30 November 2007

Look-A-Likes: Phil and Kenneth

I've been trying to place why I think 30 Rock's Kenneth's face looked awfully familiar. Been trying to figure it out since last season. And seeing him out on a green field in this week's episode finally revealed it to me --- Kenneth looks like Phil from the Amazing Race!

Am I correct or do I have to take up on that eye doctor's appointment now?


29 November 2007

Pushing Daisies S1 E8: Bitter Sweets

Episode Summary: A vindictive taffy shop owner (guest star Molly Shannon as Dilly Balsam) sets up shop down the street from The Pie Hole, determined to drive Ned out of business by any means necessary.

*If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM Eastern Time

New TV Characters You Should Meet

Natalie Zea as Karen Darling in Dirty Sexy Money
  • divorced four times
  • last wedding lasted 45 minutes
  • gorgeous
  • sexy
  • emotionally unstable
  • manipulative
  • Daddy's girl
  • has the hots for Nick (very much married)
When you meet her, you will love her clothes, shoes and accessories; you will love her for being so flirty; you will hate that she has tons of money. Karen is no bitch, but she's the different kind of bad girl. And she can buy love, or someone's dignity with moolah.

Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski in Chuck
  • geeky
  • dorky
  • good brother
  • sensitive friend

When you meet him, you will either find his dorkiness adorable or deplorable...but I'm betting it's the former; you will find his looks cute but will probably say he needs a make-over; you will need his help when your laptop, iPod, cellphone or [insert tech gadget here] dies on you. Chuck is not your average heartthrob, but he's still prince charming material.

The entire cast of Pushing Daisies which includes the dog...especially the dog!

I've been praising this show in heaps. And with good reason --- it's the best show on TV today. Adorable is the word that sums it up. It's hard to choose which character you will like best because every bit of them is wonderful....even the grouchy Emerson, who balances his cantankerous nature with his love for knitting and pop-up books. Where in TV will you find somebody like that?

The cast in action:

, ,

Australian Idol 2007 Finale - Natalie Wins

Eeek. I'm wrong again. I thought for sure Matt Corby was going to win it, since it seems he has the female votes down in the pocket. But a girl won again. Natali Gauci is Australia's 2007 Idol winner.

The part I love about their finales? THE FIREWORKS and the atmosphere:

Congratulations, Nat!

28 November 2007

Chuck Finds An Audience

I made the right decision about keeping Chuck on my list and telling myself it will get better in time. So now, I've been enjoying the last few episodes so much, I finally see why it has pulled in quite a few loyal viewers.

Chuck is a geek who works as a the Tech Guy in what looks like a Best Buy store called Buy More. He receives an email from his college buddy Bryce, who's a CIA agent. The email message is extra-ordinary. It contains a lot of government secrets and now, every bit of it is embedded into Chuck's memory. So now, spies are looking him and the CIA and NSA provide Chuck with their own agents to protect him.

More of Chuck here and here.

This week's episode, the 10th, has been its best so far. What makes Chuck work at the moment is in the ability of their creative team to make clich├ęs work. Sure, it's easy to predict Sarah will choose to remain with Chuck. But it is what we all want to happen. Sure, it's a cheap shot....bringing a dead person back to life. But then look at him, he is gorgeous! --->

Below are some clips from this week's fantastic episode. These are the reasons why Chuck is worth the full season pick up it just earned from NBC:

America's Most Smartest Model

It's not only a model contest. The models are also quizzed about science and math. Could they find an actual smart model here? The search brings some really funny moments.

Host: Is your family native-born American?
Male Model: No, we're all from California
Host has an odd look on his face...
Male Model: Northern... Northern California

Episode 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

The show has eight episodes, so far. Click this for more details about the show.

27 November 2007

A Wedding Proposal on Scrubs

Dr. Dorian says the patient is "always horny"...and Dr. Cox and him do a diagnosis.

Turns out, this is a fake scene, a set-up to a marriage proposal which is definitely real. Awww, got tears in my eyes.

Don't know who the happy couple is, but congratulations Ted and Anna! It's so great to watch everyone in the show willing to do this for the couple.

House of The Future

Not liking the new doctors? Get to know them better:

Sorry, couldn't find Kal Penn videos. There is really a lack of spoilers for House, ever since. But news sources say that Oscar Winner Mira Sorvino is a guest in an upcoming episode.

26 November 2007

Brothers and Sisters S2 E8: Something New

This week on Brothers & Sisters:
  • Apparently, Nora lost her virginity to the song Pretty Woman and she has no problem sharing this to her children, who all had problems visualizing (or not visualizing) it:

  • Kevin doesn't know who the Little Mermaid's best friend is. Neither did he notice Scottie is steering things to get back together with him because really, what posh kid's birthday party serves lobsters...and champagne?
  • Lena doesn't wear appropriate work attire. She also inappropriately rebounds with Justin, after Tommy dumps her.
  • Rebecca is becoming a shrinking violet, that's according to her mom. Give this character new material!
Up next week ---Kitty's wedding! And the girls all look fabulous:

25 November 2007

Jay Leno Slides Back One Decade

Talk shows, like The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, has gone dark since the first day of the Writers Strike. With no new materials to work on, look what they have come up to encourage viewers to still watch the nightly shows:

Monday 11/26:
Tom Hanks (originally aired 6/29/92) - This was when Tom Hanks, who wasn't an Oscar winner at that time yet, promoted the movie A League of Their Own.

Tuesday 11/27:
Julia Roberts and Pierce Brosnan (originally aired 12/16/93) - This was three years after Roberts' Pretty Woman and Brosnan wasn't even a Bond.

Wed 11/28:
Matt Damon (originally aired 1/26/00) - He came to the show to promote The Talented Mr. Ripley

Thursday 11/29:
Jennifer Aniston (originally aired 6/7/95) - This was after Friends Season 1.

Friday 11/30:
Johnny Depp (originally aired 4/13/95) - He was promoting Don Juan DeMarco.

Big star line-up from back when they weren't such big stars yet. Interesting! And this was the decade when Leno was actually funny! I'm gonna mark these on my calendar.

In the Philippines, The Tonight Show airs on ETC, around 11 PM from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

24 November 2007

Ugly Betty S2 E9 - Giving Up The Ghost

I don't know what this show has been feeding on, but I swear, the story development is just getting better and better. The only thing I'm worried about is that come awards seasons, I'm sure this show will be up against Pushing Daisies in the Best Comedy category, and I'm afraid PD might have little fighting chance against UB!

This week's episode of Ugly Betty brought the Mode team in a state of panic. Wilhelmina Slater, who has just been fired from her job by the board composed of Ms. Meade, Daniel and Alexis, erases every record the company carries with a computer virus (Marc: This is so Mission Impossible 3!), that they had to start from scratch. And with half the team moving to Willie's camp, who is also coming up with her own magazine, Daniel is left with very little choices in order to fill up 83 pages of magazine content.

He assigns Betty to do a 500-word review on a recent children's book she has read while babysitting (Betty: I don't think there are even 500 words on that book!) Henry, the accountant, has become the new Food Editor, and is tasked to write about Chinese cooking. Amanda is assigned to do the What's Hot? section, a section people actually read and she is naturally very thrilled about it. Amanda believes she has some of her mother's creative instincts, her mother being the former editor, Faye Sommers (now deceased). But as it turns out, she isn't a Faye and is told the awful truth:

That is perhaps the high point of this episode for me. Don't you just love Becki Newton (Amanda)?

What else is there to love about this episode?
- Wilhelmina's evil self
- The Suarez preparing their Christmas tree
- Betty's subconscious channeling of Bradford Meade

Bradford Mead:
I am not a ghost, Betty. I am your subconscious manifestation of your guilt.
Betty: My guilt wears island casual?

I also love Daniel's idea for the magazine's cover. It was the perfect way to cap everything that has been happening to the company of late:

To new beginnings!

Sarah Jessica Parker On Project Runway

It took four season for TV's fashion icon to finally appear on a reality series about fashion:

Sarah Jessica Parker was this week's guest on Project Runway (Season 4, Episode 2)...which of course made all the contestants very enthusiastic. One designer even cried, since he "came to New York (to become a fashion designer) because he was inspired by her".

Awwww....crap....cheeeese!. LOL.

Their challenge this week: to create a two-piece look for her clothing line, Bitten, a high-end American sportswear line, that should be affordable and sold for $40. With a $15 budget, the designers had one difficult task. "I think we're gonna be using toilet paper and scotch tape", says one.

The winning team came up with this, and it will be sold with some of Sarah's collection this Fall:


23 November 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4 E9: Crash Into Me Part 1

  • The opening scene with the girls dancing? That has happened a lot on Ally McBeal. And by then Ally McBeal's quality was already going down.
  • Bailey doesn't want to be called Nazi --- ever. I hear you. So, I've began calling you Bailey now.
  • Why are suddenly nurses and orderly in this show? Isn't this about the surgeons?
  • Nurse Rose and McDreamy? NO CHEMISTRY!
  • George and Izzie are still together? They are lovers not having sex nor best friends without the physical intimacy. Last few episodes, it was so awkward for them. But where's the awkwardness this week? I can't make heads or tails what their relationship is.
  • Once again, it was too graphic, that hanging ending. Way cool, though...blood spurting out of Seth Green's neck and splashing onto Lexie. Heh.
Nicely written recap here.

22 November 2007

Pushing Daises S1 E7: Smell of Success

Episode Summary: When the assistant to renowned scent expert Napoleon LeNez (guest star Christopher Sieber) is found dead after a scratch ‘n’ sniff book explodes, Ned, Chuck and Emerson investigate whom the deadly missive was intended for. Meanwhile, Olive continues her campaign to get Aunts Lily and Vivian back in the swim of things.


*If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM USA Eastern Time*

Upcoming TV Show: Knight Rider

Remember this? His coming back to TV. Yep, Michael Knight is coming back to TV. And no, we're not going on a time warp. NBC is doing a remake of Knight Rider, with David Hasselhoff probably still playing the original role that made him a household name. He is close to signing on.

In the updated version, Michael Knight meets his son, Mike Tracer, for the first time. Mike has been wasting his life away and is rescued by his childhood friend, Sarah...who happens to be the daughter of the inventor of KITT. Playing Mike Tracer is Justin Bruening.

At this point, the plot doesn't sound interesting. It feels more like daytime soap to me!

This idea of reviving the 80's show was inspired by the recent summer hit, Transformers.
Success of "Transformers" had a role in inspiring NBC Entertainment chief Ben Silverman's decision to revive "Knight." The thinking is that smallscreen f/x have advanced to the point where it'd be feasible to have a weekly series in which cars shift shapes.
Here's hoping that this iconic show doesn't end up as a disaster like Bionic Woman.

Watch the opening scene from the 80's series:

21 November 2007

Got Tagged. I'm IT again!

Time to play tag. I need this kind of break now and then, especially when I've got so much to deal with the last couple of weeks. My shoulders have actually gone stiff from stress. I need a muh-sssaggge!

Tagged by Abbie.

Never in my life have I been:
So stressed. I sometimes hate being a grown up.

The one person who can drive me nuts is:
The husband. Drove me nuts just yesterday.

High school is:
F-U-N. Sabi nga ni Spongebob...
F is for Friends who do stuff together.
U is for You and me.
N is for Anywhere and anytime at all.

When I'm nervous:
My mind gets very busy.

If I were to get married right now my Maid of Honor would be:

My hair is:
Straight. Has always been

When I was 10:
I was baduy. Haha.

Last Christmas:
is something I can't remember anymore. Hala, what did I do nga ba?

I should be:
having a massage already!

The happiest recent events were:
Fall Season Premiere. LOL! Of course, only to be overshadowed by the strike.
Family gathering just last month. On both sides.

By this time next year:
I should have a much, much better year.

My current gripe is:
That I'm hating 2007.

I have a hard time understanding:

There's this girl I know who:
Is on her way out of Kuya's house?

You know I like you when:
I'm nice to you

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be:
The hubby

Take my advice:
Follow your heart

Something that I really want to buy is:
An HD or Blu Ray Player, Nintend Wii, an iPod which can play vids

If you visited the place I was born:
You should try durian.

I plan to visit:
Home. Soon.

I'd stop my wedding if:
(Too late...)

The world could do without:

I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than:
Ewwww, won't do anything this crazy at all.

Most recent thing I've bought myself:
Bath scrubs.

Most recent thing someone else bought me:
Chocolate fondue from this place in Greenhills, forgot the name.

This morning I:
Had to work extra early.

Tagging Lelila, Emmy, Agnes and Leeney...ng magkalaman naman blog mo! LOL!

Fun Fact: Top TV Icons

TV Land just aired a special on who the Top 50 TV Icons of this generation are. The same list (Top 100) is featured on Entertainment Weekly Magazine.

100. Marcia Cross
99. Delta Burke
98. Meredith Baxter
97. "In Living Color" cast
96. Shannen Doherty
95. Richard Dawson
94. Melissa Gilbert
93. Neil Patrick Harris
92. Judge Judy
91. Dennis Franz
90. John Stamos
89. Robert Guillaume
88. Gavin MacLeod
87. Phil Hartman
86. Jerry Mathers
85. Rod Serling
84. Cartman from "South Park"
83. Isabel Sanford
82. Ted Knight
81. Dick Cavett
80. Adam West
79. Angela Lansbury
78. Art Carney
77. James Garner
76. Candice Bergen
75. Peter Falk
74. Joan Rivers
73. Tony Danza
72. Cher
71. Rosie O'Donnell
70. Bob Denver
69. Barbara Eden
68. Don Cornelius
67. Tom Selleck
66. Kelsey Grammer
65. Pamela Anderson
64. Phil Donahue
63. Ed Asner
62. Redd Foxx
61. Pee Wee Herman
60. Merv Griffin
59. Ted Danson
58. Don Knotts
57. Charlie Brown
56. Betty White
55. Fred Rogers
54. Florence Henderson
53. Ed McMahon
52. Ron Howard
51. Bob Hope
50. Larry Hagman
49. Calista Flockhart
48. Jimmy Smits
47. Simon Cowell
46. Lassie
45. Sarah Michelle Gellar
44. Susan Lucci
43. Flip Wilson
42. James Gandolfini
41. Jon Stewart
40. Sally Field
39. Jennifer Aniston
38. Bea Arthur
37. George Clooney
36. Diahann Carroll
35. Michael J. Fox
34. Bob Barker
33. Ellen DeGeneres
32. Henry Winkler
31. Sarah Jessica Parker
30. Alan Alda
29. John Ritter
28. Howard Cosell
27. Regis Philbin
26. Farrah Fawcett
25. Heather Locklear
24. Michael Landon
23. Barbara Walters
22. Milton Berle
21. Kermit
20. Carroll O'Connor
19. Andy Griffith
18. William Shatner
17. Bob Newhart
16. David Letterman
15. "Not Ready for Primetime Players"
14. Ed Sullivan
13. Jackie Gleason
12. Dick Van Dyke
11. Roseanne
10. Dick Clark
9. Homer Simpson
8. Jerry Seinfeld
7. Mary Tyler Moore
6. Carol Burnett
5. Walter Cronkite
4. Bill Cosby
3. Oprah Winfrey
2. Lucille Ball
1. Johnny Carson

November 19 - Monday's Ratings

1. “Dancing with the Stars” (8-9:30) (ABC) 23.09m
2. “CSI: Miami” (CBS) 16.22m
3. “Samantha Who?” (ABC) 15.43m
4. “Two and a Half Men” (CBS) 14.46m
5. “Rules of Engagement” (CBS) 12.17m
6. “The Bachelor” (ABC) 11.61m
7. “Heroes” (NBC) 10.73m
8. “How I Met Your Mother” (CBS) 8.55m
9. “The Big Bang Theory” (R) (CBS) 8.02m
10. “Chuck” (NBC) 7.80m
11. “House” (Repeat) (FOX) 7.02m
12. “Journeyman” (NBC) 6.25m
13. “K-Ville” (FOX) 4.70m
14. “The Game” (CW) 2.37m
15. “Everybody Hates Chris” (CW) 2.15m
16. “Girlfriends” (CW) 1.80m
17. “Aliens in America” (CW) 1.37m

20 November 2007

How I Met Your Mother S3 E9: Slapsgiving

I checked the clock at SlapCountdown.com early this morning, and saw 00:00:00. On the other side of the world, in the fictional setting of Marshall and Lilly's apartment, Barney has just gotten slapped.


Don't wanna give it all away. But it involved an original song, only it's no Smelly Cat (Phoebe Buffay).

You Just Got Slapped
What is this feeling
To put you in your place
Hot red burning on the side..of your face
You feel the blood rush to your cheek
Tears start to fill your eyes
Your lips, they're trembling but they can't speak
You're trying...oh, you're trying not to cry
You just got slapped
Across the face my friend
You just got slapped
Yes that really just happened
Well everybody saw it, hah!
Everybody laughed and clapped
Coz it was awesome
The way that you just got slapped....

Australian Idol 2007 Final Two

Only two remain. My bet is on the boy, only because he's got a swarm of girls voting for him. Vocally, they are equal. Natalie's voice is polished, while Matt can sing a good falsetto. But to be honest, I sometimes forget I'm watching this. The contestants appear like they aren't enjoying what they are doing anymore.

Their versions of the winner's single, Here I Am :

Next week, one of them will be named Australian Idol.

But as for the whole season, it just lost me.

Celebrity Apprentice, anyone?

Hoookey....Will I start rolling my eyes or will I get sucked into watching this?

The last time I watched The Apprentice was during the middle of its third season run. The novelty quickly wore off for me after that and also, it became apparent how much of a joke this type of show is (and yet I still watch Big Brother, ha!).

I didn't realize The Apprentice is still on air. I read about its cancellation several months back. And now, because of the strike, it's bringing its first ever Celebrity Edition. And not only that, Omarosa, who became famous for being this show's biggest antagonist, is coming back. Who else is joining her?
  • Vincent Pastore from The Sopranos (Big Pussy)
  • Stephen Baldwin, one of the Baldwin Brothers...of course.
  • Gene Simmons, who also has his own reality series.
  • Nely Galan, a TV executive
  • Marilu Henner, a former TV actor.
  • Trace Adkins, country music singer
  • Nadia Comaneci, Olympiad
  • Tiffany Fallon, Playboy Playmate
  • Jennie Finc, Olympiad
  • Lennox Lewis, boxer
  • Tito Ortiz, from the UFC
  • Piers Morgan, mean judge on America's Got Talent.
The winner will not secure a seat in the board of Trump's empire. Rather, this being the celebrity edition, the winnings will go to charity.

The show will air on NBC, January 3.

Eesssh...not sure if I would want to watch this or stick with the shows I need to catch up on.

Although, I would like to see how Nadia Comaneci will do. Who is Nadia? Well, some twenty years ago....I wanted to be like her, I guess plenty of little girls did. She was this graceful gymnast, perfect in every way. And off the floor, she was sweet, cute and endearing. Everyone loved her.

I'm curious to see how she is, now that she's a grown woman. Reality TV has this very manipulative way of luring viewers in. Aack, must resist!

19 November 2007

The Amazing Race S12 E3: Please Lord, Give Me Some Milk

Things I learned from The Amazing Race tonight:

  • Tiiga is African for Tree. Cool.
  • When you rub a lamp, you get three wishes. When you rub a camel, you get milk.
  • When Ronald gets hernia, he is nice to his daughter.
  • There are several ways to say Ouagadougou. But not all of it is correct ---

  • Eliminated: Sisters, Marianna and Julia

    18 November 2007

    Video: Sara Sidle says goodbye on CSI

    Go ahead, weep.


    November 16 - Friday's Ratings

    1. “Deal or No Deal” (NBC) 10.67m
    2. “Numb3rs” (CBS) 10.24m
    3. “Ghost Whisperer” (CBS) 9.45m
    4. “Women’s Murder Club” (ABC) 8.94m
    5. “Moonlight” (CBS) 8.21m
    6. “Las Vegas” (NBC) 6.74m
    7. “20/20” (ABC) 6.44m
    8. “Men in Trees” (ABC) 6.40m
    9. “Friday Night Lights” (NBC) 5.96m
    10. “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!” (FOX) 4.95m
    11. “Friday Night Smackdown!” (8-10) (CW) 4.63m
    12. “The Next Great American Band” (FOX) 2.49m

    17 November 2007

    November 15 - Thursday's Ratings

    1. “CSI” (CBS) 21.29m
    2. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) 19.28m
    3. “Survivor: China” (CBS) 14.76m
    4. “Without a Trace” (CBS) 14.49m
    5. “Ugly Betty” (ABC) 10.73m
    6. “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” (FOX) 9.60m
    7. “ER” (NBC) 9.52m
    8. “Women’s Murder Club” (ABC) 8.93m
    9. “The Office” (NBC) 8.86m
    10. “My Name is Earl” (NBC) 7.97m
    11. “30 Rock” (NBC) 6.47m
    12. “Scrubs” (NBC) 6.04m
    13. “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” (FOX) 6.01m
    14. “Smallville” (CW) 4.49m
    15. “Supernatural” (CW) 2.89m

    WMC on a Thursday night??

    16 November 2007

    The Office S4 E8: The Deposition

    Episode Summary: Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) finds himself between a rock and a hard place when Jan (Melora Hardin) sues Dunder Mifflin and Michael is deposed as a witness. Meanwhile, Kelly (Mindy Kaling) trash-talks Pam (Jenna Fischer) after Darryl (Craig Robinson) beats Jim (John Krasinski) at ping-pong.

    *If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM USA Eastern Time*

    Grey's Anatomy S4 E8: Forever Young

    This week on Grey's Anatomy:
    • Callie's real name?

    • The Nazi, now the new chief resident, tells her staff to take their job seriously and grow up. Two minutes later she's gushing at her former high school crush, who is injured in a bus accident.
    • Christina tries very hard not to please Dr. Hahn to avoid being labeled.
    • McSteamy and Alex's patient is a pompom girl with hot ass.
    • Izzie and George aren't talking nor having sex. Hoooway!
    • Derek meets a new girl (Nurse Rose).
    • Meredith sees and attends to her father in the ER and he tells her how much he's proud of her. She tells her sister she should look after him well.
    • Lexie tells Meredith off:
    "He's a liar. Really, I'm glad you found him charming. I'm sure he was delightful. He's a blast after five drinks. Not so much after nine though, he gets a little weepy and mean. He's a drunk Meredith. He probably came in and told you how wonderful you are. How sad he is that he doesn't get to spend more time with you. Yesterday he said that I was his favorite daughter, the day before I was an ungrateful bitch..the week before, he wrote me a check for $20,000 because he said I deserved everything life has to offer, because he was so proud of me....a lifetime's worth of proud. So, [sarcasm] thank you for letting me know I need to keep a better eye on him. Thanks.[/sarcasm]"

    Eeeek moment:

    [reverse psychology] If you're not a brave soul, you shouldn't click on this picture to the left. It's not a pretty picture.[/reverse psychology] By the way, what's up with all the graphic visuals on ABC? Yesterday, the death scene from Pushing Daisies (also on ABC) was way too messy.

    Read the complete recap from Buddy TV

    November 14 - Wednesday's Ratings

    1. “Criminal Minds” (CBS) 15.71m
    2. “CSI: NY” (CBS) 13.04m
    3. “Private Practice” (ABC) 11.45m
    4. “Pushing Daisies” (ABC) 8.88m
    5. “Dirty Sexy Money” (ABC) 8.10m

    6. “Kid Nation” (CBS) 7.53m
    7. “Til Death” (FOX) 7.36m
    8. “Back to You” (FOX) 7.30m
    9. “Kitchen Nightmares” (FOX) 6.98m
    10. “Life” (NBC) 6.94m
    11. “Bionic Woman” (NBC) 6.30m
    12. “Phenomenon” (NBC) 6.16m
    13. “America’s Next Top Model” (CW) 5.34m
    14. “Gossip Girl” (CW) 2.90m

    November 13 - Tuesday's Ratings

    1. “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC) 17.46m
    2. “NCIS” (CBS) 17.43m
    3. “House” (FOX) 16.90m
    4. “Law & Order: SVU” (NBC) 12.49m
    5. “Boston Legal” (ABC) 11.76m
    6. “The Unit” (CBS) 11.03m
    7. “Bones” (FOX) 9.11m
    8. “The Biggest Loser 4” (8-10) (NBC) 8.16m
    9. “Cane” (CBS) 7.29m
    10. “Carpoolers” (ABC) 5.15m
    11. “Cavemen” (ABC) 4.61m
    12. “Beauty and the Geek” (CW) 2.43m
    13. “Reaper” (CW) 2.42m

    15 November 2007

    Pushing Daisies S1 E6: Bitches

    Episode Summary: Ned, Chuck, Emerson, and Olive team up to solve a case in the murder of Harold Hundin (played by guest star Joel McHale), a well respected dog breeder whose prized dog, a bitch named Bubblegum, becomes the worlds first Coll-A-Dor-Russell-A-Poo. They learn from the momentarily revived Harold that his wife killed him. It’s only later they find that prime suspect Hallie (played by Jenny Wade) was not his only wife; Harold was a polygamist with four wives! Ned finds himself in an uncomfortable situation after his kiss with Olive is revealed to Chuck.

    *If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM USA Eastern Time*

    How I Met Your Mother S3 E8: Spoiler Alert

    The episode is (to borrow Robin's most annoying thing) literally entitled Spoiler Alert. And that's all I'm gonna say. Because if you already know what's the most annoying thing about the other four characters, I'd be spoiling it for you.

    But, ahhh, I'm also a tease (har!har!)....so click on this video if you haven't seen the episode and you're dying to find out what those annoyances are:

    And speaking of annoying...sorry but the voice over on this video is one! Ugh.

    Joshua Jackson on Grey's Anatomy

    Joshua Jackson fans would need to wait until the strike is over, before they can watch his guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy. The episodes where his character will be introduced carry January 2008 air dates, and with the way things are, production has been indefinitely shelved.

    If and when his guest stint pushes through, his character will be paired with an unlikely match --- Christina Yang.

    Source: TV Guide


    14 November 2007

    Flip-flopping at Ayala, soon...

    It's day 2 of my not-watching-TV, can you believe it? It wasn't a conscious choice. I just had lots to do that didn't involve TV, for once. And subconsciously, I think I have gone on a strike as well. (Still feeling so bad about that!)

    So, then....I interrupt the program for some pimping.... :)

    This is what is partly keeping me busy ---- Our friends and long-time business partners are venturing into the flip-flop biz, bringing the first-ever (?) scented slippers in the country. I've had the pleasure of trying samples on for months and the fragrance would last weeks! The fragrance come from France; the materials of the slippers/flipflops come from somewhere in Europe too ---- I forgot, I wasn't listening since I was checking out their merchandise the last time I was at there place.

    They would have opened their store at the Ayala Mall next month, but the Glorietta bombing set them back. Theirs was inconveniently located at G2. So, while waiting for the go from the Ayala people on whether or not they can get back to business, they will be selling Mallos (that's what their brand is) at bazaars.

    The scented slippers (Mallos, pronounced as mallows) cost P650 and comes in a pouch and a recyclable green bag.

    Watch this space, opening soon.

    The hubby and I are pitching in by helping them build their brand on the web and throwing in all sorts of ideas...some crazy, some plain stupid but hopefully there's a goldmine there somewhere.

    And I'm putting myself to good use now by writing this down on my blog. Hehe.

    Okay, now that that's done....let me get back to my dear old TV shows, already. Ooooh, I've got House in the line-up! Now, I can't set that aside!

    Catch ya later.

    November 12 - Monday's Ratings

    1. “Dancing with the Stars” (8-9:30) (ABC) 21.80m
    2. “CSI: Miami” (CBS) 15.37m
    3. “Samantha Who?” (ABC) 14.34m
    4. “Two and a Half Men” (CBS) 14.17m
    5. “Rules of Engagement” (CBS) 11.53m
    6. “Heroes” (NBC) 11.07m
    7. “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) 9.39m
    8. “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” (ABC) 9.17m
    9. “How I Met Your Mother” (CBS) 8.58m
    10. “Chuck” (NBC) 7.56m
    11. “Prison Break” (FOX) 7.19m
    12. “Journeyman” (NBC) 6.22m
    13. “K-Ville” (FOX) 4.72m
    14. “Everybody Hates Chris” (CW) 2.72m
    15. “The Game” (CW) 2.55m
    16. “Aliens in America” (CW) 2.24m
    17. “Girlfriends” (CW) 2.20m

    Have yet to watch a single Monday episode though...have rather been busy. :(

    13 November 2007

    And now we turn to the news...

    Luz Ilagan, my Journalism teacher from college, and now Gabriela Representative (didn't know that, just learned now....so much for teaching the likes of me the subject Journalism, Ma'am!), was one of those hurt in the bombing at Congress earlier.

    Ma'am I, as every student fondly called her during my time, is a favorite among Communication Arts students at the Ateneo.

    I just emailed my college e-group about it.... a lot of them are living abroad now, and I know a lot of them keep fond memories of her. She wasn't just a teacher, she was an advisor who taught us with humor and wisdom. Back then, she was already a prominent Gabriella leader.

    I fervently pray for her recovery.

    Update: As of 11 PM, she's out of the woods. Thank God.

    Follow the story and developments of the Batasan Bombing on GMANews.TV

    November 11 - Sunday's Ratings

    1. “Desperate Housewives” (ABC) 18.54m
    2. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (ABC) 15.09m
    3. “Sunday Night Football” (8-11) (NBC) 14.43m
    4. “Football Overrun” / “The OT” (FOX) 13.78m
    5. “60 Minutes” (CBS) 12.99m
    6. “Cold Case” (CBS) 12.91m
    7. “Brothers & Sisters” (ABC) 12.53m
    8. “Shark” (CBS) 11.46m
    9. “The Simpsons” (FOX) 10.57m
    10. “The Amazing Race 12” (CBS) 10.48m
    11. “Family Guy” (FOX) 10.42m
    12. “American Dad” (FOX) 7.93m
    13. “King of the Hill” (FOX) 7.28m
    14. “Football Night in America” (NBC) 7.27m
    15. “NASCAR” / “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (ABC) 5.77m
    16. “America’s Next Top Model” (R) (CW) 1.45m
    17. “Life is Wild” (CW) 1.35m
    18. “CW Now” (CW) 1.08m
    19. “Aliens in America” (Repeat) (CW) 0.94m

    12 November 2007

    Brothers and Sisters S2 E7: 36 Hours

    The intervention scene is straight out of a Party of Five episode. But no matter, it was a three tissue moment:

    Calista (Kitty) steps out of her Ally McBeal persona. This season, her delivery keeps improving. I've so much admiration for her as an actress now. Dave Anabelle (Justin) is also great here. The moment was raw, painful but beautiful... I give myself a pat on the back for thinking exactly how the characters are going to react.

    Also in this episode, Robert McAllister's dark side is slowly making its appearance. "I'm the most ambitious man you will ever meet," he said. And I got chills.

    Loved the final scene in the end, with Momma Nora telling her youngest, Justin, that it's time she walks behind him and not be too available for him. Justin really has to grow up.

    The Amazing Race S12 E2: I've become the Archie Bunker of The Home

    This week on The Amazing Race...

    DITCH VAULTING!!!!! I would love to try that!

    The father/daughter team is broken...or rather, Daddy sounded so much like a broken record. Was he on too much of something? He kept talking, and talking and talking...it drove me crazy. Poor daughter.

    But in the end, it was the Lesbian Priest that didn't make it to the bath mat in time. I guess they didn't treat this as an actual competition and just made the most of their time enjoying it, enjoying each other.

    Catching up on Friday Night Lights

    All is right in the world again. Well, at least on Friday Night Lights, whose two perfectly written and perfectly acted episodes,I caught up with earlier. (Season 2 Episodes 5 & 6).

    Coach Taylor teaches the boys lessons they really needed to re-learn. Saracen and Smash are benched and they are made to realize the importance of working together. Riggins is cut from the team and he has to prove his commitment and dedication. The boys have to accept their mistakes to earn their place back.

    Tami is back at work as the school's guidance counselor. Her free-spirited sister comes to visit and sister's presence makes Tami see the realities of her own life, accepting this new cycle of raising a new baby, keeping a family and holding her job, all over again.

    Jason is having a personal crisis and realizes that the only way he can move on is to cut himself from the past. He has to accept that that's not his life now, and he has to make a new one.

    Saracen finally lets go of Julie, the girl who broke his heart. Julie makes amends, too little too late. It is painful, but she has to learn to accept it.

    I thought this show lost it. Not quite so. It's still one of the best on TV.

    The Joy of Cooking

    Back when my family was still growing, I used to watch a lot of the Lifestyle Network, specifically, their cooking shows. I was a young mother and wife, who pretty much wanted a picture-perfect-Martha-Stewart family life. But as the reality of keeping a household settled in, I realized that kind of lifestyle isn't easy to manage. At all. I don't tune to the cable channel as much as I can today, and the meals I prepare are as simple as they can be, so I have the faintest ideas which cooking shows are the right ones to watch now.

    But lately, my dishes have been ordinary and boring. And as I had been on Youtube yesterday, I thought that if the hubby and I can find immense resources for entertainment in that video-sharing site, could there also be someone sharing recipes, like in the cooking shows I used to watch?

    The search tool was the answer and true enough, Youtube has everything.

    The first thing I thought to look for was a recipe for Baked Ziti. I had prepared my own recipe for lunch the previous day and it turned out to be more of a Carbonara and I wasn't too happy about it. Finding this guy's video will now be a great help to me, the next time I plan to cook this meal.

    Next, the hubby wanted to know the secrets of a Pomodoro sauce...so with him, we searched for it on Youtube and stumbled upon this video (below). And then we realized that we have found another goldmine for entertainment. We were looking for recipes, we found comedy.

    Other than the cooking instructions, what made this particular video fun to watch was the manner in which the Chef prepared the dish. He was just absolutely MESSY! I do not know if this was something the Chef intended to do, I still think he's really a chef, despite the presentation. But while the video was running, the hubby, who is a much better cook than 10 people I know, was doing his own commentary...which made viewing it all the more funnier.

    Chef instructions: 3 tbsp of olive oil...
    Hubby: 3 tbsp? Eh, ang dami naman niyan....sinabawang olive oil yata yan?!
    *Chef adds herbs and spices and puts it on the sauce*
    Hubby: Nagmukha na yatang guisadong pechay yung pomodoro?

    The next recipe we searched for was the salsa...something similar to Pollo Loco's. We didn't find what we wanted but stumbled upon this guy who demonstrated how to prepare Mexican Salsa. Good enough... but his video had something better. His ingredients called for limons and abrocadoes. Oooh boy, our face muscles were far too stretched from laughing about it!

    But in all fairness, the cook is very, very good. In fact, his page is now bookmarked and I'm doing a couple of his recipes today.

    I could have stayed up all night watching more cooking shows on Youtube. Can't believe there's really so much more to discover in here. So sometime today, I'm doing another round of video searches.

    Oh, don't forget to read the comments when you watch the videos in their respective Youtube pages. :)


    11 November 2007

    Race Scare Prank

    I've turned to internet TV for today.

    Here's something funny from Japanese TV, which I find, is fast becoming my ultimate source for brainless comedy.

    Poor guy must have pissed in his pants. :D

    TV's 25 Worst Shows by Chicago Tribune

    Chicago Tribune lists 25 of TV's Worst TV Shows ever...and I was quite a regular viewer of four of these back in the day. Mwehehe:

    You're in the Picture
    Petticoat Junction
    My Mother the Car
    Ernest Angley Hour
    B.J. and the Bear
    When Things Were Rotten
    Mr. T. and Tina
    The Ropers
    Joanie Loves Chachi
    Mama's Family
    Mr. Belvedere
    Small Wonder

    Life with Lucy
    Beauty and the Beast
    Cop Rock
    Pink Lady and Jeff
    The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage
    The Jerry Springer Show
    Barney and Friends
    Homeboys in Outer Space
    The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer

    November 9 - Friday's Ratings

    1. “Ghost Whisperer” (CBS) 9.93m
    2. “Numb3rs” (CBS) 9.91m
    3. “Women’s Murder Club” (ABC) 9.70m
    4. “Deal or No Deal” (NBC) 9.57m
    5. “Moonlight” (CBS) 7.96m
    6. “20/20” (ABC) 7.04m
    6. “Las Vegas” (NBC) 7.04m
    8. “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” (FOX) 6.30m
    9. “Men in Trees” (ABC) 6.16m
    10. “Friday Night Lights” (NBC) 5.60m
    11. “Friday Night Smackdown!” (8-10) (CW) 4.50m
    12. “The Next Great American Band” (FOX) 2.69m

    Hmmm...I have not seen an episode of Ghost Whisperer. Maybe I should also start on this series?

    10 November 2007

    State of Television

    TV Guide posted this update of how many episodes are left to your favorite series. By my calculations, and expecting that these shows go on their regular holiday hiatus (TV really shuts down during Xmas breaks), and also not considering American Idol and a possible BB USA in the winter....my viewing list starts drying up by first week February, if the strike isn't resolved by then. :( I just took the ones I'm watching, but you can go to the TV Guide link (Ausiello's blog) for the complete list.
    • 30 Rock: Ten episodes will be produced. Five episodes have aired, so there are five left.
    • Back to You: Nine episodes will be produced. Six episodes have aired, so there are three left.
    • Brothers & Sisters: Twelve episodes will be produced. Six episodes have aired, so there are six left.
    • Chuck: Thirteen episodes will be produced. Seven episodes have aired, so there are six left.
    • Dirty Sexy Money: Eleven episodes will be produced. Six episodes have aired, so there are five left.
    • Friday Night Lights: Fifteen episodes will be produced. The sixth episode airs tonight, Nov. 9, so there are nine left.
    • Grey's Anatomy: Eleven episodes will be produced. Seven episodes have aired, so there are four left.
    • Heroes: Twelve episodes will be produced. Seven episodes have aired, so there are five left.
    • House: Twelve episodes will be produced. Six episodes have aired, so there are six left
    • Lost: Eighth episodes will be produced. None have aired yet, so there eight episodes left.
    • The Office: Twelve half-hour episodes will be produced. Eleven half-hour episodes have aired, so there is one half-hour episode left.
    • Private Practice: Ten or 11 episodes will be produced. Six episodes have aired, so there are four or five left.
    • Pushing Daisies: Nine episodes will be produced. Five episodes have aired, so there are four left.
    • Samantha Who?: Twelve episodes will be produced. Four episodes have aired, so there are eight left.
    • Scrubs: Twelve episodes will be produced. Three episodes have aired, so there are nine left.
    • Ugly Betty: Twelve or 13 episodes will be produced. Seven episodes have aired, so there are five or six left.
    This one is funny:

    And the blog I've been reading ever since this strike began has changed designs and is full of backstories, photos and behind the scenes. Visit United Hollywood.

    CSI | WAT Cross-over: No Pissing Contest

    I forgot how graphic CSI can be. The last time I saw a season in full? Twas when Grissom learned he was going deaf..and that was what, Season 3? It's on its 8th season now, and I just watch bits and pieces of it on cable, like Tarantino directing an episode, or when I know an actor I like who's guesting in it, or this --- the cross-over. I follow episodes of Without A Trace (WAT) on cable, too and that's a hit and miss thing. So I am not quite updated on this series, as well.

    How did the episode fare? Not knowing what has been going on between characters for the last few years on both series wasn't a problem. I was there for the story, although I'm now wondering what has happened to Sara...

    I found the mood on CSI darker, as always... so I'm partial to how the story played out in WAT. But, as always, I still think Grissom is the better detective.

    The 2 hour episodes weren't golden. They were not the best, as far as story-telling is concerned. In fairness, these two crime dramas produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, have always been top-notched. The plan to do the cross-overs was a genius idea. And the ratings are there to prove it.


    November 8 - Thursday's Ratings

    1. “CSI” (CBS) 21.92m
    2. “Without a Trace” (CBS) 21.39m
    3. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) 19.30m
    4. “Survivor: China” (CBS) 14.91m
    5. “Ugly Betty” (CBS) 10.89m
    6. “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” (FOX) 8.77m
    7. “Big Shots” (ABC) 8.62m
    8. “ER” (NBC) 8.42m
    9. “The Office” (NBC) 8.29m
    10. “My Name is Earl” (NBC) 7.66m
    11. “30 Rock” (NBC) 6.61m
    12. “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” (FOX) 6.48m
    13. “Scrubs” (NBC) 6.36m
    14. “Smallville” (CW) 4.95m
    15. “Supernatural” (CW) 3.01m

    Look what a cross-over can do for a show's numbers! I've yet to check CSI/WAT....and catch up on a few others in this line-up.

    Ugly Betty S2 E7: A Nice Day for A Posh Wedding

    I don't follow Posh in the magazines and since her guest stint has been hyped about, I had the impression this episode was gonna be full of her. But it wasn't the case...there wasn't enough of Posh. Watching her on this episode felt something like --- me being in the same party as her, but she's always mingling with someone else 12ft away from where I stand. And there's a glass separating us.

    So, it begs the question --- was that it?

    They've finally given Christina something to work with. Ashley Jensen is a fine, fine actress and in this episode, we see just how versatile she can be. Christina's husband comes to visit her after she left him five years ago. From the context of what she told Betty, it was a marriage she wasn't happy with.

    Upon their reunion, Christina's husband tells her he is dying.

    But who's really possibly dead?

    Daniel discovers Willie is sleeping with her bodyguard. He discovers Betty knew about it four months ago. Daniel fires Betty for keeping this. Daniel tells his dad who doesn't believe him, and that's what happened.

    On to other stories...
    • Marc realizes he is in love with his ordinary boyfriend.
    • Amanda tells everyone at the party she is Faye's daughter. She also gets to sing in the Church.
    • Ignacio gets his citizenship.

    09 November 2007

    The Office S4 E7: Survivor Man

    Episode Summary: After Ryan excludes Michael from a corporate wilderness retreat, Michael heads into the woods for his own survival adventure with nothing but the suit on his back. Back at work, Jim tries to revolutionize the office birthday party.

    *If you don't see it yet, please check back 10 AM USA Eastern Time*

    Grey's Anatomy S4 E7: Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction

    On Grey's Anatomy this week...

    Meredith had a "not-supposed-to-be-wearing-anything -underneath-the-covers-coz-I-just-did-it-with-my-dreamy-
    boyfriend-but-my-breast's-cover-shows-on -television" malfunction.

    If I noticed that, it's because I am so bored by this couple already. Anyway, the others had issues of their own, too.
    • Callie is doing back to back to back to back to back operations. It was like a three-day setting, if it happened in real time. And all this time, Callie was in OR!
    • Dr. Hahn takes Meredith to scrub in with her. Christina is dejected. This was supposedly her week but Dr. Hahn changed the schedules. We know by now who Dr. Hahn doesn't like. And we learn tonight, who she isn't attracted to...
    • And that would be Dr. McSteamy, who apparently is attracted to Dr. Hahn. But she tells him it's only because she kicks ass in the OR. (She tells it better, I can just sum it up as "kick-ass"...am tired, my brain's vocab is needing recharge)
    • George and Izzie...Pweh. Puke. Eek.....They try to have sex. They realize they don't have sexual chemistry. I've long been convinced they don't. Ever since the "outing" I don't see George as the Cassanova, sorry.
    • The chief is ruining McDreamy's social life. McDreamy doesn't take the Chief's dry cleaning instructions well.
    • And yey for Bailey, who has been made the new Chief of Residents! She gets emotional about it.
    • Lexie makes up a list of five things her sister could love about her.
    • Thatcher is briefly in one scene. He's drunk and he puts on weight. Lexie begs Alex not to tell Mer on the state of their father.

    30 Rock S2 E5: Greenzo

    Awww, I have missed this guy:

    David Schwimmer guest starred on 30Rock this week, playing an out of work actor/dickhead who is hired by the network to promote "going green", which incidentally is what NBC is doing all week.

    Greenzo is clearly a prick but he's a prick who's also the first nonjudgmental business-friendly environmental advocate.

    And the above scene kinda reminded me of when Ross did his dance with Monica at Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve something something Party on Friends.


    Studios Act on Strikers

    I can be very naive at times. I was actually hoping the strike is over this week. But apparently, that's really just wishful thinking...
    A day after Hollywood's writers went out on strike, the major studios are hitting back with plans to suspend scores of long-term deals with television production companies, jeopardizing the jobs of hundreds of rank-and-file employees whose names never appear in the credits.

    Assistants, development executives and production managers will soon be out of work, joining their better-paid bosses who opted to sacrifice paychecks as members of the Writers Guild of America. At some studios, the first wave of letters are going out today, hitting writer-producers whose companies don't currently have shows in production.

    Anyone who's not working on pilots or shows is going to get suspension letters," said one top studio executive.

    The major studios that have issued or are planning suspensions include Fox, CBS Paramount, Disney, Warner Bros. and NBC Universal.

    From LA Times

    Production Shut Downs

    Here's where your favorite TV shows stand amidst the strike. It's hair-raising...as a matter of fact, I'm getting goosebumps as I read through this list (Thanks to Televisionary).

    • 30 Rock: Shooting episode #210 through November 9th. No additional scripts have been written.
    • 24: Eight episodes completed. FOX has shelved Season Seven indefinitely.
    • Big Bang Theory: Production shut down.
    • The Captain: Shooting episode #102 November 8th - 14th. Scripts in for episodes #103 and #104 (production will conclude 11/30).
    • Carpoolers: Production shut down 11/16.
    • Cavemen: Shooting episode #113 between November 7th - 13th. No additional scripts had been ordered.
    • Cold Case: Production shut down 11/16
    • Desperate Housewives: Production shut down.
    • Dirt: Prepping episode #206 for a November 20th - 30th shoot. Script written for episode #207.
    • Dirty Sexy Money: Shooting episode #111 between November 8th - 19th. Prepping episode #112 next week. Shoots 11/21. There are other scripts written but it's unclear if production will continue.
    • Eli Stone: Prepping #111 now which shoots between November 15-26th. Not clear if there are additional scripts.
    • Ghost Whisperer: Shooting episode #312 between November 12th - 21st. No additional scripts written.
    • Greek: Shooting episode #1018 starting November 15th. No additional scripts out of the 20 episode order written.
    • Heroes: Production shut down 11/9.
    • K-Ville: Shot #110 October 28th - November 8th.
    • Journeyman: Status of production unclear. 13 scripts written.
    • Medium: Prepping episode 069-09 for a shoot between November 15th - 28th. No additional scripts have been written.
    • Numb3rs: Prepping episode #412 for a shoot between November 19th - 30th. No additional scripts have been written.
    • October Road: Shooting episode #210 between November 9th - 21st. Scripts through #213 completed.
    • The Office: Production shut down. One additional script written.
    • Old Christine: Production shut down.
    • Rules of Engagement: Canceled production on episode #210 (meant to shoot 11/7-11/13). No additional scripts written. Production shut down.
    • Samantha Who: Production shut down 11/12
    • Swingtown: Shooting episode #103 11/9-11/21. No additional scripts written.
    • 'Til Death: Episode #212 completes production on November 9th.
    • Two and a Half Men: Production shut down.
    • Ugly Betty: Shooting "Odor in the Court" between November 9th and 20th. Prepping "A Thousand Words Before Friday" next week. No additional scripts available after that.
    • Without A Trace: Production shut down 11/22.

    I've read somewhere the strike could extend to summer, or worse, 2009. It could be baseless, but not at all impossible. Directors contracts and actors contracts are up for renewal by next year. They could also demand the same thing as the writers are demanding.

    And the studios aren't budging still. They hold the money, they might win this.

    November 7 - Wednesday's Ratings

    1. “41st Annual Country Music Association Awards” (8-11) (ABC) 15.93m
    2. “Criminal Minds” (CBS) 14.54m
    3. “CSI: NY” (CBS) 12.87m
    4. “Kid Nation” (CBS) 7.16m
    5. “Til Death” (FOX) 6.48m
    6. “Bionic Woman” (NBC) 6.44m
    7. “Life” (NBC) 6.41m
    8. “Back to You” (FOX) 6.38m
    9. “Kitchen Nightmares” (FOX) 6.37m
    10. “Phenomenon” (NBC) 6.10m
    11. “America’s Next Top Model” (CW) 5.07m
    12. “Gossip Girl” (CW) 2.51m

    CMA Awards pre-empted Pushing Daisies and Private Practice. It earned top ratings.

    Life and Bionic Woman have almost similar ratings. That's bad news for BW which started with 2Million viewers more.

    08 November 2007

    CSI | Without A Trace CrossOver

    Tomorrow's biggest crossover is happening!

    The Who and What will be investigated on CSI.
    The Where and Why will be investigated by the team from Without A Trace.

    Teaser below:


    Laugh Trip!

    This Pinoy Big Brother task had me laughing in stitches, sobrang laugh trip!!!! I just had to post this!

    Speaking of Big Brother, with the strike looming, CBS is going out of format and is rumored to be doing the very first Celebrity Edition for BB USA by early next year.

    Just checking: The Pacific

    What is up with The Pacific, a TV mini-series I'm anticipating in 2009? Checked IMDb and found that they are already filming it in Wonga Beach in Australia, and the cast line-up is almost full. Look it ----> The Pacific.

    The Pacific is a team collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, following their successful partnership in HBO's Band Of Brothers (which I really, really want to watch for the nth time one of these days!) in 2001. The mini-series is set in Asia World War 2, with a possible Philippine mention (and Filipino cast/characters) of course! So it's something I'm very excited about. The IMDb link mentions a character named "Manila", in fact. Will we see them re-enact McArthur's famous, "I shall return?"

    Oooh, am getting goosebumps.