31 July 2008

Because, darn it, the current TV line-up is boring me to death...

..movie biz looks to be picking up on my radar. The latest news I've been reading have peaked my interest for it again. Not since Lord of The Rings have I been like this.


Johnny Depp and Tim Burton may be reuniting for the 7th time in the live-action production of Alice in The Wonderland. And this is the actress who will play Alice. Johnny Depp might be playing the Mad Hatter. Wheee!

They're doing the movie Fashionistas which is based on a book by Lynn Messina.

Speaking of fashionistas...the Sex and City movie sequel? Samantha-centric possibly? SJP is not liking it.

The hubbs and I were watching trailers on Apple.com last night. Sex Drive looks interesting. Not to be confused with the Maui Taylor movie. Haha. James Marsden looks like a MAN and not a boy here. Finally!

Marvin the Martian The Movie. And why it could be a bad idea.

Angelina Jolie is Catwoman in the latest Batman movie? Rwwaaar.

Steve Carell remaking Ghostbusters? Nothing strange about that.

30 July 2008

Heroes Fan? Vote for your next Hero!

In November 2007, Sprint & the NBC television show Heroes partnered on the “Create Your Hero” contest, putting viewers in control of creating the next Hero from scratch. Over 4 weeks, viewers were able to choose the specific attributes that make up a “Hero” (with a unique question each week exclusive for Sprint users only).

As the third season of “Heroes” approaches, Sprint & the creators of the show compiled all the attributes based on America’s answers, creating two new potential “Heroes.” Now it is time to vote! Will it be Audrey, or will it be Santiago? The winning character will appear as the subject of a brand new Live Action web series written by the creators of Heroes, debuting around the November sweeps week.

To vote online, click here.
  • To vote for Santiago: Text A to 6789 (exclusively for Sprint users)
  • To vote for Audrey: Text B to 6789 (exclusively for Sprint users)
Who will be the next great hero?

*Press Release courtesy of NBC's Heroes and Sprint via M80.

Extremely Unlucky

You know what, something is bound to go wrong with those homemake over shows on television. I mean, it's nice to see the transformation. It's nice to see that kind of "happy ending", usually with everyone crying because of happiness and pride, you know?

The lucky homeowners cry because they now have this lovely brand new house most people only dream about.

The hosts and crew all cry because they feel that they've done something good, made a family very happy. That's always a nice feeling.

And I have to say --- I cry when I watch those scenes, too.

But after the cameras and crew have all gone and the reality sets in... I do wonder if the lucky family has had the chance to sit down and assess how much the brand new house will cost 'em. Because it really is a complete change in lifestyle. Some of these families never had pool and jacuzzi in their house before. And now it's all there.

A few months back, I read an article about a family who's had to give it all up. Extreme Home Makeover came to their house and left with a really snazzy place they thought they can live with. But as it turns out? They had to sell the house after a few months. It was just too expensive.

Apparently, that case isn't isolated since it isn't the first time it happened. A few other families had to give their beautiful house up because upkeep is hard.

And it is still happening: 'Extreme Makeover' house faces foreclosure

With the cost of living these days I do think it's practical to just let dream houses remain a DREAM for now; to be content with living in small spaces that's right within your means.

29 July 2008

Emmy's 2008 will have 5 hosts!

This is probably a first for the Emmy Awards and I'm not sure why hosting this awards show is such a big deal... but this year, they've gotten not only one high profile comedian to host the awards night, they're taking in five hosts.

For a moment there, I was thinking the Fab Five from Queer Eye are reuniting for this gig.

But the hosts are actually the five people nominated for Best Reality TV Host --- Tom Bergeron (Dancing With the Stars), Ryan Seacrest (American Idol), Howie Mandel (Deal or No Deal), Heidi Klum (Project Runway), and Jeff Probst (Survivor).

Ryan Seacrest is no stranger to this hosting duty, he did the whole show last year.

''It just seemed like a perfect way to stay current with the state of television today,'' said Ken Ehrlich, executive producer of the Sept. 21 Emmy broadcast on ABC.

The reality hosts also have the advantage of being ''extremely engaging personalities'' who are comfortable on stage, Ehrlich said. ''At the end of the day, this is what they do for a living.''

That could bring increased spontaneity to a ceremony that, by definition, has a certain amount of predictability, he said. | NYTimes

While the idea is fresh and maybe fun in a way, you know what really sucks? That Phil Koeghan isn't nominated and that he isn't hosting the Emmy's with them!

28 July 2008

Comic Con Crazy

Over the weekend, a major event took place at San Diego --- the annual Comic-Con where fans had the chance to join panel discussions with several TV and movie people. And this is why over the weekend, TV news was kinda slow because most TV press people were covering that event.

If Comic-Con is your thing, you can read all about it here or watch videos here.
Comic-Con: commonly known as Comic-Con or the San Diego Comic-Con, is an annual multigenre fan convention founded as the Golden State Comic Book Convention and later the San Diego Comic Book Convention in 1970 by Shel Dorf and a group of San Diegans. It is traditionally a four-day event (Thursday through Sunday—though a four hour preview night on Wednesday is open to guests pre-registered for all four days) held during the summer in San Diego, California, at the San Diego Convention Center. Comic-Con is both the name of the annual event and the common name of the organization.

Originally showcasing comic books, science fiction/fantasy and film/television (as was evident by the three circled figures appearing in Comic-Con's original logo), and related popular arts, the convention has expanded over the years to include a larger range of pop culture elements, such as horror, anime, manga, animation, toys, collectible card games, video games and webcomics.
Or you can check...

25 July 2008

TV Round-Up: Fringe, Big Brother Sex, NPH, Castings,

What's up with TV? Why is news so slow? I'd usually have an eyestrain by the third day of the week as I try to catch up on my reading (of TV updates, not novels or actual books, hah). But it seems this week, we're experiencing a lull, people. News wires aren't that busy.

There are no big scoops! These are the only ones that I found interesting about TV this week:
  • They totally did it! Watch this video of two Big Brother (USA) house guests having sex. The cameras caught everything. The bunnies did it under a blanket, so only their feet were in view. But they did it with the lights and their mics on. This isn't a first in BB USA's history, a pair did the same in the HOH room in Season 4 and 8 if I remember. But I think this is the first one the cameras showed to the public via live feeds with little interruption. Also equally amusing? The reactions (read the comments).
  • Fringe's pilot episode was shown at the Comic-Con. And the crowd's reaction was lukewarm and polite. I'm surprised.
  • Love this Neil Patrick Harris interview. I feel crazy grateful right now, career-wise. I feel like I'm getting to act in roles because I WANT to do them, rather than because it was the right move. So getting to play Dr. Horrible, be on "Sesame Street," fill in for Regis, play in game shows, Barney friggin' Stinson - I'm just very, very grateful.
  • Speaking of Sesame Street, watch Neil Patrick as the Shoe Fairy. Watch it with your kids.
  • Speaking of Dr. Horrible, 2.25 Million viewers saw it. It's a big internet hit!
  • OMG, I love him. James Purefoy is The Philantropist.
  • Life on Mars' cast list is beefing up. Aside from Michael Imperioli, Harvey Keitell is in. They're really serious about making this show better, which is good because the screener was bad.

Don't mess with this girl

Her name is Heather and she was quite a popular cheerleader in high school. Not the Claire-Bear-saves-the-world type of cheerleader. More like the "bitchy mean girl" type.

This is from Chuck's fourth episode for the second season (Chuck vs The Cougars), which will be set at a high school reunion (Sarah's if I'm not mistaken).

And she is actually Nichole Richie, who auditioned for the character that would be Sarah's (Yvonne Strahovski) nemesis.

Word is, she did quite alright with her scenes.

24 July 2008

Who are TV's biggest earners today?

80th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
There used to be six people on television who earn about a $1M per episode. But since Friends cancellation, that spot for TV's highest paid actor(s) is left wide open.

In 2007 Zach Braff's (Scrubs) name popped up. But compared to the big six (Aniston, Cox-Arquette, Kudrow, Le Blanc, Perry and Schwimmer), Braff was only earning something like $350,000 per episode.

No other official list has come out since Friends, as far as I can remember. Until this report...
A new survey by Forbes Magazine names Charlie Sheen and Katherine Heigl as TV's best-paid actors. The Two and a Half Men cut-up earned $20 million in 2007, while Heigl pulled in $13 mil for her rotation on Grey's Anatomy. (It would seem the quality of her boss' paychecks was up to snuff, yes.) | TV Guide
The full story is here, though it had nothing about TV stars the TV Guide was talking about. So I'm curious to see who else made it to the list.

Katherine Heigl and Charlie Sheen...hmm, they're both laughing their way to the bank inspite of rumors about them behind the scenes; her and her Emmy withdrawal drama and him with his nasty divorce.

23 July 2008

Video Teasers: My Own Worst Enemy

Who's missing Christian Slater out there? Well, you will love this --- a preview of his upcoming TV series, My Own Worst Enemy, where he plays dual characters. One good and one bad.

Watch the vids...

The first video basically sums up what the show is about.

I think I'll love the Edward personality better. Classic coolness.

This second video though sorely reminds me of the British series Jekyll because the character there also talks to his alter-ego via a gadget (hand-held recorder) so that he doesn't forget. But I don't think My Own Worst Enemy is an adaptation of it.

Are you impressed by what you see?

Gossip Girl is not for me.

Well, I've known it for quite sometime. Gossip Girl is not for me.

Despite the fact that I sometimes sound like someone with a mindset of a 12 year old on this blog, I am actually a grown up...who can't get into the show's appeal and who really, really hates these posters from Gossip Girl.

Last year, the Parents Television Council (PTC) gave this series a big thumbs down after the show ran their "scandalous" OMFG ad campaign. But the ad did manage to get a lot of press. So, something about its marketing strategy was working.

For its second season, these new posters take another jab at the PTC. Just look at who's endorsing the show:

From an advertiser's stand point, this new campaign is actually brilliant. Gossip Girl is a show aiming for the younger set. It's supposed to be hip and cool, a show kids' parents wouldn't watch or will most likely not approve of.

And well, it's working.

As a thirty something parent, I hate this poster. And I hate this show. I hate the message it sends to kids. I've seen the show a couple of times, so I do know what I'm talking about. Never mind if NYMag says it's a show that is changing television and is probably the most important series airing today, since The Sopranos. (I don't really agree with that...)

I'm no way near my golden age, but you do get to a certain point when you're older where you realize how many things in this world do not make a lot of sense.

This is one of 'em.

22 July 2008

Missed it.

My fever is gone, wheee! Which means I can sit longer in front of the computer tomorrow. And I can finally go back to working and doing what I'm supposed to do. Although, my body is flushing out something else. I think it has reached it's saturation point with the medicines I was taking. I'm riddled with allergies; red maps are forming on my arms and legs. It's gross. :P

I wasn't able to watch Dr. Horrible's third act. It had a deadline and I thought I could still catch it but it's all gone now. I have to get it on iTunes, which is not available here. :P How did it end, anybody?

With me sick in bed since Friday eve, I actually had plenty of time to catch up on my viewing
  • Movies - Penelope, Persepolis, Saw 1 & 2, Frequency, Made of Honor, Jarhead;
  • TV - Will and Grace Season 5, the rest of Reaper Season 1, new episodes of Burn Notice, Flashpoint, Big Brother 10, My Boys
Only, I didn't quite enjoy most of it because I was dozing off in the middle of watching! On the upside, since I was weak and tired, I did manage to sleep earlier than 10 PM. And it was the best feeling evah! I love sleep! Now, I do feel recharged and well-rested.

Early tomorrow, I'd be off to start a busy Wednesday. What timing, though. Wednesday is always my busiest. I'd be up/down, in/out of the house most of the time, my just-recovered body might give up on the first day back from sick bay.

Work sucks. :P

TV in Development: Current Affairs, Operating Instructions, Stiffs

I am still feeling a bit under the weather but I couldn't help get excited over these shows and post a blog about it even if these are still under development. These projects may be possibly stalled or be abandoned mid-way (hope not!) but the prospect of new programs to look forward to? It makes me giddy. New shows to watch are always a welcome thought!

These are all shows planned for next year, for USA Network:
Covert Affairs (working title): For Annie, love seems to be have been lost in translation. A well-traveled linguist training at the CIA, Annie gets called up to Langley headquarters when her unique specialties are required in solving a critical case. Upon arrival, she's shocked to meet her new partner, Ben, the man who broke her heart when he unceremoniously dumped her many years ago -- when he couldn't disclose his joining the CIA. Being forced to work together reveals that there's clearly still strong chemistry, but for now, Ben's engagement to another woman dampens any smoldering possibility of a rekindled relationship. From Universal Cable Studios, written and co-executive produced by Matt Corman (Deck the Halls) and Chris Ord (Deck the Halls). Dave Bartis (Knight Rider) and Doug Liman (Knight Rider, the Bourne trilogy) are Executive Producers through their company, Dutch Oven.

Operating Instructions (working title): A top female trauma surgeon returns home from the horrors of Iraq to take a job at an inner-city hospital. As she immediately sets about saving lives, she quickly realizes that her battlefield exercises hardly prepared her for the ludicrous bureaucratic minefields of today's public health system and the romantic war games she's about to engage. From Conaco and Universal Cable Studios, written and executive produced by Judd Pillot and John Peaslee (According To Jim, 8 Simple Rules, Just Shoot Me). Executive produced by Conan O'Brien (Andy Barker, P.I.). and David Kissinger (Andy Barker, P.I.).

Stiffs (working title): Jack is a charming, fast-talking salesman whose life is turned upside down when he suddenly becomes a single father. Making mature, responsible choices doesn't come easy for Jack, but he decides to work nights so he can spend quality time with daughter Chloe during the day. The term nightshift takes on new meaning when Jack finds himself at the morgue transporting bodies, a job arranged by his brother Charlie -- a shy but brilliant medical examiner who continually buries his instinct that some "accidents" are in fact, murders. Soon, Jack's impetuousness forces Charlie to pursue those instincts, leading them to investigate these homicides and ensure that their victims find justice. Written and co-executive produced by Craig O'Neill (Burn Notice) and Jason Tracey (Burn Notice). Executive produced by Peter Guber (Into the Blue, Batman) and Elizabeth Stephen (Brotherhood). | IGN

20 July 2008

This blogger's kinda sick...

...with fever and a nasty headache.

The world of television goes on though. TCA just awarded Mad Men and 30 Rock the best shows of last season. And Dr. Horrible's three acts have aired.

So, go watch, watch, watch!

I, on the other hand, will sleep, sleep, sleep!

18 July 2008

24: Exile Season 7 Teaser

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... eeeeeeeeeeeeeee... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

The following video was leaked on the internet. There are six versions to this teaser... If you can't view this video anymore, chances are, it has been ordered taken down. And you can read the account here.

But I don't really see the point of why it should be taken down, it's only a teaser. And fans of 24 have been waiting for this for a very long time. They've got to throw us a little something, don't they?

I not only had goosebumps watching this, my eyes welled up.

24 Season 7 returns January 2009, with a two hour preview this coming November.

Denny Duquette back on Grey's Anatomy

Shark jump! The dead rises on television once again! THR is reporting that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is reprising his role as Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy. Everyone watching knows his character has died, so his return might have something to do with yet another dream sequence or a flashback, perhaps? Or he is probably there to fetch Izzie, if you know what I mean. Haha.

Good news for "Grey's Anatomy" viewers: Fan favorite Denny Duquette, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is returning to ABC's medical drama.

A rep for the show confirmed Morgan's guest appearance but declined to divulge further details.

Denny first appeared in the show's second season as Izzie's (Katherine Heigl) patient, who was in the hospital because of a heart condition. The pair became engaged, but Denny died at the end of the season. His character did return in the third season in a vision seen by a near-death Meredith (Ellen Pompeo).

"Grey's" has its fifth-season premiere Sept. 25. | THR

17 July 2008

The Emmy 2008 Nominees Are...

What show and who are this year's nominees for the 60th Emmy Awards? Neil Patrick Harris and Kristin Chenoweth made the announcements only minutes ago...

The nominees are:

Best Drama:
Boston Legal
Mad Men

Best Actress, Drama:
Glenn Close (Damages)
Sally Field (Brothers and Sisters)
Marishka Hargitay (Law and Order SVU)
Holly Hunter (Saving Grace)
Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer)

Best Actor, Drama:
Gabriel Byrne (In Treatment)
Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)
Jon Hamm (Mad Men)
Michael C. Hall (Dexter)
James Spader (Boston Legal)
Hugh Laurie (House, MD)

Best Supporting Actor, Drama:
William Shatner (Boston Legal)
Ted Danson (Damages)
John Slattery (Mad Men)
Zeljko Ivanek (Damages)
Michael Emerson (Lost)

Best Supporting Actress, Drama:
Candace Bergen (Boston Legal)
Rachel Griffiths (Brothers and Sisters)
Chandra Wilson (Grey's Anatomy)
Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy)
Dianne Wiest (In Treatment)

Best Reality Competition:
Amazing Race
American Idol
Dancing with the Stars
Top Chef
Project Runway

Best Reality Program Host:

Ryan Seacrest (American Idol)
Tom Bergeron (Dancing With The Stars)
Howie Mandel (Deal or No Deal)
Heidi Klum (Project Runway)
Jeff Probst (Survivor)

Best Comedy:
30 Rock
The Office
Two and a Half Men
Curb Your Enthusiasm

Best Actress, Comedy:
Christina Applegate (Samantha Who?)
Tina Fey (30 Rock)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (The New Adventures of Old Christine)
America Ferrera (Ugly Betty)
Mary Louise-Parker (Weeds)

Best Actor, Comedy:
Steve Carell (The Office)
Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)
Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies)
Tony Shalhoub (Monk)
Charlie Sheen (Two and A Half Men)

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy:
Jeremy Piven (Entourage)
Kevin Dillon (Entourage)
Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)
Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men)
Rainn Wilson (The Office)

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy:
Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies)
Jean Smart (Samantha Who?)
Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live)
Holland Taylor (Two and A Half Men)
Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty)

The complete list of nominees.

Katie Holmes back on TV in Eli Stone

The biggest news from TV land when I woke up this morning is Katie Holmes' return to television. She has been asked to guest star on Eli Stone and, in keeping with how the show is, she will apparently be singing and dancing, too . Her TV appearance coincides with her Broadway debut.

Katie Holmes will be on Eli Stone's second episode, which will air October 21, where she will play a lawyer.

Eli Stone stars Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie's ex-husband. And if ABC, the network carrying the show is saying this...
From ABC's standpoint, the value of going Holmes is fairly obvious. "For a show we believe had a tough loss from the strike," says ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson, "it helps with promotion."
...I can just imagine how much $$$ an Angelina Jolie guest appearance would mete.

Other stuff to look forward to on Eli Stone:
  • George Michael could return and sing again in December
  • Eli Stone has no more aneurysm, which means he's not supposed to have visions anymore. But he is going to embrace his prophet...hood (?) and still have "powers"
  • There's a possibility for a third woman in Eli Stone's lovelife

16 July 2008

The Shield: What does Vic Mackey deserve?

Uttered at the press tour by CCH Pounder, co-star on The Shield which is premiering its final season on September 2:
"I think it's the greatest finale, ever, that you'll ever see anywhere.It blew my socks off. This finale is what Vic Mackey deserves!"
Oooh. So, how is it going to end? Death for Vic Mackey? Jail time?

Michael Chiklis, who plays Vic Mackey, says:
"The writers came up with twists and turns and when you watch them, they are so stunning, but when you look back on them they make perfect sense....with the finale, you won't see this coming but you'll also look and say, 'yeah that makes perfect sense."
Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Prison Break SpinOff Update

Changes to the Prison Break spinoff has been revealed at the TCA conference (Television Critiques) when Fox announced what viewers should expect from their upcoming program line-up.

Initially, producers of the series had planned on introducing a female character Michael Scolfield will meet in Prison Break. This female character would eventually set the framework for the spin-off series. But as a result of the strike last season, that idea is now scratched. And the producers have decided to do things differently, saying the spin-off, tentatively entitled Cherry Hill --- "is more like a "CSI: NY"; more of a brand spinoff than a character spinoff."

Cherry Hill is set at a women's correctional facility. There are no cast announcements as of this time.

What's your take on the Prison Break spinoff?

Dr. Horrible Act 1 is up!

Have you watched Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog's ACT 1 yet? Dr. Horrible is Joss Whedon's idea hatched during the writers' strike:
The idea was to make it on the fly, on the cheap – but to make it. To turn out a really thrilling, professionalish piece of entertainment specifically for the internet. To show how much could be done with very little. To show the world there is another way. To give the public (and in particular you guys) something for all your support and patience. And to make a lot of silly jokes. Actually, that sentence probably should have come first.

Now go watch Act 1's first 13 minutes!

Missing House

Just had to throw this out there...

I am missing House.

And Hugh Laurie.

So thanks for this one.

15 July 2008

Generation Kill

Adapted from a book written by Rolling Stone correspondent Evan Wright (who is also a character in this mini-series), Generation Kill is about the invasion of Iraq by the US Marines, and the camaraderie these soldiers forged among the ranks and amidst the threats of war in 2003.

Produced by HBO, it feels as if this is an attempt to reproduce the success that Spielberg and Hanks did for Band of Brothers.

And in many ways it is, that's why I'm lovin' it.

Watchin' it or ditchin' it? A solid script, an absorbing story, a host of really good but unfamiliar actors (save for one or two), first-rate cinematography --- and HBO has another winner. I am watching it all the way.

Generation Kill premiered on HBO (US) July 13th and will run for seven episodes. It will be a couple of months before it airs on HBO Asia.

Three things about TV today...

Big Brother's Boob Grabbing Grandpa

I think Grandpa Jerry is the oldest person to ever enter the Big Brother house (US) at 75.

This game is so cutthroat and unforgiving, will he even last three weeks? Grandpa, who claims to be a big fan of the show, is a US Marine. He's experienced far worse, compared to the battle that is about to happen inside. But that house does all kinds of things to the human psyche. It's stressful, it's too much emotional torture...is he even going to enjoy it there?

Talk about enjoyment, on his first few hours, grandpa got to feel someone's boobies. LOL.

It's not an "Ewww!" moment, I thought it was pretty silly but cute (just look at his face --- it was like a kid getting candy!).

Well, the girl kinda asked for it. C'mon she had everyone touching her, telling them all it's real!

And Grandpa just had to see for himself:

They also nominated him as Head of Household even before they were all introduced to each other.

And I think Grandpa will do alright for weeks. His nomination speech showed wisdom and, surprisingly, someone who is in the house to really play. Uh-oh.

14 July 2008

Chuck's Ex-Girlfriend

Jordana Brewster (The Fast and The Furious) has been picked to play Chuck's ex-girlfriend.

You remember her, Chuck mentioned her in the very first episode...the girl who broke his heart when she was also seeing his best friend, Bryce.

Yep. Her.

She's gonna have a face on the series now.

A beautiful face.
"He always has imagined seeing her again, and being able to impress her with all he's accomplished. Unfortunately, when he does meet her, he's doing a computer install and she's a brilliant, successful, beautiful doctor working to create antibodies to horrible diseases." | Ausiello
Are we liking this new girl or not? She's real cute though.

NGC's DogTown

On two separate occasions over the weekend, my boys related to me a show they've seen (separately) on National Geographic called DogTown.

My son saw it early Saturday and was telling me about it the whole day, while my husband saw it at night and was telling me about it Sunday.

It amuses me that they've been watching it at separate times but both had the same intensity and degree of excitement about it --- they were eager to tell Mommy, because Mommy will surely find this interesting. :)

I'm the dog lover in the house but I never got to see the special. So, I just turned to clips from YouTube.

Anybody knows when NGC Asia is airing the complete show again? :(

Flashpoint S1 E1 Scorpio

Flashpoint is a TV production imported from Canada and brought to American television as a result of the Writers' Strike, when CBS, the network that's carrying the series (which premiered last Friday), thought it would be running out of programs to air.

The series stars Enrico Colantoni and Canadian actor, Hugh Dillon. It's set in a unnamed fictional town, which was shot in Toronto, and is written and co-produced by Canadians.

Flashpoint is meant to describe a situation in which tension is at its utmost pressure...when everyone has to be on their toes to act on the situation. This is a story about a group of quasi-SWAT team/hostage negotiators, meaning --- they know how to use arms and are straight arrow shooters; but they also know how to read, profile and bargain with marked suspects.

Based on this, it sounds like Flashpoint is one great series. I can't tell that right now but I do know that it isn't superior.

Although, the first episode is encouraging, I'm not to eager to tune to the next one right away. The plot and story development is nothing extra-ordinary. The style and feel of the series isn't any different from any other cop show airing on TV now except that some camera shots are done differently. There are a lot of lingering head shots cued to a music soundtrack so stimulating, it's like watching a visually stylish film.

Watchin' it or ditchin' it? Because it's the summer season, my TV diet is expectedly light. This is one of those heavy meals I can pig on but I don't think I'd be full and satisfied everytime I take a bite out of it.

Sorry for the food analogy, I've yet to have breakfast. LOL.

12 July 2008

Sex and the City Sequel talks and SJP's new TV show

Hey guess what? The second Sex and the City movie looks to be moving along. That's the buzz this week at the annual TCA conference (Television Critics).
According to HBO’s top execs, there’s “enormous interest” by Warner Bros and New Line studios to do another Sex and the City movie, says Michael Lombardo, HBO’s programming group and West Coast operations president. “They’re trying with our help to put that together now. When that happens, how long between, can’t say. But there’s absolutely interest. I think everybody associated with that project was really heartened by the enthusiasm from the fans, and by the new fans to the show.” Not to mention the blockbuster box office. |TV Guide

Now what, I wonder, will this movie be all about when they've covered every kind of relationship problems the last gazillion years? Little voice in my head is screaming --- "It's gonna be about merchandising, woman!" I think that little voice is right.

Would you want another SATC movie? Or would you rather see Sarah Jessica in this new project? SJP is producing a new TV show for HBO based on the book, The Washingtonienne.

The story in a nutshell (from Amazon):
Cutler, the lowly Senate staffer who rocked the Capital last year with her salacious online diary, rehashes her ride into infamy in a tart, shallow tell-all that begs off as fiction. Smart but spoiled Jacqueline heads for the Hill after a broken engagement in New York. Soon this party girl is cavorting through the Capitol, where shameless flirting and sex appeal take her a long way. In Jacqueline's opinion, government is "Hollywood for the Ugly," and she coasts on her looks to score a fluffy job in a senator's office and effortlessly entice politicos on the prowl. She mines her dizzying array of casual sexploits, dished in callous, raunchy detail, for a blog to keep her friends in the loop ("I was a bitchy slut and so were all of my friends. Why not put it out there?"). Jacqueline winds up on D.C. gossip site Blogette—prompting her abrupt dismissal, an underdeveloped bit of soul-searching and lots of media attention. The flimsy garb of fiction makes for one coy striptease: just how much of Jessica emerges in Jacqueline? Who are the real-life counterparts to her paramours?
But the report doesn't say if SJP is going to star in it, though she has signed on as the show's producer.

Ugly Betty's Many Men

One person who is definitely not coming back to another ABC show (Ugly Betty) is Christopher Gorham. He has just signed on to star in CBS' Harper's Island, a midseason offering.

So, Henry's not coming back for Betty, but Gio is still on the show. Does that mean they will end up together?

According to this news, it won't be that easy. There's a new guy for Betty named Jesse (Val Emmich).

This woman never runs out of boys, lucky ugly lady.

Grey's Anatomy: Dr. Stevens out?

Are they killing off Dr. Stevens on Grey's Anatomy? This is the news I was greeted to this morning.

It all boils down to that Emmy Nomination fiasco last month. And while I thought that things have simmered down, according to this, the writers are really pissed at her.
"It's not good there," a source tells me of the Grey's Anatomy set. "Shonda is pissed. They're thinking of killing her off. They want Izzie dead."
ABC network has declined to comment.
"The show bent over backwards to accommodate her film schedule, and then she criticizes the show for lack of material? It's an ungrateful slap in the face to the very writers responsible for her Emmy win in the first place." | Gold Derby

Heigl pulling out of the race to me isn't a big deal. Many actors do that all the time. But why is this so much an issue for Grey's Anatomy?

Viewers are mighty disappointed about the quality of the show lately, are they just drumming up this one for viewership?

Do you even care if Izzie stays or not?

11 July 2008

Burn Notice S2 E1 Breaking and Entering

In last season's finale, Michael's friends and family presumed him dead after attempting to track down the people who've issued him the burn notice (which is when an intelligence agency denounces one as a spy). We saw Michael driving his car onto a ramp of an 18-wheeler, presumably to meet the people who burned him (Carla), not knowing if he's going to come out of that truck alive.

In tonight's season opener, Michael is still inside the truck some 40 gun cleanings later when his phone rings. Carla orders him to step outside to meet someone he needs to help. She also relays to him the terms of his "new employment" --- Michael is supposed to work for Carla's group now and she doesn't leave him any choice because they will kill him if he refuses.

The job tonight is simple enough: Michael has to steal some computer data Carla needs.

Of course, going back to work meant going back to his family and his associates. Somewhere in this episode, some issues are wrapped up between Michael and the people close to him.

His mother, now back at her own house after hiding off to safety last season, is still worried about what may still happen to her son (or the fact that in her absence, the food on the fridge had spoiled). He explains that this is the reason why he hasn't been calling and visiting her several years before --- his job endangers not only him but those he loves. This also was the realization Fiona (Michael's associate and a girlfriend of sorts) had to accept.

Michael and his team pulls off tonight's heist in vintage Burn Notice style. He even got to talk with an Aussie accent, which was amusing and cute. But let's not do that again, huh? I saw Jeffrey Donovan (Michael) gritting through his jaw just to break a clean accent.

And finally, I think Michael actually meeting Carla or knowing more about who she really is working for, I suspect, will be dragged on for a few more episodes. I don't mind having Tricia Helfer around for more, though. I love that she's going to make it harder for Michael. The guy's getting so good at what he does, he needs more tension. Hah.

Oh, and someone from NBC is pissed off at these promos all over the NBC elevators, he vandalized it. Haha. Michael Westen wil git ya!

Look who's getting his talk show!

Ellen and Tyra would have to scoot over and make room for Carson Kressley. He's been offered to host a noontime talk show on the Lifetime channel(a cable network in the US).

Based on this report:
Kressley is expected to mention the new talk show project at the TV Critics Assn.'s press tour Friday, when he promotes the second season of the Lifetime reality series "How to Look Good Naked," which he hosts.

The untitled talker, intended to air Monday-Friday, will feature the "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" alum in both a studio and the field interviewing real people and offering viewers insight into fashion and other topics.

Daytime talk shows in cable are very rare, with Oxygen's two-hour "Pure Oxygen" as a notable example. Samet admitted that Lifetime likely would not be looking to a talk show were it not for Kressley.

"We don't know that we would do it without him," she said. "He is so articulate and funny, and he is totally accessible. To dive into the talk show world, which is a difficult thing to launch in cable, you need a personality attached that is known. He is perfect for our demo."

Samet said the format of the show still is being worked out but that it's not intended to be a celebrity-driven show, instead focusing on real people. For example, instead of Kressley interviewing Tom Cruise, he might interview the actor's "fifth grade math teacher."

Fashion also will be a big component, given Kressley's knowledge in that arena. But instead of traveling to Paris for fashion week, he might travel to Paris, Ky., and help the women put together a couture look by shopping at Target.

The pilot is scheduled to shoot in September.

Snaps for Carson!

10 July 2008

Pilot Watch: The Mentalist

In CBS' The Mentalist, Simon Baker is Patrick Jane, a detective who is known for his “razor sharp skills of observation” while Robin Tunney is Teresa Lisbon, the agent who doesn't exactly appreciate his skills, especially when he sometimes go beyond the boundaries.

Watchin' it or ditchin' it?

I've got to get this out of the way before anything --- I'm not a big fan of crime procedurals anymore because it has this tendency to be very formulaic and predictable....two, ten, thirty episodes down the line, you know what's going to happen. It takes a lot to keep me excited and curious about any new crime series these days.

When I read about The Mentalist, I thought is seemed an awful lot like Criminal Minds. I am slightly off there. It's a little like Criminal Minds and a LOT like Psych, only more somber.

Five years ago, Patrick Jane was working as a talk show psychic when the police hired him as consultant, to help police solve crime cases. Only, he later admits while already a full-fledged detective, that he never has any real powers. He only has sharp observation skills. In the pilot episode, Jane and Lisbon's team of agents try to solve a murder case that may be related to "Red John", a serial killer Jane was hired to track five years ago.

But unlike other crime series, where viewers are fed with explanations as to the how's and why's of the crime, in The Mentalist, viewers, for the most part, will be seeing everything from Jane's point of view...which isn't really going to explain much about the crime right away. But I like that it is this way. We've got to draw our own conclusions first before we see who actually did the crime in the end. When Jane sees a clue, viewers will be left to think about what it means and how it is connected to the case.

In some ways, Patrick Jane is a shade comparable to another police TV character --- Life's Charlie Crews. There are elements in this pilot episode that explains Jane's past. And it appears to be traumatic, something Charlie Crews has also gone through.

While it is a serious drama series, there is also a certain amount of humor in it.

Watchin' it or ditchin' it? I'm still on the fence. I think I'll put this under my "shows to consider" list.

Pinoys though would be happy to see a slightly familiar face in this episode in former noontime TV star, Lana Asanin. She played a small part here, as the TV host interviewing Patrick Jane.

The Mentalist will premiere on CBS in September 2008.

Poll: Fall Shows 2008

Poll time!

Fall 2008 is history in the making. There are only about 14-16 new TV series premiering in September-October (excluding cable); the first time it's going to happen in USA TV history. And worse, a number of it don't even look like quality programming. The strike last season has really affected this new season's line-up.

Horizon Media, an independent PR company, has an early analysis on what new show will be a success or not. But I wanna ask people who swing along this blog --- What new show will you be checking out come fall?

I've got a poll set up on the right. --->

And I've got a few reviews and sneak peeks of some of the shows below the poll, which will be updated over the course of the summer (US).

Thanks for participating!

* The poll only includes new shows from the five broadcast networks --- FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and CW.

Courtney Cox on Scrubs! Whoohoo!


Courtney Cox, a favorite FRIEND (heck, they're all my favorites!) is going to be on Scrubs, one of my favorite comedies! Ausiello reports Courtney will be on for three episodes, as the show's new Chief of Medicine since Dr. Kelso retired last season. (But, I did read that we will still be seeing Kelso in the show, though. He hasn't left.)

Great news, huh? She's back where she's most comfortable at --- comedy! I never really liked her other show, Dirt, and wasn't impressed by her acting skills there.

The full story on Courtney's Scrubs stint is here.

09 July 2008

Enjoy TV Downloads?

Here's a list of 50 Places to Find Your Favorite Downloadable TV Shows.

I've tried (and have enjoyed) using and availing of the services from a few of them.

Thanks to Kelly for the tip.

Image details: served by picapp.com

Big Brother Season 10's diverse cast

Surveillance camera
Image details: Surveillance camera served by picapp.com
In the middle of (USA) Big Brother's first ever Winter Edition last January, I did say I wasn't gonna watch the show anymore and I'm done with it.

Can I take back what I said?

Because the newest cast for Season 10, premiering on Sunday, seems so diverse and interesting, I may actually stay glued to the whole thing until September.

What do you think of this group? TV Guide sums them all up:
They range in age from a 22-year-old pro bodybuilder to a 75-year-old great-grandfather who has not missed a single episode of Big Brother, ever, and even checks out the After Dark feed on Showtime. (Gramps!!!)

Three of the 13 are married, and there's one divorcée. Among their names are a Libra (girl) and a Memphis (guy). The traditionally monochrome house this time will include two African-Americans and one Korean-American.

Occupations include a champion bull rider from the gay rodeo circuit, a mixologist-do-not-call-me-a-bartender, a Hooters waitress/PETA member (how does that work?), and a Catholic school teacher who says that had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, he would have moved out of the country.

There's also a "proud New Orleans socialite," a preacher's son who doesn't drink, smoke or cuss, a self-described "East Coast firecracker," someone who suffers from OCD, and one "staunch Barack Obama supporter."

I see one crazy summer in this house. And already? I'm lovin' the 75 year old Grandpa.

Friday Night Lights is Downsizing

Friday Night Lights is apparently cutting appearances by Smash Williams (played by Gaius Charles) and Jason Street (played by Scott Porter). These actors' contracts have been reduced to recurring roles for the third season. The decision was both creative and budgetary. And I know not many people will be too happy about seeing Smash's storylines less and less.
2007 Summer TCA Tour - Day 8
Image details: 2007 Summer TCA Tour - Day 8 served by picapp.com

In the case of Smash, executive producer Jason Katims conceded that finding a way to justify hanging onto his college-bound running back would be difficult. “The Smash story definitely creates a challenge for us,” he told me back in May. “He will presumably have graduated [when we return in the fall]. It's definitely going to require some finessing and the right balance between taking the right amount of poetic license, but not doing anything that would question the authenticity and believability that is so important to our show.”

Similarly, maintaining the viability of Jason – the Panthers' ex-starting quarterback who was left paralyzed by a Season 1 injury – has also presented challenges. One possible exit strategy has Jason leaving Dillon to start a new life with his pregnant girlfriend.

One thing you can be sure of: Katims remains committed to bringing both characters' storylines to a satisfying conclusion.

As long as their stories are wrapped up well, I suppose it's all good?

Ugly Betty Season 3 Set Photos

I was watching a rerun of the show on Studio23 last night and it dawned on me --- Becki Newton and Ana Ortiz got snubbed at the Emmy's! Why?!

Anyway, here are photos from the set. Ugly Betty began filming for their third season the other day, somewhere in New York City.
1) Betty - trap in the 80's with those leggings.
2) Becki Newton in curlers

08 July 2008

Grey's Anatomy's Rose staying?

Grey's Anatomy fans you wouldn't like this. TV Guide says Rose is going to be the thorn in the MerDer love story/saga, Season 5 edition.

Ahh, batshit. I need to quit this show. It's not even worth sticking around anymore.

Rewatch your Heroes episodes now...

When Heroes returns in September, I doubt we'll be able to follow the story so quickly.

Some spoilers from E!, which I stopped reading after the first two sentences, couldn't digest the info properly. My brain went, "Say, what now?!" and blacked out.
I thought Linderman was dead on Heroes, but then I heard Malcolm McDowell say he's returning. WTF?

Let's just say our beloved Nathan Petrelli has a brush with death (you saw that last season) and when he comes back...Wait, what was I saying again? For some reason I just started thinking about that movie with Bruce Willis where the kid sees dead people. What was that called again? That was an awesome movie. Hmmm, I wonder why my mind just went there. Old age is a bitch.

Anyway, in other news, Ali Larter is coming back as a totally different person (i.e. doppelgänger), meaning someone who is not Niki or Jessica or Gina (my head is hurting), and with a whole new power.

And Claire's bio-madre Jessalyn Gilsig is also returning.

Here's a collection of trailers for Heroes: Chapter 3 Villains ---
In this trailer we see- * HRG explains to Claire about him capturing Villains before she was born and that a "Dozen" have escaped. That they will hunt, terrorize and kill, that they will cause unimaginable destruction to the world. As he explains this to Claire you see quick flashes of the following:
* Cell Block 5 (Most likely under Primatech)
* See new villain Knox in restraints in cell
* Peter holding Nathan shortly after he was shot
* Mohinder washing his face and confused * Claire gets spooked by a rumble
* Quick flash of a woman's eye opening
* Matt looks lost in the middle of the desert

In this trailer we will see -

* Level 5 painted on a wall.
* Sylar is strapped on something with a tube up his nose.
* Someone pounding on the glass window of a Primatech holding cell.
* Knox is seen in a strait jacket.
* A new villain shooting blue flames.
* Peter asks,"Where did they go?"
# Sylar saying hello to Claire
* Angela says, "Escaped!"

And the 2 and a half minute teaser:

Imports doing well in Hollywood

What's next for stars like Alex O'Laughlin and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau?

I ask because these two would have potentially been big TV stars in America, had their series not been canceled -Moonlight for Alex (Australian) and New Amsterdam for Nikolaj (Danish). And had that been the case, uprooting to Hollywood wouldn't seem like a bad decision.

Of course, Alex has had better luck trying out Hollywood even with Moonlight's cancellation. He was previously on The Shield before starring on Moonlight. He also was on a few Hollywood movies, the latest of which was August Rush (which I truly loved). Right now, he's doing another movie, set for release in September. There doesn't seem to be any TV projects listed for him for now, though I hope he gets on another show soon.

Nikolaj, meanwhile, is immediately jumping back on television with the series, Virtuality, which follows a Matrix-like concept..."about Earth's first starship, which is equipped with advanced virtual reality modules." It is set to run on Fox early next year. And word is...the pilot episode looks promising.

Virtuality is from the same creators of Battlestar Galactica and Roswell. The pilot episode is directed by Peter Berg, who is credited for Friday Night Lights. I now imagine what the scenes are gonna be like and I'm psyched. I hope for Nikolaj sake, this one lasts longer than New Amsterdam.

06 July 2008

House Season 5 Teaser

What is up with House?

Here's a short, short teaser...the phrase, "I'm resigning" jolted me back to my senses. I've been off TV this weekend; it has been really booooring. Can't wait for new episodes.

Two more months...

05 July 2008

This is just a test...nothing to see here.

T esting this new drop caps feature. Is it going to work? Let me give it a try.

04 July 2008

He has no bones in his body!

Robert Muraine is his name.

I didn't know what happened to him during the auditions of So You Think You Can Dance, I skipped that part and went watching straight to Top 20. It sounded like he quit halfway through. But he's been invited back to dance last night.

And I was picking my jaw up the floor while watching him do this (watch video). He was. Just. Awesome.

On the same note, I think this guy almost broke his (bones).

He is Gev and he was one of the six people fighting for a spot last night. When choosen in the bottom three (each per gender), the dancers are required to do a 30 second solo to prove they should stay instead of being eliminated off. I'm so enjoying this show!

Kevin McKidd on Grey's Anatomy?

So, what are they going to call him? He's already a "Mc".
Could another hot doc be scrubbing in at Seattle Grace next season? Kevin McKidd, the Scottish actor who headlined last season's time-traveling drama Journeyman, is in serious talks to join the cast. He'd play an M.D. who comes to the hospital after a stint in Iraq. It's expected to be a long story arc for McKidd, who also played the soldier Lucius Vorenus in HBO's regrettably short-lived Rome. | Via EW
Not so thrilled he's going to be on Grey's Anatomy... like that show needs more characters. But I am thrilled he's back on TV...him and his strong screen presence.

Emmy Race: Best Comedy Actor and Best Supporting Actress Comedy

The last batch of Top 10 Emmy Finalists was released at Gold Derby the other day. I didn't get to post it, with this site's make-over and all.

But anyhoot, the actors list isn't complete

  • Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock" ("Rosemary's Baby")
  • Steve Carell, "The Office" ("Goodbye, Toby")
  • Larry David, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" ("The Bat Mitzvah")
  • David Duchovny, "Californication" ("The Last Waltz")
  • Lee Pace, "Pushing Daisies" ("Pie-lette")
  • Tony Shalhoub, "Monk" ("Mr. Monk and the Naked Man")
  • Charlie Sheen, "Two and a Half Men" ("Is There a Mrs. Waffles?")
Lee Pace made it, but is his name gonna be in the final list?

For Supporting Actress Comedy, I'm only watching out for one name: Chenoweth. And there she is!

  • Kristin Chenoweth, "Pushing Daisies" ("Girth")
  • Conchata Ferrell, "Two and a Half Men" ("Fish in a Drawer")
  • Jenna Fischer, "The Office" ("Fun Run")
  • Jane Krakowski, "30 Rock" ("The Collection")
  • Judith Light, "Ugly Betty" ("I See Me, ICU")
  • Elizabeth Perkins, "Weeds" ("Risk")
  • Amy Poehler, "Saturday Night Live" ("Tina Fey")
  • Jean Smart, "Samantha Who? ("The Girlfriend")
  • Holland Taylor, "Two and a Half Men" ("Media Room Slash Dungeon")
  • Vanessa Williams, "Ugly Betty" ("Bananas for Betty")
It's 10 days more before the actual nominees are announced.

The Secret Life of The American Teenager

First of all, other than some girl getting pregnant in her teens, this show is nothing quite like Juno...which is what it was first described as when news came about Molly Ringwald was joining the cast.

Second of all, Molly Ringwald was on the screen for a total of ten minutes, it seemed. I was very excited to see her in something new; disappointed I saw her for a lot less.

The Secret Life of The American teenager carries a very typical storyline, told...not in an extra-ordinary way. If anything, it reminded me of every other cheesy teen drama that ever aired. The treatment does appear to be 7th Heaven inspired, considering that this show is from the creator of it.

Watchin' it or ditchin' it?

It's not a show that's badly put together but I'm gonna ditch. Although I'm curios to know how the Molly and her husband will take the news their nice daughter, whose not even allowed to have sex for a very long time, is actually pregnant. But I guess I'll just have to read about that part or Youtube it because I'm too old to be watching this.

03 July 2008

I think this one is it.

So sorry for the mess. If you've been here yesterday, then you know what's going on. If this is your first visit since...I'm tweaking my template.

I think this looks better now....

Just a few hours more...

Do you like it?

So how do you like the new look? Too plain? Too blue?


I'm still trying to mix and match. The blue seemed like a good choice when I woke up this morning. But hours after working on it, I've become bored with the color. Does the shade remind you of the Virgin Mary?? Because I have this urge to suddenly bring out my rosary and you know...pray. I don't mean to mock the religious, but I don't want to be reminded of it every time I open the site. The blue seems to be giving off that kind of vibe. Should I change or stick to it?

I'll deal with more site changes later.

Anyway, have I got news for you Friends fans. Will you like this one? Fresh from a Brit tabloid:

The highly anticipated film production of TV series Friends has finally been given the go-ahead, MailOnline has learned.

Cast members Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer will reprise their roles for a big-screen adaptation 'within the next 18 months', according to insiders.

The actors have been inspired by the recent success of Sex And The City, which recently hit cinemas worldwide.

A source said: 'Jennifer, Courteney and the rest of the cast are keen to reprise their roles, under the right circumstances.

'The box office success of Sex And The City has really got their wheels spinning about how a Friends film could be just as big, if done right.

'Timing and the script are really important, but now that Courteney and Jen both have production companies, they can potentially get very involved in those decisions.'

Talk of a reunion for the loveable gang from New York's Central Perk has been bandied around Hollywood ever since the show aired its final season in 2004.

While Cox, 44, LeBlanc, 40, Perry, 39, Kudrow, 45 and Schwimmer, 41, were believed to be keen on the reunion, Aniston, 39, is believed to have dragged her heels.

Now, however, she is keen to move ahead with the project, which will be produced by Warner Bros.

The source added: 'As the biggest star of the Friends franchise, Jennifer can't help but look at what's happened with Sarah Jessica Parker and the Sex And The City film and be a little jealous.

'What's held back a Friends movie so far is that people were worried that Jennifer had simply become too famous to play Rachel again. More here.
So, what do you think? Could you be any more interested? The source has no other story to back it up except that Jennifer Aniston is keen on it.

Smells like a gimmick to me. I dunno who'll benefit though and who is it for.