm really more concerned for Pushing Daisies, which lost 2 Million viewers this week. :( They had a fantastic episode! It's still winning with its key demographics (viewers 18-49 years old) though, so it's not bad. Recaps here.

Private Practice and Back To You had decent episodes, which is a great thing. I'm still on the ship. Private Practice, in particular, toned down on the cheesy-ness. It's hopefully finding its heart. It remains the new show to beat on Wednesdays. Yay for Addison!

Dirty Sexy Money's episode this week was so far the best (out of 3 already shown). This show is picking up steam.

I've yet to watch Life and Bionic Woman but now I'm curious as to why BW's rating has picked up.

Busy long weekend ahead. I'd be lost in a flurry of activities. It's a good thing I'm superwoman. Haha!

- Today's a holiday which means anyone from my family is going to drop by anytime.
- My baby niece is here for a visit and I can't get enough of her.
- And my son is turning ten years old on Monday, so this week's gonna be all for him.


, , , ,

11 October 2007

Pushing Daisies S1 E2: Dummy

Episode 2 Summary: When an automotive expert is found dead (ironically enough) after a strange hit-and-run accident, Ned suspects there’s more to the story, especially when he finds out the deceased worked for a company about to launch an experimental car. Meanwhile, Chuck wants some answers about how Ned brought her back to life. Jonathan Mangum and Riki Lindhome guest star.

*If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM USA Eastern Time*

October 9 - Tuesday's Ratings

In color = shows that I actually tune to weekly

1. “House” (FOX) 17.73m
2. “NCIS” (CBS) 16.09m
3. “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC) 16.04m
4. “Law & Order: SVU” (NBC) 12.19m
5. “The Unit” (CBS) 11.13m
6. “Boston Legal” (ABC) 11.04m
7. “Cane” (CBS) 9.10m
8. “Bones” (FOX) 8.32m
9. “Carpoolers” (ABC) 7.36m
10. “Cavemen” (ABC) 7.00m
11. “The Biggest Loser” (8:30-10) (NBC) 6.65m
12. “The Singing Bee” (NBC) 6.72m
13. “Beauty and the Geek” (CW) 3.16m
14. “Reaper” (CW) 2.65m

This week's episode of House was actually better than last and it could be because the former ducklings now have a few minutes of airtime....things are slowly falling into place. The doctors vying for fellowship under House (am liking #13 and Cutthroat Bitch so far) calls on Cameron (ER Head) and Chase (Surgery) for help while Foreman has just been fired from his new job.

Here's House and Wilson looking at Cuddy's behind as she walks away from them

New shows Cavemen and Carpoolers are not doing great with the numbers. I don't really care, except that I do enjoy Carpoolers ludicrous premise over Cavemen's:

Cavemen lost 31% of its viewers last week.
Carpoolers down by 25%.

Those are really bad numbers.


10 October 2007

Australian Idol Top 8 - Brit Pop Night

Favorite performance of the night? Tarisai Vushe, who sang "Somebody To Love" (Queen)

The rest? Two things. It's either...
A. I could not get into their performance.
2. It was...and I hate to say this, but as Randy Jackson would (say it) --- 'It was just awyt, dawg.'.

Carl Riseley — "Can't Buy Me Love" (The Beatles)
Ben McKenzie — "Wonderwall" (Oasis)
Marty Simpson — "Naive" (The Kooks)
Jacob Butler — "Let It Be" (The Beatles) -
Daniel Mifsud — "Message In A Bottle" (The Police)
Natalie Gauci — "Rehab" (Amy Winehouse)
Matt Corby — "Bittersweet Symphony" (The Verve)

If you need the media and would like to listen to their performances, this is the place.

TV Writers to go on STRIKE!

Most TV shows have about 6-10 episodes wrapped up. But with the strike looming, what could this mean after all 10 episodes are aired?
  • Replays, replays and more replays
  • Writers will be replaced with non-Union members, which would mean a change in the quality of the show
  • More Reality TV programming. This genre was somehow borne out of a writers' strike last time.

LOS ANGELES - Talks between Hollywood writers and studios abruptly broke off for the weekend, dimming hopes of averting a strike that could cripple the television industry. Click to read more...

October 8 - Monday's Ratings

In color = shows that I actually tune to weekly

1. “Dancing with the Stars” (8-9:30) (ABC) 19.32m
2. “CSI: Miami” (CBS) 14.14m
3. “Two and a Half Men” (CBS) 12.98m
4. “Heroes” (NBC) 10.75m
5. “The Rules of Engagement” (CBS) 10.71m
6. “The Bachelor” (9:30-11) (ABC) 9.92m
7. “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) 8.36m
8. “How I Met Your Mother” (CBS) 8.03m
9. “Prison Break” (FOX) 7.21m
10. “Chuck” (NBC) 7.12m
11. “Journeyman” (NBC) 6.94m
12. “K-Ville” (FOX) 5.38m
13. “The Game” (CW) 2.81m
14. “Everybody Hates Chris” (CW) 2.63m
15. “Girlfriends” (CW) 2.50m
16. “Aliens in America” (CW) 2.11m

HIMYM's ratings increased by +1.90% from last week....and the show is in need of a ratings boost after rumors last season that it was going to be axed.

Heroes, despite always staying on top five for the last three weeks, continue to drop. It's slumping, nearly losing its 2-digit ratings. Last night's episode was badly written. Baaaadly written. Under its time slot (9:00-10:00 PM) and up against Dancing With the Stars and Two and A Half Men, Heroes comes in third. Nielsen viewers love their dance shows...and Charlie Sheen. :P

Speaking of dropping, Prison Break is, too. I have actually dropped Prison Break from my viewing list. Oh, and read the real reason why Sarah Tancredi had to be killed off the show.

Journeyman is dropping drastically, overall. As is Chuck. But Journeyman is doing better in its key demographics. And Chuck is a fun show! Nielsen viewers don't get it?

LAST WEEK's OVERALL RATINGS: ABC Television ranked number 1.

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