05 October 2008

Survivor Philippines Week 3

I got spoiled. And it got this week's elimination right.

Gigit was voted off this week. According to spoilers he was booted early because he was able to blog on his journal while the filming of the show was still happening. He did not take down the entry, but he removed the date, I think.

He did not see it coming. If I wasn't spoiled I also wouldn't see it coming; he was one of five possible people who could get the boot. Just a bit surprised the vote was unanimous, when there are two alliances in the group. They were united for this one? How did that happen? (Marlon!!!!) Jarakay is so stupid for voting an asset to the tribe at this point. Worse, it's a double elimination. Someone else will go in the next episode (Monday).

There was something new in last Friday's tribal council. The castaways were asked to stand away from the Tribal Council area one by one while the rest of the castaways talked about them with Paolo Bediones (host). According to the him, the Caucasians (people from the Survivor franchise) saw this new "twist" and liked it. If they should adapt it in other countries, well you know where the idea came first.

Only, this is so typically Pinoy. It's so passive-aggressive. Tribal council is where confrontations happen. It's where you put everything out on the table, and then hopefully arrive at a closure. Or deal with it again when you go back to the camp.

But this new twist allows the others to spill what they feel, without the benefit of the other person hearing it because he's standing far away. What happens when you get back to camp and the ally of that person you squealed at tells him a different story of what you said in the council?

By the way, that's a weird photo of Gigit up there. What's he mimicking? An action figure?