04 October 2008

The Ex List S1 E1 Pilot

I don't wanna overhype this show because it's still the first episode, and to be honest, I was ready to quit watching after 10 minutes but you know what? I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it.

Let's see...while watching, I had....
  • the Juno vibe, because the characters talk the way they talk in Juno, only Bella and her friends on The Ex List are grown ups (in their 30's) so they're cooler.
  • the My Name is Earl vibe, because Bella has to cross off names of her ex-boyfriends in a list.
  • the How I Met Your Mother vibe, because Bella is surrounded by a similar silly bunch of people. Her best friend has a vagina toupee! How crazy is that?

The Ex-List is adapted from an Israeli TV show. It starts off with Bella (Ava/Rebecca on Grey's Anatomy) learning from a fortune teller that she only has one year to go and get married, for otherwise? She will be a spinster forever. The fortune teller also told her she already has met the man, her future husband. She's dated him in the past.

So, you get the idea. Every week, Bella's going to reunite with an ex, in the hopes of finding the man whom she will have to marry within the year.

The first man Bella reunites with is an ex from 2001. Bella thought he was a loser....she really broke his heart. Seven years after that, the guy is all tattooed, in leather and is singing in a rock band. They do hook up again. But Bella learns the hard and most embarrassing way --- the guy was after revenge and humiliation all along.

Here, have a peek at The Ex List: