23 October 2008

TV Ratings [10.21.06]

House had another slammin' episode this week with a little of that girl on girl action. It is also getting good scores with its key demo (which I don't put here). So...yay!

Saw Fringe last night...drifted for a few minutes, seriously. The science talk is tuning me out. I mean, it's interesting but I think I'd have to start watching this show at a different time, when my mind isn't functioning less. But oh...Walter Bishop --- I want to take him home!

Haven't check out this week's all important Eli Stone episode with Katie Holmes. Apparently, some 300,000 of you also do not think it's worth checking out. I've seen some of this episode's clips on Youtube and Katie singing and dancing? Wasn't impressive, sorry.

8.00 Block
NCIS CBS 17.06 M
House Fox 12.88 M
Dancing With The Stars Recap ABC 9.35 M
The Biggest Loser NBC 6.98 M
90210 (Repeat) The CW 1.35 M

9.00 Block
Dancing With The Stars Results ABC 16.02 M
The Mentalist CBS 15.29 M
Fringe Fox 9.11 M
The Biggest Loser NBC 7.70 M
Privileged The CW 1.47 M

10.00 Block
Without A Trace CBS 11.60 M
Law & Order: SVU NBC 9.35 M
Eli Stone ABC 8.51 M

This is for network TV only. I was hoping to put the ratings for cable TV, seeing that I've been watching Greek and it had been a good, solid two weeks for them too, story-wise...But cable's overrun with Presidential Debates and Season Games, it's hard to compete with that in the ratings.