16 February 2013

TV NEWS: More reunions, The Vatican, Hannibal, Ron Weasley, Zero Hour & More

Valentine's Day happened this week and on TV, this was probably what I liked best:

Sue and Darrin in THE MIDDLE
Sue's had two boyfriends before this guy, but looks like the first real relationship she will be on. I do love how Sue's grown up on this show. She's still as clueless as ever, but her little bubble is expanding. Are you following THE MIDDLE? You're missing out of something fun, if you aren't.

On with the news...

Showtime's THE VATICAN (timely!) casts the Pope's confidante. No news on who will play Pope yet | via The Hollywood Reporter. But apparently, the lead character isn't a Pope, but a Cardinal. And he will be played by none other than Kyle Chandler | via Deadline. Such a huge fan of Kyle Chandler's work on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.  This brings me back to a time Kyle Chandler won Emmys for Best Actor & Minka Kelly took a knee for Coach. :) Watch:

"Power Ranking the Friday Night Lights Cast’s Current Careers" | via Vulture.

Pilot News: Ron Weasley is doing TV, people! He will star in CBS’ SUPER CLYDE | via TV Guide. I hope this gets picked up and I hope they won't let him do an American accent.

Home Improvement reunion happening on LAST MAN STANDING | via E!Online. I am excited!  This one's last week's news but I didn't tweet this yet: Cosby Show reunion happening on GUYS WITH KIDS | via Huffington Post. Then of course, there's that FRIENDS reunion happening on GO ON sometime April. And that FIREFLY reunion which happened on CASTLE this week. I loooooove all these little reunions! :) TV's the best!!!

Neal Patrick Harris says he wants to do SURVIVOR. Jeff Probst is extending challenge to other celebs | via People. Make it happen!

THE KILLING Season 3 just got very, very interesting with this new addition | via Grantland. I skipped watching Season 2 after that disappointing first season ender. But I am going to be on board for Season 3. They should make up for past mistakes by now and give viewers what we deserve.

 Uh-oh! HAPPY ENDINGS. I have no more words. |  via Huffington Post.

KILL THIS SHOW NOW! “Glee's Most Shocking Episode Ever? Someone's Pregnant, and Two Girls Hit the Sack!" | via E!Online.

"Lifetime Developing ‘Cleopatra’ Miniseries" | via Deadline.

ZERO HOUR didn't do well by debuting on Valentine's night | via HitFlix. I checked out the show last night and was impressed by the concept. But I think it has a weak cast. That's another show gone to waste then?

Heads up! HANNIBAL is set to premiere April 4 on NBC. There is a lack of TV teasers for this, when I'm aware that production for this series has been on since early last year. Why are there no teasers or promos yet? I may have missed something in the news, but I do remember Hannibal having had delays in finding an air date. It's like the network doesn't want it aired.

Last night, I decided I'll stop watching THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. The show's all over the place now. I know the series is a fantasy, which means any plausible event can take place. But it's just starting to get ridiculous. It's hard to focus when the writers also do not have focus with the way this show is developing. What about you? Quitting any show this week?

13 February 2013

TV NEWS: Suits, Walking Dead, TV Pilots and Renewals & More

My week is starting out crazy, so I had to slow down with watching TV.  And what's that like for me? It's like I'm down with fever! TV is my vitamins! But real life stuff are piling up, so I've got to attend to it first. Booo!

Anyway... these are the TV news stories I've gathered and posted up on Twitter for the last three days.

I like what the show's producers said about The Carrie Diaries here | via TV Guide. "It's great to blast out in the first episode, but I'd rather grow. To become something, rather than to be something and watch it just sort of linger." Wish it was the same for Emily Owens MD.

Meet the teenager who will play Mary, Queen of Scots in REIGN | via Deadline. The series is airing on The CW, TV Season 2013-2014.

GLEE's Jonathan Groff will star in an HBO show about gay men | via Huffington Post.

Someone from SUITS is coming to the Philippines?? I heard it first from my friend, KV | via Jack TV Facebook.

The return of JERICHO? | via HuffPostTV. Before REVOLUTION, there was JERICHO.


THE WALKING DEAD returns to astonishing ratings! | via Entertainment Weekly.

Sawyer from LOST (Josh Holloway) is returning to TV with this CBS drama | via Deadline.

Singer John Legend is producing a TV Show, an FBI Drama | via Hollywood Reporter.

A Montana television station's regular programming was interrupted by news of a ZOMBIE apocalypse | watch it on Youtube.

"7 best (and worst) theories of what caused REVOLUTION's blackout" | via Blastr.

CANCELLED: BBC's The Hour, which only lasted 2 series. | via RadioTimes.

NBC drops to #4 again | via NY Post.

Meet Raj's girlfriend on THE BIG BANG THEORY | via BBT's Facebook Page.

THE FOLLOWING loses followers (viewers) every week | via Entertainment Weekly.

Your TV List is going to be full with these upcoming drama shows | via Hollywood Reporter.

Watch a series of teasers for the upcoming series: VIKINGS | via Buddy TV.

The deadliest TV Show on air? THE WALKING DEAD, according to this via Hollywood Reporter.

09 February 2013

Daily TV News: Pilot Casting, Renewals, Cancellations & Ratings.

This NCIS: LA Spinoff is shaping up nicely with its casting: Scott Grimes enlists | via The Hollywood Reporter.

1600 PENN has been bumped (for next week's sched). NBC is making programming changes | via The Futon Critic

Cancelled: DO NO HARM | via TV Line. This is due to low ratings. Speaking of ratings.... Viewers: 18.85 million, Demo (Age 18-49): 6.1/18. These are BIG BANG THEORY's numbers last night. 6.1 demo? THAT IS HUGE, by today's standards.

Mr. Selfridge is renewed for S2. Yay! | via Digital Spy. I am quite enjoying the first season, although this week's episode (the fifth) was most cliche-d.

Christina Applegate leaving UP ALL NIGHT | via Huffington TV. What is happening in this show?

COMMUNITY ratings go up. Surprise! | via Entertainment Weekly. I thought last night's return was still funny but the some of the character's oddness were so defined, it was over the top.

How The Office is echoing Friday Night Lights | via Vulture. This is in relation to the Jim & Pam storyline.

Being Human has been canceled by the BBC after 5 seasons | via Blaster.

Not sure I want this Walking Dead Bluray disc set sitting on my shelf coz it's kinda creepy | via Geek News MTV.

Emma Roberts is doing a drama series on Fox | via TV Line.

Ratings for Modern Family is slipping | via Entertainment Weekly.

Who is out of New Girl, but will star in his own TV show (About A Boy, the adaptation of that Hugh Grant film)? | via Deadline.

Fringe's John Noble guest stars on The Good Wife | via TV Line. This show really knows which guest actors to pick. I'm excited!

Why, hello good news! Pilot Season: James Wolk will co-star in CBS’ The Crazy Ones with Robin Williams | via TV Guide.

Remember that cute boy from SMALL WONDER (80's comedy)? Here he is now! via TMZ.

07 February 2013

Daily TV News: House of Cards, Mindy Kaling vs Lena Dunham & More!

Surprisingly nothing that interesting is popping up in the news lately, which is why I can barely do the "daily" TV news round. Anyway, here's a rundown from the last three days...

13 episodes of HOUSE OF CARDS already out. Binge-watching can lead to: 6 stages of "House of Cards" grief | via Variety. I've seen three episodes so far and...yes, it is quite good. I consider any show that tackles power-grabbing as good material. There's a lot you can do with the plot.  But the most compelling part about House of Cards is that it has the right person to lead it (Kevin Spacey).

REJOICE!! "Courteney Cox Heads to Matthew Perry's 'Go On'" | via The Hollywood Reporter. We have been waiting for this ever since Go On started, right? Only, this may be an indication that the ratings for Go On aren't really making NBC happy so they have to pull this stunt. What do you think?

Tracking THE FOLLOWING's Natalie Zea's TV career | via Vulture.  Started loving her on Dirty Sexy Money 4 or 5 yrs ago. I thought that show was one of her best works.

10 TV Comedies That Got Better with Time | via Buddy TV. I liked that this list includes THE NEIGHBORS, the lone freshman show on it. Speaking of The Neighbors, it's likely going to get a renewal | via TV by The Numbers.

'Gilmore Girls': Where are they now? | via CNN. A few of its stars are still doing TV.

TV's most-wanted stars for fall 2013: Hugh Laurie, Rose Byrne, Rainn Wilson | via Entertainment Weekly.

See the liner notes on Robin Sparkles' long lost CD | via Vulture. Her return the other night drew 10 Million viewers for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER on CBS.

"New Girl’s kiss was thrilling, but it kills another “friendship ’ship”" | via The AV Club. I haven't seen the episode after that kiss, so I don't know how the aftermath was dealth with. Did you like that Nick and Jess have crossed this line, though? For those who don't like this show, read this and reconsider: "In Defense of New Girl (Hear Us Out…)" | via Village Voice.

Who do Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham think they are? | via Spectator Tribune. I was watching THE MINDY PROJECT when it  occured to me that Mindy Kaling's direct competition is Lena Dunham. Both women are top writers and creators of their own show (Dunham for GIRLS). And I like watching what they've done. So, I asked this last night on Twitter, about who viewers prefer between the two:

And I got this reply from a Twitter friend, which I actually agree with:

I do get tons of laugh from Mindy's antics on her show. She went for RomCom and she aces this genre. But as far as depth goes, Lena, fucked up as her character is on her show, often hits it right on the mark. She speaks for her generation's angst and issues. I don't like all those drama, but more often than not, those issues are very real.

"Nobody Likes SMASH" | via The Atlantic Wire. Last night's 2nd season return bombs. This probably means no more 3rd season, then?

John Corbett (Aidan on SATC) has a new show | via TV Guide.

With the success of HOUSE OF CARDS, Netflix is doing a TV show on this guy next | via Deadline.

This actor is gonna do comedy for his next TV show. And I think it's a good move for him! | via TV Line.

The cast of Just Shoot Me, reunited | via Vulture. Remember this show?

04 February 2013

Daily TV News: Scandals, Elementary, Spartacus & More!

It's February sweeps, folks! I wonder which shows are going to shine this month.

Anyway, the news...

Why SCANDAL, now on its 2nd Season, has become a hit | via Big TV Fan. I am still trying to "get" this show. But I can't seem to get on board. I didn't really like the first season. Am I missing out a lot?

Why DO NO HARM had the worst premiere | via Deadline. I thought "worst premiere" was in reference to this season. But apparently, it's for the entire history of network TV. I would've asked for your reactions of the pilot episode. But since no one watched this, asking would be pointless.

This rebooted AMERICAN IDOL is actually better, according to this article | via Grantland. I currently have no plans of watching this show...yet. I do hear Keith Urban is doing great. Guess leaving The Voice Australia for this was a good call.

Why ELEMENTARY is worth watching | via Slate Magazine. Glad to say I stuck with it when I was thinking of quitting. The show has come around.

Enjoyed reading this interview with SPARTACUS' Liam McIntyre | via TV Line.

After 30 ROCK ended, what will its cast do now? Here's a rundown | via Flavorwire.

Look who has an interesting day job! | via Marshall Field Hills General Store. I kinda like how his small-town store looks, too

02 February 2013

Daily TV News: 30 Rock, Carrie Diaries, Smash, Sherlock & More

"The Wonder Years premiered 25 years ago today. See what the cast is up to & what they look like." | via Huffpost TV.

A possible problem develops in filming Sherlock's S3 | via The Sun UK. Series is set to return in the fall.

Lena Dunham from GIRLS is creating another TV show inspired by Bergdorf Goodman's personal shopper | via Deadline.

TV Ratings: "FX's 'The Americans' Opens With 3.2 Million, Topping Recent 'Horror Story'" | via Hollywood Reporter.

If  THE CARRIE DIARIES gets 2nd season, young Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte are set to appear | via TV Guide. CW, let's make this happen!

A  30 ROCK infographic details how influential this show has been in changing TV landscape | via Vulture.  Also, some more tributes to the show and its creator: "Why Liz Lemon Mattered" | via The Nation and "Did Tina Fey change anything for women on TV?" Tina Fey's legacy | via Slate. I have only seen 2 seasons of this show but I am grateful for Tina Fey.

"How “Smash” Became TV's Biggest Train Wreck" | via Buzzfeed. I don't think this show is all bad so I can't relate to the hate-watchers. I've already seen the initial episode for the 2nd season and it was also okay. What could I be missing about this show that everyone's griping about?

"8 TV gripes you should quit complaining about" | via Entertainment Weekly.

Sesame Street presents: UPSIDE DOWNTON ABBEY heheheh.

Last night's premiere of DO NO HARM on NBC was apparently the lowest-rated debut of a new show this entire season | via Entertainment Weekly. I've watched it and didn't find it appealing. But I always make considerations with pilots, hoping a show gets better as the weeks go. I'm not sure this is the case for this show. Also, NBC has been performing badly without THE VOICE in the ratings.

Renewed for Season 11: NCIS | via EOnline.

Steven Tyler Drops In to "Audition" on American Idol this week. I haven't been watching, are the new judges okay?