26 February 2011


Glee's not making a lot of sense to me now. I'm close to giving it up and would soon settle for just watching clips of the song numbers on Youtube.

The episode this week was...noisy. Ten minutes into it, and it became just background noise for me.  Because as soon as I saw this dress on Rachel Berry? It was all I could think about.

H & M Scottie Dress, $49.50

Could never wear this though.  Because I'm not 16. :P Just pretty pleased how fashionable Scottie Dogs are.

Anyway, back to Glee... I read this from TWOP the other day, in the article: 10 Worst School on TV and I thought I'd pass it on.
We haven't seen much of Dalton Academy, home of the Warblers, but we've got to imagine that little studying can get done with everyone wearing those distractingly ugly jackets. And all they seem to do there is drink coffee and sing. Still, highly caffeinated, badly dressed students who can afford private school tuition are still probably better off than the poor schlubs over at McKinley High. That's a school where the cheerleading coach can take over as principal and make dictatorial rules about anything she wants. Where teachers throw shoes at already ridiculed outcasts. Where bullying goes largely unchecked, the guidance counselor only knows how to hand out pamphlets on issues, students are nearly launched out of cannons, the Spanish teacher focuses all his efforts on Glee club and an untrained, pill-dealing woman is allowed to be a nurse. We're frankly surprised that no one has died yet. Though the season isn't over.

Are you still loving Glee or are you close to giving it up, too?

25 February 2011

My Doggie Dog World

What else is keeping me up aside from raising a family and television? My dogs. So, I thought I'd open a blog about it.

Please check out my doggie dog world (copyright Gloria, Modern Family) and thanks for following/visiting!

24 February 2011

Dear Zach Gilford

I love you, man.

Loved your work on Friday Night Lights. "The Son" is my all-time FNL favorite episode.

I love what you do so much that when I learned you were doing a doctor drama with Shonda Rhimes, which to me is like Julie Taylor making another bad decision --- you get that, I know --- I vowed to watch Off The Map despite my prejudice.

I followed till the 6th episode. And I've to say it now but... I'm sorry, Zach. I could not even finish the 7th.

You know, it's not you. It's not even anybody in the cast. You're all likeable, in fact.

It is your show. It's crap.  The way they've written your characters and the stories? I just can't stand the cheesy-ness. Utter cornball, man.

I don't know how you cope.

And I know you know it isn't just me who sees it this way. Have you checked the ratings? Just under 1.4 Million viewers last week. That's bad and you know it.

From where I sit, it doesn't look like this will work out. I was really hoping Off The Map would do well.  If only for your sake. Because you know, I do love seeing you on TV.

In the event that OFM goes off the air, will you consider hooking up with Shawn Ryan or Liz Tigelaar for your next TV show?

I trust you will make a better career choice after this. You're way too good to be in something kitschy.


I'm 37 years old and I love watching Pretty Little Liars!

My 37-year old self hates to admit loving Pretty Little Liars so much.

Based on a book series by Sara Shepard, I don't think Ms. Shepard wrote her stories with my age bracket in mind. Of course, the TV series is also created to cater to the young market. Which makes it harder to admit how much I'm liking it. Is this where my mindset is??? Am I that juvenile???

In its most recent episode, Aria, who has been having an affair with her English teacher (Mr. Ezra Fitz), made the mistake of calling him "Ezra" in front of the whole class. You don't address your teacher on a first-name basis, unless you're hooking up with him.

So, you know what I did? I gasped. I reacted exactly the same way the rest of the girls did. And I felt I was in that very same room when Aria slipped.

That's how much engaged I've been about this show.

Cuteness overload!
But the thing is, Pretty Little Liars is far from being just a "teen series."

For despite Emily's annoying delivery and expressions, despite the girls behaving like 25 year old kids, and beyond those trendy clothes they wear (that I love so, so much!) ... each episode is actually quite fascinating. Like a good mystery novel you can't put down, the plot has become so riveting that I can't stop watching it.

Every week, I anticipate knowing more about who A is and how much she's able to control the girls.  I want to know more about who is behind the killing, and why it happened. I wanna find out Jenna's secrets and if she's A or someone else. (I read the spoilers so I know who A is, but will the show follow what's in the book?)

Are you just as engaged with Pretty Little Liars as I am? I hope you are and I hope you're my age or older. We've got to establish our club!

23 February 2011

Two New TV Series from Steven Spielberg

Well alright, these upcoming shows aren't exactly created by Steven Spielberg. Nor is he directing any of the episodes.

But since he is Executive Producer to both, it's been getting good press release with his name on it. (Hence, my entry's title.)

And also because, these new shows have  --- (drumroll, please!) aliens and dinosaurs! When it comes to entertainment in this context, Steven Spielberg's name does come to mind.

So which one will you be watching?


Set to air this May, Terra Nova stars Jason O' Mara (oh, dear lord not him!) and Stephen Lang. (I have reservations about Jason O'Mara because watching him on Life On Mars was painful! I'm sorry! I wasn't impressed!) He plays husband and father to three kids. There's nothing unusual about that, except that they all live in the year 2149 and life on Earth is almost non-existent.

To preserve this, scientists found a way to teleport people so they can "correct" the mistakes made against the Earth. But the problem is, these scientists? Teleported our main characters as far back as 85 Million years ago....back to the time of dinosaurs. (What fate could be any worse?!)


Coming in June and headlined by Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood (yes, there's one too many OOOO's in her name but she is awesome!), Falling Skies is about an alien invasion. Pfft! We've all seen one too many alien invasions too, so what else could be different? I actually wouldn't know but maybe this teaser would give us clues (Lt. Dyke from Band of Brothers is on it!!!):

It's too soon to tell which of these Spielberg-produced programs is going to be much-talked about after its debut.

What I know, though, from what I've seen so far? They're not going to hold-off on special effects. I mean --- did you see those spaceships attacking???

14 February 2011

Too Much TV now on Facebook

Just want to let you folks know we've got a Facebook Page, too. I'd be posting TV news updates there quite often.

You can "Like" Too Much TV via: http://www.facebook.com/TVbyMindy


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11 February 2011

I Say My Goodbyes To Friday Night Lights

Like anybody glued to the television, my TV viewing habit has become so personal, I treat a show like they're my family, best friend or boyfriend.

I've fallen in love with a lot of them.

I've broken up with some.(Hello, Grey's Anatomy!)

And those that truly made an impact broke my heart when they ended. I went into a brief period of mourning after watching their finales.

Friends did that to me and I still mourn for it.

Lost did that two seasons ago and I still remember how much I cried. (Though I suspect that's partly because of exhaustion and relief. My brain could finally rest from trying to figure out what went on that show!)

Last night, I said my goodbyes to five seasons of good television, when the lights finally went off for Friday Night Lights.  (What a beautiful, literal ending that was, huh? The stadium lights did shut down in its final scene. It was chilling!)

Debuting in 2006, it was by random choice when I started watching this series. I did not know anything about it except that it dealt with football, where I had little interest. I also have not seen the movie version of FNL (I would watch after season one and discover a few of the cast from the movie is in the TV show). But I took a chance and watched because I saw it was just...there. And there was nothing good on.

I couldn't understand football that well, but I definitely got what FNL was about ---

  • family, passion, patience, honesty, love, ambitions, goals, respect
  • overcoming obstacles, racial divide, religious intolerance, economic divisions

Briefly? It was a show with a heart. It tackled realistic plots without pontificating or throwing judgement. It showed the highs and lows of the human spirit in quite technically intimate ways, too. (Friday Night Lights was lauded by critics for the way its camera angles were shot. It gave the show its signature.)

Yet, in spite its pedigree (it always received critical acclaims for every year it was on)... it did not have a good audience following, which was baffling. With the show bowing out last night (it will air Season 5 on NBC in April, however) --- viewers have missed out on something really good. Unless these viewers decide to get it on video.

Friday Night Lights: The Fifth SeasonFriday Night Lights: The Fourth SeasonFriday Night Lights: The Third Season
Friday Night Lights: The Second SeasonFriday Night Lights: The First Season
Friday Night Lights Video Releases 
From Season 1-5

Last night's finale is surely going to end up in someone's All-time List of TV's Best.

As a fan of the show, I thought the writers did it flawlessly and perfectly. I thought that they did right by satisfying the whims of every other fan --- by giving each of the characters in the story their own resolutions and closures. Every character is going to be alright. Everyone is moving on. Everybody got their happy endings.  That's the message fans will be carrying with them forever.

And with the writers doing that, my eyes were flooded with tears but the loss I felt doesn't sting as much.  I can close my love-affair with Friday Night Lights and let it go with a smile and a grateful heart.

To have followed five seasons of this show was a pleasure.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't Lose!

Pilots for Fall 2011 Season

A site called TheTVRatings has a very organized graph of pilot episodes set for Fall Season 2011. These are upcoming shows we can expect to watch come September.

Going over the list, I think there are lots of programs that don't fit into "standard network TV" category.  I wonder how this is going to work given average viewers don't like experimental stories. But I'm pleased to see this level of ambitiousness from these synopsis, because that would mean there are plenty of potentially good shows coming (I mean, if the cast and crew can make it work).

These programs aren't sure balls. Some of these may end up being dropped from the network's roster or moved to the following seasons, like three years down the line.

I blogged a similar list last month, but this graph is more updated. Also, The Futon Critic has always carried a development list of TV programs for years.

09 February 2011

You Are My Sunshine, my "Mr. Sunshine". You Make Me Happy, When Skies are Gray...

It's no secret Chandler Bing has been my favorite FRIEND. When that show ended, like many of its millions of fans, I've been wanting to see any of them back on TV.

I got behind Matthew Perry when he did return to do Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. But when 60 was abruptly cancelled after a season, I was pissed like any fan would be.

Learning that Matthew was doing another show had me all excited again. The best part was learning Matthew was going to write and co-create it.

Two-years of waiting and there he was --- Matthew on the small screen. Mr. Sunshine.

And guess what Friends fans? Mr. Sunshine is Chandler Bing!

Matthew Perry plays Ben Donovan, who manages the Sunshine Sports Arena. The pilot episode opens with Ben turning 40 and realizing he's yet to "grow up" and learn stuff like "commitment". Doesn't that sound totally familiar to you? That's exactly where Chandler Bing was ten years ago.  It was not easy to shake off the idea that Ben isn't Chandler. What makes it harder was, every single time Ben moved or spoke? It was, unmistakably, like watching Chandler Bing all over.

Now, Chandler being my favorite friend? I should be pleased seeing he was sort of an extension of Ben Donovan. And I am, really. Matthew Perry can do no wrong in my eyes.

Only...this time, in Mr, Sunshine? "Chandler Ben" is surrounded by a bunch of goofs and misfits who are, unfortunately, so, so, so much more interesting than Chandler Ben.

  • Allison Janey plays the boss, Crystal Cohen, and she is a hoot. She's probably better off staying in the rehab but that would make the office atmosphere totally boring.
  • Nate Torrence as Roman Cohen (Crystal's son, but they "aren't close) and Portia Doubleday as Heather (Ben's assistant) play minor roles. But without them, I don't think this show's going to be as funny. You have to watch Mr. Sunshine to see why.
  • Andrea Anders plays Alice, Ben's co-worker and friend-with-benefits.  She is not as goofy as the rest of the other characters, but Andrea is a bowl of sweetness and I truly like her ever since I've seen her on Joey. In real life, Andrea Anders is Matt Le Blanc's girlfriend and it was actually icky to watch Matthew and Andrea kissing because of this.  With her on the show though, Mr. Sunshine feels a lot like Better Off Ted.

Critics who have seen the pilot months ago are quick to point out the lack of funny on Mr. Sunshine. But I found myself laughing out loud a couple of times. The characterization is a crazy fit and the jokes sound well-written to me. In fact, the jokes had a touch of Chandler Bing in it, I have to say. And that pleases me to no end.

Maybe a little tweaking will help, if only to please those darn critics. But as it is, Mr. Sunshine? Totally makes me happy!

Catching Up! I Have A Few TV Stuff To Talk About...

Spent a few minutes reading old entries from this blog and man!! I talked a lot back in the day! How did you manage to stick with me? I was really that chatty, huh? These days, however, I can only talk about TV sparsely. And if you've noticed, the most I can do is talk TV to you via this blog three times a week (or less). Turns out, I discovered I can do other things with my time! Haha.

I'm feeling a bit chatty today. So, let's talk....

I haven't blogged about Fairly Legal at all, save for this teaser. But I've been watching it every week. I find that Sarah Shahi gets lovelier every minute. As for the show? It is as light and breezy as watching Drop Dead Diva. But it can do better.

And Sarah Shahi's character, Kate? Needs to slow down! Okay, she's supposed to be this hot-shot, I get that. She comes in and out of client meetings, like she's the female version of the Flash. That's supposed to show she's a woman who is very in demand and very busy. That's supposed to show she's great at what she does. But it's an overkill.

I mean, Jack Bauer at least rested when he's knocked out by the enemy. This woman? Energizer bunny crazy! I'm getting exhausted watching her keep all of her appointments. Plus, she runs around in heels. Her feet must be killing her!

Now, this show? A gem of a discovery! I'm so glad there's something like this on TV. Portlandia's level of goofiness is not going to be easy to swallow. I've been watching the third episode with the husband the other day and he was seeing it for the first time. When the show was finished, he was like, "What the hell was all that weirdness?" and I was like, "I know! And I love it! Gimme some more of that!"

The best way I can describe this show, so that most of you can relate (most of this blog's Pinoy audience at least)? It's like watching Bubble Gang, but as a show where there's one storyline per episode. Yes, it's sketch comedy....sewn together to make one story. And that's hard to do, really. It takes a writer with special talent to do that!

To better illustrate what I'm trying to say, here's a sample from one review of Portlandia:
This week, singer-songwriter Aimee Mann joins the fun as Fred’s and Carrie’s cleaning lady. At first, they’re a bit confused and wonder if that’s really the pop idol sweeping the living room’s hardwood floors, so they do a little reconnaissance: They yell “Aimee!” from the hall and duck and cover. When she looks up from sweeping, Fred and Carrie have their answer. While they’re ecstatic about meeting Mann the musician, they’re also a little critical of her cleaning style. They poke fun at other female singer/songwriters in order to get in Aimee’s good graces, ragging on Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan (who does a cameo as a gardener).

This series started last night. It's a pretty good one. But I'm a little biased because anything Shawn Ryan does is gold to me. Plus, it has one of Friday Night Light's alumnus (Luke). The pilot episode was everything I expected it to be. I'll hold off talking about it because it's only the first one...I'm still waiting to see something more spectacular from it. But if you like cop shows, this is worth checking out.

In other news...
  • Secret Diary of A Call Girl's 4th Season is back on. It's going to be the last one.
  • Episodes is going to wrap up next week. I'm liking it alright, but the Beverly character is starting to annoy me with all that negativity. Please. I seem to associate her with Julie Andrews a lot and it's been difficult to reconcile that thought, when a "Julie Andrews" is all puppy-dogs and sunshine. Beverly is not. She's miserable.
  • Friday Night Lights ends this week. Five seasons of solid greatness. I am going to miss this.
  • I am enjoying Shameless' US version. So much.
  • Whatever happened to Live To Dance? Is it still on?
  • I don't know why I still keep watching Perfect Couples. It's a waste of time for me, but I can't stop. I feel the same way for Off The Map.

The rest of my usuals are making TV-watching a constant satisfaction for me. And there's a lot more to check out this week and next, as mid-season premieres are happening as I write this. (Matthew Perry's show is almost here!) 

I don't forget to regularly thank whoever invented television. =)

What are you thanking TV for these days?

06 February 2011

Social Media Whoring Time: I'm on GetGlue, Follow Me! :P

I kept seeing a friend of mine putting GetGlue updates on his Facebook status/wall and I was so envious! (Coz I am a shallow human being!)

I thought this app was only possible with an iPhone or an iPad and I since I can't work any of those gadgets, I gave up hoping to have this fancy instant update on my Facebook wall whenever I'm about to watch a TV show.

Until it finally dawned on me to google up "GetGlue. (D'oh! IKR?!)

And so I arrived at their website and immediately opened an account.

So then...yadda, yadda, yadda...talk, talk, talk... I only want to say that I'm now on GetGlue, liking every possible TV and movie program I can click "like" on. They have other categories, too. But it's all related to Entertainment. There's nothing about nail polishes (bummer!).

Anyway...you follow, I follow? Yes? Let's get glued together?

04 February 2011

Promo for "Suspect Behavior" a.k.a. the "Criminal Minds" Spinoff

Premiering in March 2011 on CBS, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior stars Forest Whitaker and Janeane Garofalo and is expected to become a massive hit just like the original Criminal Minds. I must confess, I haven't watched a lot of episodes of the original series and I know I'm missing out on something good on TV.

But I promise I won't miss out on Suspect Behavior. Especially now that I've reached some sort of closure with Forest Whitaker. For awhile, I didn't like the guy because of his character on The Shield. But that's all done, and I can move on...and I will definitely watch this.

Check out the teaser below:

03 February 2011

Harry's Law: Still Rough But I Finally Saw Something Good!

Harry's Law with Kathy Bates
Third one's the charm indeed.

I'm glad I stuck with Harry's Law after three episodes. I wasn't as satisfied as the first and second airings; I wasn't sure what this show was trying to be.  And although it felt like any typical David E. Kelley law series (therefore --- been there, done that, saw that!)... the third episode was very satisfactory in that I was able to see more from the character of Harriet (or Harry). Kathy Bates delivered once again. While I was watching her do her scenes, I was also thinking how much it's going to be crowded for the Emmy actress race this year.

Harry's Law is about a patent lawyer who switched careers and started her own law firm. Without any real experience in criminal law, the shift feels as though Harry's a newbie in the court... where she finds that not everything is black and white.

Her office is situated in a former shoe store, where (weirdly) still houses branded shoes which the former occupant left. Her secretary decides to sell these shoes on the side. Thus, the law office "Harriet's Law and Fine Shoes" is established.

Rounding up the cast is Harry's paralegal and also a former lawyer who leaves his old job to team up with Harry, who he idolizes.

Like many of David E. Kelley's show, Harry's Law is kooky and the storylines are so out there. You may end up feeling that this is yet another rehash of his old series like Ally McBeal, or Boston Legal or maybe even The Practice...and that's actually a fair assessment.

But give the show till the third episode a chance. It's a story on Harry appealing for an innocent man who has served 25 years in jail. It's actually quite unoriginal but...Kathy Bates and guest actor Steve Harris did so well together.

I am hoping that after this, the show will pick up from there and smoothen its rough edges.