30 October 2006



Here we go: despite receiving an order for three more episodes on Friday, the Aaron Sorkin NBC drama “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip” is about to be put out of its misery.

Cast members are already confiding in friends that the end is near. It’s likely NBC will pull the plug shortly I am told by insiders.

Last week, Studio 60 had 7.7 million viewers. Compare that with competing "CSI: Miami," with 17.5 million. That gap cannot be closed.

But ‘Studio 60’ has trouble internally at NBC, forget its intramural rivals. According to ratings stats, the “Saturday Night Live” behind the scenes soap opera loses almost half the viewers delivered to it a few minutes earlier by another new show, “Heroes,” which has become a surprise cult hit.

On Monday, ‘Heroes’ had 14.3 million viewers. The substantial drop off with 'Studio 60' is probably the last nail in its coffin. The order of the three extra episodes is considered by insiders to be a contractual move, and not one based on faith that they will ever be made or aired. The all important demo situation didn’t help: 'Heroes' had 15 percent of viewers aged 18-49. Studio 60 had 8 percent. The notion that 'Studio 60' is a big draw for NBC among desirables is, sadly, blown on those stats.

Sorkin and friends will argue that NBC has done something wrong, or that the audience isn’t smart enough. Alas, in this case, neither is true. 'Studio 60'—as I wrote on August 7th after viewing the pilot—is just a bad show. There’s nothing wrong with the acting, directing, or dialogue writing. But the premise is faulty. No one cares whether a bunch of over caffeinated, well off yuppies, some with expensive drug habits, put on a weekly comedy sketch show from Los Angeles.

Even worse: no one cares whether or not the people from the Bartlett White House puts on a comedy show. That’s what 'Studio 60' is, essentially: the "West Wing" annual talent show. There’s so much earnestness involved in this endeavour, you start to think that nuclear war will be declared if the 'Studio 60' staff doesn’t air some joke—usually one we don’t hear anyway. The whole thing just feels weighted down and frankly, not entertaining.

There is one winner to come out of 'Studio 60,' however: Matthew Perry. In this show he’s proven himself to be a star on his own separate from "Friends." His comedic timing and ability to ad lib, toss off lines, and give restrained physical reactions is what keeps 'Studio 60' even remotely interesting. We can only be hopeful that someone comes up with a great new show for him quickly—but a comedy that’s funny, not a drama that isn’t.

NBC will probably fill the lost 'Studio 60' timeslot with 'Deal-No Deal: The Next Generation,' or some such thing. So the losers here will be the audience, which is about to be pummelled by more reality and game shows. It’s too bad because around the dial there are good new dramas. Despite its heavy “thirtysomething” feel, “Brothers and Sisters” is worth keeping if only for Sally Field, Ron Rifkin and Rachel Griffiths. (But there a mistake was made, too: killing off patriarch Tom Skerritt in the first episode.)

Oh well: I hope Regis is warming up the holiday edition of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." We’re ready!

I'm so heartbroken to be able to say anything else.

28 October 2006

Mabilisan lang...

- Studio 60 has been given the go for 3 fresh episodes. That's a good sign isn't it? Go Matthew! I think I'll pop a Friends DVD tonight, am missing it!
- 30 Rock's casino episode this week reminded me of The Office's Season 2 Casino episode. But it also made me see how badly 30 Rock is regressing to, week after week after week.
- Just read in the news, Veronica Mars is off to college! I haven't even finished watching her escapades in senior high school. I know VM is great, I've seen season 1; a 40ish year old friend (and TV addict/critic) has high praises for it. But my hesitation to catch up with VM is again because of that thing I have... where I do not really like watching shows set in high school or have high schoolers in it. I've yet to finish VM Season 2
- Speaking of high school setting... about Smallville. See, here's why I'm partly bothered. These high schoolers in these shows --- they don't act like high school students; they don't move around a very high school environment; they don't speak like high school students. Yun lang naman ang reklamo ko. :D
- Smallville again --- Tom Welling can't act. Haha. I just realize that after I finished the Season 1 DVD yesterday. Season 2 marathon up next.
- Over at TVU, yesterday was the first time my son saw a few Full House (Bob Saget and baby Mary Kate & Ashely Olsen) episodes and he loved it! My son is the future TV Addict. Harhar.
- And if you're just at home today, check out Star World later this afternoon, around 4PM ---- The Simpson's Marathon, yeah! The marathon ends at 8 PM if I'm not mistaken.

27 October 2006

Tele-puter and other stories

I'm experiencing one of those weeks where I've got to do some more important stuff so I have to set aside TV watching for a while. I'm not liking it very much but sometimes I have to be the responsible adult, rather than the couch potato. Bleeech! It peeves me to think of the episodes already piling up in my PC. I don't know when I can find the time to catch up.

I have, however been continuously watching Smallville before I go to bed at night. So that's my consolation, at least I'm still getting my fix. Oh! By the way, the more I watch Smallville, the more I appreciate Clark & Lex's relationship. Can they just marry each other? LOL!

Anyway, the other day, my husband came home from a meeting with friends, all film and TV enthusiasts --- Pau you didn't go! Hehe.... Well, I didn't too. Anyway, hubby was told he should download this program, the TVU player. How it works is similar to P2P except that computers beam the shows live already, no need for downloading like with torrents.

So right now, this is the machine that's constantly on in the house. And while I'm not able to watch too much, it's my son (currently enjoying his sembreak) who is watching the shows. He now calls our computer the TELE-PUTER. He's able to watch new episodes of Spongebob, so yeah, he's very thrilled about this whole thing.

While I'm doing this entry, the TVU player is now locked on NBC.....my turn on the tele-puter, at least while I still have the time to sit here. I'm expecting The Office anytime now. I'm supposed to be watching Grey's Anatomy but tonight's supposedly a 2hour replay, so I'll pass.

Update: NBC is also on replay. What's with this week? End of World Series? Hockey? I'm switching to CBS. But ugh, it's Survivor now and I've dropped that show already.

I guess the gods are telling me to get back to doing what I'm supposed to be doing and turn the darn TV off. :P

Update 2: Hahha, ayaw paawat. Ugly Betty na lang pala. Yey!

26 October 2006

Ben on X Factor UK

I usually jinx the person when I make an early call so I'm not gonna say he's going to win it. But I think it's safe to say that Ben will make it in the final two.

This week on The XFactor UK, the theme was Songs by Rod Stewart. RS was gracious enough to be on the show, he sang one of his older songs and even coached all the contestants. Ben, the contestant in the video below, has been compared to him, because he has that Rod Stewart/Joe Cocker voice. He's also yummy. :D (Kinda reminds me of local actor John Estrada though, so I'm a bit turned off at that thought.)

Anyway, here's Ben:

Video by: springyman1

25 October 2006

The Nine

Nope, it's not that new TV Show, I just saw it's first episode and it wasn't as enthralling as I've expected it to be.

But I've been tagged by HB (Hi HB! Long time...I lost your link actually, hahah. Sorry! Kasi naman dapat sekwet, LOL!) to: Simply list down nine weird things about yourself and tag nine others. (--- I love this salmon-colored text, very Addison Montgomery!)

1. LOVE: Champorado with lots of bite-size cheese, served cold; tinapay na ang palaman ay spaghetti; tocino with sabaw ng sinigang, and I mean I just prepare the sabaw straight from the pack (yung sinigang mix)

2. Komang ako. Is that how you call it? I mean, my arms, if I really stretch it out upwards, it bends on its own. Freakishly weird. Back in elementary, when a PE teacher told us to stretch our arms up and she was in front of me, she had this look on her face while looking at my arms! I could not forget that one.

3. When I read books, I read those in " " first. If it's a big paragraph without the " ", I skip it. When I'm done, I read the whole thing all over again, without skips this time.

4. I love sleeping on the edge of the bed. It just feels comfortable, with my legs or arms drooping by the side.

5. I collect earrings but never really wear a lot of it.

6. The men in my life (quite a few only), I met them all in my dreams first, all without faces; I can detect when someone is about to text me, a few seconds before the actual text comes in. My instincts are right most of the time. I'd like to believe I have super powers.

7. I don't know how to swim. If the earth suddenly turns into Waterworld, I'd rather die already.

8. I talk to myself.

9. Not only do I talk to myself, I host my own Oprah show in the bathroom, with me as Oprah and Oprah's special guest. That's why it takes me hours to come out from the bathroom, may taping ako!

I tag thee:

24 October 2006

Where have I seen him?

I've been trying to figure out who this guy is. And without checking a cheat sheet (IMDb hehe), I tried my very best to remember.... And that's too much strain on my brain. Took me 5 episodes to figure out. He's that guy from Band of Brothers, that legendary Capt. Ronald Speirs who...
shot twenty to thirty German prisoners of war digging a hole on D-Day, under guard. It is rumored that he gave the prisoners cigarettes, gave them a light, and then shot all of them but one.
Cool huh? Anyway, he's Kitty's (Calista Flockhart) boyfriend on Brothers and Sisters but only appears as guest. That means, they could break up in the next few episodes. Weh. Oh, the actor's name is Matthew Settle, almost forgot to mention that one!

Anyway, I'm currently watching the latest BroSis episode (just had to pause to do this entry coz I might forget if done later!); will catch up on TAR 10; can't wait to watch the boys on Prison Break (it's back, baseball's over) and discover more inconsistencies and impossiblities (fun at times, makes you feel stupid at times) .... so, I'm keeping this entry short.


23 October 2006

Catching up on Smallville

It takes a while for me to warm up to comic book hero stories. I'm not one of those who instantly jump at the thought of watching movies like Spider-Man (great!) or Fantastic Four (crap!) or The X-Men (the first one was the best). I have the new series Heroes on file, but I never got to watching the second episode. Although, ironically, my son was named after a comic book character (Professor X, The X-Men), thanks to my husband (X-men fan, obviously) who just had to convince me it was a brilliant name! :) (Well it is!) Superman (Christopher Reeve) was one of those first few movies I saw inside the movie theater and that in itself makes the movie unforgettable. But even as I liked that movie a lot, it didn't turn me into one of those comic book hero fanboys (girl).

A lot older and more in tune to what I want, my preference for this genre was that of ambivalence. There is some hesitation --- Sure, I'd watch this, just not "right now". Okay, I'd probably like it a lot, too, I would probably even enjoy it ... but I tell you ahead of time --- I don't really look forward to it. If there was another option, I'd go by that other option.

So you must understand my hesitation for Smallville.

And it's not only because of that. It takes me a long time to warm up to a series set in high school or has high schoolers as the lead characters. I've long departed from that ever since 90210 Season 3. You know what I'd say to friends my age watching these types of show? I tell them it's so high school! Well... that and I'd snicker.

Yeah, I'm an old fart.

Anyway, my younger brother, one recent weekend, brought home this Smallville DVD set of Season 1 and 2. He said he wanted my son to watch it (what is it with men and comic book heroes!?) and took pains to tell my boy who Superman is and why he's great and all that. He sort of became the Ambassador for Smallville that way, even surprisingly engaging my Dad, my Aunt and my Mom in the conversation. And while a nice gesture from my son's favorite Uncle, as it turns out, my brother did not realize he chose the wrong family member to convince. Stepping in between my son and my brother (and the whole family), I intercepted the DVD set, studied it's box from inside out (read the inlay and stuff) and asked my brother what's so great about it. And then he starts to tell me little tidbits. I think we even debated about it (that, and The OC! ) . He and his wife were very enthusiastic, convincing me, the... non-believer (hehe).... to at least give it a try.

So the DVD set meant for my son's viewing pleasure (and subsequent initiation to the comic book hero fandom!) now sat on our shelf after my brother and his wife left that weekend, with a promise from me that: "Okay I'll check out your favorite show. Give me two months to watch all 48 (+?) episodes....and then we'll talk about how great it is on your next visit." *snicker*

* Two months was I thought how long it will take for me, counting the many days I will try to avoid watching it.

Yesterday, I saw 8 episodes of Season 1.

I looked over to my husband, who was also watching with me at that time and told him... "I think I'll lose my bet with my brother. Not that there was any bet involved but he told me I'd love it and I was so sure to tell him I won't. But now.... I think he's right." And I hate that feeling someone's right! (Am a Virgo, I have an excuse!) Especially someone right about what I would like!

So, yeah. This old fart's liking Smallville....not a lot though (still in denial hahaha) but to watch 8 episodes in succession? Is sort of a strong indication ---- I could not put the remote down!

So here I am...googling for anything Smallville, trying to catch up, getting to know the series a lot more. I've read a lot of spoilers now, so that just about ruins it for me.... But not so much that I don't look forward to finishing the sets my brother's brought.

There I said it.

Hi, I'm a TV Addict and my most recent one is of Smallville.

22 October 2006

We interrupt the program...

... just to say that this morning, I ate the last one of these and it made me very sad.


Please send me more!!!

20 October 2006

Lost S3 E3 - Further Instructions

Arrrgh. This episode was pretty weak. I never look forward to Locke flashbacks because the more they reveal about him, his character seems to grow weaker. In Season 1, he kicked ass. This time around, I don't know.

Desmond...he has developed superhero powers. Now, that should kick ass! He has prerecognition. He was able to tell what Locke was gonna say to the rest of the 40 stranded people in the island minutes before Locke even said it.

Best scene and best line:

Hurley to Desmond: Uh...the hatch....blew up your underwear?

Irony of the night (and Sheila this is for you!):

Charlie: Oh yeah, the TREES --I hear they're excellent conversationalists.

Yeah-uh...he should know, he's friends with Treebeard!

Other funny lines (Lost is a Drama, is it not? LOL!)

Hurley (after being told of the bears and he is walking by himself in the jungle and he heard a noise): Bear, is that you?

This one made my husband chuckle (though I did not get this right away, sat on my EQ/IQ kasi!):
Charlie to Locke: I'm supposed to stand watch in case you devolve into a monkey.

Don't mind me. I'm just amusing myself with this show. Because I'm completely lost on Lost now!

The Anatomy of Addison and Meredith's Psyche

I posted these on Girltalk (with some variations now).

Why I love Addison:

1. Because you see the growth of her character. In the beginning she was a bitch, eventually you realize she's not so bad after all. Then you realize, she's not bad at all, she just made a big mistake. And owned up to that mistake. That's another plus. She admitted she did wrong and was willing to suffer for it (Derek not loving her as much), and at the same time, refusing to give up fighting for it (still wants to keep the marriage despite Derek not loving her as much). Her character showed strength.

2. Her character showed weaknesses when on the outside, she's such a strong presence --- big-shot doctor, one of the best in her field, gorgeous, nice, funny, has a big heart, smart, rich, sexy.... and yet, she has insecurities (Meredith); so perfect yet so flawed.

There's too many dimensions to Addison. It's a joy to see these dimensions unravel in each episode. Discovering how she is makes her likeability factor a lot more positive.

What is wrong with Meredith:

1. She loves to play the victim. That's why it's easy for other characters to walk all over her. (Christina, Izzy and even buddy-buddy George, who in at least three episodes in Season 2 couldn't stand to be near her, and she just allowed that). Because she plays the victim, the circumstances she gets into makes her an open target for getting hurt.

2. There is something missing in her life. You can tell from the narrations. The stories she tell indicates of discontent, discouragement and heartaches. That's why she whines a lot. For Meredith, I think the bottomline is happiness is equal to finding someone to love her. That's what all that matters. In this sense it is quite understandble. You have to look at her past to understand why:

- She was abandoned by her father
- She was left with a mother who probably hasn't hugged her enough.

So, as a result, you have this pitiful character who desires, above anything else, love.

3. She will forever be like a child, in a sense: immature and self-absorbed. Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me... sounds like something a child would say. And because she unconsciously behaves like a child, Meredith will not be able to make a stand. She is similar to Derek in that aspect.

19 October 2006

Scenes from Brother and Sisters

Just for the record, I am not a fan of family drama. Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Knots Landing, Picket Fences --- these were the shows that allowed for my whole family (from my grandmother, my aunts and down to the youngest cousins) to gather in front of the TV and watch it all together. And me? I joined them too... but I was just there for the potato chips.

Unless it was that kind of family show which involved families plotting to kill another family (such as The Sopranos), I have little patience for sitting down and watching all the drama. I tuned out of Six Feet Under, a show that interestingly, parallels this one. But with Brothers and Sisters my views have changed for some reason. This show just moves me on so many levels.

I think part of the reason why I'm affected is because the actors are very effective. This show's main highlight is on superb acting (with Sally Field leading all of them). The actors deliver very well that you forget some of the plots can be old, unoriginal and too preachy.

Anyway, some scenes and dialogues from B & S:

A scene from Episode 3 - Affairs of the State

Kitty (Calista Flockhart) is out on a date (lost the bet) with her co-host, whom she doesn't have a high opinion of:

Kitty: [after snapping back at her date] Sorry....I find out today that my recently deceased father was a cheater and it's thrown me
Her Date: Wanna talk about it?
Kitty: To you? [laughs] And hear more about you're fiery diety?
Her Date: You don't have to, I was just offering
Kitty: I had a boyfriend who cheated on me once...in college. His name was Alex Sapien (? Bwahaha, don't name your kid Homo!). And when Toni Cavanaugh told me what he'd done, I went, I found him and I told him what I thought. I said, "The world is too fragile for people to be untrue. There's too much at stake, and life's too short for lies...and you're the worst kind of person in the world because you wasted my heart, my time"
Her Date: And what did he say?
Kitty: It doesn't matter what he said. What matters is I'm sitting here thinking the same thing about my dad. And I know it's so....silly. Because I'm a grown woman and I know that that's what men do. But he was my dad, and he's dead.[cries] And I can't kill him. And I can't ask him why...
Her Date: Kitty---
Kitty: What?! Am I sexy when I cry? What stupid thing are you gonna say?
Her Date: I was just gonna say that we don't love the people we love because they're perfect. We love the people we love because they are....even after they're gone.

And cut to next scene where they both got it on, hot and heavy. LOL!

Which is ironic since Kitty has a boyfriend who has offered her marriage!

A scene from Episode 2 - An Act Of Will

Kevin & Kitty, along with their Mom, bails their youngest brother, Justin out from jail.

Justin: [sarcastic]Thanks for bringing the whole family, my day wasn't that enough
Kevin: They were worried about you
Justin: Oh, and you had to do the right thing right? Coz Kevin always does the right thing but sleep with women (Kevin is gay)
Kitty: Justin, shut up for 10 seconds!
Kevin: If you didn't want my help, why did you ask?
Justin: Coz I was in jail, I figured I'd call the family lawyer, I mean that's what you are right?

Mother: If your father could see this behavior!
Justin: He'd what? Judge me? Tell me to get a job?
Mother: He'd be so disappointed!
Justin: Disappointed? Who the hell is he to be disappointed? He's the disappointment
Mother: What does that mean? [Justin is the first sibling to find out about Dad's affair]
Justin: Forget it...
Mother: Your father loved you more than anything in the world, you little spoiled brat!

Justin: You know what that means in this family? It means you suck, it means nothing you do will be good enough!
Kevin: Get in the car!
Mother: Oh, you ungrateful child! You don't care anyone but yourself, how did you get the way? [cries] You know what losing your father has done to me. And yet you take your life and throw it around like it was worthless....why???
Justin: I wish I was dead. Don't you understand that, I wish I died over there Mom!
Mother: Well you didn't die. And I'll be damned if I stand around and watch you kill yourself!
Kitty: Enough, enough Mom.

Wooooh. Someone give this woman an Emmy!

I heard a beautiful music from this show, a Don Henley original remade by a groovy band called Indie Arie. Please listen to Heart of The Matter:

18 October 2006

Studio 60 - The Long Lead Story

Tonight I saw a bit of Chandler Bing in Matt Albie.

Tonight I saw someone's hilarious Nic Cage impression (who's he? He's gooooood!)

Tonight I wanna find me that Sting song and listen to it again.

Tonight I find that the best line was when Harriet told ex-boyfriend Matt, "You knock my socks off!" and I think that was her way of saying, "I adore you, but..."

Tonight was a solid episode.

Good show.


Quick post:

I'm currently catching up on Brothers and Sisters.

Damn this show!!! It's been a long while since I've cried my eyes out.... and its a relief! Haaaay, I'm lovin' this one.

Full entry sometime later...

17 October 2006



My favorite contestant on Australian Idol 2006 was booted out last night.

This season showed a lot of promising talents, each of them very unique and different, that judges have regarded this batch as the best Australia's ever had.

Come finals night, all the praises and admiration seem to have sizzled out. For me at least. It turns out, a unique and different batch can eventually become too boring and safe and detached. Some performances didn't translate and connect too well for me. And their song choices were not great.

There was one person though, who, no matter how obscure his song choices were and how weird he performed, continued to hold my attention week after week. Being a unique and different artist was either of two things: you are either so out of this world, that you lead the audience and bring them into it; or you're so out of this world, that listeners refuse to go on board your world. For Bobby Flynn, he managed to do the former. Watching and listening to him was such a..... ride. He was odd, but in a very, very, very good way.

I think Bobby was the most original person on Idol ever. Unfortunately, his journey ended last night, when he earned the lowest number of vote counts. And I am bummed...

Here's a ten minute video from last night's boot:

Video upload by swiift

It will not be the same without him. G'bye Fluffhead! I'll be keeping tabs of your career. You have a big fan in me.


On to another Fluffhead...

Caught up with the first round of the XFactor S3 UK Finals and whaddaya know, Fluffhead 2.0 made the cut!

This is Ashley. He also got this weird head of hair (like Bobby's!) and sings differently. He sounds a bit like Aaron Neville, I should say... but there's something odd about his voice too, because it also suits the Big Band genre.

Video upload by skippywebb

I still haven't picked a favorite so far. Ashley just seems to stand out from the very beginning, but I have a slight reservation. His vocals aren't too strong.

It's still week one, we'll see.

16 October 2006

Ugly Betty

This show has been remade in at least nine different countries, and I have not seen a single version, save for this one: the Americans' take on Y Soy Betty La Fea or what millions of people (if we go by the ratings) now know as Ugly Betty. I caught up with this show this morning and saw its first three episodes in succession. So how was it?

For starters, I think this show is overrated. Don't get me wrong, I intend to watch this show some more (more on why later). I just didn't think it was that outstanding. I'd liken this show to a bunny ---- adorable. Not a lot of people will be turned off by bunnies, the way they are, all nice and cute. But there would be some people who would rather see cuteness in white wolves.

The pilot episode was very predictable. You know what to expect in the end - Betty was going to save the magazine's agreement with a big advertiser; or you know the pretty receptionist was going to be bitchy; or that Betty's jerk-of-a-boss was going to have her back after she quit. It felt like a week in the life of Andy from The Devil Wears Prada. I know that that has been said quite a lot, and the reason why it's said that is because IT IS like watching TDWP.

However, as I mentioned, I intend to watch this show some more. Why? Admittedly, I am one of those people who would probably say white wolves are cute. I am one of those that know they could be dangerous but if I could bring one home to be my pet? Sure, I would! The bunnies? There will be no burning desire for me to bring one home as a pet. However, if asked to watch over it for a few minutes? I guess I would be fine with it. I might not have a lot of fun doing it, but I would be very sure, I won't stand to lose a finger when I pet them.

As a TV show, Ugly Betty doesn't hold up to the likes of Prison Break, Lost, House or the closest in its category, Grey's Anatomy (closest being a drama/comedy show.... that makes me wanna sometimes throw something at the TV set because there are characters that just make my blood boil!) Ugly Betty is super light, it's whimsical, it's fun, it's corny, it's sappy....it's just not that great. It's just you sitting there, watching a show...and there are days when I need to feel these. Betty is a break from watching too much of those adrenalin pumping, emotion inducing, or brain frying shows I normally like to tune to. Watching TV shows can sometimes stress me out and here is something that comes as a form of relief.


This is a shot from Ugly Betty. Upon close examination I find that how this photo appears is really familiar to me. I'm thinking and I'm thinking and I'm thinking and then I realize why.... Haha! This is me on days when I'm harassed. This is also my have -not -taken -a -bath -nor -combed -my -hair -coz- I'm -not -going -out -and -am -just -gonna -watch -tv -all -day look! Darn, I am an Ugly Betty!

Save for the braces (which I do not have), I realize that maaaaan, I've gotta get my brows done!


Anyhoo...where have I seen them? Ashley Jensen and Lucy Davis:

Ashley plays Christina, one of Betty's friend, a costume.... consultant (is it?? or care-taker? I don't know what her title is!) for Mode Magazine. Lucy, whom I've also made an entry for the other day, is the Fashion TV host for this show.

Two fascinating British Actors from two shows I like a lot, now playing supporting characters on American TV: Extras (Ashley) & The Office UK (Lucy)

And finally.... empanadas?

One word: YUMMY!!!

15 October 2006

Finally, am going to try watching Smallville..NOT

Had a party today, baby boy turned 9 and I'm so beat. My legs hurt. I think I did not sit down for hours. My baby boy's not a baby anymore, he's about 4 to 6 inches short of towering over me. Time flies so fast.... :(

Tonight I will take a moment to unwind and watch DVDs of Smallville.

This was a show that could not hold my interest for the longest time. I have tried watching this the very first time it aired in 2004 (?) and that pilot was the first and last episode I saw.

But now, thanks to my brother who so kindly lent me his sets, I'm about to check the show and see what the buzz is for myself.

So, fly away I go. See you in a bit.


Update: 9:35 PM

I failed to jump the Smallville wagon tonight, or fly into it...whatever. Instead, I decided to check out Brothers & Sisters with Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal)...what can I say? ----> *weep*

From Season 1 Episode 1 - Patriarchy, this was the best scene for me:

Mom (Sally Field): You want my opinion if you should be marrying a man I don't even know
Kitty (Calista Flockhart): Well it was your choice... you were the one who virtually refused to be in my life for three years, who barely spoke....and I know it's because I unforgivably gave my opinion about Justin ---
Mom: Not refused. Couldn't....... I was afraid of the things I didn't want to say
Kitty: Well let's just say it...that I sent Justin to war, that I put him in the frontlines, that's reductive, that's ridiculous!
Mom: He trusted you. He asked you! And you said to him ---
Kitty: I would tell him the same thing today. I would tell him that I was proud of him. I was there... I was right there. I was in New York, I was six blocks away from where the towers fell ---
Mom: I know where you were! Kitty, for godssakes you're my child, I was terrified for you. I was on the phone with you, and then I was terrified for him, day after day after day...you have no idea what it's like for a mother, you have no idea. And then you don't think about that when you go on the air and you sell your views. And now you're going to be doing it on national television. Oh, Kitty that's just great...really great.
Kitty: No mom. This is not just about my politics. Tommy and Dad think the same things I do and you've managed to reconcile forty years of loving somebody who fundamentally disagrees with you..... but you can't love me. And I don't know what it's about. But it's not about the war.


And then the Dad dies on the pilot episode, at the end.

And then the secrets come out.

I think this will be on my watchlist now. This and Ugly Betty.

And I am bumping two shows out:
  • goodbye Survivor, it's the same thing all over again. Nakakapagod
  • goodbye Philippine Idol, they voted out the best and most unique singer in the batch.

    I think I'll watch Smallville on Saturday nights now, to fill the spot I opened when I gave up on PI.
  • 13 October 2006

    The Office S3 E4 - Grief Counselling

    While watching tonight's episode of The Office, I could not help but feel that things are not the same with Jim out of the Scranton branch. And I was feelin' a little blue.

    Until this scene towards the last few minutes of the show...

    That really cracked me up!

    TV.Com Info: After learning that his old boss, the former regional manager, has died, Michael attempts to guide the Dunder Mifflin staff through their grief as he searches for the right way to honor a company man.

    However, his staff don't really care. When asked to share their personal stories of losing a loved one, they took these "personal" stories from movie synopsis like Million Dollar Baby and The Lion King (which Michael failed to pick up on, until someone told his personal story following the story of Weekend at Bernie's!).

    And the only one really grieving here is Michael. So much so that, upon seeing a dead bird by their office's door, he lost in and went insane. And so now we have this video of the bird funeral. Yes, that was what they were doing --- sending a dead bird to heaven!


    Quotable quotes:

  • "There's such thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown."
  • "His capa was detated!" (Michael's former boss died because he was drunk and met an accident...got his head decapitated from his body)

    Creed: "Humans can live for hours without their heads...
    Dwight: That's chickens..
    Creed: What did I say?
    Michael: He died all alone...without his head to keep him company..."

    This episode has "award" written all over it.
  • Lost S3 E2 - The Glass Ballerina

    Let me start this entry by saying out loud: Trixiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee! I cannnot imagine I have missed this girl from Deadwood! But on Lost, as Connie, one of The Others, her appearance might be short-lived --- Sun shot her! And if my mind had a pop-up window, at that moment, it would have to be popping up images of Sun in Shiri. Anyway, it's odd to see Trixie/Connie's character talking so....sanitized. If this were Deadwood, she would have been ranting expletives at 100 mph by now!

    Anyway, today on Lost we find that Benjamin Linus (aka Henry) believes in what Homer Simpson believes: The answer to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle, they're on TV! Hehehe.... Ben was finally prepared to reveal a couple of secrets to Jack. Ben had someone bring in the TV for that and I was anticipating a major reveal, just like Jack. Seeing that this is just the second episode, was everyone thinking we'll all get real answers? Ekkkk!
    The secret Ben revealed had nothing to do with the island nor their predicament. It had to do with the Red Sox winning the series in 2004. And here I was thinking on the edge of my seat, also waiting for answers....and all I got was a flashback to sports history. Until I realized, there is a significance to all of that, the moment was poignant, there is a purpose. And now it leaves me wondering what and why. At more than one instance in past seasons of Lost, Jack and his father have mentioned something about the Red Sox never having won for a long time. Of all the news that Ben had to show from the outside world, he showed Jack this. The look on Jack's face was priceless. There's a significance there somewhere and it all relates to the relationship of the dad and the son.

    Also in this episode, we discover that Sun lies to her father a lot (okay not a lot, just two times...). As a child, Daddy discovers she broke the glass ballerina, even when she said the maid did it. (That glass ballerina was probably expensive or Daddy wouldn't have a fit...but I have a similar one like it and it was bought cheap at SM! LOL!) As an adult, Daddy discovers she's sleeping with someone other than her husband. Despite what some people may think about Sun being one of those with a less significant character or role in the story (and therefore has to go), I like her. I like her story and I am eager to learn more about it. Everytime Lost takes Sun's story as the main story (Sun-centric, as they would say), I always end up liking it. So --- yey for this episode!

    Double yey!!! for this one:


    11 October 2006

    30 Rock Pilot

    Before anything else, let me quote a couple of lines from NBC's new comedy, 30Rock:
    Liz Lemon (Tina Fey): What are you doing down here?
    Jack (Alec Baldwin): I was known for being hands-on
    Liz Lemon: Clearly...
    Jack: That's how you should dress by the way.
    Liz Lemon: Yeah, If I was President of the Philippines.

    TV.Com info: Liz Lemon, played by Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey, is the head writer of the fictional TV show, 'The Girlie Show.' When her old boss dies and a new boss comes in, Liz must try to run a successful TV show without losing her mind.

    The Girlie Show is something similar to SNL aka Saturday Night Live, from where Tina Fey came from (she was SNL's headwriter/lead star for over a decade). In other words... this, 30Rock, is a spoof of what she really does in real life. It is named aptly so because 30 Rock stands for 30 Rockefeller St., location of NBC studios, where SNL (or this fictional SNL --- The Girlie Show) airs.

    So how was it?

    Lemme put it this way....those lines I quoted from the show (above ^)? Not funny! (I quoted it only for the Pinoy mention. Heh!) And apparently, the rest of the show is deficient of some humor, except for Alec Baldwin --- whose character here reminds me of his character on Friends, Phoebe's date, who annoyed everybody because he was very enthusiastic about everything --- "Take a mental picture". Yep, he's a little bit like that guy here (only, less enthusiastic but more annoying).

    Anyway, moving a long...

    The show just did not capture me. I was fairly disappointed with the pilot since I expected to be laughing out loud (didn't!). And also because I would've liked for Tina Fey to succeed with this show since I like how smart she is.

    However, it's still the first episode. Obviously some more tweaking should take place after the reviews and ratings are out. Plus the previews of upcoming episodes seem insteresting. And then there's Rachel Dratch too. So, we'll see....

    Incidentally, this show is being compared to Studio 60, because they are similar in many ways:
    1. airs on NBC
    2. is about an SNL type of show
    3. the lead characters are writers
    4. has a number on its title (divisible by 2 or 5 or 10!)

    ... but the similarities end there.

    Studio 60 is a drama, it's the West Wing of the Television World. 30 Rock is clearly a comedy. I'm actually getting a Curb Your Enthusiasm & Extras vibe watching the pilot episode and that should say something to me since these two shows I compare it with are outstanding, but 30 Rock just falls short and I can't figure out why that is so...for now.

    Promising, yes.

    Spectacular, as I expected it would be (because of all the buzz!) --- so far, nope.

    30 Rock
    Season 1 Episode 1 - The Pilot
    Original Airing: Oct 11, 2006
    Network: NBC

    10 October 2006

    Where have I seen them?

    Rashida Jones: First saw her in NY-LON, which only lasted one Series, back in 2004 and was aired in a UK Channel. The story was fresh to me and since that was the year SATC said its farewell, I was looking for something with a similar feel (it's not it, I discovered later). NY-LON was okay; good premise --- LDR was not something which has been explored in great depth on television. However, the show was supposed to make you wanna fall in love, but it didn't. So in that aspect, it failed.

    The second time I saw Rashida was in Our Thirties, which was supposed to premiere this season (Fall 2006), but I'm not seeing it anywhere. I guess did not get picked up? And it's no wonder why --- Our Thirties was not funny, it was junk and no one will be watching it anyway.

    And finally, Rashida appears on The Office Season 3, as seen in the photo. She plays Karen and I think she will be the character Tim falls in love with, in place of Pam (who couldn't be in a relationship with Tim because she was engaged to someone else...*sigh*) Just when I was rooting for him and Pam. Tsk!

    Let's re-live a Jim and Pam moment shall we?

    Speaking of The Office...guess who appeared on Studio 60 last week (Episode 3: Focus Group)? It's that girl on the left....and she is none other than the "original" Pam of The Office, who in the UK version, is named Dawn....who ended up with her Tim (Jim for UK version) towards the finale of The Office UK.

    Lucy Davis appears very briefly on Studio 60. And I don't think she has more than 3 words to her line (whispers actually, I could barely hear her!). I hope she has more screen time in the coming episodes.

    Speaking of Studio 60...I think I may have mentioned that I am in love with this show more than once. But apparently someones is already breaking up with it! The letter sounds so much like something I wrote back in the day when I was having my own Jim/Tim - Pam/Dawn moment. Mwehehe....

    08 October 2006

    The one where I complete my Friends DVD

    I've finally completed my favorite-test(!!!!) TV show on DVD!

    After 4 years of trying to complete the whole set (haha ang tagal!) I've finally completed all 10 seasons on original DVD. That's Php 30,000 very well spent, in a span of four years! Hihihi. Yey! Yey! Yey!

    Next sets to complete: Frasier. 7 boxsets to go, to complete 11. Darn.

    Oh, excuse the changes on this site. I've upgraded to the new blogger version and my old template doesn't work anymore. This blog now looks like it belongs to a 12 year old school girl!!! :(

    07 October 2006


    I'm talking about her:

    ...and from today I'll start calling her McSlutty!

    This girl on the right is the one I really love, running mascara and all. And it's not because she's the legal wife or anything, it's not about that. It's because she's a great character, she's 10x more human than McSlutty.

    Addison: Weren't you just up on 3?
    Meredith: I was...we lost a patient, a little girl and I just ----
    Addison: Why don't you pick a floor, and stay on it. And I'll pick a floor and stay on that because I really need a moment or two without you. Your face shows up in my head, your panties show up in my husband's pocket, really you're everywhere and I need a moment or two without you...

    06 October 2006

    What the F was that?

    Darn, Lost. The season 3 premiere was F. What the hell was that?

    - The OTHERS live in, what seems to be an underdeveloped Wisteria Lane?

    - The OTHERS have an underwater facility

    - And Sawyer...

    No matter how HOT he is? Not so smarty hot in the head...

    ...unlike the bears daw...bwahaha!

    If you saw the premier, this peace of info might baffle you even more:
    I've read that Juliet did not listen to a Petula Clark song (Downtown). She put on a Talking Heads CD, but heard Petula Clark. Either 1) she's not very particular about organizing her CD collection; 2) it's conditioning, as what theories say, this is all an experiment, behaviors are conditioned...that kind of shit.

    Click to see bigger picture

    And judging by the way the story has gone to now, I'd say they're also conditioning us, the viewers, big time. I mean, why keep watching this show when you know you always end up getting more confused? That's what I ask myself about Lost all the time!

    Season 3 Episode 1 - A Tale of Two Cities
    Original Airing: October 5, 2006
    Network: ABC

    05 October 2006

    You look like one of them, but you talk like one of us...

    My latest favorite show is in danger of being cancelled. *sniff*. Studio 60, in its premiere three weeks ago, made decent ratings. But three episodes down the line and they're losing audience share of up to 30%. Not a lot of people get it. And I don't get that. Is it the writing? Does one have to be an idiot to get it? It's not a complicated show. Anyway, this week, my favorite line would have to be Danny, the show's director, telling the network president (played by Amanda Peet):

    You look like one of them, but you talk like one of us...

    Amanda Peet's character, Jordan, would have to be one of the reasons why I love this show (the other being Matthew Perry). Jordan, the character, is one smart and powerful woman (Idooool!!). Only 30-ish and she already heads a big network. And I like how they made her character "one of 'em"...you know, and not the suit-type. Amanda plays her effortlessly. I just learned now, Amanda can be quite an effective actress.

    Here's hoping something favorable happens to this show in the next couple of weeks, I'd hate to see its demise this early. Aaron Sorkin's other shows like Sports Night survived a good two seasons, West Wing, seven (?). If Studio 60 falls somewhere between that, I'd be very happy!

    If not, well, people are quick to jump ship over at 30 Rock which stars the real Studio 60's (Saturday Night Live) alumn, Tina Fey. This show premieres on the 11th of October.

    Speaking of premiere, Lost Season 3 just started.....eeeeeekkkk! Here we go again with the mysteries!

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    Season 1 Episode 3 - The Focus Group
    Original Airing: October 3, 2005
    Network: NBC

    01 October 2006

    The week that was - 9/24-9/30

    The past week was a bad week.

    On the work front, I experienced a loooot of delays. Without going into the boring details, let me just say that there were many opportunities wasted this week. Thanks to moods and mindsets (my own fault), customs delays and delays of natural causes (not my fault!).

    Incidentally, for whatever reason, my download access seems to have also been delayed. Took me days to get one TV show...my connection is so slow. So, while I was prepared to watch my favorites one after the other, I had to sit and wait and wait and wait some more.

    Nonetheless, nothing can stop a tv junkie, right? So here's what went on in my junkie life. [Cue VO of my mandatory: previously @ Mindy's...]

    Season 3 Episode 6
    Final Audition

    Have you seen Simon Cowell smile? He looks demonic:

    XFactor is an American Idol-like Singing Competition. Except here, judges are also made to compete with each other. Each judge is to handle 3 acts/talents. If one of their talents is in the bottom 2 or is booted out, it also means they lose the challenge.

    This smile was the result of Simon winning it over another Judge Louie Walsh. Simon is going to handle singers between 16-25, Louie is taking charge of the group/bands, of which Simon last year failed at handling (he dissed his own ward!). None of them wanted to handle groups/bands this year. Sharon Osbourne, the other judge, is taking charge of the 25 and over singers.

    Tonight is actually the start of boot camp for all who have successfully auditioned. Thoughts on that in my next entry.

    The Amazing Race
    Season 10 Episode 2
    Can Horses Smell Fear?

    I have failed to give this episode my full concentration when I was watching it. I was doing something else and didn't to get into the excitement. I will have to watch it one more time, as this was supposedly a good episode --- lots of cars breaking down, making the racers all stressed out and cranky (which in essence is what makes this race fun, seeing people disintegrate haha). Anyhow, the campy cheerleades were the next team out. And while I don't really like them (how old are they? 22? 25-26? What do they have got to cheer about, they're not in any college, I bet? They cheer about...life???) I feel sorry they got the boot...no I don't. I don't care at all.

    Though, this season is a crop of likeable people, it's hard to pick one you want to hate with a passion.

    Grey's Anatomy
    Season 3 Episode 2
    I Am A Tree

    Okay, I wasn't too happy with the premiere episode the other week, where I felt that the writing wasn't in order. But this time....it's all good. Recap here.

    I'm not all about Meredith. I actually like Addison's character even more. Her and McSteamy.

    So, hooray for this one:

    I'm reminded of a Friends moment. When the girls kept chanting: Drop the towel, drop the towel, drop the towel! And that's what was on my dirty mind!

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    Season 1 Episode 2
    The Cold Open

    Recap here.

    Did I mention I am in love with this show? But most people/critics say it seems to intellectual, it might not even last with the general viewing public. I get a Sports Night vibe to it when I watch it. Although, sadly, Sports Night was cancelled two seasons in....because the general viewing public didn't get it. Wahahaaaa.

    For the love of good TV, I hope Studio 60 stays. And wins an Emmy. It is a genius work. Watch it, watch it, watch it!

    For this episode --- the press conference to introduce Danny and Matt's return to Studio 60? Best dialogue? Quotable quotes?:

    Reporter: You've both been gearing up for a movie, why would you abandon that to come back to television?
    Matt: Danny and I feel we both grew up at Studio 60 and we were given a chance to come home ---
    Danny: [cuts Matt] Ten days ago I tested positive for coccaine and the insurance company won't bond me until I had 18 months of clean tests, so I won't be directing movies for a couple of years...
    [long pause, media gets into a frenzy]
    Reporter: Did you say ---
    Danny: I did and that is the last you'll hear me speak publicly about it...
    Reporter: Jordan, did you know about this when you hired them?
    Jordan: I can't remember, I was high at that time...

    Hahahaha. That was good, was it not? This show has some spunk. Love it, love it, love it.

    New Zealand Idol 2006

    I decided to check this show out, for the sake of comparison against how our own Idol show holds up. My god! They have back up dancers on the show!!! And because of this, I couldn't concentrate on listening to the contestants. I just kept laughing. This is DAG with a capital D-A-G. I will have to choose bad singer over this at any time. I know performers will be asked to dance, on more than one instance in their careers. But on an Idol show? This was just something I was not prepared to see.

    Australian Idol 2006
    Theme: Number One Songs

    Sure, Bobby Flynn's performance was a trainwreck. But you've got to have love for a man who takes it all in and humbles himself. He knows he did not do well but he's still appreciative. His bad performance though, is vocally 10x better than some other contestant's good night:

    I think he blacked out because he was trying to be what he wasn't (based on what the movement teacher wanted him to be).

    He's an enigma.

    Prison Break
    Season 2 Episode 6

    This show is slowly losing me...and I don't wanna drop this one just yet. But I've seen this shot or premise before...It's getting repetitive and predictable and boring and ridiculous. Are the writers running out of story? Where's the excitement?

    Survivor 13
    Episode 3 Flirting and Frustration

    Ha! So, the racial divide only lasted 2 episodes? They were in their race groups for a good ol' 7 days and Mark Burnett decides to merge them into two mix tribes. Meh. Boriiing. Dropping it, dropping it, dropping it.

    Season 3 Episode 4
    Lines in the Sand

    Recap here. Best line/moment? House looking very drugged telling Cameron: You have pretty hair! (photo below)

    That one made me laugh out loud. It was so cute.

    And is it just me or is Cuddy sending out certain body languages? What doctor, in her position at that (she's like the director right?, sits with her legs raised up to the table, her panties almost peeking I bet? She did this more than once:

    Don't get me wrong, I love Cuddy's character. I just see that there's something there the writers have attempted to explore (possible Cuddy + House relationship) but didn't. And it's been 3 years....feels like Grey's Anatomy's MerDer dance.

    Anyhow....I have two more shows to finish to make up for the week that was. I have yet find time and watch The Office and My Name is Earl....

    Ugh so little time!!!

    Oh and yes, missed Philippine Idol last night? Here, I did a summary. Results tonight. Can't say who leaves because the performance isn't the indicator. We've got a weird voting public.