30 November 2006

10 Items or Less S1 E1 - The New Boss

The first few seconds (the opening sequence) of 10 Items or Less feels a lot like Arrested Development's opening narrative.

[Cue whimsical background music] This is the Greens and Grains Grocery Store. It's been in my family for five generations. This is my father Bud [cue old, sepia-toned photo of Dad in the grocery store], he never thought I'd amount to anything. So I went to New York City to prove him wrong [cue photo of map of NY].... he died before I could do so. And now I'm back in Ohio running the Greens and Grains Grocery Store. The crew here is really counting on me. I hope I don't screw this up.

I was waiting to hear that familiar, "It's Arrested Development" at the end of that.

The scenes remind me of The Office. You have this crazy mix of an obnoxious boss who doesn't know what he's doing and a team of wacky staff/employees each with their own personalities and agenda.

The format follows Curb Your Enthusiasm's style --- partly scripted, partly improv. The actors, all professional improv artists, don't get a real script and they're just given an outline of what the situation will be and they have to work on the comedy. It even aims to make real shoppers become participants of the TV show, without them knowing it.

To combine all three --- Arrested Development, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm --- in one TV show is supposedly going to work like magic. In 10 Items or Less' case, the rhythm is there yet some scenes felt like it was overdone, while other scenes felt lacking in something funny. However, I can't judge a whole TV show based on one episode. Suffice to say, one episode does not tell me enough, so yes, I will keep watching this one because I wanna know if its able to improve the comedy. Besides I'm done with sitcoms (can't get into the new ones being developed coz for one thing, I don't like the laugh tracks) and I'm loving the formats comedy shows have these days (the type pioneered by Curb Your Enthusiasm in style and story development), regardless of the fact that its the route most "groundbreaking" comedy shows aim at (so they end up looking like CYE copycats).

10 Items or Less airs on a cable channel -TBS , a TV network that's still a freshman at producing original comedy shows. What they air are mostly reruns of outstanding series like SATC, Seinfeld, Cosby Show and Newsradio.

Other shows worth checking out which may have a similar format like this one:
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - JackTV on Sky Cable airs this
The Comeback - Lisa Kudrow's brainchild
Sons and Daughters - StarTV used to air this on cable, don't know if it's still on

29 November 2006

Memories, I can smile at the old days, it was beautiful then....

Darn it.

Could not resist.

Was supposed to watch this one after I'm done with a couple of other shows but I could not resist taking a peek first, then finally giving in after. I've started watching Beverly Hills 90210. And you might say I'm going crazy (or you might not, you don't know me hehe), and I just have to pause the program to tell the world that right now --- my eyes are misty.

I heard the theme song 3 minutes into the first episode and I lost it.

Brought back tons of emotion... of my youth....all things pleasant and not so pleasant.

But most of all, I think I'm feeling nostalgic because this was the TV show my best friend and I would religiously tune to; our eyes glued to the TV, watching Brenda and Dylan, but our ears glued to the telephone (rotary pa yung telephone namin hindi push button ha and that was 1990 na!) because we were talking about the show.

And it just made me miss it... that moment, my best friend (now estranged but we're finding our way back together, one step at a time).

Let me retreat into my corner and cry some more. :(

Darn it.

27 November 2006

Smallville S5 The 100th Episode - Reckoning

I finally saw it... the episode where Jonathan Kent dies.

Maybe because I've been reading spoilers here and there, I was expecting his death would be a lot more dramatic and was rather disappointed that it wasn't. Huh. Dad's gone. :( As much as I hate his character's seeming self-righteous demeanor sometimes, it was this character who provided a clear (moral) backbone in the story... and also served as an anchor for the super boy. I've got to stop reading spoilers so I don't pre-empt how Clark is able to cope without his Dad (so that it doesn't take the drama away).

Anyway, I've been watching Smallville with my son for the last month or so and I could not help but smile when I see my boy totally absorbing the story. Other than Friends and maybe on occasion, Frasier, Smallville is the one other story he was able to follow (more or less accurately).

My boy talks about the show a lot more than I do. He'd be the first one who would always cheer or gasp when something good or bad goes on in the episodes. He was the one more excited (and was jumping in his seat!) about the prospect of Lana finding out Clark's secret (which we saw last night). Although, I have to admit I was a bit bothered with some episodes while watching this with him and I kept thinking I was being a bad parent... since Clark was also a growing boy with raging male hormones, it was inevitable that sex and kissing happens in the show. These are the times I'm very thankful for the fast forward button (hehe!). Or the fact that I've been telling my boy, "Let's skip this part and find the ones where Clark uses his powers!" For now, that keeps him enthusiastic.

I'm following a TV show called Undeclared, a comedy about life in College. Guess who I found? Young Tom Welling:

It's obviously one of his first acting jobs. He only appeared in this scene for maybe about 10 to 15 seconds and had one line to say.

I previously said Tom Welling couldn't do justice acting as Clark Kent, the boy just couldn't act. But somewhere between Season 3 and 5 of Smallville, Tom Welling must have been taking acting classes because there was a considerable improvement to how he is able to display his emotions. It wasn't acting award worthy yet (he's miles from that road, a thousand miles away), but it was a big improvement from how he performed in Season 1 and 2.

And... it kind of suprised me that he directed an episode.

So okay, yey for Welling! :)

26 November 2006

House S3 E8: Whac - A - Mole

You would think that a learned doctor like House would know his grammar syntax better:

But there lies his humor. And the fact that he's really, undeniably learned. That phrase was an allusion to something Sherlock Holmes would say to his sidekick, Watson, when they're solving a mystery ["The game is afoot"].

In House's case, he turned this week's mystery illness into a game of sorts. And the ones playing detectives are his three students: Cameron, Chase and Foreman.

TV.Com synopsis
An 18-year-old teenager is brought to the hospital after having a heart attack. House reviews the boy's file and believes he has the diagnosis. He then turns the case into a game by sealing his opinion in an envelope and challenging Cameron, Foreman, and Chase to guess House's diagnosis on their own.

^ This one was a good story on it's own. And the fact that the 18-year old decided to "be sick" rather than get well and get on with life and be both a parent and a brother to his 11-year old and 8-year old siblings (their parents already died), shows how human this show is.

The boy didn't want the responsibilities anymore, he didn't want to make sacrifices, taking care of two young kids was too much for him to take on. He would rather be useless and sick and the one being attended on, rather than the one doing the attending.

And there are people like that in the real world. It's sad, but it's true, but there are. And it's not for anyone to say it is wrong, I think. People are free to make their choices even if sometimes these are selfish choices.

That was a very realistic and unexpected ending to the story.

Meanwhile, the other story in this episode speaks of how much human and imperfect House is, his imperfections more magnified here.

Continue to TV.Com synopsis
Meanwhile, Tritter's actions against Wilson continue to strain the oncologist's relationship with House and destroy his ability to practice medicine.

Tritter is a cop who is after House. In previous episodes he arrested House for speeding, driving without a license, possession of narcotics (Vicodin), etc. etc. He's also after House because he was a former patient House treated but humiliated. When House didn't give him an apology for that, he went on the offensive and drew his cop card. By investigating, he found out House was given an abundant supply of prescription drugs, whose prescription was apparently signed off by Wilson... but it wasn't Wilson, it was House using Wilson's stolen prescription pads. And Wilson tried to cover House for that.

And now Tritter is after Wilson. He had Wilson's right to prescribe suspended. So now Wilson can't be an effective doctor. And he's very mad at House.

House visits Wilson who is referring his patients to other oncologists and he’s resigning his practice. He tells House to admit it and when House refuses, he tells him to get out. When House disputes him, Wilson points out his shoulder pain is a symptom of guilt.

House reaction to all of these was to act like a dick and an a-hole, refusing to apologize, refusing to turn himself in, thinking only of himself and not of his friend's well-being. If he did all that apologizing and if he began humbling himself, it would not be Gregory House, wouldn't it? House would never say sorry in the exact words, even if he's clearly at fault. His best apology would have to be making light of the situation, asking Wilson if he wants to "throw things off the balcony" and throwing clever retorts laden with insightful meanings.

My initial reaction of House's attitude was to point out how much an asshole he is. Then the more I analyze the dynamics of his relationship with Wilson and how different they are from each other (they do feel like a married couple! Hence Cuddy said: "Had a fight with the wife?" LOL!) the more I realize House is being House, Wilson is being Wilson and I should channel my anger at Tritter for messing with their relationship.

As I said earlier: People are free to make their choices even if sometimes these are selfish choices.

House being House chose to be House. Never mind if he's a dick, he still holds on to his principles like he's got nothing to lose but his pride. Wilson decided to go the unselfish route and ended up sacrificing his career and more importantly, his friendship.

The last scene at the end where Wilson sits by the bench and House comes riding by on his motorbike, speaks volume of how much both of them are hurting, albeit in different terms.

House's behavior might mean his relationship with Wilson is strained... but that's what I will have to look forward to in this show --- to see how stubborn House fixes his relationship with Wilson and to what extent can Wilson stand not to be friends with his best friend.

And then, in a way.... the game is really a(itchy)foot. Who are the players? It's House vs Wilson vs Tritter. Wilson has to choose which team he should be on.

Great, great show!

25 November 2006

RIP: Alfredo


From my sidebar ticker:

Philippe Noiret: The 76-year-old French actor is no longer with us. Noiret passed away on Thursday. American movie fans should remember him from his starring roles in the international hits Cinema Paradiso (1988) and Il Postino (1994). Both movies did solid business in the States at art cinemas and megaplexes that feature award-winning films from all over the world. He won two Cesar Awards (France's version of the Oscars) in the Best Actor category for his superb work in the 1976 film Le Vieux Fusil and the 1990 hit La Vie Et Rien D'Autre. In 1970, the National Board of Review honored Noiret with the Best Supporting Actor Award for his co-starring work in director Alfred Hitchcock's crime thriller Topaz. The actor is survived by his wife, Monique, and a daughter, Frederique. No funeral or memorial information has been released to the press yet.

Rest in peace, Alfredo.

I think I'll pop one of his movies in my DVD tonight ;)

My Name is Earl S2 E8 - Robbed A Stoner Blind

For all you FRIENDS fans...this one's quite a good laugh.

Please be patient, buffering may take awhile...

24 November 2006

Brothers & Sisters - S1 EP9: Mistakes We've Made Part 2

Three of the stars of this show are up for possible nomination for Golden Globes (awarding is Jan 2007): Sally Field, Calista Flockhart & Rachel Griffith (yup, the one from Six Feet Under). I hope one of them, if not all, get the recognition they deserve.

Here's another line I have to rave about. As a backgrounder, please look this up first.

Here, Kitty breaks down because she is accused of bribing a senator to pull the strings so that her youngest brother does not have to serve the military fighting the war in Baghdad. In exchange, Kitty will have to forego discussing/interviewing the senator about his messy divorce. Her bosses caught wind of it and it might threaten her career as a TV (Current Events/News) personality.

Kitty: Alright, when Justine went away, I went away. I went back to New York and I missed all the holidays without him. I missed all the meals without him. I missed all the fights that my mother and father must have had when they were worried sick. And that was when we were winning the war.... That was when we knew what we were fighting for. But now, it's more dangerous than ever over there and he is going back and I'm here. And my mother.... my mother who is so strong, she is so heartbroken. So yes, yes.. of course, I asked McAllister to help me and he said no so I thought if I did him a favor and didn't ask him about the divorce then maybe he could help me. I thought maybe he would change his mind. And you know what, I don't care if it was wrong. I did it for my brother, I did it for my family. And you know what, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I think some viewers may feel it's a fairly preachy TV show. It's a family affair but there's an underlying political theme to it. Other than that, Brothers and Sisters is able to touch the most sensitive bones within our bodies, you can't help but get affected while watching the drama unfold. What the family goes through is so familiar to most anyone... it's so real and so painful. That's where the show's appeal lies.

Finally, here's the letter of their father (now deceased) to their mother, which they discovered after his death and after finding out:
- that dad embezzled the family corporation's funds
- that dad had a mistress
- that dad had a daughter with that mistress
- that dad had a 30M property he didn't tell to his family about

My dearest Nora,

There's a part of me that hopes you never read this because if you are, it means that you've discovered some of the mistakes I've made in my life. And while I tried to set those mistakes right, I know I'll never be able to completely repair your trust. It tortures me to think that I've ever caused you pain, but I know I have.

I only hope that you can find it in your heart...a heart which is far better purer than mine, to forgive my sins. Because despite my mistakes and errors in judgement, I have always loved you. I have always treasured your love and the love of our children, each one of them is a little piece of you, each one so lucky they have gotten your quaint heart. And no matter what mistakes they've made or no matter the extent those mistakes have caused, I know I've done at least one right thing in this life and that was to fall in love and make a family with you.

And Nora says "Thank you" to no one in particular....

What a wonderful thanksgiving episode this one is!

If this show gets at least one recognition during the awards season, I will have to do a standing ovation right in front of my TV set when I see them pick up their trophy on stage.

23 November 2006

DPP Magazine

Please buy Digital Photographer Philippines Magazine (Php295) at National Bookstore or Powebooks, November 2006 issue (Black and White Tips)

My husband's work was featured along with an interview under Up and Coming section, a 6-page spread. :)

Be careful to check if you've gotten the Phil edition, not the UK Edition....coz the UK ed cost php 895 and my husband's not there, LOL!

Daybreak S1 EP1 & 2 Pilot: What If They Run

Sitting through 2 hours of Daybreak's premiere felt like forever. Before you go on reading, please note that this show will be heavily referred with 24.

The concept of this show is similar to the movie Groundhog Day, except that there's no funny guy in it....also --- no groundhogs. And in place of the Bill Murray character (who, each time he wakes up and starts his day, keeps experiencing the same thing over and over), is a brooding and ballsy cop (think Michael Scofield of Prison Break for brooding and then Jack Bauer of 24 for ballsy) named Brett Harper (played by Taye Diggs a.k.a that guy from Ally McBeal; also the guy known as Kevin Hill --- if you're watching this show on cable via Star World; and he's also that guy in the movie Rent, the gay one with the Aids).

Daybreak delves into that thing we learned back in Philo 101 in College --- "For every decision, there's a consequence. Decision, consequence. Decision, consequence. Decision, consequence." And that does sound like a good premise for a story. But for a TV series? Me thinks there's something missing.

TV.Com synopsis:

Detective Brett Hopper is having a really bad day, accused of killing Asst. DA Alberto Garza. He has an alibi, but no one believes him. When he realizes that he has been framed, he tries to run away but has to stop when he learns that his loved ones are also in danger. But one morning, he wakes up and relives the same day over and over again. To stop this cycle, solve the mystery and have a normal life, he must find out who framed him.

So yes, do that for at least 13 episodes, it gets pretty tiring, isn't it?
Is there room for the characters to develop?
The story to grow?
The creativity of the writers to flow? (cheesy rhyming, sorry!)

Granted that the story is intricate, and viewers will discover something new each day, as Hopper tries to change what he does everytime (as of 2 episodes, Hopper went through 4 days already...that's like 4 seasons of 24!) ... how long can this be sustained? This show can simply be retitled to 101 Ways You Can Re-live Your Life and I'm just bothered the writers may only come up with 20 ways and that is it.

I can however say, the plotline (for the moment at least, it's only 2 episodes) looks a lot more believable than 24. :D

And I can affirm that for the first 20 minutes --- I went back to sleep (Taye Diggs' voice made me drowsy and the suspense took longer to unravel, it bored me) and had to re-watch Daybreak the second time.... so, in a way I re-lived my day again, how very Daybreak!

Daybreak takes over Lost Season 3's slot, as it goes on hiatus and does not return till February 2007.

22 November 2006

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Was gone a few days to actually do some major house cleaning and redecorating before Christmas finally kicks in. I'm so happy, happy, happy, happy about the way our house looks, it's so nice and christmas-y now! :D

I had dinner alone last night, while my boys camped in our bedroom upstairs, playing the latest Final Fantasy on the PS2. I chose to have dinner alone because I wanted to relish in the fact that I had a niiiiiice, clean house for once (been doing some lazy cleaning the past months, I had balls of dirt in the back of cabinets and tables, disgusting!!).

I had Carbonara, a pitcher of cold juice, mood music (of course!), coupled with mood lighting (para feel!), my favorite book and I also lit some scented candles. It was a blissful 30 minutes. Felt really good to do this after 2 days of hard labor. :D

Around 11 PM, I watched Leno's show while trying to bring myself to sleep (Leno's boring he'd put me to sleep at once!) . But he had an interesting guest so I had to stay awake for a couple more minutes. He had Ron Livingston on. I like Ron Livingston in Band of Brothers. I was not able to watch Ron Livingston in Sex and the City (as he mentioned something about in Leno's show)... which brings me to this thought:

As I am done with house cleaning and Christmas decorating, I've finally found the spirit of Christmas (finally!!!) I was complaining about this to friends sometime ago and told them it doesn't feel like Christmas yet. You know, that excitement kids feel before opening presents, I'd normally get the vibe sometime around end of October and I was so bothered the other week thinking I'm getting all Scrooge-y already.

Anyway, that's all over.

I have the Christmas spirit!

And during this season I've told myself I'll do two things (something I started with two years back):

1. Have a DVD Marathon of LOTR, all 12 discs
2. Have a DVD Marathon of Friends --- by the way, if you haven't seen Friends, all 10 Seasons, here's a condensed version :D (10 Years of Friends in 90 Seconds!)

Video by: impytherap
from Nobody's Watching TV

---> will blog about this sometime soon

And going back to Ron Livingston and Sex and the City, I think I'm going to set the DVD Marathon of Friends to much, much later and consider doing an SATC marathon instead (Ron appeared on the show sometime Season 5 or 6).

Here's a big confession: I stopped watching SATC after Carrie broke up with Aidan (this was Season 4, yes?) because I hated the way that relationship ended. In all honesty, that moment struck a chord with me (bweheh!) because I saw myself in that situation, in Carrie....and I could not forgive myself. So now, I want to give myself my own closure. I want to finally be able to watch this show in full --- from start to finish, without feeling guilty, nor sorry, nor mad at myself. I want to be able to tell myself that I've made the best bad decision and it all turned out well somehow (who knew!?). :D

Christmas is the time to forgive, forget, give love, move on and so on and so forth. so, that's what I'm doing, starting with myself. :)

I hope you all find the spirit of Christmas, too.

Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate. Without them, what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered off course, we wouldn't fall in love, or have babies, or be who we are. After all, seasons change. So do cities. People come into your life and people go. But it's comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart. --- Carrie Bradshaw

18 November 2006

How can they not love this one?

The good news is Studio 60 has been picked up for a full season. The bad news is... there is no bad news (Yey!). How can anyone not love this show? It's a good show. It's a great show! It's a show that's so clever, it made a striking reference to the show opposite it (the one that's killing them in the ratings) ---

Matt Albie: It's one thing to be asked to respect someone else's religion, it's another to be asked to respect their taboos. In my religion it's disrespectful to God not to keep your head covered, you don't see me insisting that the cast of CSI Miami wear yamikas.
Danny: That would be an unusual creative direction for CSI Miami
Matt: Half the shows in primetime start with two strippers getting strangled after a lap dance, and that's fine with me but if it's also fine with Jesus, then I don't see the need to tiptoe around his name.

Okay, how is that not good? Those lines kill me. I've said it once and I'll say it again --- I'm in love with this show. *sigh*

And it's quite odd because there's too much going with everyone, the characters talk a lot (so viewers will have that tendency to tune out... okay, I think I just answered my own question)... on days when I have too much to also think and do, I should be able to tune this out as well. But, somehow I don't.

And it's also quite odd that the show circles around the issues of war, politics, rights, religion, racism, etc.... you know, the heavy stuff; things I don't wanna make a clear stand on, particularly when I'm watching a TV show. And yet here I am, completely embracing the show.

The last two episodes, Nevada Part 1 & 2, is again another testament to how great the show is. What is it about? I'll quote Matt for that again:

Matt Albie: Well, it all started like this: Harriet was born and became a homophobe. [Harriet is a faithful Christian Hollywood Superstar (yes, ironic), who was interviewed and asked what she thought of gay marriages and was quoted out of context] So Tom had to fend off some gay street toughs, one of whom is pressing charges. [Tom is another actor, Harriet's co-star, who came to her rescue when she was attacked by a gay "fan". Tom accidentally pushed the "fan" to the ground, fan sued Tom and got Tom arrested.] From there, they found an outstanding warrant for failing to appear for a speeding ticket in a place called Pahrump, Nevada. Tom had borrowed Simon's jacket. And the rest you know...[the jacket had Simon's weed!] I have every hope they'll get back for dress...but if they're not..... Alex?
Alex: I'm sorry, man... Pahrump?
Mattie: I know it's a funny name, let's get past it.
Alex: Done [trying not to laugh]
Mattie: So, I'm gonna rewrite Tom's sketches for Ginny.... what are you laughing at?
Ginny: [laughing] It's still Pahrump. Is Tom in jail in a Marx's Brothers' movie?
Mattie: That's good. That's funny. Keep that sense of humor Ginny, you're gonna need it waiting tables at the Hooters in Santa Monica.

How can you not love the wit in that? How can you not love this:

Gaaah...I just love this show!

16 November 2006

Here's Dr. McBrainy

I can't say I liked 3lbs ' Season premiere. It reminded me too much of House, for many reasons. I even made a checklist while I was watching it:

  • Arrogant doctor, check!
  • Suffering from a health crisis (he's got a brain abnormality something, makes him hallucinate), check!
  • Odd hospital interiors, where the building doesn't really look like a hospital, check!
  • A surgical "fellow" (e.g. a student), check!
  • The opening sequence, where a person (soon to be the patient) experiences something in his/her body and there's that CSI-ish video sequence, check!
  • The music, check!!!! (It's unmistakably House-ish, down to the beat of the percussion!)
  • This line uttered by the new doctor-student to Hanson: "Do you even know her name?" (referring to the patient), check! (Sounds like something Cameron would say to House!)

  • I could go on and on about the comparison. They even have someone who's British in the cast! (House's Hugh Laurie is British!)

    The similarities are so obvious and intended, plus this is the second time in three months that CBS has baited us to make these House comparisons, following the fall offering Shark. While that James Woods semi-hit at least could be pitched as "House with Lawyers," 3 Lbs. is the much less intriguing "House with Doctors" --- Zapzit

    Although.... CBS claims that unlike House, 3lbs will only involve cases relating to brain diseases. So that it isn't entirely "similar". Heh. Anyway, there's no use getting frustrated over how much of a copycat it is. TV shows copy other TV shows all the time. But I don't think I'll be sticking around for this...you know, one cranky doctor (one cranky doctor whom I really love, that is) per week is enough for me.

    [Episode synopsis for 3lbs Season 1 Episode 1 >>> Lost For Words]

    Mid-Season Checklist

    It's TV's mid-season, do you know where your favorite new TV shows currently stand (with viewership/ratings)? This might be good time to:

    • check out upcoming shows
    • catch up on the ones that got cancelled
    • drop the ones that aren't worthy
    • scout for a new favorite
    Here's my own checklist.

    TV shows for 2006-2007

    20 GOOD YEARS (NBC) --- On hiatus but is likely cancelled
    3 LBS. (CBS) --- Just premiered, will wait and see
    30 ROCK (NBC) --- Cute
    ANDY BARKER, P.I. (NBC) --- Meh. Accountant becomes a PI. Numb3rs-inspired
    BIG DAY (ABC) --- Starts in end of Nov. Looks promising, possible 24 clone, except that it's a comedy!
    BROTHERS & SISTERS (ABC) --- Love!
    DAY BREAK (ABC) --- Just premiered, will wait and see
    FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (NBC) --- Must watch sometime
    HAPPY HOUR (FOX) --- Cancelled, I care not
    HELP ME HELP YOU (ABC) --- Couldn't care, but apparently someone's still watching it as it is still on air
    HEROES (NBC) --- Breakthrough show of the season, must watch sometime
    HIDDEN PALMS (The CW) --- Dawson's Creekish-Desperate Housewiveish but the network doesn't seem to want to put it on air
    IN CASE OF EMERGENCY (ABC) --- Starts in 2007 - no idea how it is, stars that guy on Ally (Richard)
    JERICHO (CBS) --- On hiatus (reruns for now), to be back Feb 2007
    JUSTICE (FOX) --- On hiatus but is likely cancelled, bummer; off to DL then
    KIDNAPPED (NBC) --- Cancelled - got to see the recent/last episode on TVU, got bored
    MEN IN TREES (ABC) --- Currently contemplating on watching this
    NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY (ABC) --- Starts in 2007 - no idea about this show at all
    RAINES (NBC) --- Starts in 2007 - possible Medium clone
    RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (CBS) --- Starts in 2007 - but I tell you now, this show looks stupid
    RUNAWAY (The CW) --- Cancelled, a pity!
    SHARK (CBS) --- So-so. Full Season order. This is Atty. House but not quite crabby as the doctor
    SIX DEGREES (ABC) --- On hiatus but is likely cancelled or reformatted
    SMITH (CBS) --- Cancelled, darn
    STANDOFF (FOX) --- Hmmm Ron Livingston…yum; worth checking out sometime
    THE BLACK DONNELLYS (NBC) --- Starts in 2007 - possible Sopranos clone
    THE CLASS (CBS) --- Quite confusing, I'm on the fence on this one
    THE GAME (The CW) --- Starts in 2007 - no idea about this show at all
    THE KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY (ABC) --- Starts in 2007 - no idea about this show at all
    THE NINE (ABC) --- Possibly for cancellation bwahaha. I did not like this one
    THE SINGLES TABLE (NBC) --- Starts in 2007 - no idea about this show at all
    THE WEDDING ALBUM (FOX) --- Starts in 2007 - sounds like the plot's cheesy
    THE WINNER (FOX) --- Starts in 2007 - possible Wonder Years clone, except the guy's 30 years old here
    'TIL DEATH (FOX) --- On hiatus but is likely cancelled and no one cares
    TRAVELER (ABC) --- Starts in 2007 - possible love; possible 24/Prison Break clone
    UGLY BETTY (ABC) --- Love!
    VANISHED (FOX) --- Cancelled, I care not
    WATERFRONT (CBS) --- Cancelled even before anyone's ever heard of it!

    And then.... while I'm deciding on what I could possibly add to my watchlist (which will further bring me down to that state where my IQ's below below-zero.... News flash: too much TV is bad!), my husband has acquired copies of Dragonball-Z (yes that cartoon!) and has engaged my son and myself to watching it with him.

    Which brings me to this story of my dad telling me I've been slacking very badly . My dad, the other week, blurted out of the blue, "Kung kelan ka tumanda, dun ka naging tamad at burara". Yikes! Akala ko hindi niya napapansin hehe. Opo, dati po akong masinop, masipag at maaasahan. Hindi na ngayon, LOL!

    Life's too short to stress over things. I've changed my profile description on blogger (see About Me, or that text beside my TV-avatar). I don't wanna over-achieve now. I've been doing that all my life before. I have stopped aspiring for things or working hard for it. I just want to take it easy. Less headache, less problems, less things to stress over.

    I don't know where I am at and if this is even a good choice a 30something has to make. I just know I don't want the pressure anymore. So, I just want to sit down and watch the world go by, while I watch TV (hehehe).

    Does this sound like mid-life crisis to you?

    14 November 2006

    Oz Idol 4: And it's down to 2

    So finally it's down to 2. Next week, Australia crowns their new Idol. I personally can't say who wins for sure.... Australia's Idol competition baffles me, but not in the same way Philippine Idol baffles me. It's not about the voting process here (or the ignorance of it). In Australia, it's really about the singing/singers.

    A look back before we look ahead...


    Last year, I thought Emily (girl on right in photo) was going to win it, having had one too many touchdowns from the most wicked of the judges [* A touchdown in Oz Idol is like when the judge has knighted your or something, or its like a seal of approval]. But when she failed to impress them in the FINAL TWO week because of poor song choice and poor performance, when she has been giving it her best weeks before that, the public choose Kate (the blonde) over her. Kate was a flawless singer, but she wasn't that good. She always played safe. And when it was time for them to go head to head, safe Kate seem to have done better than faltering Emily. So, the crowd chose to support her. It only took one bad performance and it ruined everything for Emily...well, not nearly everything. Where are Kate & Emily now: Kate's solo career didn't fly. She instead formed a band together with Emily and two other ex-Idol contestants, Rick-Lee & Paulini called the Young Divas.

    Young Divas - This Time I Know It's For Real
    Video by rushmush

    Touchdown Stats:
    #of touchdowns by Emily - between 2-3
    # of touchdowns by Kate - none, as far as I can remember but I could be mistaken


    It was the year I discovered that there was a program better than American Idol. It had the tremendous talents of Casey and Anthony. Casey was your typical angsty 16year old. Her journey through this contest was amazing. She came to the competition not really expecting to make it very far, and also not expecting to wear a dress, make-up and shoes with heels! But this became a process for her. Casey grew up before my very eyes --- as a teenager and as a performer. What's amazing about her is that she has a very intense and soulfoul voice, she sings from the heart. Which is probably why Australia chose her over a much more "marketable" Anthony. Anthony was matinee-idol material. What Anthony lacked in height (he's really short!) he makes up for performance. The judges however didn't like him all that much until his fabulous rendition of Pavarotti's version of The Prayer. That one made Oz Idol history. Still, it wasn't enough to win the votes, it was close, but in the end Casey won. Where are Casey & Anthony now: At that time she won, Casey seemed to be "artistically", the better choice. But alas, it all came too soon for her. The teenager was dropped by her label after her contract expired. Because while she was the chosen one, the votes didn't convert to people buying her album. Anthony on the other hand, also pursued a recording career and became a top-selling recording artist. I think he's also an award-winning artist in Australia, and his songs continue to top the charts.

    Anthony Callea - The Prayer
    Video by ksyting

    Touchdown Stats:
    #of touchdowns by Anthony - between 2-3; and one GRAND ROYALE TOUCHDOWN
    # of touchdowns by Casey - between 4-5; and one given early in the semi-finals

    I have not seen the first one, Guy Sebastian's year (2003) to even attempt to make a blog entry. So now we go to the present crop...


    A 30-year old crooner of Irish heritage vs. a 16-year old pop belter with Indonesian heritage... these are Australian Idol's top two. Damien, who has a stirring falsetto voice, was called butt ugly by one of the judges but they all agreed he has an amazing voice, a talent for music (he writes songs and plays guitar) and could possibly win it. Jessica, who sounds like Whitney Houston/Christina Aguelera, was called a fatty in the earlier episodes, but grew to become a classy and beautiful lady on the show (thanks to a team of style experts!) and was the first to receive a touchdown this season.

    Jessica I like because personality-wise she's very engaging, bubbly and infectious; talent wise, here's the proof below:

    Jessica Mauboy - Beautiful
    Video by jbsbah
    Download audio

    Damien I like because he works hard and knows his music very well; talent wise, here's the proof below:

    Damien Leith - Wicked Game
    Video by oldyahlep
    Download audio

    - Jessica's very mainstream, very current, very hip and clicks with the younger crowd --- those that would ask their parents to buy Jessica merchandise.
    - Damien's a hit with the likes of me, old, not so hip and too lazy to buy the merchandise, but appreciates good music (so will just d/l instead, LOL!)

    One of the judges said Damien has the international appeal and Jessica has the popstar appeal. It's anyone's ball game. Results next week...

    Touchdown Stats:
    #of touchdowns by Jessica - around 2
    # of touchdowns by Damien - about 3

    If you would like to listen to more of the contestants from OzIdol 2006, visit this site for the audio files.

    10 November 2006

    My Top 5 TV McDreamy's

    It's been awhile since I've made a list. I'm a sucker for lists, as I am a Virgo, therefore I want things done in order. I am also a loser, therefore I make lists (that no one might really care about!)

    Today my list involves Top 5 Men of TV (My Top 5 TV McDreamy's). And since there are so many of them, let me just include those who are currently appearing on TV shows I watch, in the current season run for 2006, therefore --- bumped Jason Bateman; Keifer Sutherland still not eligable.

    This was actually born out of and inspired by my viewing clips of one of my top five men at Youtube yesterday.

    At #5
    McCutey --- Zach Braff
    as Dr. John Dorian on Scrubs
    Before anything else, November 30th is the season premiere of Scrubs Season 6.

    Why do I love this guy? Because I adore guys with great sense of humor (as you will notice as you read along) and this is one guy with heaps of it --- read his blog. I also like the fact that Zach is an accomplished actor, filmmaker and writer. It's no surprise why he's adored not just by myself but by a number of ladies (again, read his blog!)... the man packs talent. He's also kinda cute.... like a dog. And I looove dogs. That's why he's my original McDreamy, have been one since Scrubs Season 1! As Dr. John Dorian (JD) on Scrubs, he is nerdy and child-like, pleasant yet paranoid....he's the type of guy mothers love, older brothers love to bully, and girlfriends love to cuddle with. Added bonus: Zach Braff has great taste in music.

    At #4
    McLoony --- Conan O' Brien
    Late Night with Conan O'Brien

    Here's another person whose sense of humor I so adore. Often times he makes fun of himself, with his self-deprecating comedy (which doesn't always work for some people, and perfectly works on someone like him). He's one smart fellow, too --- inspite the fact that he sometimes jumps around and acts like a monkey on his tv show; or does that silly dance of his. Being a Harvard graduate, Magna Cum Laude at that, does look impressive on someone's list of accomplishments. Also throw in his music abilities, Conan plays the guitar expertly and despite singing goofy songs on his show, the man can actually sing! That red mesh of hair on his head ain't too bad either. Added bonus: Conan O' Brien is a dedicated husband and father of 2 cute kids.

    At #3
    McWily --- Michael Rosenbaum
    as Lex Luthor on Smallville

    I have just recently discovered this guy, Michael Rosenbaum. There is something about the way he speaks... the words roll smoothly on his tongue that even if he just says a very simple word like "Smallville", it sounds erotic (Hey, I'm in my 30's, an age which psychologists and doctors say is when women "peak"! LOL!). His portrayal of Lex Luthor becoming that cunning villain he is destined to be, is effective and convincing. As Lex, he is smooth and sleek and cool and has that hint of being an evil genius. Who can resist that? Added bonus: Michael Rosenbaum will start directing episodes of Smallville in 2007. Color me impressed!

    At #2
    McWitty --- Matthew Perry
    as Matt Albie in Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip

    Ever since Chandler Bing, I've always had my eye on Matthey Perry. Chandler Bing was my favorite Friend. And now, portraying a lead comedy writer on Studio 60, we see a semblance of Chandler in Matt Albie... that is, Chandler --- minus the jumble and tumble. I did have doubts Matthew was gonna be able to pull off a drama like Studio 60. After all, I've known him all ten years as "the funny one", I thought it would be hard for me to separate that image. But as I am floored and in love with his new show, I would have to say Matthew, in my eyes, has reinvented himself as an actor with depth and profoundness. Only someone with incredible talent can succeed in doing that. No wonder he's earned Emmy Nominations for guest acting in a drama series for West Wing (a pity, since I have not seen it yet!). Added bonus: two words only --- Chandler Bing.

    Finally on number one....the very reason why this list exists, the man I've been stalking on YouTube...

    At #1
    McCrabby --- Hugh Laurie
    as Dr. Gregory House on House, M.D.

    What can I say? I love my men crabby. I'm married to one and my own kind, my 9-year old boy, sometimes displays crabby behavior. So, it's no wonder why I'm drawn to Dr. House. In my book, crabbiness is an adorable trait. It does help that he's crabby and has a biting humor, traits I cannot resist. The actor, Hugh Laurie, will probably never fall under the category of handsome or gorgeous... for obvious reasons. Hugh Laurie is neither handsome nor gorgeous. Nonetheless, he is still very appealing, and the mystery of why he is such, is part of his appeal. What is in Hugh Laurie that makes women swoon? Emma Thompson calls him lugubriously sexy, two words that don't seem to fit well together, but yes, the perfect words I would also use describe him. Added bonus: Hugh Laurie sings, plays the piano, writes, rows and has nice pair of biceps.

    The runners up who did not quite make the cut:

    McGoody - John Krisinski
    as Jim Halpert in The Office USA

    McPretty - Wentworth Miller
    As Michael Scolfield in Prison Break

    09 November 2006

    Hey it's MAL!

    Have yet to watch two episodes of Lost (not today, maybe over the weekend)
    But read this guy's the guest
    Is it Spot the Firefly Cast Member Week this week?
    Wash was on CSI
    Inara was on How I Met Your Mother
    and Mal's on Lost (as Kate's husband)
    Why, oh why won't they just all get together and bring Firefly back?!

    In another news. . . .

    American Idol Season 6 will be back next year, January the 17th. It promises to have more talented singers than ever before daw. Read up: here

    08 November 2006

    New Pet Peeve/New TV Show

    I have a bone to pick with those establishments that put emphasis on raising the bar of "customer service standards". Some of them are overdoing it. Without meaning to sound like Izzie Stevens (Grey's Anatomy) ---- Seriously! Who are training these "customer service" teams??

    Scene 1

    My family and I were having dinner last night at Max's Restaurant (Oo, Sheila love to ni Piolo! May malaki siyang poster dun! LOL!). I could count the number of times (seven) the waiter/tress approached our table, introduced himself or herself and asked if there was still something we needed (like ice, juice or dessert). And each time they'd approach us, I'd be in the act of putting food in my mouth (see photo on left). So instead of eating what's in my spoon, I'd put it down and talk to them and engage them instead (don't talk when your mouth is full daw kasi!). Don't you just hate that when it happens? Seven times I was interrupted, seven times I had to think if I had a morsel of rice on my face or something stuck between my teeth before I to talk to them. By the seventh time, I was exasperated and frustrated... I mean, what does one do for a quiet meal around there? The waiter/tress used to ignore us once the food was on the table. There were times you'd have to do crazy hand signals before they'd notice you needed their service. But now... there they are, every 5 minutes someone comes to your table bothering you.

    Scene 2

    This morning I had to go to Marikina, a town just nearby ours, and hubby and I had to pass by the gas station since the gas tank was almost empty. We were quite in a hurry since I had to be back home by 10:00 AM for an appointment.

    Here is what happened:

    Our car drives by the gasoline station.......ignition off, car window down....
    Gas Boy: Sir, ma'am, welcome to Shell, my
    name is blah blah blah
    My husband: P300 Unleaded
    Gas boy: blah blah blah (long scripted welcome!)
    My husband: P300 Unleaded
    Gas Boy: Sir
    gawin na lang nating P500
    My husband: Ha?
    Gas Boy: Gawin na lang nating P500
    Me: [butting in] Babayaran mo ba yung sobra?
    Gas Boy: [Smiles and scrathes his head] Premium po ba?
    My husband: Unleaded nga eh. Hindi mo ako narinig, ang dami
    mo kasing sinasabi kanina.
    [The gas boy didn't put that thing in our
    tank yet, P300 lang naman natagalan pa...time was tick-tick-tick-ticking!]

    Gas Boy: Sir, ma'am oil change? Windshield? Tubig? Hangin?
    Me: Yung P300 Unleaded lang nga sabi eh.

    Haaaaay. Nakaka-highblood. I'm all for customer service but the over-eager ones have become my recent pet peeves. Annoying! And I'm usually tolerant of people.

    Hala, this is what it probably feels like when you're getting old. LOL!

    These scenes remind me of moments from Curb Your Enthusiasm. To quote: David has terrible luck in social situations (with a few notable exceptions) and is often on the losing end of heated confrontations with "the help" — waiters, retail clerks, secretaries, etc.


    Anyway, as this is supposedly a TV blog --- NEW TV SHOW ALERT!!!

    To those who love doctor shows, or shows about doctors (Grey's Anatomy, House, Scrubs, ER, etc)..... there is a new doctor show: It's 3LBS (three pounds). It stars Stanley Tucci as an arrogant brain surgeon --- arrogant like Dr. House; brain surgeon like McDreamy. So yes early press releases call it a House-Grey's Anatomy rip off.

    The show will premiere on the 14th on CBS.

    I was fortunate enough to see the trailer/teasers on TVU and based on it, it looks interesting.

    Official website here

    05 November 2006

    Grey's Anatomy 3-6 Let The Angels Commit

    Best episode for Season 3 (so far) for four things:

    1. The scene where George and McSlutty (Meredith) pretended to be Christina & Izzie:

    George [to Mer]: Okay I'll be Christina for you, if you'll be Izzie for me.
    Meredith: Deal. [George puts the elevator on stop].... Derek had a woman in his trailer last night. She was ugly. Very ugly. Except she was tall and beautiful. And he was naked.
    George: [shocked] Oh...ah.....[channels Christina] McDreamy was doing the McNasty with a McHottie? That McBastard! ..... How was that? Was that Christina enough?
    Meredith: Oh, that was good.
    George: Really
    Meredith: Yeah.
    George: Excellent.
    Meredith: Channeling Izzie, go!
    George: Okay...Callie...she won't forgive me. Uhm, she won't talk to me. She dumped me, which is uhh, I don't care about. At all.....
    Meredith: [Doing Izzie] Good. Because you deserve better. You do. You are George! I mean, seriously. Seriously. Seriously!..... Was that Izzie-optimistic?
    George: Yeah, very Izzie.

    2. The Nazi is back! True to form!

    Dr. Bailey to Izzie: Okay, let's start with what you don't get to do...You will not interact with any patient, you will not be alone with any patient, you will be seen and not heard, you will perform no procedures, the OR is off limits, no pre-op, no post-op, no...anything having to do with an OP. You have no authority, you have no opinions and you have no choice in this matter. Am I understood?
    Izzie: Is there anything I can do? I wanna be useful
    Dr. Bailey: Well, I can't use you. You have got to earn back the right for any of us to trust you again. Until then you will be shadowing a different doctor each day.

    3. The Ham and Eggs Analogy, which George used on Callie:

    A patient's husband tells George of the Ham and Eggs analogy.

    Simply put...with a typical breakfast for example, you get your ham and eggs. The chicken for where the eggs came from, is simply just "involved" in the process (of providing you breakfast). All it had to do was lay the eggs, so you get the eggs. The pig, however, is a different case. It is totally committed. For you to get that breakfast, a pig has to give up a part of himself so that you get your hams. Now, translate that into relationships --- which are you? The Chicken or the Pig? Do you provide the eggs or the ham? Are you involved-involved or committed-involved?

    So George uses this analogy on Callie, and it came out the wrong way:

    George: You and me. We're like ham and eggs. I was the chicken...I just want you to know that I know I was the chicken and you put yourself out there and you were committed, and I just put the eggs on the plate, not the ham because you were the pig. [at this point Callie looks at him in a different way] I was involved but now...I'm committed:
    Callie: Did you just call me a pig?
    George: No, it's a metaphor
    Callie: Calling me a pig?
    George: The point is, you're not the pig anymore. What I'm trying to say is I'm the pig, now I am the pig.
    [Callie walks away....]

    4. Guest star Liza Lapira...who, from the looks of her, seems Pinay:

    04 November 2006


    I lost the desire to feel this week. It feels like energy has stopped flowing in me. I don't feel giddy nor jumpy nor excited. But I also don't feel bored nor depressed.

    I feel time moving around me, I still see people going about their business. I did my own business too. But if I try to recall what I had for lunch yesterday, I'd have to take a looooooong pause and remember.

    The world around me goes on. Yet in my own world I feel........it's flatlining. Comatose.

    Something has to make me really happy so that I can laugh out loud again. Something has to make me cry really hard so I can feel again. No amount of TV shows can do that right now, especially if the real world can't.

    I don't know what triggered this. Maybe it's just a phase.

    Maybe something big will happen next week. And this is just my mind's way of calming before the storm.

    Or maybe I need to take drugs. LOL!