22 July 2012

COMMON LAW: It Needs Just One (Common) Denominator

I've been catching up on Common Law these past few days. Initially, I abandoned the show after the pilot episode left me unimpressed.

For starters, the guy on the right? Warren Kole? Comes off to me as a toned-down Horatio Caine from CSI Miami. He's got the same swagger and sass. Only, like Horatio, he's the only one who thinks he's cool, you know what I mean?

The guy on the left, Michael Ealy? I've seen him on The Good Wife and his character there isn't well-liked. Here on Common Law, his character screams, "Like me! Like me! Like me!"

It was easy for me to detach from the show because there two aren't exactly leading men material, the way I like my lead stars on TV.

It was disappointing really, coz I like most of USA Network's show. They're not heavy. They're fun. They promote escapism and feed on guilty pleasures. By these standards, I was not expecting a show that's written to court the critics or the awards.

And the characters on USA Network are consciously placed in a box. They all go by one formula --- with leads who throw the wittiest lines, or manage to look really cool and composed despite being grazed by a gunshot or something. Whatever. They're just ultra cool.

Charisma is the number one requirement in USA Network. When I didn't find that in these two leads during the pilot viewing,  I decided there's no point to proceed with the show.

But here I am....catching up.

One reason why I changed my mind and did that is because, frankly.... I ran out of new programs to watch. :P And also because, I chanced upon a piece that praised it for being funny, I got curious.

So, did giving it a chance help change my mind about the Common Law?

Here's the thing...

While I think the show is "funny" and "fun to watch"(after getting past the pilot, that is), the lead characters, I discovered, aren't the only problems of this series.

I'm already on Episode 9 and I think it wouldn't matter if I watched Episode 3 first, then move to Episode 7 next. The show doesn't have an anchor. Meaning, there's no underlying story that will reel the viewer in and hope that this goes on for three more seasons. White Collar and Burn Notice, two of USA Network's biggest shows, have it. Maybe the anchor will come in the 10th or 11th episode, if I wait a few weeks longer.  But still, at this point, every episode in Common Law is pretty much... a filler.

Common Law is about two cops, partners in fact, who don't get along.  But in order for them to work well together, their boss forces them to go into very unconventional "couples therapy" sessions.

My other problem with the show is that it cannot....uh, "marry" (if I have to use a more appropriate word!) the concept of cops going into couples therapy well. It's either the writers should just stick to purely doing a cop series, or choose to go with a series about couples therapy... with people who happen to be working as cops.

One or the other. Not both. Because, as good as that idea is, nothing is happening with both storylines going at the same time.

I admit, I have more fun watching Common Law when it's their therapy sessions. Maybe that's because I like their therapist a lot on this show (played by Sonya Walger). Or maybe because I actually like Travis and Wes better when they're not being cops. Their banter is funnier, their chemistry (and friction) is more evident and natural, and there's more story here than when they have to go out on the streets and be detectives.

Does that make any sense?

Have you been watching Common Law and liking it more than I do?

I'm sticking around till the end of the season, though. Coz, like I said...there's not a lot on TV right now. If there were, I'd have already used common judgement and ditch this show for good.

11 July 2012

Animal Planet Presents: My Cat From Hell [Sponsored Video]

I admit I'm more of a dog person than a cat person. I find dogs goofier, while you hardly get a reaction from cats. This doesn't mean I think cats are less cuter. And I'm not saying dogs are better pets. I just think that cats are better for people who are quite...zen. Or structured. And I also think they require less maintenance.

Or so I thought...

The video (see below) has proven me wrong. I've got so much more to learn about cats, I realize.

I have my share of dogs from hell. With 7 Jack Russells, our household is in a constant frenzy. I didn't know that cats have their "issues" too! Their master's commitment to addressing and correcting these behavioral concerns are just the same with the rest of us dog-parents. Anything for our fur-babies, right?

If you're a cat lover or a pet-lover in general, you'll probably want to watch this:

The devilish cats in Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell have lashed out for their last time! And their frustrated owners are turning to cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy to transform these feisty felines into loving cats. Watch Galaxy change the bad behavior through his unique and custom techniques on all new episodes of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet, Saturdays at 8pm e/p.

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Animal Planet. Other than the press release and/or official videos, other materials and posts are of this site's property.

04 July 2012

(This) Girl on GIRLS

As a TV show, Girls is actually brilliant. It's well-written, the dialogues ring true, the scenes mirror real people as opposed to Hollywood commodities.  But it's the main characters who are quite the hard-sell.

When I say that, I mean I don't know how to convince people to, "give watching Girls a try because this certain character is awesome!"  None of the girls on Girls are (awesome, that is). And yes, there's Shoshanna. But she's lives in a different world and that's hard to sell, too!  The boys aren't exceptional either.

It was hard to convince people to watch the show because I didn't even find the characters likeable in the beginning.

It took me three episodes to uncover the potential of the show. Or that something about the writing of the story is engaging. (Episode 3 is my favorite!)

And then it took me five or six more episodes to acknowledge that, despite Hannah's breast exposures and sexual positions (awkwaaaaaaaaard, but so authentic!), Lena Dunham (Hannah), the show's writer, director and lead star is definitely one talented 26-year old.

Yet, I still have a problem. I still didn't warm up to her character even after realizing all that.


It took me till the 9th episode of the first season (where there are 10 episodes total, btw) to finally appreciate Hannah....and maybe even like her. Juuuust a little bit. 

It happened in one scene, where she was seen wearing this pair of shoes:

They were the exact shoes I've been lemming for months and I didn't have the will to get it coz...where am I gonna wear them?

I know! Shoes! It's completely superficial. Nadala sa sapatos! But I know girls can relate.

It was this exact moment that defined the moment I thought this spoiled little loser Hannah is actually pretty cool. We like the same shoes!!! *cheers*  So, if she ends up wearing more of the stuff I'd really like to see next season, then I might just really, really love Hannah already!

With season one done, I started reading up on Girls to get to know the cast and their characters better. Okay, it was more like to get to know Lena better. (I was just really starting to see why other brilliant comedians have been raving about this girl!)  And after watching and reading interviews of her, it's gotten me pretty much convinced that...

This girl ----

is really just a character ----

Hannah | GIRLS
this woman plays.

Lena | GIRLS' Star, Writer & Director

The latter, I'm already convinced, is great. The former, I'm holding off till the second season to see what's up her butt some more. (Wait. I don't mean that to be literal. Please don't show your butt, Hannah!!!)

Have you seen Girls? You got squeamish with some scenes didn't you? Hated Hannah for it? Haha. Well, get over it coz you will love what happens if you just let the story move along.

Girls is brilliant. (I said that already!) And the characters are so insane (two of them clinically insane, I think!) that by the end of the Season 1, you may even recognize yourself in some of them and love the show for "getting" you, girl.

Now, go. Watch.