06 October 2008

Valentine S1 E1 Pilot

The CW outsources TV programs now. Valentine is one of it. It was outsourced from Media Rights Capital and Tribune Broadcasting.

The show has this whimsical premise my son thought was a lot like Pushing Daisies when he saw the first two minutes. But the comparison ends there.

Valentine is about Greek gods living in modern day Hollywood...in a world where relationships are built on text messages and internet dating services. The gods run their own matchmaking service not for profit, but because they need to stay immortal. People have to believe in true love, still. Or they lose their powers and die like humans. In order to get the pulse of the times, they enlist a mortal, a romance book author, to help them.

The gods are led by Aphrodite played by Jaime Murray, and she pretty much fits it. But something about this show just doesn't work. A really weak story, perhaps? How many episodes before all these antics grow tired and old?

I still am not sure if I want to watch the next episodes (that is, if it doesn't get yanked by next week). A part of me is curious....so maybe I will. But I can't still put a seal of approval to this.
To quote one of the characters, Danny Valentine (aka Cupid) --- I am not buying into this mushy, gag-me-Nora-Ephron crap!

I'm not that convinced.

Here's a preview if you're curious, too: