29 June 2010

New Show HUGE: Ugly Betty Meets Glee; Drop Dead Diva For Teens

Huge TV Series
"Ugly Betty Meets Glee" is how Entertainment Weekly describes it. I thought this was gonna be a reality series, ala Biggest Loser, when I first heard about it so I did not bother finding more about the show (am not a Biggest Loser viewer).

Huge is, in fact, a series based on this novel by Sasha Paley. It's basically drama in a fat camp for young adults. TV show stars Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray as well as David Hasselhoff's daughter, Hayley.

Early reviews say the show has talented cast members and approach to a touchy subject, such as the weight, is honest yet sensitive.

Here's a short clip. It looks interesting:

The series premieres tonight on ABC Family.

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27 June 2010

In Parenthood, They Shout and Shout To Let It all Out

I thought it would be a good idea to finish the rest of Parenthood (Season 1) while I attempt to do some work early today (multi-tasking!). I got to this part where 16 year old Amber slept with her cousin's (16 year old Haddie) "on-a-break" 16 year old ex-boyfriend "unintentionally" (yeah, right!). So, they bitched at each other and they were sent to the principal's office (I think. I was working while watching. No, wait...sent to the guidance counsellor?)

Anyway, their parents were called to the school, too. Their parents are Adam (Peter Krause) and Sarah (Lauren Graham), who are brother and sister. When Haddie told her aunt Sarah that Amber slept with her ex, the adults freaked out together with the two young girls and a shouting match started.

I thought the shouting ended there.

In the next episode, when everyone in the family found out and Amber was trying to avoid being in the same family activity with the rest of her kin, there was another shouting match, followed by another shouting match between....I don't know who anymore, there were just too many!

All I  know is that if this was a contest for whoever could shout the loudest? Lauren Graham would win this hands down. I love LG but, darn she annoyed me big time with all these shouting!

Parenthood is this series adapted from that movie, Parenthood, starring Steve Martin and Diane Weist. The TV series is also done by the same people who made the movie...and I liked that movie.

So, what happened to the TV show? Why am I not connecting with this one anymore? I was thinking this would be the show that would replace my attachment for the Walkers (Brothers & Sisters). But the more I watch the episodes, the less I'm liking the Bravermans beecause 1) they do shout at each other a lot, 2) the sibling relationship seems forced, I do not see the chemistry yet, and 3) they are not as funny and witty as the Walkers. On the other hand... the Walkers have really turned into a bunch of drama queens, so I decided to quit watching that one, too.

Anyway, I had to check for ratings and updates coz I wasn't sure how it fared when it ran mid-season. It's apparently been renewed for Season 2 this fall.  And based on this, it actually did pretty well, ratings-wise, for a freshman series.

So, okay...there's a niche that loves the show somehow. But can it please tone down on the shouting? I get it. It's family dysfunction. It may feel authentic for some real life families. But I've had enough of shouting matches watching the local channels, Parenthood will lose my interest quickly if this continues.

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25 June 2010

Gave Up on Rookie Blue After 18 Minutes

Rookie Blue
Wow. I just watched the crappiest show earlier and it did not help that I was in a pissy mode for most of this night. I am never going to get those precious 18 minutes back! That was all the time it took me to sit down and watch, till I couldn't stand it anymore. (And I could've used that 18 minutes to do something with my nails or whatever!)

The show? Rookie Blue.

The pitch? It's like Grey's Anatomy. With guns and cop uniforms.

Right then and there, I should've just left it alone and didn't bother checking it out...since I've vomited Grey's Anatomy out of my system by Season 4. Rookie Blue is so bad, in my opinion, that I don't think I'd want to have it on even just for background noise.

The series is filled with unfamiliar actors. Well, alright.... maybe except for the lead girl, Andy McNally, who was in Reaper but I had not recognized her; and that guy from Everwood (whatever happened to him?). Having a pool of unfamiliar actors isn't so bad, in fairness. Lots of actors start by being unknown, before the world of TV discovers they can shine.

But that is not the case here.

Featuring about five or six rookie cops fresh out of cop school, they hit the streets for the first time, in their crisp cop uniform, eager and raring for some cop action. But none of them had me convinced they were figures of authority.  Or terrific actors, for that matter. It's like watching cardboard figures "act", I could not get past that and see the program for its other merits (if it did have at least one).

Here's a clip. Watch it, don't watch it....it doesn't really matter.

I know this is for SummerTV and that programs during this season don't normally need to be of high caliber. But c'mon! This is one hour garbage that will probably convince me to watch Big Brother again (even if I already gave that other garbage up!)

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24 June 2010

It's Tiffany vs Debbie Gibson in this TV Movie from Syfy

Before Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera, there was Tiffany vs. Debbie Gibson.

Debbie Gibson

These two teen singers from the 80's are no longer enjoying their pop star status from two decades ago. But children of the 80's will no doubt remember them.

Tiffany has married, divorced, had a child, posed on Playboy and made attempts to revive her singing career. She is a frequent celebrity on gay pride parades until now and is embarking on a movie career.

Debbie Gibson did theater and Broadway, and like Tiffany, she has also done Playboy and is often in gay parades. She is still doing "independent" music.

These two former "rivals" are set to come together in this made for TV movie from Syfy (Science Fiction Channel), called Mega Python vs. Gatoroid and according to The Live Feed...yes, these women will fight.

Gibson will play a fanatical animal-rights activist who frees illegally imported exotic snakes from pet stores, sending them into the Everglades, where they grow to mega sizes. Tiffany will play an overzealous park ranger who uses dangerous methods to save endangered alligators.

In the script, the pair brawl at a party, then take matters outside into the swamp.

More details of the TV movie is reported here: Syfy movie pits Debbie Gibson vs. Tiffany.

This is going to be one of those TV moments I'm going to watch for. Who's with me??

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I'm Missing the Rhythm on Memphis Beat

Jason Lee on Memphis Beat
Jason Lee (from My Name Is Earl) has a new cop series on TNT and it's one produced by George Clooney. It is set in Memphis and it's a lot like any other procedural, where the police solves a different case every week.

The one thing different from any other cop show is that it depicts Memphis' rich music culture. Jason Lee even dabbles in singing here. And if there's anything good I can say about Memphis Beat is that I absolutely like Jason Lee's singing voice (is that really him singing??).

OTH, I seem to be missing the rhythm for this show because I don't think I liked it all that much (while my husband did). And I don't know where the missing part is...

Maybe I don't get Memphis culture.

I also didn't like how much this show uses montage scenes to put the story together. While it was dramatic and all that, it barely connected to the audience, since it felt rushed.

Also, every time Lee opens his mouth, all I can think about is Earl Hickey and expect his brother, Randy, to be there too.

Or maybe I'm just missing My Name is Earl.

Have you checked out Memphis Beat yet? Here is a scene from the show:

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Cougar Town Fun Facts & the DVD Contest for Pinoy Viewers

I have about a week left running my "Win a Cougar Town DVD Contest" (for Philippine Viewers only) and I'm taking this time to provide some tidbits about the program and its stars, so we'd all get to know the show and its actors better.

Christa Miller & Bill Lawrence
  • Bill Lawrence. The creator of Cougar Town is also the creator of Scrubs. He is also co-creator for the series, Spin City and have written one episode of Friends (The One With The Candy Hearts). He has appeared on Scrubs a couple of times, sometimes just in the background or playing one of the extras. In real life, he is married to actress Christa Miller, who is casts on Scrubs as Jordan and on Cougar Town as Ellie. They have three kids.
  • Courteney Cox - Arquette (Jules). Who doesn't know this woman?  Only those who have never seen Friends. And that's like, very few people, right? From Friends, CC was supposed to star on Desperate Housewives, but could not commit because she was pregnant with daughter, Coco. CC studied Architecture in college and she can play both the drums and the piano. She belongs to an affluent family in Alabama. CC also has her own lipstick line (Cece by Cargo Cosmetics). Her mother is also named Courteney. CC is expected to direct an episode next season (yay!).
  • Christa Miller (Ellie). Being married to a show creator has its perks but Christa Miller is also credited for The Grayson Remix on Cougar Town. She is apparently the one who mixed that, having worked as a DJ before. She also chooses the songs to play on the shows of her husband.
  • Busy Philipps (Laurie).  Her real name is Elizabeth Jean. She got the nickname "Busy" coz she was quite a handful as a child. She apparently said in an interview that she auditioned for Glee, as Mr. Shue's wife but was too fat for the role, after giving birth to daughter, Birdie.  Busy is on Twitter. Fun fact about me --- Playing Laurie, she reminds me of local actress Rufa Mae Quinto because she over emphasizes how she speaks that it distorts a lot of her facial expressions.
  • Dan Byrd (Travis). This kid hit puberty on camera, having been acting since he was 8 years old. You'd notice tons of difference, if you watch him first in his series, Aliens in America (canceled after one season). He sees his character, Travis, as more of a Ferris Bueller type. 
  • Josh Hopkins (Grayson). Fun fact about me --- I had always thought Eddie Cibrian played Grayson!!! And I always hated that fact because Grayson is so lovable on the show and Cibrian's been getting bad press for cheating on his wife, I didn't want to like his character. I only realized my mistake when the first season ended!!! Now, fun fact about Josh --- he was never meant to play the guitar on Cougar Town. Only, Bill Lawrence saw him jamming on the set one time and decided to incorporate that into his character. He is, in fact, a musician and has churned out a couple of original songs including this one.
  • Ian Gomez (Andy). Married to actress-writer Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), the actor has been pretty much everywhere since his career took off in 1993.  He played a gay character on Felicity and is perhaps most recognized for it.
  • Brian Van Holt (Bobby). He originally auditioned to play Grayson but was lousy at it and so, he tried out for Bobby, where he was perfect. Van Holt is a familiar face because he's always cast as the bad guy in a lot of drama series and movies. He wanted to play comedy for a change (and is quite good at it, no? He's a character I really like on Cougar Town).

More fun facts about the show ---
  • The scene where Jules stands in front of the mirror, inspecting her body? Is based on Christa Miller, shortly after giving birth to her 3rd child, where saw herself in the mirror and said "Fuuuuckk!"  Her husband saw the whole thing.
  • There are more women writers on the show than men. This is the ONLY show with that statistics.
  • What Courteney said to Bill, the first time they met on the set of Friends: "You know I know this show is really working right now. And that's just a great thing for everybody but I'm one of the first people to tell everybody it's about the writing first. And I just wanted to tell you it's a joy to work on this show and thank so much for your hard work... Chris.'" She thought he was the assistant of one of the creator of Friends.
  • Nia Vardalos & Jennifer Aniston will be in Season 2.
  • From clothes to accessories to bed sheets and home designs, Cougar Town's making an impact among fashionistas and stylephiles. 

Are you having fun yet? Please don't forget to join my contest! And thanks to those who already did!

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23 June 2010

Re-watching United States of Tara

Adding this to my SummerTV viewing list - United States of Tara.

I had actually watched the first four or five episodes of United States of Tara when it had its debut early last year. Then realized it was no fun to watch it all by myself. None of the other voices in my head wanted to discuss this. So I had to look for another crazy person to watch it with me. :P

The other day, I introduced this to the husband, who gets what crazy is. Didn't have to convince him to sit through. All I had to pitch was  --- "This is the reason why Toni Collette won that Emmy last year."

United States of Tara is a series about a mom with MPD or DID or whatever its called now. She has alternate personalities, each one totally different than the other. And I mean different, like ---- the other one knows how to play the piano while the rest don't, the other one is a lefty while the rest are right-handed, the other one is a MAN.

Each personality treats the other personality like a totally different person, too.

That Toni Collette's job is hard is an understatement. But there is nothing this actress can't do. Nothing! Which is why, she and her many personalities, will probably get the award again for Emmy's 2010. The voices in my head say so.

Done with half of season one so far, and we also have Season 2, which just ended recently, waiting in line. I read that the show gets even darker and whacked up.

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22 June 2010

The One Where I Talk About My SummerTV Viewing so far...

Not in a good place right now, mentally. I'm not going crazy, though my friends will probably disagree --- I've been crazy for years! It's just that my mind is all over the place with so many things to do. So, I'm gonna go with lazy blogging for today and hit this with.... good ol'bullet points:

  • Watched Hot in Cleveland at the end of last week and the only saving grace of the show? 80+ year old Betty White. I know that she's TV's IT Girl right now and I've no idea why because I do not follow the viral campaign for her. But I'm amazed at how great she is here, in her new show. Right timing, punchline perfectly delivered, she is so amusing! I mean, I'm 36 and I forget a lot of things now! She's an octogenarian and she looks a lot more saner than I am. Betty White is a pro. Now, I'm a fan!
  • Continued with my West Wing Marathon. I'm on Season 3 and I long to become Donna Moss more and more. Okay, I cheated myself and got to read the episode guides in advance so I know now how she ended up in bed with her boss, Josh Lyman in Season 7. But they have such an undeniable chemistry, it so hard not to take notice and do something about it. I love their work relationship - Josh and Donna. And I can't wait to see how their romance will progress in the last season.
  • Finished Everybody Loves Raymond. Did this a lot earlier but I would like to include this in the bullets, since we're talking about TV here. They ended this show well. Cheesy but perfectly ---- Raymond had to go on a routine operation, but had trouble waking up because of this anesthesia. When the nurse told his wife, Debra, it was like she lost her balance and her world crumbled (Patricia Heaton was awesome in this scene!). The rest of the family was there to console her. But since this is a comedy series, Raymond woke up after about 10 seconds, so everything's all better again. The family didn't tell Raymond what had happened, except that he found out from his mom. When he spoke to everyone about it, my favorite part was when his dad said something like: "I saw the look on your wife's face when the nurse told her. I never want to see that face again." Oooh, how I cried on that scene!  Told you it was cheesy.
  • Upon a friend's recommendation, I watched the TV Land Awards that happened some five months ago. It's this show that honors old series. Never had any interest in this before because I thought it was going to be full of ancient actors and shows that aired before I was even conceived. It was only a short awards show but lemme tell you --- one of best one hour or so of my TV watching experience! I was laughing most of the time and I was pointing to the screen or clapping my hands, totally excited about seeing old faces and old TV clips of Love Boat, Charlie's Angels, Home Improvement, Bossom Buddies and more. I know I looked like this crazy monkey watching it, so it's a good thing we have the TV in the bedroom and our curtains are thick!  The show also featured the reunion of the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond, who all received this Impact Awards or something like that. I'm looking forward to when they honor Friends for this! The best part was towards the end, when they honored Glee and had really old TV actors, including David Hasselhoff, sing Don't Stop Believing. OMG, The Hoff! I think he had too much to drink before going up the stage, I was cracking up watching their number! Best damn one hour+ of my TV life!
  • On to the new shows....I checked out  The Gates and Scoundrels yesterday, two new series premieres. I said in an earlier post, I think I will pass on The Gates. I take that back. I'm gonna sit awhile and let it all unfold for it was very intriguing! The writing's pretty bland. And there's really nothing new to the story. But I was still intrigued. It reminded me of this British show, Meadowlands, with little bit of Desperate Housewives, Twin Peaks and The Vampire Diaries all mashed up together. I think this is why it's interesting --- you have all these ingredients from all these other shows. Only, if you put too much of one thing, or overdo with the other, it's in danger of getting spoiled, you know? That's how I feel about The Gates.  Scoundrels, on the other hand........where do I even start with this mess? Virginia Madsen only had one expression on her face: the Botox-injected expression. I wanted so badly to pinch her cheeks because it didn't look like it had any muscles in it anymore! Writing for Scroundrels is also baaaaaaad. Way bad. The other versions of this adaptation were a lot better. Rating for both shows? Modest, according to this. Also.....three of 24's actors are on both these shows: Nadia & Curtis are on The Gates. Tony's on  Scoundrels. Just thought I should say that, as a note to 24 fans. 
  • I'm falling in love with Cat Deeley on SYTYCD all over again. I want to keep her in my pocket. All five feet something long of her! She's so adorable! I think dancer Alex Wong is going to win this or walk away with better offers than the winner. He flies, he moves with utter gracefulness, he expresses with his dance. He is a dancing god. I can sit for hours watching him dance. Or take off his shirt because his body is delicious. Hehe. Whatever. 
  • Also upon a friend's recommendation, I've started watching The Closer starring Kyra Sedgwick. I have five seasons of catching up to do and I'm liking it so far....having watched about five episodes of Season 1 already. Best watched when you just want to lounge around and shut down from the world. It's easy to follow and very interesting to sit through. Kyra's character is one of TV's strong women characters. I know she gets nominated for awards all the time and she plays this role really well, from what I've seen. Loving her southern accent!
  • Rounding up my USA SummerTV viewing so far for June: I'm also following Last Comic Season 7, The Good Guys Season 1, Lie To Me Season 2Drop Dead Diva 2, Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Burn Notice Season 4 and Royal Pains Season 2....and I'm having the best times watching these, of course. I'm looking forward to the rest of the programs that will start in July and August. 

Now, I've got to get back to sleep, reset my mind, restore the order and then wake up in an hour or two, set a pace and start working.

So, what have you been watching?

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Yes, Charice will be on Glee. And there is a Glee Movie coming up!

Michael Ausiello has confirmed, Filipino pop star, Charice, will be appearing on GLEE:

I am NOT a fan of this girl. Sige, batuhin niyo na ako ng kamatis. :P Pinoys are now flooding Ausiello's blog with comments. This should be interesting. ^-^

And in other Glee news:  HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM EXCLUSIVE! Three ‘Glee’ Movies Could Be On Their Way To Theaters And All The Show’s Stars Are Signed Up Wow. One way to kill a show when it's ahead? It's this and the Glee merchandi$e...and the updates that happen, like, every week. Won't be long before we're overly saturated with this, you might as well call this show "Gloom".

I hate it when this happens. HAAATE!

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18 June 2010

This Family of Thieves...

It's crazy how this teaser for Scoundrels, premiering June 20th on ABC, is described as "original" by its voice-over, when it's actually a third copy of a series originally produced in New Zealand called Outrageous Fortune.

The British remade Outrageous Fortune in 2008 and called theirs Honest (Read my blog post on HONEST) and now it's USA's turn to bring their version to the small screen.

Scoundrels stars Virginia Madsen as the matriarch of a family who knows no other jobs but those related to crimes. This less than three minute clip below will give you an idea of what the show is about.

If I have to base what I know of the story from having seen Honest in full, it's really nothing to be wild about, except that if you're the kind of viewer who likes a little variety in what you watch, then okay...go ahead and watch this one.

What I'm really excited about Scoundrels though? Is the fact that it also has Carlos Bernard (Tony from 24) in the cast.

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Vampire Story #32,456: The Gates

On the heels of the vampire trend we're all experiencing, ABC is premiering this new vampire series, The Gates, this June 20th.

It stars Rhona Mitra (who played a Lycan in that Underworld movie...seems she's boxed up in these kinds of roles, isn't she?) as a suburban mom who dabbles in PTA meetings and stuff, but is actually, also a bloodsucking creature. She lives in this gated community and you instantly know why it's gated. The new family that moves in, however, will have to find out even more mysteries surrounding their neighborhood.

The series also features a few teen storylines in the mix, perhaps to attract the younger viewers now hooked on Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. But it's going to be nothing juvenile as those shows since The Gates is supposed to be a mystery thriller. Or something.

I'm so not loving the vampire trend right now. TruBlood has yet to suck me in, despite people telling me it's actually good. Maybe I'll check out The Gates pilot, and then pass on it.

Check out the teaser. What do you think?

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17 June 2010

My Site Content Has Been Stolen

I have become a victim of RSS Theft.

RSS Theft is as defined from this site.

There is a growing and real concern that site and blog feeds are being used to totally replace any original content. Some crafty website owners are using multiple feeds to pull information from other sites into their own, making it look like the site has an interesting and original collection of content, when it is actually stolen without permission from other sites.

A website has been harvesting my RSS Feeds and has been stealing contents from this blog to theirs. I know that it came from my RSS feed because MY entries on their blog has this at the end of each post:

You only get to see that if you are following my blog using your RSS reader.

I've taken steps to email their site and report them to Google. And I've also edited my RSS footer to read a disclaimer which now basically says:

Blogging about television. Watching too much TV.
Notice to readers: If you are reading this content on a different website, other than Too Much TV with official site address: http://mindy-tv.blogspot.com/, then you are reading a STOLEN content.

Now, you website harvester, can suck it! Steal more content from my RSS and you will be publishing that notice on your blog. :P

Here are some screencaps of content they've stolen from me:

Baka pati itong notice na to ma-harvest mo pa at ma-post mo pa sa blog mo ha?? Ang engot engot mo na nga talaga kung ganun!  ----> Do I have to translate this? :P

Edited to add: STOLEN AGAIN! This blog post declaring about my content being stolen IS also posted on that blog which stole my site content! I believe there is no human running that site, but it has been configured to harvest my feeds and publish it there. >:P

Using the Contact Us form on this site, and requesting for a copy of the email I sent them, I got an email notification from a different site address, which, I guess, really owns this scrap blog. I checked out this new site and learned it's an "online media solution" based in Canada. The site actually looks legit with lots of "media partners". They're supposed to help other sites make money or drive traffic and business. By what? Stealing content? :P I am prepared to warn people not to take up business with you, unless you take down my content!

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16 June 2010

Maybe This Will Be Better Than Those Darn SATC Girls!

I've been looking for a good sitcom to watch while the fall season comedy shows are out. 100 Questions is getting really bad with each episode, so I'm yearning for something new. Thankfully, the gods of TV always have something for me. And I'm probably going to get my fix with this new comedy, Hot in Cleveland which will start airing June 16th

Well, it's new alright...but filled with really old, familiar people.

The series, which airs on TV Land (a retro channel that only shows old, old programs), is going to be the channel's first foray into scripted series. It stars TV veterans like Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves, and Betty White (my gad, she is 88 and is still doing TV!) --- these are the women I watch back in the 80's and 90's! The series is produced by Sean Hayes, who you probably all know as Jack from Will & Grace.

I wanted to write something clever and funny about this one, but it's only about 5:30ish in the morning and my senses are the dullest right now. So, lemme just say that, I hope these gals aren't going to try to be hip and cool or young and trendy, like those darn women from Sex and The City. I hope this show is really about women of certain age or of women who embrace their age, mentally and emotionally, with substance (yes, so unlike those darn women from Sex and The City!).

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15 June 2010

Belle Du Jour to the Big Screen?

Belle Du Jour's Secret Diary of A Call Girl is rumored to be getting a movie treatment, after the British series, starring Billie Piper, airs its fourth and final season.

The how is based on a real-life high-class London call girl who used to run an anonymous blog under the pen name Belle Du Jour. It was later revealed that she is actually academic scientist Brooke Magnanti.

I would love for this series to turn into a movie! With the show running eight episodes per season, I feel I could never get enough of Belle's adventures. A movie would be a nice supplement.

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14 June 2010

First Look: Rubicon

AMC, a premiere cable channel, is bringing its third original series on air this summer and it's one that mystery buffs and conspiracy theory freaks will probably want to check out.

The series is called Rubicon and it stars James Badge Dale (who I last saw on HBO's mini-series, The Pacific).

Here he is pictured to the right ---->

He's kinda looks like a grown-up and serious-looking Mr. Schu from Glee, no?

Anyway, Rubicon isn't going to air until August 1st, with a two-hour pilot episode. But AMC viewers were treated to a 46-minute preview of it the other night.

I got to watch this preview as well...which actually was a bad idea. Don't get me wrong. I take a lot of interest with shows that deal with conspiracies. I sat through Lost's six seasons when most people gave up after Season 2. I like the mind-games, I like analyzing every possible clue. But watching Rubicon earlier was bad timing. My mind was completely lazy and tired, when Rubicon is the kind of show you'd have to watch with all of your senses on full alert. Ergo, half the time? I couldn't process what was going on.

It also bothered me that nothing from this show is hi-tech so I couldn't place what period or time this took place. It looked present-day but felt so much like the 70's, you know what I mean? The characters only relied on crossword puzzles, numbers and other old school clues to put pieces together. No one even mentioned to "Google it up!"

A short clip on Rubicon below, as well as this blurb, from AMC:
“Rubicon” is a conspiracy thriller set in a NYC-based government intelligence agency, where nothing is what it seems. The series focuses on a beleaguered analyst, Will Travers, who, faced with a shocking tragedy, begins to uncover clues that point to a complex and sinister conspiracy. The series is produced by Warner Horizon Television.

I mentioned that Rubicon is the third original series from AMC. The first two include Mad Men and Breaking Bad --- both groundbreaking, critically-acclaimed series.

I haven't bothered watching Mad Men, in spite of the fact that it's a multi-awarded series because I did not like how it made me feel as a woman. Breaking Bad is actually very, very good. Bryan Cranston, its lead character, even won an Emmy for Best Actor for it, except that I only got to follow its first season.

Now given the calibre of these two, in spite and despite my hesitations for watching, people are betting Rubicon also turns out really well.

We'll see come August.

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12 June 2010

The One With The Favorite TV Show

This week's topic on Team Carnival (Favorite TV Shows) should be so easy to blog about. Except that it is really not.

For someone who watches an average of at least twenty to thirty series a week, it's hard to come up with an actual favorite. I could end up listing a hundred. I could carefully and painfully explain to you in detail why I picked each, you might as well just tune out and watch your own favorite program.

So, I'm only going to go with one. You could say this is the All-Time Favorite. And anyone who knows me well, or has been following this blog for a while, actually already know what it is.

I started getting attached to Friends in 1998, some four of five years after it first aired. I was a new mom, looking for some connection in MY world (because 24/7 mommy duties can drive anyone crazy!). I had the husband rent the series out in VHS, when VCD technology was still peaking, DVD have yet to be mainstream and no one's even thought about BLU-RAY.

Before 1998, I know that it aired on a local channel (ABC 5) and I use to catch it once in a while but didn't really think it was all that. And I used to dislike Chandler Bing.

But after a VHS marathon of five seasons --- and perhaps because I was longing to have that kind of "adult connection" with someone other than a fussy baby and a husband who also had his own thing; and my own set of friends were very busy with their own lives and their own issues --- the FRIENDS became my friends.

Thus, a connection was born. I started to get really invested on this show. When we got internet connection for the very first time, using a slow modem connection, I logged on to every Friends site I could find and devoured information. I downloaded scripts when I can't get enough of watching episodes on VHS. I joined Friends Groups sites. I got books about it. I bought VCDs. The first DVD set I owned was a Friends set. I dreamt of working on the Friends set. I got my Rachel haircut. I longed to move to New York. I wanted to have coffee in Central Perk.

This connection, love and crazy addiction I have for the show? I've even passed this to my own son,  that baby I was taking care of while I was getting to know this show back in '98. Ever since Friends ended in 2004, he and I would make it a point to marathon seasons 1-10 at least twice a year, with his father occasionally joining us. It has become a family tradition.

Shows come and go. I've watched enough of series to tell you which ones to avoid and which ones to follow. I've come to love other series as well and I have also fallen out of love with many of them. But Friends is the one that sticks. Because it was "really there for me."

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11 June 2010

For Your Alias Fix, Check Out --- Covert Affairs

They are already calling this series Alias-lite. And from the looks of it, I've no doubt people will be talking about it.

Airing this summer (July, USA Network), Covert Affairs stars Piper Perabo, as Annie Walker, a CIA trainee who is suddenly sent on a field assignment. She is tasked to go after an ex-boyfriend, who is also a spy. Christopher Gorham (from Ugly Betty) plays her uber techie guide. And to make things interesting, Gorham's character is actually blind.

Unlike Alias though, Covert Affairs doesn't seem to follow an absurd mythology (e.g. see Rimbaldi). In fact, this may fit under the same mold as Chuck even if it is not as funny. It's light, mysterious and action-packed, with the chick leading the ass-kicking.

A point to note before you watch the short teaser below ---- Why are most female agents on TV surnamed Walker? Sarah Walker from Chuck. Renee Walker from 24. And now here's Annie Walker from Covert Affairs.

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10 June 2010

Sneak Peek: The Cape

Perhaps to compensate for canceling Heroes, NBC is bringing another series designed to take its place and win over fans of the genre. Only with this new show, there is but one hero. And he wears a cape.

Looks like its made from the same formula summer blockbuster movies are made: more flair than substance. I mean, if we're only basing from this few-minute clips.

How many episodes will this run before its cancelled? Care to guess?

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Glee Marketing Pushes to the Limit

Well, music legend Michael Jackson did say --- "don't stop till you get enough!" And that's probably the philosophy behind Glee's marketing arm.

The series, which has earned the highest finale rating at 11 Million viewers (one that happened last during Twin Peak's season finale in the 90's), is not only coming out with media merchandise like DVDs or CDs.

By Fall season, they're also coming out with a fashion line. Kids can dress up like Rachel or Quinn, or look cool like Puck once the clothes, accessories and maybe even shoe collections are out. I dunno if they're coming out with collections following after Emma Pillsbury's style, but it would be awesome if they did!

And then sometime in July, the first of its book series is also going to be published, followed by another book which will come out by Feb 2011. The Glee Books will be written by Sophia Lowell. The stories will serve as prequels to the series....the beginnings of how the characters coped with high school, before they became part of New Directions.

This idea isn't so bad, I suppose. Kids hardly pick up books these days and if this is Glee's way of driving the literacy rate up....then read away, Gleeks!

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09 June 2010

Glee Wants Uncle Jessie

Last year, Glee went on a hiatus but left us with a highly charged episode. The New Directions wowed the crowd during Sectionals and proved they will be tough competition. This time around, the season finale song numbers at Regionals were nothing to really rave about. It was underwhelming. I think what they tried to do instead, was to wrap up plots that were otherwise unclear in past episodes. Even then, it was still uneven.

But this is Glee. And I only know a handful of people who don't quite get why Glee is cute and entertaining.

However it turned out tonight, there will still be millions watching it when it comes back for a second season in the Fall.

And when it does, guess who will be there? This guy:

Well, alright...this guy:

Ausiello writes that Fox is considering hiring John Stamos to play Emma's new dentist boyfriend. The actor also happens to sing. So maybe we can expect a sing-off between him and Mr. Schu. How'd you like that one?

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First Impressions: Pretty Little Liars Pilot Episode

Dear Susan, Lynette, Bree & Gabriel,
(aka the Desperate Housewives)

These four young girls are taking over. Watch out!



I have a full day today so I will make this really simple and run down these quick first impressions on the premiere of Pretty Little Liars: 

- Very intriguing with a lot of juicy angles.
- Nicely done and also cohesive. Despite taking the license to change some things from the book series where it was originally based.
- I love, love Lucy Hale! She will carry this show.
- The girl playing Allison (flashback scenes) is someone you will love to hate. She plays it well.
- Adolescent fantasy. I don't exactly recommend "adolescents" actually watch without Parental Guidance. But I get the feeling young girls everywhere will soon be talking about this and forget about Gossip Girl.

Now, go watch! Watch!

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08 June 2010

Persons Unknown: Is It This Year's Summer TV Thriller?

I was about to watch Persons Unknown a while ago but thought I'd quit it before I get into it any deeper. It was apparent this was going to be a thriller. It's my least favorite genre and I'm gonna have to watch it with someone else to fully appreciate it.

This is the first time I've heard of the show. But the fact is, Persons Unknown have long been completed in 2009 with full episodes (13 in total) even before a network has bought it. It's written by Christopher McQuarrie who is brilliantly credited for the film, The Usual Suspects. Having seen only some ten minutes of it, I can't exactly say if it's any bad or good. (Gonna watch in full with a companion later!) But to have this series shelved for a year or so, and then shown on air in the summer season, TV season's lull period, should probably be an indicator.

From what I saw though, at first I thought this was going to be the series that will replace Without A Trace, since I thought it was about kidnapped victims and missing persons. And then, as the story unfolded, it felt familiar....like watching every installment of Saw (that horror flick). Others have said, it's supposed to fill up the hole Lost has left from our TV viewing pleasure.

To give you some more ideas, here is the show's trailer:

I've been checking some reviews of it as Persons Unknown already premiered a few hours ago on USA TV via NBC. Sadly (or expectedly?) it did not seem to leave quite an impression.

Should I even bother finish watching it?

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07 June 2010

In Drop Dead Diva, Angels Give Out Balut as Pasalubong

Finished watching the season premiere of Drop Dead Diva's 2nd season.

Before I go any further, I just found out the show has released a CD soundtrack this week, in line with the show coming back. The CD is called Music from the Original Television Series Drop Dead Diva and it features the following songs:

  • 1. Brooke Elliott / Margaret Cho - "Would I Lie To You"
  • 2. Becca Jones - "I'll Get Mine"
  • 3. Platinum Pied Pipers - "On A Cloud"
  • 4. Lil' Wendy - "Shake It"
  • 5. Margaret Cho - "Restraining Order"
  • 6. Madi Diaz - "Nothing At All"
  • 7. Dri - "Don't Wait"
  • 8. Katie Herzig - "Beautiful Inside"
  • 9. Malbec - "Free"
  • 10. Joshua Morrison - "Home"
  • 11. Katie Herzig - "Wish You Well"
  • 12. Confetti - "Begin Again" (pop version)
  • 13. Ben Feldman - "Baby, I Need Your Loving"
  • 14. Scott Starrett - "Suite From Drop Dead Diva"

A little backgrounder, if this is your first time learning about the show, and before I spill anything spoiler-y:
"Drop Dead Diva" is a spirited new comedic drama series that puts a uniquely compelling twist on the age-old battle between brains and beauty. The show tells the story of a shallow model-in-training who dies in a sudden accident only to find her soul resurfacing in the body of a brilliant, thoughtful and plus-size attorney.

- From Lifetime

Spoilers after the cut....

06 June 2010

On Spoilers, Spoiler Alerts and Spoiler-sports

[A topic for this week's Team Carnival.]

There was a time when I used to visit every spoiler alert website I know so I'd learn ahead of time what was going to happen to the TV shows I watch. I kinda have a selective memory, so whatever I read may either 1) be forgotten right away or 2) stick in my mind. When it sticks out,  it makes me kind of obsessive...which can be quite a huge problem. It gets to this point where I ruin the program FOR ME, and not for anybody else.  I used to devour spoiler alerts so much then, it almost felt like I wrote the script of the TV show. :P And then when I watch the actual episodes play out, since I almost know it by heart (thanks to spoilers)... it doesn't have as much of an impact as I would have expected.

Eventually, I eased up on my spoiler obsession. Sure, now and then I check out who's made it the final list of contestants for So You Think You Can Dance or American Idol. But I generally stay away from scripted spoilers now. And as an avid TV viewer, I should say that this is a great relief! I think I learned it in the most disappointing way, from a TV show like Lost.  Four years after following it and following through every spoiler I can find online, I discovered that it was so much better viewed without knowing anything beforehand.

Today, I treat spoiler alerts with a grain of salt. Because some are actually overhyped and farther from the truth now. Writing down a few times about spoilers here on Too Much TV, I've also realized that sometimes, it's usually just marketing strategy and the actual story lines aren't as exciting as the spoilers made it sound.

I'd like to think I'm careful about spoiling the story lines for anybody else. Like the stickler Virgo that I am, I learned to be considerate about spoilers when, participating in one elite TV forum several years ago, it was considered very rude and uneducated if you blurt out the most important parts of a movie or TV show. People over there are labeled spoiler-sports or as what I'd call jologs (Urban Dictionary defines this as: someone who is tacky, but implied in a more negative tone and often referred to people who belong to the lower class of society), and of course, nobody wants to be branded that. So, a culture of order and conscientiousness was formed by constantly reminding everyone else to put spoiler alerts.

I eventually carried over that culture to whatever site I visit, where spoiler discussions may tend to ruin it for everyone else.  I'd like to believe, I make good use of spoiler alerts on this site, too. Although yeah.... sometimes, I still tend to get carried away and point it out in plain view of everyone visiting here. :P

Today, you cannot go online without finding spoilers, so more than having to tell people to be considerate about it, staying away from these sites for awhile is your best defense against spoilers.

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05 June 2010

Talented People of The Philippines, Get Ready for This!

Full story here.

We would have to be represented right, since we have a franchise? I've never once seen Pilipinas Got Talent....are the performers there any good?

And if this is anything like 2003's World Idol, there should be one judge per country, which might mean --- we're sending Kris Aquino? Yikes!

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