12 January 2018

'Krypton' Air Date, Plot News: 7-to-8-Year Plan Mapped Out Ahead of Debut

The Syfy series will delve on the fall and rise of Superman’s family, the House of El, two generations before his birth.

The history of Superman's family is finally getting a TV treatment via "Krypton" and its producers apparently have a 7-to-8 year plan for the show.

"Krypton" will debut on Syfy on Wednesday, March 21. Showrunner Cameron Welsh confirmed that they have mapped out at least seven to eight seasons of the series long before the cable network announced its debut.

Producers David Goyer and Geoff Johns are confident that fans of the Superman's lore will patronize the show. Not a lot of people know Superman's family history, hence "Krypton" will spark curiosity.


"This is an untold story and time travel is involved," Goyer said. "History could be changed and what happens in this story can be very different from the backstory people know."

"Krypton" will open with time traveler Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) warning Seg-El (Cameron Cuff), Superman’s grandfather, that he has to redeem the ostracized House of El. He'll also have to make a big decision: stop Krypton's destruction and save his home planet, or let events take its course to usher his grandson's fate as a future savior.

The show takes place years before Superman or Kal-El's birth, with a young Seg-El struggling to find his place in the Krypton's social system. The series is also expected to play around with the original timeline in the DC Universe that comic book readers might know. Other DC characters, such as Green Lantern and Doomsday, might also appear on the show in future episodes.

Cuffe revealed in a panel that he's greatly aware of the responsibility of playing a role so closely associated to Superman. Producers told him what's expected of him not only as an actor but also as an ambassador.

"It's a cultural icon but also an international icon," Goyer said. “It’s important to take that into consideration...even the smallest decision is something you think about carefully,” he added.

"Krypton" begins its run on Syfy on Wednesday, March 21, at 10:00 p.m. EST. The show also stars Ann Ogbomo (Primus Alura Zod), Georgina Cambell (Lyta Zod), Ian McElhinney (Val El)), Blake Ritson (Brianiac), Wallis Day (Nyssa Vex) and Paula Malcomson (Charys).

03 January 2018

'Designated Survivor' Season 2 Spoiler: '24' Alum to Spark Romance With President Kirkman?

Kim Raver joins the series in the second half of season 2. She and Kiefer Sutherland previously worked together on “24.”

Kiefer Sutherland is Pres. Tom Kirkman on 'Designated Survivor'
A "24" reunion is happening in "Designated Survivor" when it returns on ABC after the holidays. Kiefer Sutherland, who plays President Tom Kirkman, will be reunited with a former TV flame in Kim Raver. Will romance spark between them?

Raver, whose casting on "Designated Survivor" was announced in November, is no stranger to playing Sutherland's love interest. The two actors worked together for several years as on-again-off-again lovers in the popular series "24" on FOX as Audrey Raines and Jack Bauer.

The actress will debut as an Elon Musk-inspired character, Andrea Frost, on "Designated Survivor" season 2, in the episode airing Feb. 28. Her inclusion in the show comes just as Natascha McElhone, who played the First Lady Alex Kirkman, decided to exit the series. Writers wrote her character's death in the last episode that aired on Dec. 13.

Showrunner Keith Eisner confirmed that Raver's Frost will strike a friendship with Sutherland's President Kirkman. But the widowed president won't likely entertain thoughts of romance just yet.

"We don’t have an interest in throwing this president into bed with someone else, immediately," Eisner told TV Line. "We don’t feel that’s real, and Kiefer doesn’t either. Kiefer feels like [Alex] is his life companion who has been taken from him, and he’s not going to just start running around with other people.”

Eisner previously told TV Guide that President Kirkman will have to deal with becoming a widow, a single parent and the leader of the free world all at the same time before he finds new love again. His new challenges will bear both personal and professional effects that will become the story arc for the rest of the season.

Meanwhile, the ABC series significantly rose in the ratings with delayed viewings. The show ranked at number three in total viewership and number five in its demographic (ages 18-49) following "The Good Doctor" and "This Is Us" after 10 weeks. 

“Designated Survivor” airs Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. EST on ABC. New episodes for season 2 will kick off on Feb. 28.