24 February 2009

Chloe on 24 Had A Crumpler Bag!

And it's almost the same one as mine. Hers is bigger, but we've got the same color and line.

Am just saying.... Or bragging.

That's the closest thing to "being Chloe" I can get. :P

Frustrated covert/CTU agent, that's me.

Stop Looking Cal Lightman!

I think I know now what is it about Cal Lightman (Lie To Me) that bothers me.

It's the way he looks at a suspect upon interrogation. It makes one look guilty, when there's nothing to be really guilty of, or when it's "guilt" that doesn't have anything to do with the case they're trying to solve.

Either way, his stare makes one too self-conscious. Like he's dressing you down, reading your soul or something. It's so uncomfortable.

I'd be a nervous wreck if he was around and I was being interrogated. I would much rather have Jack Bauer interrogate me than Cal Lightman.

Do you like Cal Lightman's style?

21 February 2009

Can't Wait For --- See Cate Run

The show is just in its development stages, and I am already growing with excitement for it. Especially since they've cast Amy Smart to play the lead. Love her!

From THR:

Jenna Elfman and Amy Smart have been tapped as the leads of CBS' comedy pilot "Accidentally on Purpose" and ABC's drama pilot "See Cate Run," respectively.

The casting of Elfman lifts the contingency on "Accidentally."

The project, from CBS Par and BermanBraun, revolves around Billie (Elfman), a San Francisco movie critic who finds herself "accidentally" pregnant after a fling with a younger man, and the unconventional family that comes from this "mistake."

"Dharma & Greg" alumna Elfman, repped by CAA and Brillstein Entertainment, next appears in the indie comedy "Love Hurts."

The ABC Studios-produced "Cate" (formerly "I, Claudia") centers on a young prosecuting attorney (Smart) who one day is going to be a serious contender for president of the U.S.

Smart, who next appears in "Crank 2: High Voltage," is repped by Endeavor and Untitled.

18 February 2009

Erica says...(On Love)

See, this is why I enjoy watching Being Erica (Canadian TV). Because I so get how she is, I so can relate.

This is what she said about love in the latest episode (sixth):
"The heart wants what it wants, it forces us to act when reasons dictates otherwise, it tears down walls, breaches boundaries, and for better or worse, it leads us places that the head would never go"
Beautiful, isn't it?

Learn about the show, Being Erica, here.

16 February 2009

Hey wait a minute, when did The Amazing Race return?

I could really kick my butt if I can physically do it! I have been missing so much on TV already. My weekends of catching up are never enough.

So many shows to watch, so little time to talk about it.

I did not even know TAR has a new season until I saw what was queued for my downloads today.

Darn it, that's one more TV show piling up on my list!

Please, please, please TV gods....grant my life the order and peace I deserve already. So I can go back to being a zombie, with nothing on my brain but TV mush...whee!

15 February 2009

DollHouse is DULL House?

So ask me how long it took me to finish watching Dollhouse? For an hour long pilot episode, it took me 3 hours to finish it! Three hours! I just had to stop in between and take naps....which goes to show that it wasn't that interesting nor compelling for me.

Disappointed? A little bit. With all the hoopla during pre-production, it's almost unforgiving we're getting such a lackluster series. Dollhouse creator, Joss Whedon's credentials included critical hits that weren't successful with the mainstream audience. (Well, okay...Buffy was, yeah?) Are they going for mainstream success this time around? Is that why Dollhouse isn't as smart and clever as one would've hoped?

But then again I thought I should hold for a few more episodes before I can completely say this show sucks. I still hope it gets better.

The weakest link perhaps lies in Elisha Dushku, who doesn't have the charm, energy and range as....say, Jennifer Garner on Alias (which in some ways is what Dollhouse is like).

I know that when a character excites me, I sometimes wish I could be like her or be in her shoes. And Echo does not have me wishing I could be a programmed assassin or something. She does not connect.

And I certainly don't wanna live in that dollhouse. That place is tranquil, alright. It looks just like a spa. And with my mindset right now? I need all the spa treatments and pampering I can get, I should be wishing I could be in a place like that. But the actual dollhouse? It seems hardly relaxing. Only distant and cold. Much like what the pilot is about.

12 February 2009

ABC Takes "No Heroics"!

I knew it! Someone in the US was bound to pick this one up from the British yet again.

I mentioned about wanting to watch No Heroics a while back. And I did. And I had fun watching that comedy.

Now, ABC is doing the USA version of it!

It's "No Heroics" for ABC this pilot season.

The network has greenlighted a single-camera comedy pilot based on the British series.

Written by "Will & Grace" alum Jeff Greenstein and original show creator Drew Pearce, "No Heroics" is about a group of superheroes with less-than-formidable powers who hang out at a bar.

ABC Studios is producing. Greenstein and Pearce are exec producing with Andrew Zein of Tiger Aspect, which produces the British series for ITV. - THR

Well I can't wait to see how this one turns out!

11 February 2009

I Got Me Dead Like Me, Life After Death

It is finally here --- the straight-to-DVD Dead Like Me movie is here! I started watching parts of it last night and forgot how much different it is. Different, in a good way, though. How long has it been since it was canceled? Three-four years?

Anyway, I'm gonna try and finish the whole movie later. I just wrote this in to actually practice on MarsEdit, this new blogging software I am hoping to make use of more often.

Testing MarsEdit

Just testing how well MarsEdit works with blogs.

06 February 2009

Upcoming TV Shows Fall '09

The Live Feed has a summary of what new programs we should be expecting from the networks this coming fall season.

I know, right? Mid Season premieres haven't even finished half-way through. In fact, I'm still waiting on Better Off Ted, Kings and Amy Poehler's Parks and Recreation (to name a few) all of which are starting this March-April.

And then here comes this new list...It's a pretty coherent one, too. It gives all of us a, uh, birds eye view of what's coming this September.

My early favorites from the list? Probably Legally Mad, which will star Kristin Chenoweth, who I so loved on Pushing Daisies. Incidentally, her Pushing Daisies co-star, Anna Friel, is also being eyed for a starring role in one of two (or three?) female centric shows from that list. It's either Eastwick or I, Claudia for her next season.

Anyone addicted to watching TV, should check this list out now: Know your fall TV pilots! Cop, doctor, lawyer, remake or a new idea?

05 February 2009

Catching Up!

Still have a long list of TV shows I am not (yet) watching. I have got to get back in the game. I'm starting to get agitated! Grrr.

Anyway, I've got to catch up on at least two or three weeks worth of episodes of ----
  • Scrubs
  • 24
  • House
  • Lie To Me
  • Leverage
  • Legend of The Seeker
  • Trust Me (which I started watching this morning....like it!)
  • Private Practice (I am thinking of letting this one go now, just waiting for the cross-over episode with Grey's Anatomy)
  • Privileged
  • Fringe
  • Being Erica
  • The Last Templar (Da Vinci Code for TV starring Mira Sorvino...not sure how great it is, we'll see...)
  • Being Human (British series about ghosts, werewolves and witches living like regular people....this storyline is starting to get so beaten)
And of course, there's American Idol, everyone's guilty pleasure. Who are you liking so far? I'm rooting for that Danny Gokey guy. That dude who looks like Downey, Jr.


04 February 2009

Lost's Desmond and Penny's Baby? Filipino!

Many of us watching Lost last week got the shock of our lives (in a good way though) when we saw what was happening during the opening scene. Desmond was frantically looking for a doctor named Efren Salonga, who to me looked like a typical "albularyo" or quack doctor.

Was surprised even further when I saw this in the background:

That would have to be our flag. If you're a foreigner visiting our country, you would hear the words "Mabuhay!" uttered quite a lot when locals greet you. (Fact: Mabuhay wasn't always quite the...errr, buzz word... that it is now. It just became so around 1993-94 when Miss Universe was staged here after some 30 years. Mabuhay means: Long Live! or To Life!).

The Philippine Flag. Mabuhay. On Lost! Wow.

Was surprised some more upon learning what Desmond needed the doctor for. His wife, Penny, was giving birth. Penny is with child, having labor pains... on Philippine shores! She was giving birth to child who will now be a Filipino, by virtue of his birthplace.

Baby Charlie Hume is Pinoy. Mabuhay!

Watch the opening scene:

Downloading The Fringe Ringtone

Coincidence, joincidence...

I was looking for an mp3 of Fringe's opening theme song. If you aren't watching the show yet (why????), have a listen at how it plays in this Youtube clip:

I've been looking for that because I thought it would make a cool ringtone for my mobile. And it does sound cool, huh?

Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks that way. The TV Addict thought the same. And his post led me to the version I'd want to have for my phone, too. Now, I've got it on my mobile.

Hey, dude....thanks! :D